Đồng nghĩa của dishonor

Alternative for dishonor


Trái nghĩa: honor,


A loss of respect or esteem, typically resulting from a shameful act
disgrace opprobrium reproach discredit disesteem disrepute ignominy infamy obloquy odium reflection scandal shame abasement abuse affront blame degradation discourtesy disfavour disfavor indignity insult offence offense outrage slight stigma dishonour humiliation stain blemish blot slur notoriety ill repute smear taint ingloriousness embarrassment shamefulness loss of face censure contempt brand spot smirch black eye black mark disrespect bad name ill fame disapprobation condemnation tarnish demerit mortification imputation aspersion disreputableness flaw disapproval derogation unpopularity notoriousness debasement reprobation onus ill-repute scar disgracefulness bad reputation lost face opprobriousness disreputability dishonorableness fault damage dislike ignominiousness bad odor distaste imperfection abomination crime slam loss of reputation sin smudge baseness derision debasing disregard bar sinister scorn corruption disparagement unworthiness mark hit criticism injury insignificancy atrocity besmirchment slap depreciation detraction hint suggestion flak villainy outrageousness ill favour cloud exposé dump impropriety enormity low esteem shiner blot on your escutcheon ill favor lack of respectability animadversion stricture blot on the escutcheon defamation vilification repulsion repugnance displeasure comedown prostitution pollution humbling disbarment misgrace meanness turpitude culpability slander contumely venality strife source of discredit deprecation discountenance defect animus animosity hostility loss of honor aversion revulsion antipathy detestation loathing disgust hatred hate execration abhorrence enmity shortcoming frailty deficiency fallibility failing weakness blur resentment malice dispprobation rebuke foible limitation harm doghouse mistrust thumbs down disdain dissatisfaction obscurity indisposition distrust inadequacy vice loss of respect source of shame blemish on blot on stain on weak point weak spot black mark on black sheep bad reflection on smirch on blot on the escutcheon of


Impertinence or the quality of being impudent
lese majesty belittlement disdain disparagement disregard disrespect boldness coarseness contempt discourtesy flippancy hardihood impertinence impiety impoliteness impudence incivility insolence insolency insolentness irreverence lack of respect sacrilege unmannerliness rudeness cheek ungraciousness diss disrespectfulness dis inconsideration inconsiderateness discourteousness impertinency lip churlishness lese-majesty nerve ill manners lack of consideration bad manners misrespect lack of civility unrespect dishonour profanation blasphemy profanity boorishness desecration uncouthness defilement heresy profaneness unholiness neglect sin ungodliness ungentlemanly behaviour irreligiousness mockery sinfulness heedlessness ill-manneredness negligence ill-breeding inattention unkindness oversight carelessness unthoughtfulness godlessness vulgarity lack of manners irreligion impiousness unladylike behaviour violation wickedness lack of refinement lack of social grace indelicacy loutishness idolatry brusqueness crassness contumacy slighting inhospitality inhospitableness abruptness curtness improper behavior disagreeableness objectionableness obnoxiousness ill breeding contumely inurbanity thoughtlessness derision lack of politeness tactlessness scorn insensitivity selfishness execration forwardness sauce ridicule presumption presumptuousness insubordination imprecation indignity offense offence curse crime scurrility lewdness abuse sauciness insult cheekiness taking the Lord's name in vain reviling unrighteousness immorality vice atheism disbelief iniquity apostasy paganism heathenism agnosticism non-belief scepticism doubt unbelief badness skepticism


