Đồng nghĩa của retrograde

Alternative for retrograde

retrogrades, retrograded, retrograding

Đồng nghĩa: hash over, regress, rehash, retral, retreat, retrogress, retrogressive,


From, or reminiscent of, an earlier time or era
quaint antique vintage retro oldfangled old-fashioned old-time old-world old-school old-timey traditional old outmoded bygone nostalgic out-of-date archaic outdated past dated antiquated backward-looking conservative ancient out of date former obsolete retrospective historic superannuated prehistoric passé old-fangled old hat picturesque classical old-style heritage period historical obsolescent veteran antediluvian outworn anachronistic medieval passe olden primitive retrogressive mouldy creaky clunky olde worlde mossy behind the times mediaeval moldy out of the ark contemplative pensive recollective reflective passé rusty courteous gentlemanly classic enduring timeless courtly chivalrous gallant craft ceremonious ageless remote aged fossilized elderly primeval primordial immemorial antwacky primaeval fossilised age-old past its sell-by date past one's sell-by date as old as the hills horse and buggy evocative of yesteryear old world in period style charming folk antiquarian ancestral early time-honoured gothic old style colonial enchanting Victorian captivating artful cute baroque affected pleasing ingenious pretty Gothic appealing unfashionable out frumpish square fusty frumpy defunct old-fogeyish moth-eaten dead crusted out of fashion feudal unhip démodé out of style horse-and-buggy rinky-dink square-toed corny vieux jeu odd past it demoded old-hat rococo unstylish dowdy out-of-style disapproved musty neglected extinct of olden days out of it of old not modern not current not with it grown old of the old school moribund neolithic kaputt Noachian kaput prehistorical Stone Age superseded hoary drab worn-out venerable has-been disused stale plain timeworn old as the hills behindhand of yore hoar parachronistic dull very old homely tired decrepit hackneyed fogeyish dateless late erstwhile cobwebby crusty last year's backward senescent unpopular cheesy expired styleless exhausted anachronous fogyish discarded discontinued mumsy forgotten previous poky one-time shabby dinosaur long-gone tacky belated lost done past its prime unkempt gone tasteless sometime quondam long-standing vanished stodgy established fallen into disuse relic time-worn demode trashy finished inelegant boring back-number backwards unprogressive on its last legs long in the tooth over the hill ticky-tack ticky-tacky oldie done to death faded anachronistical yesterday well-established overused threadbare abandoned geriatric hacky broken-down inflexible bent unusable out-of-fashion no longer in use dusty obscure deprecated fossil back number archaistic having seen better days antediluvial old fashioned old as Adam out of commission out of use aboriginal pristine crumbling decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal once onetime original cast-off overfamiliar clapped out had it done for barbaric departed dry as dust unglamorous unsophisticated no longer used stuck in time dead and gone old school no longer fashionable waning declining at an end no longer in fashion not in earlier redundant completed long-ago unattractive dying out not fashionable yesterday's unremembered ex- unrecalled bypast nonextant gone by lasting becoming obsolete ageing disappearing foregone forepassed tried and true long-lived of long ago ritualistic ritual tried and tested earliest long-established first way back when latter-day lost in time consigned to oblivion way back lost and gone on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline senior doddering past recall aging toytown sweet cunning twee attractive dreary dingy grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly in oblivion water over the dam sunk in oblivion water under the bridge down memory lane doddery going out of use going out of fashion growing old getting on longevous daggy scruffy blowsy badly-dressed baggy sloppy of an advanced age advanced in years worn older lot of mileage ingrained fixed deep-seated hard-and-fast arty-crafty olde not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken badly dressed poorly dressed ossified pleasantly old-fashioned


