Đồng nghĩa của put in nutshell


To shorten in duration or extent
abridge cut clip condense contract lessen trim abbreviate abstract compress curtail decrease diminish prune reduce shorten summarise summarize truncate concentrate cut down digest crop downsize synopsize cut short epitomise epitomize shrink dock edit elide outline pare down precis sketch syncopate chop cut back limit narrow restrict slash snip sum up blue pencil give an abstract of give a summary of give a digest of give an outline of give a precis of give a synopsis of put in a nutshell retrench curb lop minify restrain cramp inhibit control halt slim down tighten up break off rein in rein back hold back boil down roll back put a restriction on get to meat put the brakes on put a limit on lower abate pare minimize ease moderate minimise drop dwindle de-escalate downscale lighten weaken quell taper attenuate scale down depreciate depress temper deplete ebb decrement mitigate wind down dent mark down alleviate tone down knock down make cutbacks in check shave tail off cut off encapsulate wane soften bring down decline shear remove telescope devaluate précis blunt sink step down erode subside cut back on dilute impair peter out whittle down axe constrict detach drop off ax modify make less dial down take the edge off lop off ease off deaden salami-slice degrade dampen allay dull slacken relax assuage wear away wear down tighten bob shrivel top pollard eliminate fall off let up capsulize capsule mow taper off chop off hack off take off whittle away phase down make reductions in fade slump settle waste dry up slow down sever cheapen wither palliate evaporate discount summate make smaller run low narrow down die down damp sum economize downgrade economise nip poll inventory couch cushion stifle mollify devalue mute make shorter undervalue detruncate subdue hew excise trim down take down trim back round down amputate recede skive run down deflate deduct take the bite out take the sting out turn down write down constringe damp down scrimp write off ratchet down cut shorter become smaller fall away scale back grow less phase out grow smaller decay drain quiet droop degenerate rebate ration mark off muffle tame hack undermine sap soothe calm down deteriorate crumble lose edge slack off tail away consolidate conflate abort slice disempower adjust remit get shorter excerpt take up fall saw relent stop short recap expurgate bowdlerize commute plummet plunge make fewer cut down on recapitulate turn up take out cut out break retrench on reprise brief get rid of do away with bowdlerise decapitate skim put down reduce greatly neaten shape demote get to the meat make weaker cut to the bone peter die away die out slacken off become less keep down keep to a minimum keep at a minimum even up tidy up ream minimalize reduce punishment make a long story short shift swing play stress accent lower in price cut in price confine omit delete cream cause to fall ease up on lower the price of undersell make cheaper put on sale make a outline of make a résumé of wrap up rationalize subtract render worthless offer at a giveaway price reduce the price of shave off file off scrape off rationalise disgrade demerit drive down separate roll down budget cut trim away tune down compact collapse squeeze smother suppress cleave relieve still get smaller take in lose ground tranquilize barber calm cool abscise remove surgically disconnect dissever part dismember placate fleece tranquillize tonsure disengage hew off saw off shear off slice off make less intense put a damper on put the lid on put damper on soft-pedal cut away cut into a bob cast down extenuate amortise qualify amortize

Trái nghĩa của put in nutshell

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