To harm the good reputation of a person or thing
abase chasten cheapen debase degrade demean discredit disgrace foul humble humiliate lower shame sink smirch attaint blot corrupt debauch defame defile disconsider disoblige libel slander sully take down reflect badly on bring into disrepute bring shame on make lose face give a black eye dishonour denigrate disparage smear tarnish besmirch taint belittle blacken malign drag through the mud stain slur injure stigmatize vilify asperse drag through the mire derogate damage calumniate stigmatise decry bad-mouth besmear embarrass mortify scandalize traduce soil scandalise give a bad name spoil censure reduce insult bring discredit to do a hatchet job on speak ill of reproach disrespect bring shame upon fling mud at sling mud at befoul slag off rubbish knock muckrake put down attack spot deride rip cast a slur on do a number on pan poison assail spread scandal about cast down rip up and down tar and feather blotch breathe on cut down to size run smear campaign slam run down devalue blemish take down a peg abash detract pervert bring shame to bemean blister cast aspersions on tear down shoot down hurt take down a peg or two outrage diminish offend profane prostitute crush deflate revile put in a bad light demoralize own demoralise show up bring down undermine bring low put someone in their place make someone eat crow slight subdue blight abuse harm mudsling deprave impugn roast squash vilipend destroy chagrin drag down ridicule scorch belie snub speak evil of dump on cause to lose face throw mud at give a bad name to blacken the name of contaminate affront misrepresent dis compromise depreciate condescend downgrade stoop deign wound upset blaspheme disfavor brand disfavour infect ruin pollute bastardize lessen deteriorate warp vitiate canker subvert descend mar mock demote discomfit break backbite bastardise show in a bad light prejudice give offence to desecrate blacken someone's name pull down make a fool of cast a slur tell lies about poor-mouth sling mud run a smear campaign against put to shame blackguard settle someone's hash make someone eat humble pie deprecate lower the status of blacken the reputation of cut to the quick depress badmouth crawl disregard subjugate demolish reduce the status of drag through mud drag someone's name through the mud disconcert dirty be prejudicial to lose face back-bite make uncomfortable make someone feel ashamed cow betray minimize undervalue curb minimise demonize demonise adulterate touch darken let down take apart vituperate silence overcome squelch bring dishonour to tame conduct a smear campaign against spread lies about sully the reputation of speak badly of lie about cast slur on blacken the character of villainize put zingers on pop one's balloon make one feel small put one away strike dumb put away bring down a peg make eat dirt force to eat humble pie sell out tar be untrue to oneself beat down soften discipline restrain flatten scorn contemn despise abandon one's principles reflect negatively muddy the reputation of take to bits take to pieces afflict check repress cast in a bad light damage the reputation of harm the reputation of shock disgust horrify appal blot one's copybook desensitize brutalize weaken dehumanize succumb toxify make filthy litter impair alloy infest dehumanise desensitise brutalise put in your place mistreat sicken repel revolt nauseate cut down annoy appall displease provoke knock down aggravate lower oneself debase oneself be reduced to debase yourself demean yourself lower yourself be reduced demean oneself raise eyebrows amongst blackball cause raised eyebrows lampoon cause a few raised eyebrows amongst dismay condemn maltreat oppress ill-treat diss taunt violate cheat ill-use slap quash tease discountenance wither vanquish confound confuse downplay irritate despoil impose upon do wrong to do injury to do a disservice to sin against cause to feel small aggrieve persecute make ashamed bad mouth put out of countenance take advantage of do the dirty on play down trespass kick in the teeth take the wind out of someone's sails wrong do an injustice to offend against sledge miscall curse slang gird jeer scoff vandalize commit sacrilege cause offence to sneer be rude to trash-talk waste devastate deface depredate treat sacrilegiously sack pillage ravage devour desolate spoliate strumpet plaster hit sneer at cut dead treat disrespectfully call names hurt someone's feelings vandalise treat with disrespect blaspheme against step on one's toes throw shade call someone names expose lay waste to mess up commit sacrilege against disesteem defame someone's character blacken name sully someone's reputation detract from ruin the reputation of pooh-pooh bring into disfavour damage someone's reputation destroy someone's credibility bestialize trash discount animalize dismiss lead astray trivialize distort dilute minify trivialise cripple cry down write off devaluate make degenerate embitter underrate discolor criticize discolour marginalize slate criticise marginalise pour scorn on mark down pull apart influence kiss off talk down have a go at misuse disfigure decrease underestimate bust attenuate understate manipulate treat lightly disrate dispraise bash laugh off laugh at misprize scoff at do down maculate hold cheap hit out at pick holes in flame muck up make light of pull to pieces have the last laugh on get the better of seduce twist flaw unsettle mongrelize misemploy debilitate bend skew misapply colour denature bias wreck endamage squander sell sacrifice turn subordinate jaundice worsen reduce in value bloody crab speckle devalorize sour lower in rank rot disdain color lower someone's status lower someone's dignity lower in status reduce in quality harden blast go bad inflict consume rust criticize unfairly go to hell relegate live in the gutter rap deform undercut sabotage destabilize cross up toughen corrode envenom declass give black eye rip up put hooks in tear into cut ulcer sore scourge bump set back revert case-harden inure set a bad example destabilise nose dive drop reduce to the ranks kick downstairs hoodoo swear vice cuss voodoo darn dispirit defeat coarsen waste away axe slash overwhelm smash enfeeble overpower ax dip slow make callous make unfeeling alter do wrong be evil talk dirty commit sin disappoint incapacitate suppress sap keep down put double whammy on lace falsify automate robotize mechanize mechanise imbrute automatize barbarize impoverish extinguish write down faze fluster rattle nonplus vex begrime grime muddy doctor putrefy cook rout enervate smudge scuzz up put someone to shame get one's comeuppance take the wind out harass worry make foul interfere with splash get dirty spatter bring to ruin cause instability tinker with fiddle with make impure tamper with muck gaum mire splatter distain bemire daub poor mouth pooh pooh sour grapes bring someone to their knees make dirty get filthy crumb bedraggle mess muss make mucky muss up take a swipe at shoot full of holes