Depraved, perverted or extremely wrong in a moral sense
sick debased debauched degenerate depraved dishonorable dishonourable disreputable immoral sordid vile base corrupt ignoble impure perverse perverted reprobate unprincipled unsavory unsavoury amoral decadent dissipated dissolute fallen miscreant nefarious profligate rakish rotten unclean ungodly unwholesome warped corrupted degraded demoralised demoralized libertine mean retrogressive sinful villainous wicked jackleg rakehell rakehelly vitiated vice-ridden low loose despicable licentious lewd lascivious degenerated lecherous libidinous promiscuous pervy intemperate wanton infamous unhealthy vicious flatitious sinking failing demeaned unchaste lustful abandoned salacious prurient indecent evil lubricious fast carnal concupiscent obscene horny coarse goatish shameless randy sensual bad immodest dirty raunchy crude hot lickerish passionate satyric lubricous unrestrained hypersexual itchy vulgar gross smutty ribald filthy defiled wild improper louche fast-living foul pornographic profane deviant bawdy profaned desecrated voluptuary X-rated sybaritic tainted self-indulgent abnormal naughty gone bad blue uncleanly wrong aberrant twisted disgusting monstrous erotic dishonoured dishonored sicko of easy virtue voluptuous kinky suggestive wrongful fleshly wayward unvirtuous swinging incontinent nasty gone to the dogs whorish trashy distorted porny unprintable stag gutter not pure abased boorish baneful flagitious deleterious sullied locker-room hedonistic sadistic iniquitous scungy unnatural sexual bestial offensive unrighteous indulgent wolfish rude unrefined lax impious titillating desirous lost easy pleasure-seeking ruttish unconstrained scabrous orgiastic contaminated light unscrupulous indelicate low-down fast and loose in the fast lane high living mercenary venal freethinking hardened erroneous unworthy incorrigible inferior degrading praetorian roguish dubious prodigal epicurean overindulgent luxurious unholy blasphemous irreligious unregenerate scoundrelly ardent unblushing uncontrollable hedonic vulgarized vulgarised uncontrolled rascally knavish decaying moribund declining lusty uncurbed sleazy deviate raffish riotous careless roundheeled unaccommodating shrewish bad-tempered incorrect crabbed churlish ill-tempered ill-natured surly spiteful animal unruly unmoral relaxed disorderly immoderate drunken open grotesque vitiate contorted impaired hellbent unethical imprudent heedless hot and heavy violated deteriorated gone to seed inconstant irresponsible misguided lacking restraint dishonest in the gutter night owl unconscionable indecorous fraudulent racy sexy scatological morally wrong unfair devious underhand porno scatologic off colour no better than one should be out of control shamed saucy adult porn fruity Fescennine steamy dodgy black crooked shady unlawful cutthroat dark Machiavellian ithyphallic Cyprian ruined rank crass raw barnyard scurrilous explicit excessive voyeuristic saturnalian unjust graceless hankering near the knuckle longing not cricket itching disgraced collapsed flat beyond the pale decayed sunken ruinous shaken on the ground venereal hircine hot to trot


