Đồng nghĩa của oversight

Alternative for oversight


Đồng nghĩa: error, negligence, omission, slip,


An unintentional failure to notice or do something
mistake error blunder fault lapse slip inaccuracy boob omission goof gaffe boo-boo clanger miscalculation misunderstanding slip-up carelessness delinquency failure howler bloomer bobble brick clinker flub fluff fumble gaff inattention miscue misstep screwup slipup stumble trip barry erratum fail laxity blank bungle chasm disregard faux pas overlook overlooking preterition pretermission skip error of judgment failure to notice blooper misjudgment boner misjudgement indiscretion solecism misapprehension foul-up flaw defect miss misjudging false step botch thinko misinterpretation negligence neglect snafu muff fallacy screw-up slip of the tongue lapsus calami lapsus linguae bloop dereliction misreckoning muddle default impropriety mess inadvertence slip of the pen literal misprision poor judgment false move slight corrigendum goof-up transgression mix-up typo breach misdeed glitch failing offense gaucherie remissness miscount fiasco typographical error floater mixup flop botch-up offence nonfeasance misestimation delusion confusion misconception misreading aberration misconstruction absurdity underestimation err misprint overestimation neglectfulness shortcoming cockup deficiency wrong break hash wreck misevaluation familiarity misestimate debacle printing error fall nonperformance indecorum mishap turkey bomb lemon washout bust printing mistake nonsuccess wrong impression false reading mess-up breach of etiquette keying mistake typing error typesetting mistake keying error keyboarding error typesetting error keyboarding mistake typing mistake typographical mistake loss nonobservance whoops inadvertency flummox bonehead play foulup pratfall mismanagement forgetfulness shambles bumble imprudence deviation hesitation accident upset crime wrength gremlin bug imperfection flub-up wrong move drop trespass bad move illusion violation snag misapplication vice mishandling misfielding non-fulfilment slackness dumb move stupid mistake misstatement hiccup sin bungling bas unfaithfulness wrongness impreciseness unreliability bodge laxness overestimate dumb thing to do poor choice brain fart bozo eruption putting foot in mouth lack snarl-up printer's error underestimate overvaluation undervaluation blow boo boo bummer frost clunker dud fizzle botched job dilemma complication irresponsibility disaster catastrophe upheaval difficulty trouble quandary small mistake want complexity emergency snarl encumbrance commotion intricacy struggle error of judgement misreading of the situation foot in the mouth ignoring awkwardness involvement felony misdemeanour recklessness misdemeanor misbehaviour weakness misbehavior non-performance non-observance human error balls-up car crash dereliction of duty criminal behavior misconduct peccadillo excluding decay downfall stalemate rupture inadequacy frustration abortion misadventure breakdown deterioration decline bankruptcy defeat deficit rout checkmate implosion stoppage loser miscarriage overthrow collapse Freudian slip lapse of etiquette social blunder colossal blunder blunder in etiquette omitting total loss lead balloon sinking ship flash in the pan misconstruing misimpression misknowledge incomprehension false impression infelicity wrongdoing misusage misbelief limitation confounding wrong idea tongue twister bad luck misfortune spoonerism malapropism misuse foible barbarism disorder woe blemish mischance reverse frailty calamity demerit adversity trial reversal casualty weak point poor decision bad choice distortion misspeaking poor decision-making bad bad idea incorrect sum exception hole inappropriate behaviour social indiscretion sus linguae infraction malfunction improper act false belief misconstrual piece of indecorum incongruity malaprop jumble mispronunciation obstruction virus blip catch showstopper despisement scorn disdain wrong word tangle cacology fizzer false interpretation mistaken belief mispositioning misdesign misarrangement misalignment sinning fankle turmoil puzzle chaos embarrassment folly wickedness mischief mischievousness minor offence petty offence route shipwreck fallibility farce degradation backsliding disorganization misconfiguration disorganisation disarray susceptibility naivete unseemliness stupidity thoughtlessness crudeness hastiness ingenuousness simple-mindedness excitability indiscreetness unthinkingness misspeak vulnerability petty sin trifling fault poor configuration abuse grammatical mistake bad behaviour peccability foolish mistake hang-up suscept flimsiness Achilles heel foil chink in your armour poor layout dropping the ball wrong configuration setback yielding to temptation original sin misappreciation inappropriateness misery inappositeness sadness incorrectness unfitness inaptness improperness fall from grace tragedy problem infirmity unhappiness ruin wretchedness idiosyncrasy quirk drawback destruction contretemps tribulation knock ill ruination cataclysm bad break unfortunate incident reverse of fortune ill fortune unseating deposition ousting vanquishing conquest toppling weak spot blind spot stroke of bad luck ill luck overturn end elimination shame debasement annihilation disgrace death humiliation nemesis Waterloo labefaction grief destroyer last straw loss of power bane bad omen visitation undoing smash doom final straw subversion


