Đồng nghĩa của turn away

Alternative for turn away

Đồng nghĩa: avert, bend, deflect, refuse, reject, turn down,


To reject or drive someone away


To cause to feel less close, friendly or caring
alienate estrange distance isolate detach disunite divide divorce part separate alien disaffect disgruntle sever sour drive apart set against set apart antagonise antagonize cut off wean set at odds sow dissension break off come between keep apart make hostile to make indifferent make unfriendly push away put at a distance set at variance turn off drive a wedge between turn your back on withdraw the affections of withdraw make hostile withhold lose disillusion split divert leave disenchant sunder disunify dissatisfy drive away break up sever connections between set at odds with sow dissension between destroy the affections of cause antagonism between put on the outs split up anger envenom embitter disengage make bitter make resentful poison repel segregate exasperate annoy empoison frustrate disquiet irritate disperse disconnect dissociate upset set in opposition part company set as rivals turn against pit against displease discontent disturb discompose agitate meddle intervene interpose interrupt interfere pull apart vex jaundice disjoin discourage exacerbate aggravate rankle worsen venom acidulate bother make rancorous acerbate bitter cause disagreement between set against one another put at odds pit against one another quit ramify disjoint partition disband dissever dismantle uncouple resolve decouple disrupt unyoke disassociate unlink rive embroil dissolve break undo offend hassle gall insulate sequester quarantine seclude break away cocoon dedomicile exclude cloister distance oneself hack off become estranged close off shut away be estranged lose the affection of cordon off seal off abstract confine rope off fence off island keep out screen off remove keep in solitude put a cordon sanitaire around form a ring around tape off block off shut off partition off curtain off go different ways reach a parting of the ways break it off get divorced go separate ways untie the knot stop living together get a divorce pull out


To not accept or engage in
spurn decline refuse withgo pass reject repudiate deselect disapprove negative nix reprobate disregard pass up turn down balk at throw out throw over pass by turn one's back on say no to not hear of steer clear of scorn rebuff snub dismiss disdain negate repulse shun repel withdraw demur protest desist ignore say no knock back baulk at brush off dispense with not budge on hold back send off turn deaf ear to hold off jib at draw the line at not care for send one's regrets hold out protest at refuse to receive give thumbs down to not buy set aside shake one's head turn from demur at disallow deny veto forgo renounce withhold pass on not accept give the thumbs down to brush aside abjure abandon miss give up block prohibit abstain from shy from refrain from revoke withhold from desist from rule out give the thumbs down give something a miss discount skip overlook not heed let pass deny oneself not take advantage of overthrow forbid interdict prevent outvote oppose discountenance neglect waive miss out on let go by shoot down not grant give the red light to restrict stonewall stopper stymie fail to take advantage of pass something up blackball defeat fetter rule against say ‘no’ to forbear avoid eschew desert disown discard forsake disavow recant reverse retract forswear rescind cast off disprofess opt out refuse to take advantage of cast defect dishonor rat apostatize turn default disinherit tergiverse tergiversate shed lay aside cut off banish disacknowledge flush dump oust dishonour look down one's nose at opt out of have no more truck with wash one's hands of turn your back on be against wash your hands of break with have nothing more to do with fly in the face of give the red light


To remove from employment or office
pink-slip dismiss sack fire discharge release cashier axe retire remove terminate ax can bounce oust boot displace depose unseat drop bump defrock depone deselect disemploy disfrock disqualify furlough impeach pension recall shelve suspend unfrock boot out kick out lay off muster out let go turn off send packing show the door give the heave-ho give walking papers give warning let out shut out wash out give notice to put away give the ax give the gate show the door one give someone the pink slip give someone his or her walking papers expel defenestrate get rid of give someone their notice pay off give notice give someone the big E give someone the sack throw out kiss off give someone their cards give the old heave-ho give someone the push bin off give someone the air give someone his turf out make redundant give someone the boot give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the elbow eject drum out dethrone evict topple dislodge out supplant remove from office overthrow uncrown overturn unthrone deprive unmake demote discard bring down turn out force out drive out turf ship cut usurp exclude discrown excommunicate give one notice chuck out let one go give the bum's rush push out remove from power relegate purge banish downgrade eliminate break degrade disbar shed replace freeze out give marching orders throw out on your ear pink slip declare redundant give somebody their cards give a pink slip hand walking papers give somebody the boot run out of town deprive of office ride out on rail give somebody the push give the chop lay someone off put out thrust out cast out heave vote someone out debar sever connections unsettle throw deport exile move on court martial triumph overwhelm defeat disthrone disenthrone give the boot to give the bullet to sideline dehire unhire give the push to give somebody notice retire early take over dispatch take off sail chase out eighty-six excuse throw someone out nix supersede bust give the sack to terminate employment step into shoes of give one's cards give pink slip give their cards give the axe give somebody the sack give bum's rush unhorse chuck upset subvert fling out throw someone out on their ear give somebody the pink slip strip of rank relieve of duty lock out move tomahawk downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver give heave-ho omit transfer delete reposition abolish slur disregard elide erase forget shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach throw out on ear budge abstract dislocate ship out leave off leave out scale down cut back put an end to slim down take down see the back of give something a miss take out miss out


To retreat or withdraw from a (hostile) place or situation
recoil retreat withdraw retire flee bolt escape vamoose split shrink leave scarper quit run resile pull out fall back run away beat it run off turn tail take off back off make off run for it clear out cut and run leg it peel out back out hightail it back away shy away move back shrink away step back draw back pull back recede move away give ground skedaddle scram drop back give way take flight beat a retreat fly abandon balk shrink back yield surrender skip off hook it beat a hasty retreat evade baulk depart decamp disengage evacuate skidoo levant regress show a clean pair of heels head for the hills cut out light out do a runner fly the coop make a break for it go away bug out make a quick exit take a powder do a fade make a run for it do a bunk give up go backward retract return distance oneself lose ground blench crawfish backpedal quake quail cower draw away drop out break vacate go flinch ebb retrograde retrocede back give back regroup fold elude make yourself scarce move out avoid go back make one's getaway take to one's heels sheer refuse to contemplate opt out pull the plug bail out withdraw from bow out get out pull away opt out of wriggle out dissociate abstract delink weasel out disassociate stop participating disengage from recede from exit resign step down from scratch from secede abstract oneself pack in resign from pull pull out of back out of bow out of chuck walk away from forsake stop participating in detach yourself absent oneself detach subside abate lessen decline sink dwindle wane diminish taper pall moderate lower remit fade fall decrease ease de-escalate relent die out reduce die away go down retrogress ratchet down close taper off move further off die off fall away flow back drain away drop off drop let up phase down die down

Trái nghĩa của turn away

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