Đồng nghĩa của quell

Alternative for quell

quells, quelled, quelling

Đồng nghĩa: appease, calm, cool, crush, extinguish, hush, lull, mollify, pacify, quiet, reduce, smother, stifle, subdue, suppress,


To put an end to something, typically by the use of force
quash suppress subdue crush repress extinguish defeat squash end squelch check destroy stifle frustrate curb silence overcome beat thwart conquer control stop demolish terminate abolish annihilate vanquish quench overpower extirpate finish kill queer subjugate overwhelm rout clobber put down snuff out crack down on put an end to put a stop to wipe out stamp out clamp down on nip in the bud get rid of put the lid on slap down put the kibosh on shut down sit on scotch inhibit eliminate restrain smother ruin arrest wreck halt eradicate put paid to bridle master dash bring to an end devastate prevent shatter stymie scupper put out dish hold back constrain disrupt spoil tame contain mar undo restrict lick nullify oppress overthrow rein in sabotage nix deaden mess up screw up hold in keep in check impede obstruct block hamper dispatch cut off limit hinder gain mastery over obliterate break upset cool interfere with blot out annul blight banjax exterminate foul up do in triumph over make a mess of louse up cruel euchre damp down keep the lid on strangle simmer down play havoc with make a hash of curtail bring to naught blow a hole in regulate cut short throw a monkey wrench in the works of throw a spanner in the works of moderate compose settle smash interrupt weed out damage best govern decimate impair discontinue pull in dominate stem collect overturn abort keep a lid on diminish gag keep a tight rein on do for trash break down crool shush muffle dull prevail over swallow block out crack down quelch trample on snow under pocket submerge sink beat down get the better of get a grip on cork keep back choke back choke bear down on gain control over bottle up put a damper on put an stop to get under control remove banish strangle at birth expunge censure nip something in the bud stamp something out dismiss reject scrunch squish blow torpedo neutralize derail solve prohibit scar disfigure stain surmount hold confine neutralise cease counteract throttle cow afflict taint disappoint decay injure clamp down bring to a halt bring to a stop delimit bring to screeching halt tread mute get over bottle clamp bury trample spike glitch up drive underground wear down garrote garrotte keep under control bring to a standstill put a lid on bring under control get control of deal with be the end of keep inside keep in hold down dumb censor douse clam abate knock down smash down conceal tread on put lid on put kibosh on suffocate win against hog-tie keep lid on cripple pour cold water on throw cold water on hide put half nelson on dowse gain control of put the stopper on run down close call a halt wrap up complete wind up conclude snuff re-collect calm cork up bite one's lip fight back hush up heap shower rein button up bite back shroud undermine adjust monitor cap blanket attack subvert liquidate choke off measure keep prostrate overmaster floor swamp whelm close up disarrange disorganize disturb disorder erase keep down rally quiet tranquilize lull corner recover inspect still soothe incapacitate ravage foil dampen delay hold up convulse slow retard unsettle reduce ice dampen down bring to a close say nothing turn upside-down derange slow down slaughter massacre butcher disable threaten depress cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion finish off waste zap grind down keep in line put the brakes on set limits on impose limits on dispirit sap harm bollix ax take out root out axe tranquillize blow away trouble lower ail dishearten demoralize deject dismay do away with rub out break up soften mellow damp intrude on muck up force down bring someone to their knees wipe off the map lessen discourage shake sadden devitalize weaken daunt enervate tone down humble perturb chagrin bother weary abase distress debilitate wipe off the face of the earth wipe from the face of the earth weigh down demoralise bum out cast down quieten down hold in check cast a pall over cancel efface black out sweep away clean up delete excise scrub cross out blank out invalidate abrogate strike out raze blue pencil void dissolve repeal revoke rescind scrap disannul negate blow out blue-pencil score out cut ink out wash out cancel out off knock off cut out discard vacate vitiate withdraw retract repudiate countermand avoid null strike down roll back set aside give something the chop dele scratch out trim scratch X-out put a line through gut total edit shoot down uproot ditch drop dispense with dout call off beat out out reverse knock something on the head bowdlerize purge slay knock out declare null and void obviate elide KO strike renege cast aside render null and void cover exsect dismantle remove all traces of stub out recall edit out bowdlerise X out white out launder render invalid break off kayo forget extinguish fire put out of your mind turn out detect cast out phase out drive out get shot of expurgate wipe off face of earth blow to bits blow sky-high level mark out obscure desolate destroy root and branch take apart rub off cover up shade make dark obfuscate darken pass out batten keel over eclipse amputate exscind scissor out cut up lop off cross through slash smooth away erode cover over wear away fade rub away disclaim override declare invalid cry off make void backpedal back out of discharge disown exclude x out take back deny overrule black call abandon renounce recant stroke out lift abjure call back counterorder omit forswear come down hard on veto countervail renig rebut counterbalance compensate forget it nig call all bets off offset send to the gas chambers give someone the works ethnically cleanse murder send to kingdom come put to death terminate with extreme prejudice scrag top mow down end the life of bump off execute take the life of stiff polish off whack assassinate put to the sword cut down blow someone's brains out do to death croak smoke redact wipe off blank blot scrape off drown turn off switch off junk shed jettison throw out chop dump deracinate supersede disestablish close down


