Đồng nghĩa của supervision

Alternative for supervision


The action of supervising someone or something
direction administration charge control management superintendence care guidance regulation governance government instruction operation oversight stewardship conduct handling intendance overseeing presidency running superintendency auspices surveillance command organisation organization protection guardianship custody keeping leadership ward tutelage aegis managing headship patronage safekeeping rule trust trusteeship orchestration safe keeping custodianship responsibility authority influence wardship keep controlling power manipulation maintenance protectorship execution governing sway domination backing dominion support preservation sponsorship possession coordination guard umbrella reins treatment hands supervising championship sovereignty ministration conservation inspection directing regulating conducting check commanding administering mastery hold orchestrating shelter watch ruling grasp advocacy masterminding reign generalship cover jurisdiction ascendancy law safeguard looking after polity bureaucracy agency guarding protecting safeguarding politics observation superiority salvation wing supremacy primacy hegemony predominance political practice duty approach lap tutelarity wardenship caretaking tutorship mana empire ministry powers-that-be executive predominanc performance escrow parenting mothering countenance fathering containment prosecution provision of care regiment comanagement codirection coadministration policy plan tactics regimen strategy help dealing working ownership disposal directorship coping with auspice defence defense favour favor moment store liability account transaction wielding captaincy premiership governorship proprietorship red tape assistance aid guaranty carrying out dominance initiative ascendency occupancy ascendence grip ascendance saving leading guiding statecraft steering conveyance conduction preeminence foresight capacity clout reassurance insurance assurance refuge certainty safety security upkeep regimentation regency clutch rulership subjection might coercion authorization authorisation tyranny despotism hand enjoyment tenure owndom clutches preserving pilotage skill conservancy husbandry preserval conserving sustentation sustainment the feds strings cherishing schooling upper hand death grip education storage teaching Uncle Sam keeping going care and feeding keeping alive keeping up careful management good hands tuition tutoring training coaching apprenticeship preparation drilling lesson expert hand


The act of providing someone in need of assistance with aid
attention care aid treatment assistance help support therapy guidance ministration relief service sustenance tending comfort rehabilitation remedy reprieve respite solace succor succour devotion helpfulness looking after tender loving care TLC favour favor patronage services nurture ministrations abettance backing abetment cooperation hand assist lift boost promotion facilitation push furtherance encouragement backup deliverance espousal salvation advice alleviation giving spurring on advocacy reinforcement rescue leg up a leg up a helping hand shot in the arm helping hand auspices championship aegis endorsement intervention sponsorship contribution benefit protection stimulus kindness spur ward auxiliaries reinforcements offices mediation fillip trusteeship intercession a hand sanction approval pick-me-up agency collaboration reserves good deed cavalry easement goodness impetus compensation benefaction maintenance secours tonic good turn inspiration supplementaries uplift good offices abettal ease countenance guide influence abetting rescuer provider helpmate benefactor accessory crutch intermediation recommendation bolster participation reassurance advancement furthering security responsiveness troubleshooting coattails instrumentality mitzvah complicity office extras charity shelter kick blessing championing seconding donations grace buzz gifts redemption subsidy alms a kindness commendation accompaniment hand-holding nourishment use fix guardianship charge keeping umbrella incentive additional resources secondment adherence protectorship auspice wing defence defense safeguarding moral support a lift a favour a good turn a break consolation gee-up quick fix guaranty stimulant incitement goad prod inducement stimulation financial assistance debt remission tutelage reviver motivation prompt spice zest succours additional fresh troops impulse line link additional troops additional police additional materiel succors lifeline way of continuing means of survival rescue device safety device life belt


The act, practice, or occupation of supervising and taking care of young children


Careful examination or scrutiny
inspection examination check survey investigation scan scrutiny review look-over view assessment check-up going-over once-over probe checkup exploration look-see observation perusal search appraisal appraising assessing audit checking evaluation examining investigating surveillance surveying vetting consideration overhaul recce superintendence analysis frisk inquest enquiry inquiry inquisition inventory manoeuvres maneuvers pageant parade perlustration read research study balancing verification dissection stocktaking report monitoring notice watching observance viewing perception scrutinization attention cognition contemplation regard ascertainment recognizing recognising heedfulness overlook noticing breakdown assay anatomization autopsy diagnosis physical biopsy test medical examination trial critique probing anatomy reflection estimation interrogation reconnaissance deconstruction anatomizing interpretation medical weighing up medical checkup health check breaking down sight cast servicing display tune-up maintenance discussion probation examen delving disquisition criticism treatment coverage handling upkeep poll exam postoperative resolution travel breakup legwork make-up final questionnaire tryout canvass retrospect reappraisal reexamination reconsideration retrospection decoding deciphering maintenance check routine check service necropsy blue book the eye rap reevaluation cross-examination recapitulation file drill delineation translation deliberation musing pondering look selection road map screening fresh look second look second thought contrast juxtaposition differentiation distinguishing discrimination collation postmortem post coroner's report postmortem examination debriefing distinction differentiating contrasting analyzing relating collating paralleling dividing judgement analysing ratio judgment analogizing comparison discernment telling the difference