The action of overseeing something
supervision care charge administration management superintendence control handling direction government stewardship surveillance custody guidance inspection keeping regulation superintendency conduct governance headship intendance operation presidency running command aegis check guard guardianship keep maintenance managing overseeing tutelage leadership rule organization orchestration organisation protection controlling patronage auspices execution governing wardship coordination manipulation safe keeping ward protectorship directing regulating conducting supervising commanding administering orchestrating treatment ruling law dominion polity bureaucracy domination power influence politics masterminding authority regimentation political practice approach instruction observation trusteeship hands lap executive empire ministry powers-that-be predominanc ministration trust safekeeping prosecution support plan policy tactics regimen strategy performance backing monitoring policing cover carrying out transaction wielding red tape regiment ordering arrangement responsibility agency adaptation classification alteration reorganisation systematisation settlement reorganization reconciliation responsibility for standardisation organizing codification standardization organising systematization moderation championship sovereignty sponsorship umbrella leading guiding statecraft sway steering predominance regency the feds Uncle Sam ascendancy jurisdiction supremacy reign dominance mastery regime superiority upper hand preeminence hegemony whip hand ascendance ascendency establishment officialdom prepotence grip primacy hold paramountcy reins prepotency mana might sovranty ascendence imperium authorities system predominancy death grip clutch powers that be dictatorship preponderancy officials eminence arm edge prepollency distinction pre-eminence transcendence system of government clout the Establishment the system prerogative preponderance prestigiousness right noteworthiness city hall say-so Big Brother people in charge tyranny directorate tenure province grasp predomination junta civil service men in suits dynasty subjection despotism leverage generalship regulatory commission authorization weight authorisation force licence commission strength license strings corridors of power might and main house oppression suppression triumph victory directorship captaincy premiership governorship administrative system puissance rulership coercion conquest regnancy containment subjugation intimidation repression strong influence raj incumbency comanagement codirection coadministration subordination initiative warrant era conveyance conduction foresight capacity pecking order permit word pwnage ownage men in grey suits the powers that be office federation kingdom territory pilotage skill time in power what it takes period of influence domain commonwealth realm duty procedure pull routine statesmanship diplomacy police board suits group process confederation old guard prevailing political order established order ruling class status quo prevailing social order privilege procedures rules official procedure formalities paperwork regulations program programme jump hand teeth drag ability muscle corporation superpower schedule strong arm leg up ministries military government union people the state rules and regulations beadledom say area field range res publica world power diet military rule martial law government department menu district scope bounds circuit zone paper shuffling bureaucratic paperwork proper channels official procedures official forms administrativia administrivia officialism orbit sphere compass course of therapy extent state turf limits judicature arbitration confines reach precinct bailiwick discretion magistracy slot inquisition purview extent of power oyer and terminer stomping grounds advantage lordship suzerainty overlordship seniority


Neglect of one's duty or responsibility
neglect negligence dereliction carelessness default delinquency failure inattention misprision nonfeasance forgetfulness inadvertence laxity neglectfulness heedlessness disregard remissness laxness slackness incaution thoughtlessness incautiousness omission inattentiveness sloppiness unpreparedness indifference irresponsibility overlooking unconcern lack of care inadvertency inconsideration ignoring nonchalance slight disrespect disdain recklessness unmindfulness complacency culpa scorn slighting casualness laziness dereliction of duty non-fulfilment of duty non-performance of duty lack of proper care and attention inobservance shortcoming barratry disregardfulness improvidence indiscretion sense of security evasion non-performance oscitation contributory negligence abandonment misconduct unprofessionalism nonperformance faithlessness abdication slip-up absent-mindedness impetuosity ineptitude inaccuracy rashness clumsiness haphazardness inconsiderateness imprecision lapse shirking lack want absence slovenliness pretermission inaction inadequacy insufficiency failure to act lack of concern failure to take proper care failure to take proper action insouciance disdaining complacence disinterestedness torpor apathy rebuff spurning scorning disregardance oblivion incuriousness disinterest contempt incuriosity disfavor neglecting disfavour forgetting omitting lassitude disesteem desertion indifference to coolness lack of attention inattention to lack of heed cold shoulder lack of notice non-observance brush-off failure to pay attention to imprudence foolhardiness impulsiveness temerity foolishness hastiness wildness brashness obliviousness precipitateness injudiciousness haste spontaneity unwariness precipitation boldness woolgathering folly impetuousness abandon daydreaming effrontery gall temerariousness forwardness presumption impudence brass abstraction daring pluck assurance impertinence intrepidity intrusiveness venturesomeness overconfidence hardihood rudeness precipitancy audacity amnesia insensibleness profligacy extravagance short-sightedness preoccupation desperation unconsciousness madness unrestraint credulity gullibility unguardedness insensibility uninhibitedness nirvana distraction dreaminess wantonness impulse misjudgement misjudgment Lethe abeyance lack of caution unruliness leniency silliness craziness stupidity idiocy naiveté suddenness blindness wastefulness impatience inadvisability doziness tactlessness adventurousness flippancy unreliability frivolity indelicacy gaucherie insensitivity defiance frenzy riskiness chutzpah cheek nerve audaciousness absentmindedness precipitousness lightheartedness poor judgement presumptuousness brazenness front incompetence lavishness shortsightedness prodigality waste thriftlessness face obliviousness to unconstraint naturalness spontaneousness ease ineptness freedom licentiousness bad judgment crust lack of diplomacy sauce brassiness brass neck neck chutzpa sauciness hide pertness cheekiness nerviness unawareness senselessness freeness looseness shoddiness amateurishness stupor assumption barefaced cheek sassiness procacity stupefaction blackout darkness coma blankness vagueness distractedness ignorance leaving behind waters of Lethe absorption musing lapse of memory engrossment pensiveness thoughtfulness scattiness poor memory brooding idleness tendency to forget absence of mind blonde moment