To refuse or be unwilling to accept or do something
repudiate reject abandon renounce desert disown discard abjure disavow forsake forswear recant retract reverse decline deselect disapprove negative nix pass refuse reprobate rescind revoke spurn cast off disprofess give up rebuff apostatize balk at banish cast cut off default defect demur disacknowledge dishonour disinherit dump flush lay aside oust pass up rat shed tergiversate tergiverse throw out throw over turn turn down be against break with not accept have no more truck with have nothing more to do with wash one's hands of fly in the face of turn your back on wash your hands of deny shun disclaim relinquish drop dismiss snub renege disallow eschew cast aside abdicate abnegate withdraw surrender knock back disdain turn one's back on forgo leave negate yield ditch avoid scorn ignore neglect disaffirm gainsay cold-shoulder dispense with refute abstain from brush off quit kick cut rebut sacrifice resign ostracize disregard renege on refrain from ostracise say no to freeze out look right through give someone the brush-off repulse pull out give the cold shoulder forbear steer clear of slight refrain jilt snout skip contradict withhold disconfirm go back on withdraw from shy from desist from stiff-arm veto pass on put down cut dead opt out give the brush have done with say no rat on give someone the go-by exclude swear off tell someone where to get off repeal unsay waive welsh foreswear cede repel abstain refuse to acknowledge betray jettison shirk escape divorce oneself from drop out baulk at set aside withhold from pack in cut out resign from pull out of back out walk out on send to Coventry give the thumbs down to pass by give something a miss withgo desist resist junk disaffiliate dodge evade bilk chuck abscond scrap revolt separate wash hands of rebel demur at discount go depart duck back down cop out decamp end relations with oppose axe miss secede from hand over take back do away with weasel out of refuse to recognize cut off without a penny jack in turn back on depart from ax break away from fail to honour split with sever relations with hold off stay clear of run out on send one's regrets shake one's head prohibit not hear of shut out bin off fight shy of look past rule out turn away give the bum's rush part with go away from run out leave out shy away from go over keep clear of take the oath drop out of give a wide berth to change your mind give the elbow not touch have nothing to do with turn coat give someone the big E defect from give someone the air shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from change sides leave alone give someone the push give thumbs down to concede disprove prove to be false show to be false give the lie to divert belie invalidate blackball renig impugn call into question overlook discontinue disincline scrub discredit forego contemn not heed not take advantage of blank explode throw off disgorge worm out of stop using delink from forbid go back on word excommunicate prevent block interdict stop having quitclaim vacate discountenance elude disaffiliate oneself from dissociate oneself from turn up one's nose act cool make unwelcome unfollow strand send packing dislike scoff at treat with contempt look down on not grant hold in contempt turn nose up at sneer at sneeze at turn your nose up at give the red light to shoot down stay shy of have no part in stand aloof from give the runaround turn away from break free from take leave from be exclusive of other not include not be inclusive of bag it step down from deliver up bail out step aside from body-swerve keep away from give a wide berth shake off have no part of recoil from shrink from look right through someone keep your distance from palm off contravene cast out refuse to abide by shy shake finesse scape deliver render lay down turn over say ‘no’ to rule against leave behind leave flat maroon divest leave high and dry leave stranded do without bereave sit out say goodbye to go without keep from break up with split let well enough alone have no truck with get around shuffle out of protest exheridate evict deprive dispossess don't want let go of take the pledge kiss good-bye stand down quit cold turkey let go by give away turn in cut loose sign away cough up let pass drop like hot potato refuse to accept bin trash violate oath jump ship leave in the lurch take your leave of kiss goodbye change one's tune drift away show the door cashier retire cancel scratch retreat from backpedal back off fink out except disburden throw doff turn deaf ear to turn from jib at hold out not buy refuse to receive not budge on send off not care for protest at hold back draw the line at slough retreat backtrack backslide throw on the scrapheap dispose of fling away cast away get shut of get rid of chuck out get shot of chuck away toss out throw away shrug off leave penniless cut off without a cent cut out of will secede brush aside elide preclude bypass levant welch default on cry off weasel out call off wiggle out beg off back pedal worm out chicken out bar pretermit overpass overleap break from disaffiliate from become independent separate oneself from split from form a splinter group separate from split off from break away swindle stiff defraud fail skate not bother pass over count out let slide take out miss out leave off fail to include fail to mention skip over factor out omit refuse to take advantage of look down one's nose at opt out of change allegiances turn traitor revolt against go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties break faith be apostate take a walk throw in the towel blow it off get cold feet about get cold feet chicken out of check go into arrears leave town skip out on put on the cuff meet under arch fall behind break one's word fail to pay see in the alley not pay let lapse duck out discourage give the thumbs down give the red light chide rebuke cross reprove stave off push back ward off beat off put off fend off send away tell off keep at bay lash out at keep at a distance put in one's place keep at arm's length