To calm or palliate, especially a negative feeling, thought or emotion
assuage allay soothe mitigate ease mollify appease alleviate moderate palliate calm still pacify lull settle abate tranquillize tranquilize compose put at rest relieve temper lessen diminish reduce blunt dull placate deaden soften subdue quiet quieten take the edge off check cool lighten decrease tone down attenuate cushion weaken sweeten stifle suppress relax repress gentle damp quench conciliate smother modify curb help propitiate ameliorate soft-pedal slake extinguish take the sting out lower overcome dampen dispel extenuate smooth control dilute silence lenify satisfy qualify disarm comfort dulcify take the bite out sate quash lullaby resolve banish salve becalm contain restrain slacken mellow muffle mute stroke calm down damp down square balm ease off reconcile settle down quiet down lay back cool off put the lid on pour oil on smooth over fix up remit diffuse disempower steady make weaker commute humour excuse paralyse satiate address improve humor reduce the force of mask numb gratify indulge fulfil dissipate dismiss take sting out patch things up buffer stabilise defuse stabilize hush eliminate destroy benumb anaesthetize put to rest drive away drive off chase away square off fix paralyze anesthetize kill content reduce something make nice cool out get rid of quieten down subside put an end to fulfill play up to reassure fall cease tame crush keep in check solace rein adjust let up simmer down ease up regulate modulate hold in make up dispose console tune down rectify remedy chasten cut depress depreciate curtail dulcorate honey sugar mend heal rock to sleep chill out put down grease con pacificate minimize ebb make peace with minimise take it easy take the edge cure impose peace upon restore harmony to butter up bury the hatchet kiss and make up smooth someone's ruffled feathers clear the air with make peace de-escalate put a lid on iron out sort out wind down make less intense put damper on put a damper on patch up put to rights squelch stop subjugate rise above choke off cut off


To defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength
overpower subdue conquer defeat beat vanquish subjugate trounce best master rout lick quash suppress overthrow thrash clobber worst repress drub cream stuff dominate murder own whip tank subject control smash break reduce pacify bury total hegemonize overturn subordinate overshadow throw upset trash wax prevail finish waste torpedo bulldoze stagger immobilise immobilize blank dumbfound overawe shellack stretch triumph over prevail over get the better of wipe the floor with make mincemeat of be victorious over bring someone to their knees knock out put away blow out of the water gain mastery over beat down bear down take out gain a victory over take care of gain control over render incapable bowl over render helpless render powerless roll over shut off lay out get the upper hand over overcome crush overwhelm skunk hammer surmount demolish annihilate paste win against destroy dispatch overmatch upend shellac overbear flatten slaughter walk all over stop get massacre undo get around do down blow out take take to the cleaners pulverize trim pound run rings around crucify humble pulverise tame give someone a drubbing overrun turn inside out cane wallop trample curb whomp slam put down floor wipe out give someone a hiding pip at the post defeat utterly drop beat hollow marmalize zap outplay subvert skin deck put paid to tan lambaste rise above edge out KO shut down pick apart devastate oppress triumph bust smother rule win steamroll whack check ruin sink whitewash pommel grind down gain ascendancy over flog outdo outclass gain control of slay edge bridle excel route obliterate outrun swamp outjump outmaneuver shipwreck outmanoeuvre flax outflank butcher outhit decimate ambush entrap govern work over plow under run rings round nose out bring to knees checkmate take it all finish off run roughshod over mow down win a victory over win a resounding victory over get over bring to ruin take to cleaners roll back put an end to get a grip on blow away put someone in their place pwn defeat heavily defeat easily eradicate enslave demoralise render speechless astonish demoralize muller cut to pieces knock for six outstrip surpass tyrannize colonize restrain down weather survive compel enthrall coerce underyoke force bring to heel give someone a pasting shock stun walk over outlive hurdle render solve manage regulate win over nullify smoke colonise rule over enthral tyrannise be victorious knock over direct command outfight knock off put in the shade blast shoot down take down beat up unseat whup come out on top of knock one's socks off cope with get control of deal with whop whap come out on top hold sway bring under the yoke kick around dust bomb find an answer to find a solution to tromp reel back in hold sway over keep under thumb negate thwart foil dismantle break down circumvent frustrate outwit snow under confound discomfit override overmaster extinguish succeed over chasten wipe off map trample underfoot gain the upper hand over get the upper hand kill give a drubbing to top spank strike bash hide belt maul batter thump bludgeon thresh leather buffet pummel baste roll whale slog do curry take a stick to chastise rough up punish pummelled mess up bung up humiliate outsmart topple steamroller settle raze to the ground turn something inside out do in knock the stuffing out of dispose of level raze unbuild larrup make a fool of get one up on gain the advantage over mop up run circles around take apart capsize pull down tear down turn over exceed transcend eclipse outshine better shut out drive off cap beat back put to flight clean up on put to rout blow out of water throw back in confusion outperform overtop trump outmatch outgun slap about tower over outrival overtake hose outdistance knock spots off improve on be better than go one better than do better than shoot ahead of sweep carry the day take the prize prevail against be successful get last laugh come first take the cake win through gain mastery of take the honours be the victor win hands down win out take the crown gain a victory lather cook one's goose fix one's wagon wipe off the mat