To decline or deteriorate in state
decline deteriorate degenerate worsen regress atrophy crumble decay descend devolve ebb relapse retreat revert rot sink wane backslide retrogress go downhill slide slump fall slip lapse get worse go down the toilet go to pot fade collapse hit the skids fail diminish go to the dogs go down the tubes fall off go to rack and ruin drop wither weaken disintegrate degrade languish depreciate disimprove grow worse dwindle flag wilt go to the pack droop go backwards become worse waste away stagnate be in decline fall apart break down lessen decrease waste go to pieces take a turn for the worse spoil debilitate recede sag impair go die lower go bad corrode wear away fall to pieces go to seed perish vitiate debase lag return subside emaciate nosedive dilapidate become debilitated dissolve slacken skid moulder lose quality deprave become dilapidated die out break up molder fall away grow weak be the worse for wear go down go from bad to worse decompose shrink move backward shrivel contract pall fade away depress damage corrupt reduce run to seed pejorate suffer become emaciated make something worse take a nosedive fall into disrepair be handicapped appear in a poor light be at disadvantage drop off be damaged be impaired be shown to disadvantage hit rock bottom reach depths come apart at the seams dry up become shrunken shrivel up injure adulterate alloy mar break undermine be neglected die on vine come apart at seams become enfeebled lose it be worse for wear drift back slip back retrocede recidivate sink back turn pervert demoralise warp debauch demoralize stain be on one's deathbed be giving up the ghost be slipping away be about to die be in extremis become moribund have one foot in the grave be at death's door be on one's last legs be breathing one's last be approaching death wither away fall into decay fall back go back lose headway turn the clock back roll back lose ground turn back throw back move back pass disappear sicken vanish moderate abate discontinue elapse stop expire close halt quit evanesce finish end conclude terminate cease determine bate putrefy break off melt away dead-end die away come to an end leave off run out run low wink out fade out let up ease off die down grow less go dead pack in wind up peter out go into decline be on your last legs fall apart at the seams evaporate drain tire melt taper tail off disperse ease taper off dematerialize faint fly wear down weary fizzle out dissipate flee succumb slow down attenuate wear out lighten de-escalate exhaust knock out drain away fag out enervate deplete overtire prostrate remit relent plummet poop bush settle shatter jade wear cave in give way bust quiet curb tire out fold ratchet down phase down quell soften poop out tucker out burn out restrain devaluate falter slack off pine erode withdraw fatigue tax crumple frazzle whack overtax tucker tumble check knacker trail outwear slash clear grow dim blur wash out kill give out grow smaller go away wind down trail off curtail minify do in conk out wear off vanish into thin air become smaller take it out of wear to a frazzle cut down calm down lose edge narrow down dim bend minimize sap die off become limp cut plunge wizen buckle go into a decline founder enfeeble devitalize etiolate temper grow faint come apart incapacitate disable go out evanish yield give dispel thin become less decrement harass implode overwork strain bedraggle fizzle relax cut back pass away minimise clip cease to exist pain extenuate have a relapse suffer a relapse make smaller do up rebate modify tail away peter peak retire diffuse scatter disassemble capitulate mummify flow away dry lose strength pine away lose courage make weary make sleepy be destroyed unmake ease up abbreviate retrench get less draw back flow back shag out take wear on drain of energy vaporize topple drop away quieten desist gutter overburden grow weary put to sleep go stale overstrain ennui totter impoverish cripple lose tremble limp break into pieces come down go through the floor hit the floor settle down cool off slacken off desiccate amputate crop abridge soft-pedal dangle fall in give in tumble down constrict deflate blast blight age limit cease to be concentrate vaporise parch hang lose spirit flop thin out bow grow weaker take the bite out take the sting out slack up mitigate become marcescent be no more become weak scale down stoop hang down hush deliquesce grow feeble rarefy become stale get ill again get worse again be overcome fall ill catch something become ill become unimportant drape be invisible leave exit become invisible depart pass off become less loud dial down downscale alleviate sling slouch fall down suspend lop lean tone down axe pare bring down couch dent long hunger hanker yearn be lost to view recede from view trim run down ax make cutbacks in take the edge off amortise take down trim back downgrade qualify amortize step down trim down mark down cast down tighten dilute make less become flaccid teeter ail brood despond be taken ill be taken sick go missing be wiped out disappear from sight be lost to sight be lost be exterminated let down go soft fragment burden fracture split plague splinter rive drift drowse sever shiver rupture separate oppress glut weigh dismember divide explode bore disrupt lose interest make tired grow tired cause ennui disunite disband dismantle disorganize taint disconnect detach fall to bits go belly-up turn to dust break apart fly apart be smashed to smithereens blow up blow apart take apart


To prepare a summary of something
summarize encapsulate epitomise epitomize outline recap recapitulate abridge abstract condense digest review sum up synopsize brief precis reprise sketch cypher cipher compile cut inventory pare précis prune rehash shorten skim snip sum summate trim boil down put in a nutshell wrap up cut back cut down give an outline of give a rundown of give a summary of go over make a summary of run down run through get to meat give an abstract of give a precis of give a synopsis of give main points give the main points of give the gist of abbreviate compress reduce truncate contract curtail telescope edit clip shrink chop capsulize describe blue pencil reiterate repeat concentrate compact crop cut short examine pare down decrease consolidate conclude capsule minify restate downsize express narrow limit delineate run over constrict record indicate dock syncopate elide capture restrict zap slam discuss correct pan revise inspect knock reedit rip judge rave evaluate study assess trash weigh characterize portray depict bad-mouth characterise report get to the meat read through swipe at skin alive put down take down give a thumbnail sketch of write a critique give one's opinion go through sum-up wrap-up zip tighten lessen conflate diminish cover explain expurgate bowdlerize abort come down to nutshell make a outline of make a résumé of bowdlerise stop short write a summary of take out cut out cut off draft slash cut to bone adumbrate estimate close total recount draught touch on perorate represent tell about lay out give a digest of put in nutshell make an outline of skeleton skeletonize show denote size up paraphrase rephrase list enumerate replay reword give a rough idea of give a quick rundown on give a rough idea reproduce state again write about profile give an account of write an article about run through again get the measure of give a summing-up review the evidence summarize the argument summarize the evidence go over again rough out block out trace out map out chalk out go over same ground go the same round give a brief idea of give an precis of give a resume of go through the main points of give a résumé of summarise lower retrench minimize dwindle moderate drop minimise slim down lop ease check abate weaken de-escalate impair wind down curb restrain make smaller halt rein in erode depress attenuate hold back downscale mark down temper deplete lighten dilute make less dent break off tone down roll back knock down bring down cut back on squeeze shear top make shorter deflate wither shrivel make fewer turn down cut down on get shorter excerpt take up bob round down inhibit tighten up cramp control economize economise shave reduce greatly turn up rein back mark off cut to the bone put the brakes on put a restriction on put a limit on make a long story short shift swing modify play stress accent axe ax eliminate confine remove omit delete salami-slice make cutbacks in make reductions in whittle down whittle away take off stop finish end terminate discontinue decline interrupt subside relax suspend fall wane fade let up grow less ebb freeze quit allay palliate deaden assuage alleviate blunt dull taper off drop off slacken remit recede relent postpone mitigate soften dampen get less ease off tail off grow smaller leave unfinished stop dead bring to an end call a halt put a stop to break short stop in full flow stop cold drop away sink quieten die down taper pall flag desist die off mollify tame discount degrade plummet nosedive waste away go down come down slump peter out dial down take the bite out die away blur become smaller drain amputate fall away take the sting out thin die out slack up ratchet down drain away soft-pedal phase down slow down take the edge off


