Đồng nghĩa của regroup

Alternative for regroup

  • ngoại động từ
    • tập hợp lại; tạo (cái gì) thành từng nhóm mới


To put or arrange into categories
group categorise categorize arrange organise organize sort classify class file catalogue order rank assemble assign catalog index separate coordinate lay out line up list manage methodize structure systematise systematize break down compartmentalise compartmentalize designate distribute marshal pigeonhole place position rate relegate tabulate tag assort bracket brand bring together distinguish label peg put together typecast codify colligate compartment marshall put down as recategorize reclassify regulate sequence subcategorize focus organize systematically portion grade range type digest array dispose systemize tab mark divide put in order sort out characterize triage draw up characterise set out button down evaluate align form regiment fix put down for allot put set regard value identify size up specify allocate size collocate graduate stereotype compile inventory stand alphabetize log standardize valuate correlate score judge gather gage analogize tidy establish gauge line match standardise collate settle adjust combine denominate define stamp describe consider chart segregate prioritize name partition compare liken slot equate register docket prioritise collect reckon muster formulate assimilate present control police spruce figure adapt allineate estimate pattern put away tailor compose space whip into shape put to rights spruce up straighten out relate regard as identical set in order regard as the same spread out sectionalize term split tabularize suit typify nominate sticker bias mete appropriate apportion calibrate clepe deploy enumerate be title hold appraise assess part account include pick winnow choose riddle select comb cull screen sift queue exhibit summarize mark down ghettoize ordinate put a label on orient condense ghettoise pose display measure proportion summarise code put in shape emphasize shape constitute place in order set forth mould type cast seat emphasise respond arrange in order fit consolidate set in line accumulate aggregate couple yoke twin pair record enter prepare shepherd harmonize fashion mold construct harmonise straighten form up plan neaten streamline put straight adduce divide up arrange in a series post ticket normalise regularize regularise normalize formalise conduct gather together consign stratify put out right formalize locate number set up calculate guess call suppose conjecture make enrol examine check verify put into sets inscribe rank out knock into shape lick into shape take measure enroll book specialise insert specialize police up clear the decks fix up put in good shape set side by side put down associate parallel connect equal metaphorize link approximate allegorize draw an analogy mention in the same breath determine guesstimate compute count surmise work out deem cast weigh up form an opinion of believe total tally adjudge esteem deduce quantify infer cipher weigh sum reason tot cypher tot up add up put a figure on keep tabs think view conclude discern analyse ascertain postulate hypothesize speculate suspect be graded be positioned be placed be classed predict totalize fathom hazard see add imagine theorize analyze be categorized understand opine appreciate conceive have a rank of tote assay venture count up predicate suggest hypothesise theorise figure out run down make a guess at hazard a guess tote up think likely look upon be of the opinion make an estimate of jump to a conclusion go out on a limb take a shot at take a stab at form an impression of take account of think of inorder summate make rough guess have a status of put in line place in formation foot square get the measure of count noses tick off count heads price situate guess at deem to be hold to be make of put a value on set down find to be sum up reckon to be set at mark down as think to be judge to be look on consider to be take decide even say see as being set a figure on think of as being regard as being look on as being class as being form opinion view as being intuit perceive derive straighten up apprehend presume draw tell extrapolate glean assume premise bring into line presuppose grasp savvy recognize cognize fancy anticipate resolve feel maintain allow make parallel arrange in line put in columns even up put in rows make straight make even tumble to foresee comprehend prevision realize get daresay imply suss foreknow twig discover forefeel belong dare say take for granted take a stab be given to understand divine get the picture recognise pick out take a shot cotton on to visualize latch on to realise cook up visualise have a sneaking suspicion of dare-say catch on to dream up make out regard as look on as take to be look at rate as form the opinion come to the conclusion class as see as rank as be classified survey chance solve happen upon cost multiply foretell subtract forecast add together dope out

Trái nghĩa của regroup

regroup Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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