The official power to make legal decisions and judgements
jurisdiction authority rule administration command control dominion power influence say sway area field range sovereignty bounds circuit district governance government hegemony leadership province regime regimen scope zone ascendancy compass mana mastery orbit prerogative sphere arbitration bailiwick commission confines discretion domination empire extent inquisition judicature limits magistracy might precinct purview reach reign right slot state turf stomping grounds extent of power oyer and terminer supremacy dominance hold management grip predominance clout ascendency direction arm upper hand ambit realm force ascendance clutch ascendence strength superiority pull reins weight grasp territory say-so charge death grip whip hand prepotency remit prepotence capacity preeminence ability imperium primacy radius sovranty leverage hand breadth competence sweep regiment gamut prepollency predominancy edge license tyranny limit authorization extension muscle prestige teeth authorisation responsibility strong arm domain strings predomination width regimentation suzerainty span magnitude guidance raj paramountcy ministry tenure organization superintendence presidency rulership pre-eminence licence stretch horizon dimensions amplitude spread preserve standing eminence council privilege advantage incumbency regency organisation boundary dynasty permit warrant significance sphere of influence might and main subjection despotism agency voice field of reference terms of reference governing body connection steam house polity triumph victory regnancy dictatorship keeping oppression suppression space strong influence kingship rangatiratanga conquest stewardship department ascendant word federation kingdom play headship custody authorities time in power guardianship superintendency directorship commonwealth possession subjugation intimidation repression hands thrall establishment supreme power coercion generalship period of influence ownership jump drag captaincy premiership governorship pilgrimage arena area of activity career circumference proprietorship occupation helm spell subordination clasp what it takes collaring commandeering retention leg up permission entitlement confederation preponderancy rank stature ranking reputation position station span of control esteem prominence birthright law orchestration initiative superpower system of government vantage diadem inside track prestidigitation executive access mark juice monopoly conveyance conduction foresight procedure pecking order grease union people system cabinet directorate notoriety routine pilotage skill process res publica world power program programme social position input involvement participation opinion schedule role part powers-that-be top brass powers that be concern contribution impact association expression engagement importance interest feedback share commitment effect inspiration stimulus treatment diet menu potency energy puissance spectrum parliament legislature congress course of therapy vigour depth capability forcefulness efficiency powerfulness senate admin coverage scale potence prowess sinew brawn boundaries dimension presidium consulate powers bureau feds praesidium embassy upstairs vigor mightiness efficacy fullness size proportions expanse toughness valour stamina horsepower robustness muscularity sturdiness stoutness lordship margin confine degree outlook proportion extensiveness comprehensiveness overlordship chargé d'affaires President valor moxie forcibleness punch firepower hard power run bracket region immensity wideness seniority distinction note renown credit consequence effectiveness fame repute notability account celebrity greatness illustriousness value honour dignity honor noteworthiness import heft status cogency kudos relevance efficaciousness momentousness moment weightiness substance worth in persuasiveness glory merit success efficacity beef gravity seriousness signification effectualness class preponderance productiveness effectuality prominency acclaim prestigiousness impressiveness famousness usefulness luster name validity character lustre conclusiveness regard estimation convincingness persuasion transcendence virtue urgency performance image matter éclat suasiveness eminency loftiness consideration eloquence cachet report quality benefit authoritativeness salience credibility caliber calibre bearing point meaning respect materiality place emphasis fruitfulness use odor odour graveness rep successfulness izzat validness constructiveness duty exigency good reputation operation plausibility favour favor priority applicability approval respectability good name acceptability effectivity trustworthiness trust soundness dependability high standing conspicuousness foundation articulateness footing conviction logic fashion logicality excellence laurels coherence reasonableness level grade popularity regulation pertinence rating rung reaches echelon precedence potential stratum adequacy stardom oversight extraordinariness application specialness bargaining chip visibility intendance running conduct intensity care capableness sufficiency handling dynamism recognition omnipotence absolute rule implication severity bureaucracy patronage political practice enormity execution reliability politics bottom appeal venerability notedness venerableness Augustness prevalence acceptance gravitas claim slickness smoothness inducement choiceness first-rateness excellency superbness primeness perfection integrity confidence bargaining counter fascination occupancy pressure valuation verve faith outstandingness monarchy situation grading essence high rank brownie points wallop mastery power caste forefront memorability publicity knowledge experience helpfulness obligation thrust leading place superstardom invincibility first place primary position nobility aristocracy jump on first position grandness distinguishment stress function pwnage ownage top spot head place unanswerability clutches physique figure development qualification growth stranglehold media interest media attention stake significancy upshot orderliness rationality lucidity clarity methodicalness predominanc principality reputability stock high station all-powerfulness almightiness undisputed sway progress facility consistency evil embrace reverence veneration blue blood fierceness grandeur aggressiveness vividness richness assertiveness driver's seat supreme authority total domination good organization progression rap elevation brand autarchy autocracy totalitarianism high birth majesty head start carrying on instrumentality activity public esteem high regard lead absolute power divine right unlimited power pith bite stage condition mode type category relation social standing memorableness remarkableness unforgettableness gumption determination markedness sapience unusualness obviousness rarity cruciality strikingness uncommonness leading steering guiding statecraft exceptionalness relevancy Uncle Sam the feds pronounced nature linkage kinship liaison aptness affinity relationship kick outstanding nature headiness germaneness appurtenance appositeness reference

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