To take back or renege on an initial statement or stance
retract withdraw disown recant renounce abjure repudiate revoke unsay cancel disavow reverse take back disclaim repeal rescind deny recall abnegate annul foreswear forswear renege apologise apologize backtrack on countermand eliminate exclude go back on nig recede renege on retreat retrocede suspend welsh withcall back down back off call off do a U-turn on draw back eat your words fall back forget it reel in row back on rule out take in back out change one's mind change one's tune do an about-turn on eat one's words back out of have change of heart backtrack reject abandon backpedal forsake change your mind do an about-turn do a U-turn do an about-face change go back break give up relinquish about-face row back discard spurn eschew desert eat crow reconsider refuse double back retire decline apostatize default on cast off drop say sorry pull out take it all back have second thoughts surrender turn back contradict rethink rebut gainsay abdicate quit disallow disaffirm climb down relent negative cast aside disacknowledge flip-flop fail to honour rat on dial back turn your back on refuse to acknowledge wash your hands of do a volte-face have nothing more to do with retrace your steps yield abrogate concede betray leave call back renig return kick alter defect default retrogress amend adapt refute negate disconfirm dishonor dishonour disinherit depart refrain shun drive back withdraw from weasel out cut off eat humble pie give in turn tail turn tergiversate tergiverse regress pull out of back away cop out of change opinion worm out of back divorce oneself from break with wash one's hands of cop out turn one's back on think better of shift one's ground go into reverse sing a different song decide against break your promise wash hands of break one's word move back revisit repossess reclaim be unfaithful revert impugn dissociate from sacrifice nullify void retreat from welsh on forgo weasel out of go back on word drop out forbear ditch abstain back-pedal on change your decision swallow come around come round end relations with send packing break one's promise back out on change your mind about change one's attitude concede defeat change one's plans abstain from refrain from go back on one's word break your word break a promise cut off without a penny refuse to recognize throw off dispense with avoid turn the tables set aside move backward go backward move backwards back up drive backwards do away with pack in jack in swallow one's words capitulate go revolt submit blink bow succumb abscond decamp rebel compromise bend comply escape divert acquiesce knuckle under vary adjust revise modify recast budge run out turn coat shift ground go over the fence sell out fall away from walk out on change sides go over split recalibrate give way contravene shift make adjustments to separate disaffiliate subside abate flip-flop on change gears on yo-yo on resign ebb turn back on refuse to accept nix pass reprobate deselect disapprove lessen secede rebuff disprofess shrink sink demur throw out rat balk at banish flush oust cast turn down shed lay aside pass up dump throw over break from disaffiliate from split with become independent resign from defect from separate oneself from split from split off from sever relations with drop out of break away break away from form a splinter group separate from dwindle wane diminish moderate fade drop back decrease taper pall lower remit fall ease de-escalate be against not accept have no more truck with fly in the face of move away die away close taper off fall away drop off let up go away die down die out reduce go down ratchet down move further off die off draw away flow back drain away phase down


