Đồng nghĩa của clinching

Alternative for clinching

clinches, clinched, clinching

Đồng nghĩa: bind, cinch, establish, fasten, grip, hold, insure, make certain, seize, tie, wrap,

Động từ

Present participle for to conclusively settle (an argument or debate)
settling deciding resolving determining establishing sorting out completing finalizing confirming finalising sealing concluding sewing up securing cinching working out nailing down achieving agreeing guaranteeing finishing wrapping up accomplishing setting the seal on arranging negotiating closing tying up bringing about hammering out setting bringing off pulling off icing thrashing out agreeing on nailing brokering fixing effecting consummating ensuring insuring assuring naming guarantying shaking hands on reaching terms on reaching an agreement settling on verifying deciding on locking up bargaining reaching transacting choosing winding up engineering figuring swinging concerting attaining perfecting declaring asserting pinning down coming to terms on bringing to a conclusion certifying designating avowing averring stating locking in contracting polishing off swearing attesting pronouncing assigning finishing off figuring out avouching warranting asseverating promising testifying arriving at endorsing pledging witnessing affirming having a lock on vouching coming to a decision about locking on putting on ice ending winning answering seizing managing putting away closing out coming to terms about setting up getting something done walking off with walking away with coming away with ending up ruling coming in finishing up being coming out opting getting an agreement on getting a decision on establishing conclusively maintaining settling upon carrying out professing appointing placing purporting claiming protesting proclaiming laying down contending insisting alleging vowing selecting picking buttoning up specifying predicating giving an undertaking swearing on bible saying so swearing up and down repeating crossing heart sustaining encouraging announcing acknowledging okaying rubber-stamping gaining striking adjudging ruling on deeming arbitrating judging authorising fixing upon squaring up decreeing authorizing adjudicating squaring off prescribing ordaining taking a decision on agreeing to calling the shots on hitting sanctioning ratifying calling the shots coming to a decision making a decision coming to an agreement coming to a conclusion providing arriving signing validating drawing up coming to putting together hashing out setting out substantiating vouching for committing corroborating making safe showing authenticating making certain of making sure of knowing for certain polishing shaking hands firming up putting the finishing touches to completing the arrangements for putting the icing on the cake

Động từ

Present participle for to get, achieve or accomplish something, typically through effort
achieving attaining acquiring securing gaining accomplishing getting landing winning bagging netting capturing snagging seizing copping collaring snaring laying hands on snapping up fulfilling scoring earning procuring obtaining realizing realising reaping completing consummating garnering effecting reaching notching up carrying off bringing about effectuating carrying out wrapping up hooking arriving at chalking up clocking up pulling off bringing to fruition drawing bringing off collecting receiving coming by executing racking up perpetrating discharging pulling down carrying through succeeding in hitting engineering making striking picking up bringing in performing knocking down establishing sewing up nabbing finishing concluding gathering scooping wangling finalizing deriving walking off with perfecting walking away with getting hold of finalising getting done finding wresting logging grasping having gleaning pulling something off carrying producing managing cleaning up conquering coming away with ringing up delivering on following through with making it coming to have making good on getting there inheriting negotiating conducting fixing nailing potting closing ending swinging crowning amassing capping reifying grabbing annexing compassing pulling wrapping prosecuting coming into satisfying polishing off knocking off bringing to completion coming into possession of living up to finishing off nailing it setting the seal on latching onto rounding out taking care of following through on topping off winding up rounding off putting the tin lid on assuming walking away recording succeeding taking over coming through catalysing catalyzing actualizing appropriating enacting turning in working out acceding to contriving accessing going through with glomming onto getting hands on possessing oneself of justifying deserving meriting fulfilling your potential making the grade making happen bearing out making good doing proud gaining fulfillment warranting contracting turning hustling profiting wrangling socking harvesting clearing taking making it big having a right to scraping together scaring up paying one's dues bringing home the bacon eking out making fast buck bringing home bringing home the groceries meeting committing honoring honouring enlisting advancing ameliorating stealing captivating building up doing making hay doing one proud doing a bang-up job getting someplace doing justice to fulfilling one's potential putting it over putting through keeping faith with doing the trick polishing pocketing banking taking home complementing putting lid on putting away topping it off putting finishing touch on mopping up calling a day putting into effect putting the finishing touch to putting to bed buttoning down folding up adding the finishing touch to adding the final touch to stopping terminating ceasing halting culminating passing lapsing elapsing expiring settling shuttering discontinuing quitting scratching scrubbing folding leaving off hanging up bringing to a close breaking up closing out shutting down packing in bringing to an end coming to an end letting up bringing to a conclusion coming to a conclusion rounding up coming to a close breaking off dead-ending winking out

Động từ

Present participle for to confirm the winning or achievement of a contest

Động từ

Present participle for to grapple at close quarters, especially (of boxers) so as to be too closely engaged for full-arm blows

