Đồng nghĩa của simmer down


To restrain or to keep in check
control compose contain cool regulate restrain restrict check constrain curb repress subdue bridle limit quell calm master re-collect settle suppress adjust cap moderate monitor collect inhibit keep measure pull in tame corner inspect lull quiet rally recover smother soothe still tranquillize tranquilize damp down keep a lid on keep a tight rein on keep in check keep the lid on hold back hold in impose limits on keep in line put the brakes on rein in set limits on rein stifle stop hold keep under control cork keep back bottle up arrest curtail halt slow down govern confine delimit gain mastery over gain control over keep lid on hog-tie put half nelson on salve becalm lullaby quieten slacken allay lessen modulate balm temper appease placate mitigate comfort assuage solace resolve pacify make up reconcile dispose ease let up ease up soften console relax tune down strangle muffle conceal swallow choke suffocate gag submerge choke back hide sink pocket snuff extinguish cork up bite back shower squelch shroud oppress kill put out quench overpower bite one's lip fight back quash heap button up hush up hinder overcome rule hold down conquer reduce hamper retard diminish withhold silence impede lick block trammel beat prevent tone down fix stem relieve frustrate obstruct thwart circumscribe mollify defeat decrease crack down on vanquish get the better of get a grip on freeze keep within bounds peg stay slow cramp discipline bar squash nip in the bud subjugate clamp down on keep down rein back mellow alleviate fetter palliate stamp out staunch terminate muzzle shut in dam deaden clog abate prevail over triumph over hold in check constrict hem in crush put a stop to best hold up interfere with surmount take the edge off leash deny set dampen damp straiten bound cut back stanch resist bring under control get under control get over put down bind put an end to crack down put a brake on snuff out modify oppose tie up put the kibosh on get control of cut off slap down hold off cool off box up calm down pour cold water on throw cold water on handicap end cover up heal keep secret coop up enclose solve cure dispatch break deter dominate delay tether direct abolish clobber mend dull help imprison shorten demarcate smooth shackle blunt hamstring stymie counteract extenuate qualify gaol jail hobble entrammel cut short intern stall remedy tie down detain chain win against keep in lock up steady specify shrink sit on put away pin down gain control of discourage demark tie sedate jam ameliorate delimitate define barricade put a limit on bottle contract occlude deal with close stuff repulse brake stem the flow of cool down wipe out soft-pedal block up clog up blockade quieten down get rid of congest stop up jam up bung up bring to a standstill keep within limits clamp down come down on put the lid on bring to screeching halt hang up stave off put a ceiling on ward off plug up settle down play down shut down dampen down gulp back keep something in check cultivate recollect fight treat secure come down hard on hold something in keep control of fasten entrap left out bring to naught keep feeling inside oneself trap collar choke something back lower keep on a string clot torpedo restore encumber hush domesticize revise set a limit on withstand keep an eye on keep a rein on mothball immobilize immobilise baulk overmatch hegemonize manage gum up rise above bring into line put a lid on incarcerate overbear upend get command chasten cope with handcuff box in manacle make calm hitch up skunk worst put an stop to embarrass mince chill out find a solution to find an answer to lay down the law to someone pipe down ban lock in fence in close in immure balk concuss deprive shotgun disallow necessitate make better temperate remit restraint get around keep tight rein on punish abase foil rectify prescribe neutralize pause do down destroy stabilize smooth over stabilise quiet down defuse subside girdle catch interrupt ration reassure put a leash on put a lead on bottleneck mortify assure inclose narrow surround prelimit encircle rebuff neutralise circumvent checkmate place a limit on demolish get bogged down decelerate set back make late short-circuit bog down slow up annihilate draw up bit harness gentle plug meet halfway cool out pull up slacken pace fetch up send up cut down on clip someone's wings put on ice iron out sort out humble extirpate draw the line on mark off finish mute debar queer cow seal caulk stand in the way of dock lighten attenuate weaken reclaim bust overwhelm impound guide hogtie rout patch up avert close up fill close out block out fill up shake indispose divert put to rights put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time pull back close off intercept choke up pack shut off dilute water down cut get tough on get tough block off shut out bung stonewall address improve slake sweeten truncate retrench have on a tight leash repel push back reply counter beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off defend put up a fight riposte tighten up on stopper choke off turn off put off fend off put a damper on take severe measures against take stern measures against come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on trim pare down syncopate chop elide abbreviate cut down lop abridge minify tighten up slim down crop downsize clip slash take the bite out take the sting out pour oil on steady oneself pull oneself together break off take a hold of oneself snap out of it get a grip get a grip on oneself regain one's composure get one's act together get to meat boil down put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on shush internalize internalise keep under wraps keep inside black out

Trái nghĩa của simmer down

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