Inattention to consequences, thoughtlessness
inconsideration rudeness insolence impoliteness disrespect impertinence discourtesy incivility impudence discourteousness disrespectfulness impertinency inconsiderateness ungraciousness dis diss disregard thoughtlessness neglect heedlessness unkindness carelessness negligence inattention tactlessness insensitivity selfishness unthoughtfulness absent-mindedness inattentiveness foolishness stupidity recklessness unmannerliness bad manners cheek boldness audacity effrontery boorishness presumptuousness churlishness nerve brashness uncouthness lip brass lack of civility flippancy gall presumption cheekiness brazenness front ill-manneredness chutzpah pertness sauce backchat face ill-breeding shamelessness neck sassiness sass cockiness coarseness freshness nerviness back talk contumely malapertness ill manners lack of manners ungentlemanly behaviour hardihood brass neck insubordination irreverence contempt forwardness temerity brusqueness crassness curtness mouth snash offensiveness crust hide insolency larrup arrogance ill breeding unladylike behaviour guff lack of respect indelicacy assumption sauciness loutishness impropriety abruptness immodesty bumptiousness procacity profanation inurbanity assurance inhospitality inhospitableness being a wise guy brassiness mouthiness lese-majesty disagreeableness objectionableness obnoxiousness dishonor misrespect sacrilege unrespect impiety dishonour insolentness lack of consideration abuse insults bad-mouthing contemptuousness uncivility vulgarity lack of politeness lack of refinement sharpness bluntness lack of social grace abusiveness barbarity lack of tact offhandedness disdain misbehaviour asperity acrimony irritability intrusiveness harshness officiousness misbehavior smart mouth lack of diplomacy


An idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument
delusion misconception fallacy illusion misapprehension misbelief hallucination misinterpretation misunderstanding fancy misconstruction myth chimaera chimera error falsehood falsity fantasy mirage mistake untruth image lapse mistaken idea mistaken impression false impression mistaken belief figment of the imagination self-deception fool's paradise optical illusion ignis fatuus miscalculation misjudgement misjudgment deception phantasm figment misreading misimpression vision confusion heresy sophism mix-up equivocation sophistry pipe dream deceptiveness misconstrual evasion daydream aberration casuistry artifice speciousness quibbling misconstruing misreckoning misknowledge incomprehension dream erroneousness deceit inconsistency inexactness flaw faultiness notion ambiguity bias preconception subterfuge illogicality erratum perversion prejudice cavil invalidity solecism elusion quirk paradox deviation wrong idea apparition conceit phantasy unreality fantasm nonentity invention spuriousness non sequitur trip bubble rainbow false belief phantom falseness false notion confounding head trip fallaciousness fabrication phantasmagoria will-o'-the-wisp superstition lie seeming mockery trick virtual reality make-believe hollowness phoniness inaccuracy bogusness unorthodoxy illegitimacy bastardy old wivesʼ tale wrong belief delirium fault spectre snare wraith nightmare monstrosity monster bogy pink elephants whimsy specter bar sinister wrong end of the stick smoke and mirrors false interpretation imagining not understanding fata morgana credulity magic sorcery idea sensation sense feeling imaginary vision day dream witchcraft castles in Spain castles in the air story fiction chicanery imagination fairy tale fairy story unfounded belief oversubtleness kidology fib apologue creation fake news trumped-up story alternative fact fudging excuse casuistics subtlety irrational belief tall tale tall story semblance fictitious story folk ballad idolism paramnesia ghost legalism rationalization rationalisation justification phantasma unsound reasoning twisting the facts specious reasoning overgeneral reasoning cock and bull story deja vu figment of imagination ignus fatuus hocus-pocus faulty reasoning unsound argument

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