Tính từ

Providing a conclusion or finality to something
conclusive decisive convincing definitive irrefutable definite final incontrovertible undeniable unquestionable certain incontestable indisputable ultimate unanswerable unarguable categorical demonstrative unassailable absolute beyond question clear deciding last positive unequivocal airtight beyond dispute beyond doubt uncontroversial watertight determinant determinative irrefragable irrefrangible irrevocable precise resolving revealing settling sure unambiguous unconditional unmistakable all out flat-out litmus test straight out beyond a shadow of a doubt what you see is what you get emphatic plain indubitable undebatable proven inarguable clear-cut self-evident evident obvious compelling demonstrable not in doubt real unchallengeable accomplished apodictic determining closing concluding authoritative straightforward transparent palpable observable patent manifest actual reliable express marked pronounced accepted acknowledged accurate undoubted true nailed down as plain as a pikestaff no mistake sure thing staring one in the face official principal determinate key established unshakable prime unequivocable nailed-on surefire uncontestable authentic unqualified no two ways about it completing state-of-the-art downright limiting finishing terminating complete perfect ending terminal veridical unfabled double-checked that's a fact open and shut no ifs ands or buts about it firm supreme determined ascertained known provable set trustworthy sound confirmable predestined unerring infallible establishable guaranteed safe destined fixed undisputable verifiable genuine hard on ice salted away having down pat in the bag apparent decided distinct nonambiguous conspicuous barefaced striking confirmed open-and-shut unambivalent bald-faced perspicuous lucid bald pellucid crystal clear explicit tangible glaring factual overt blatant noticeable discernible ringing veritable concrete luculent visible assured undisguised perceptible undisputed open bright-line valid luminous broad perceivable flawless doubtless bona fide verified unconcealed unquestioned cut-and-dried detectable writ large foolproof uncontested forceful telling distinguishable inescapable understandable recognized settled recognizable sticking out a mile standing out a mile standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb salient without doubt sheer flagrant axiomatic substantial dependable prominent effective existent certified not in question recognised self-explanatory sensible recognisable unchallenged persuasive impregnable credible beyond a doubt plausible written all over someone clear cut unimpeachable well-founded bold cold solid sure-fire attested without loopholes realistic substantive outright plain to see comprehensible unsubtle out-and-out gross very substantiated as sure as eggs is eggs rank as clear as day sure-enough staring someone in the face strong immutable certifiable well defined cogent convinced confident as plain as the nose on your face noncontroversial no ifs ands or buts undoubting de facto as plain as day faultless unfaltering unfailing satisfied unwavering persuaded unchangeable unquestioning undoubtable material changeless binding secure free from doubt appreciable blinding flat well grounded pure resolute essential legit unalterable inexpugnable implicit proper specific direct kosher particular well-grounded univocal for sure hard-and-fast obtrusive intelligible egregious as plain as the nose on one's face clear as a bell honest for certain legitimate arrant believable as clear as crystal objective glaringly obvious black-and-white authenticated plain as the nose on your face honest-to-goodness literal for real demonstrated inalienable unvarnished inoppugnable overpowering without question unbreakable bare uncontentious uncontended notable obligatory necessary compulsory tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary runaway invulnerable inevitable powerful invincible irresistible stable frozen sealed cinched distinctive discernable apprehensible pat superior freely admitted not disputed telltale impressive authenticating manifestly stark easily seen articulate unique faithful sober exhaustive colorable ostensible seeming remarkable arresting irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic inimitable exact exclusive controlled inerrant questionless failsafe self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating transpicuous well-proven validating trusty cut and dried seeable tacit down pat plain as day prima facie uncontradicted right total fair unalloyed beyond the shadow of a doubt weighty notorious affirmative measurable no ifs and or buts virtual implied enduring steadfast unshaken uncompromising abiding constant never-failing unchanging steady for a fact unvarying quantifiable irreversible cocksure thoroughgoing consummate thorough forcible resounding especial intrinsic as plain as daylight unacknowledged there are no two ways about it make no bones much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open under one's nose patently true logical serious fail-safe beyond a shadow of doubt hands-down can bet on it real-life real-world can't-miss validated well documented all sewn up corroborated one hundred per cent documented permanent unappealable nof ifs ands or buts straight blunt unreserved considerable candid unblurred invariable good existing unimaginary significant peremptory irremediable unreversible lucent crystal limpid truthful fundamental physical dinkum no catch lasting indelible unrectifiable finished unrepealable crystal-clear point-blank black and white straight from the shoulder honest to God sure enough real live non-fictional easily understood no holds barred no strings attached no fine print clearly expressed naked brazen unabashed unashamed shameless impudent unblushing flaunting brass-necked ostentatious audacious unembarrassed brash unmitigated insolent unrepentant snazzy without shame protrusive meretricious deliberate gaudy glitzy flashy screaming crying overbold loud showy brassy garish in plain sight frank exposed public written all over one right under one's nose

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