An immoral or corrupt person
degenerate pervert debauchee libertine profligate rake reprobate deviant deviate perv backslider debaucher decadent loose-liver rakehell rip dissolute ne'er-do-well rascal sinner troublemaker wrongdoer scoundrel rogue monster miscreant knave villain good-for-nothing wretch swine lecher beast evil-doer bad egg rotter blackguard bounder scumbag no-good savage brute hound evildoer baddy lout meanie baddie meany sleazebag cad devil creep roué fiend rapscallion dog sleazeball rat snake varlet scalawag stinker Lothario hedonist sensualist playboy voluptuary jerk unprincipled person cretin slimeball barbarian scallywag sleaze slime stinkard dirtbag scamp scum scapegrace varmint dastard caitiff ruffian thug nazi heavy vermin pig sybarite scuzzball buzzard philanderer mischief-maker swinger lech transgressor wanton weirdo evil person louse bad apple Don Juan criminal heel hellion lowlife tyrant wrong'un psychopath ogre sociopath boor sadist worm womanizer epicure Casanova seducer bad guy nasty person bad character schmuck joker clown ladykiller adulterer mother hooligan skunk slob dirty old man wastrel vagabond blood scuzzbag chuff slimebag crud toad slimebucket fink fraudster trickster charlatan swindler womaniser rounder pleasure-seeker skank bleeder churl dirtball reptile cheat gay dog liar yahoo oaf demon wrong 'un bully animal cur crumb dip pill blighter rowdy low-life ghoul rat fink bad lot despicable person bully boy snake in the grass so-and-so sex maniac roue bad person dissipater rotten egg ravisher Romeo wolf skirt-chaser stud radge fornicator operator nighthawk dissolute person deserter apostate archfiend serpent cannibal sicko paillard cyprian satyr perve loose liver renegade turncoat old goat troll Mephistopheles terror diablo perverted person freak depraved person little devil relapser reneger recidivist regressor wild man epicurean fallen angel repeater defaulter defector pleasureseeker pleasuremonger glutton pleasure seeker bon vivant thrill-seeker pleasure lover bon viveur dork weasel malefactor dissolute man buffoon goon hick offender lawbreaker outlaw felon chav clod convict supervillain yob bumpkin clodhopper roughneck clodpole peasant hoon loudmouth yobbo philistine brawler robber bandit brigand gangster thief mugger racketeer pirate fraud terrorist ape toughie Neanderthal lummox rough boob lump redneck bogan lubber bosthoon vulgarian bruiser gorilla cougan rube crook shyster hoodlum delinquent mischiefmaker antagonist shark con desperado crim spalpeen primitive scrote dingo butthole sleeveen hayseed tough scozza bear stinkpot oik mofo incorrigible misfeasor cheater malfeasant infractor monkey sneak maggot urchin gunman antihero jailbird nointer hood gaolbird mischief nasty imp lager lout son of a gun hard man sly person dastardly person nasty piece of work reprehensible person black hat bad news black sheep mean person cruel person enfant terrible limb of Satan pariah outcast turd vaurien scofflaw skelm jagoff culprit trespasser guilty party perp immoralist scally bum perpetrator juvenile delinquent young offender SOB recreant tearaway vandal violator monstrosity fugitive ratbag juvie rorter grifter horror lag prodigal defrauder violater con man punk beggar loafer derelict mobster suspect yardbird blackmailer person responsible con artist ex-con prisoner hellhound git pretender black marketeer guilty person riffraff whippersnapper sharper picaro deceiver slicker mountebank sleveen murderer picaroon pickpocket bootlegger drunkard problem daemon hoodie devil incarnate disgraceful person reject atua misdoer adversary being gargoyle quadruped bete noire common enemy ratfink tyke disgrace perisher JD poltroon ronion bezonian pauper scullion looser cullion pilgarlic ingrate rebel pickle bogeyman lower animal living thing tramp prankster jester opportunist cardsharp tease mischievous person puck hypocrite idler grafter unpleasant person pond scum dirty dog conman burglar scammer bioterrorist rapist shoplifter housebreaker hoaxer hustler exploiter scamster phoney cyberterrorist embezzler mug narcoterrorist finagler agroterrorist quack tief bilker ecoterrorist filcher peculator marauder pilferer lifer deadbeat lighty drifter yegg yakuza purloiner trusty muscle transport chiseller holdupper cracksman phony defalcator confidence trickster smooth operator wanted criminal confidence artist tea leaf old lag confidence man slippery eel rogue trader bad actor bunco artist flimflam man armed robber wrongo wrong number untrustworthy person corrupt person sorry lot worthless person

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