To decrease in amount or degree
reduce lessen lower decrease diminish minimise minimize taper deplete ease curtail cut limit moderate lighten mitigate scale down cut back cut down abate alleviate curb dial down downscale temper ax axe drop pare roll back slash tone down wind down attenuate bring down clip couch decline decrement de-escalate dent relax restrain taper off wane cast down degrade depress devaluate downgrade drop off dry up dwindle ease off ebb erode extenuate make cutbacks in mark down minify peter out sink slacken slow down tail off take down trim trim back trim down amortise amortize dilute impair make less make smaller qualify step down take the edge off tighten weaken run down shrink downsize contract depreciate subside let up fade ratchet down phase down die down dull recede wear away wear down relent fall dampen allay slump assuage subdue pare down settle soften fall away die out die away slow fall off calm down run low remit pall relieve grow less quiet palliate soothe drain away decay degenerate waste check droop mollify slake deteriorate evaporate crumble shrivel wither prune slack off lose edge narrow down knock down plummet plunge cut back on become less drop away become smaller grow smaller whittle down decelerate drain rebate calm appease tail away modify blunt deaden mute muffle damp peter cushion dock ration shorten restrict take the bite out take the sting out narrow shave phase out blur round down damp down stifle make reductions in retrench on salami-slice slim down desist slacken off turn down slack come to an end coast stop terminate cool off cool halt become weaker cool it unlax end fade away chill out keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum rachet down go down descend dip crash nosedive disappear flag devalue tumble dive abridge regress fail melt away go downhill ease up collapse waste away vanish nose-dive retrench cheapen dissolve sag quieten slope trail become lower get lower close deflate get smaller take a nosedive write down lose hit the floor cave in settle down go through the floor dim slip get less languish abbreviate withdraw retrogress retire truncate retrocede come down melt break put down cease discount die off set become weak give way go into a tailspin rocket fall short scale back tip over take a header go away write off fizzle out level off release fizzle lull dissipate disengage incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards contain quieten down disperse gutter atrophy grow condense still defuse slim wrinkle tame grow faint disintegrate give out be reduced evanesce give in undervalue demote cut down on make fewer telescope amputate thin crop soft-pedal retreat take the heat off flow away trail off come to a stop fall down worsen lower in price devalorize lower in value be on the way out grow dim wear off fade out cause to fall ease up on die away or out die away or down become softer become quieter crumple slack up draw to a close shed dip below the horizon get quieter get softer go downwards relapse fall back pull out return back away drop back fall in sink back totter skid lapse move away go back drag backslide crater buckle flop retrograde back back off move further off draw away retract draw back flow back depart move back bow out drop down lose value fold up break down decrease in value decline in price hit the dirt be precipitated discard cast off reduce greatly rationalize melt off jettison take off deduct economize rationalise economise deluge overwhelm submerge engulf drown flood swamp gulf inundate overflow budget cut tune down roll down trim away wreck ram drive force down founder excavate dig shipwreck overturn flounder lay drill stoop stick capsize let down stab run go to the bottom scuttle touch bottom bore demit submerse thrust


To eliminate from view or from being physically present

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