Đồng nghĩa của opt out of


To decline an invitation, proposal or offer
opt out decline refuse reject pass on pass up give something a miss say no to turn down pass rebuff desist dismiss snub spurn repudiate shun deny abjure renounce forgo forbear repulse disapprove avoid eschew reprobate demur withhold from abstain from not accept brush aside refuse to take advantage of shy from give the red light give the thumbs down balk at look down one's nose at baulk at desist from shake one's head refrain from demur at send one's regrets knock back negative nix deselect throw out disallow throw over withhold give up abandon relinquish turn back on give the thumbs down to veto negate forswear forsake refrain surrender waive steer clear of pass by abdicate ignore disavow kick abstain sacrifice stop rule out do without go without say no scorn drop forbid yield prohibit interdict abnegate quit cease retract neglect renege recant discountenance revoke cut out swear off hold back jack in give the red light to keep from give a wide berth to wash your hands of withgo disregard miss cede disown preclude keep withdraw skip resign discard disdain block curb evade forego dispense with disclaim break off rule against cut not grant pack in set aside miss out on cast off brush off turn away sit out have nothing to do with turn your back on fight shy of put down shoot down leave alone give thumbs down to discount overlook finish discontinue not heed forfeit begrudge resist prevent antedate oppose part with leave out say goodbye to precede not hear of contravene refuse to acknowledge divorce oneself from refuse to accept antecede preexist predate not take advantage of give the brush-off to decide against say ‘no’ to restrain repel escape belay bridle omit protest inhibit demit kill ban resist the temptation to leave off stop oneself restrain yourself lay off decline to go easy give over step down from hand over sign away step aside from desert concede proscribe overrule outlaw turn from hold out protest at hold off bar embargo quash not budge on turn deaf ear to send off jib at not care for not buy draw the line at refuse to receive unsay foreswear repeal reverse down nullify blackball squash boycott rescind starve fast constrain fence-sit disprofess give thumbs down thumbs down dissent declare null and void not go for place an embargo on put a stop to put an end to defeat censure throw away burn refuse permission to put the kibosh on dishonor rat turn default disinherit tergiversate banish flush oust dishonour cast defect apostatize tergiverse shed lay aside cut off disacknowledge dump have done with cast aside have no more truck with be against break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of let pass stay neutral deny oneself let go by ostracize sit on one's hands give the go by take the cure not take sides bilk ditch fail to take advantage of ostracise snout stay clear of keep one's distance from body-swerve give the bum's rush stay shy of keep away from not touch freeze out give someone the brush-off have no part in give someone the go-by give the brush cut dead shrink from give a wide berth shy away from stand aloof from look right through someone tell someone where to get off shake off stiff-arm keep clear of send to Coventry have no part of recoil from give the runaround turn away from palm off cold-shoulder give the cold shoulder


To withdraw from a position, agreement or group
opt out withdraw abandon disengage quit leave bail out pull out drop out back out bow out get out pull the plug withdraw from wriggle out back off contract out exit exclude oneself desert strand ditch forsake jilt dump abdicate maroon orphan give up the ship turn back on take a powder cast off back out of hang out to dry flake out leave hanging give someone the big E cop out storm out walk away turn your back on cut loose run out on bin off give someone the push walk away from fly the coop let go of take a walk screw walk out on cast aside leave behind kiss goodbye break up with wash your hands of let someone stew in their own juice leave in the lurch dispose of leg it pull out of throw over break with chicken out leave high and dry leave stranded give up chuck drop relinquish renounce discard reject resign surrender give the elbow betray repudiate rat on resign from disown leave flat renege cede step down from escape apostatize get out of tergiversate pack in abjure go back on hand over yield bow out of disappoint step aside from avoid defect finish with stop jack in go blow off retire from forswear renege on get rid of break off with fail jettison sell out throw in the towel ignore vacate shirk spurn depart depart from eschew turn retire abscond throw away kiss off disillusion leave off cut off run away from walk out disenchant change sides neglect fall away from stop participating in leave someone holding the baby abnegate cast ashore disinherit beach backpedal welsh cast away disregard discontinue dodge evade forgo recant bail on revolt shun tergiverse back down rebel sacrifice give up on duck decamp disclaim disavow throw up bail weasel out bag disgorge go away from pull turn down default on give someone the air split up with brush off move from let down change your mind drop out of shift one's ground go over walk out of part with have nothing more to do with step down bail out on run out give the heave-ho have done with turn traitor call it quits deliver up run away abstract oneself go over the fence stop participating divorce oneself from turn one's coat call it a day break faith chuck in turn over to throw something up eighty-six turn away from trap isolate retract divert wreck shipwreck stray backslide forbear stand down from fail to support bereave break leave isolated cease eliminate dispose give over to turn over shed forget deceive fall short of expectation coquette give notice to disprofess stop going out with give away leave all alone break off one's relationship with end relations with leave in trouble leave holding the bag leave helpless kiss good-bye leave in a lurch walk off welsh on end waive secede detach make an orphan leave alone leave parentless break off split up break up have no more truck with defect from violate oath jump ship let someone down stab in the back disengage from pull back recede from scratch from absent yourself detach yourself forego do the dirty on abstain from drift away sink move down let fall refuse take your leave of change one's tune take the oath show the door refuse to have anything to do with absolve yourself finish give the old heave-ho leave at the altar terminate be gone from be done with quitclaim snub sidestep bypass cheat bail from escape from clear out from check out from split from take off from say goodbye to abscond from disappear from exit from set out from absent oneself from run along from cease work give notice stand aside hand in resignation sign off hang it up stand down run off get off shut eyes to elope cop out of pay no attention to flee take no notice of cancel scratch retreat from fink out shrink from skive skip skirt round bag it dissatisfy pull down depress lower leave in lurch take down fall short put behind you apostacize bilk cut excuse steer clear of rationalize revoke funk decline duck-shove skive off back pedal cry off worm out call off wiggle out shy from fail to honour beg off rat duck out of wriggle out of use pretext have alibi rationalise slide out of demit get cold feet chicken out of blow it off throw off change allegiances revolt against secede from go over to the enemy go AWOL change loyalties be apostate get cold feet about give the slip toss over give something a miss take the count throw in the sponge make one's exit

Trái nghĩa của opt out of

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