To express disapproval of
reproach rebuke reprimand reprove chide scold censure criticise criticize upbraid admonish chastise berate carpet castigate lambaste lecture condemn abuse blame blast discredit flame rate call down defame disparage diss objurgate rap reprehend trim baste denounce flay hammer jaw keelhaul lambast rag row score wig rake ream reprobate accuse cavil disgrace dishonour jawbone lesson dress down tongue-lash rail against rail at take to task tear into tell off give comeuppance lay on rant at remonstrate with bawl out chew out express disapproval of find fault with give a rocket haul over the coals pull up rap someone over the knuckles tick off call to task give someone a rating give someone a row give someone a wigging give someone some stick have a go at point the finger at ream out tear off a strip give a talking-to give someone a dressing-down give someone an earful give someone a roasting give someone a telling-off give someone a mouthful give someone a rocket give someone a rollicking give the devil read the riot act give someone what for slap someone's wrist lay into pitch into monster lace into bollock let someone have it give someone hell give someone a bollocking rap over the knuckles slap down give someone a caning come down on blow up excoriate send someone away with a flea in their ear chasten rake over the coals vituperate slate attack revile put on the mat rail put down pummel pillory pummelled knock nag roast discipline slam give a piece of one's mind harangue slag off bag jump down one's throat jump on call on the carpet pan take someone to task cane call to account blow up at tear a strip off slap on the wrist fulminate against correct go on at check punish cut up exprobate light into savage yell at rollick bash vilify denigrate take to the woodshed crucify fault rubbish slash caution belabour belabor come down hard on incriminate monish scorch blister scourge talk to bring someone to book slap someone on the wrist chew someone out arraign lean on rip into climb all over jump all over lay down the law assail impugn slag scorn dispraise lash dis penalize asperse visit denunciate rip recriminate skin preach trounce get after tear apart penalise strongly criticize throw the book at bad-mouth draw the line speak to rap on knuckles slap on wrist give a going over tell a thing or two hold responsible give one hell criticize severely come down on like a ton of bricks point a finger at reprimand severely let fly pull someone up round on exprobrate twit lash out bring to book threap warn taunt recompense adjure counsel advise harass spank skelp ferule objurate expostulate moralize moralise dress-down zap oppose fry chew execrate skewer speak slang run down rake over coals rank on give going-over have words give tongue-lashing give somebody a piece of one's mind pull apart tear to pieces take apart attask tear someone a new one give someone a dressing down give someone a telling off charge rap across the knuckles severely reprimand have words with give someone a carpeting eat out criticize hatefully shout at cuss out take to pieces sail into smear cudgel slap deride shellac call over the coals smother strike hit take down have someone on the carpet keep after deflate browbeat tax glue forewarn ding notice growl hoist carp on sound off go after give piece of mind take somebody to task find fault give a hard time take down a peg get on burn one's ears mete out punishment to rag on make an example of pull to pieces give a tongue-lashing trash criticize strongly teach someone a lesson tear down give someone stick rave at scathe backbite ostracise give someone a bad press contemn animadvert judge rebuff deprecate disapprove remonstrate ostracize be hard on pick on criticize harshly jack up sit on potshot disapprove of lash into have your knife in whip carp at look askance pick apart read out beat thrash flog scarify drub think badly of stick it to express disapprobation express disapprobation of scapegoat single out bring to account afflict suppress subjugate repress soften have on the carpet try lower the boom send someone away with a flea in his give the dickens take down a peg or two put someone in their place rap someone the knuckles drag over the coals lay out impeach inculpate indict frame saddle impute finger hold accountable hold liable assign fault to place the blame on lay the blame on accuse of find guilty of assign guilt to lay a bad trip on pass the buck lay at one's door point the finger lay a guilt trip on assign liability to consider guilty of

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