Đồng nghĩa của dampen

Alternative for dampen

dampens, dampened, dampening

Đồng nghĩa: deaden, depress, discourage, dull, moisten, muffle, mute, smother, sprinkle, suppress, wet,


Make slightly wet
moisten bedew damp wet humidify water dew irrigate besprinkle humect humify sparge spray dabble rinse sprinkle make damp soak drench saturate splash moisturize moisturise douse waterlog bathe sop wash steep make wet shower dip souse hose sodden flood dowse hydrate drown bedraggle fertigate imbue spatter water-soak water down hose down wet down bewater remoisturize inundate baptise drool baptize quench impregnate paddle immerse splatter sog lick squirt moistify mist steam rehydrate guddle trail deluge ret drouk rain on dip in submerge slosh dunk plunge duck slop submerse lave sluice swamp bespatter macerate dash sink plash lower flush cover seethe cleanse wet through swash strew overwhelm pitch get wet scatter suffuse imbrue slabber lap infuse daub spritz clean engulf wash out mark launder speckle smear stain immerge marinate bath splodge blotch gulf swill swab swill down pour sluice down shampoo overflow whelm rinse out permeate wet thoroughly imbathe pickle snuff squench atomize diffuse teem seep merge asperse brine marinade preserve plunge into water stream gush bring water to make fertile throw wade wallow transfuse penetrate douche percolate lather debouch disinfect do the laundry do the dishes dry-clean lip splat soil dirty speck mottle sponge wipe scrub soap fleck starch get water on bedabble bestrew splotch tub scour shine wash off purify throw liquid out wash lightly spangle discharge disperse stipple splutter spot broadcast dot polka-dot smudge dribble sputter emit bubble float flush away flush out wash up clean up freshen up brush up fresh up sponge down wash down


Make less strong or intense
dull reduce deaden moderate check damp diminish lessen blunt chill cool decrease stifle calm discourage lower muffle restrain smother curb damp down deter extinguish mute quench suppress temper benumb blanket cauterise cauterize dash inhibit limit numb overcome quieten silence stamp out still tone down allay cloud put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on soften mitigate subdue depress weaken abate alleviate assuage ease quell mollify soothe relieve cushion dishearten dispirit dismay daunt take the edge off deject demoralize dilute quiet palliate demoralise attenuate hush sadden cast down squelch repress unnerve shake lighten sap impair paralyse crush tranquilize pipe down settle muzzle paralyze mask de-escalate frustrate tranquillize oppress stun appease stupefy shush upset decrease the volume gag relax deplete anaesthetize dwindle downsize soft-pedal undermine debilitate enervate obtund unman weigh down anesthetize cow drown desensitize shut up knock sideways distress keep it down minimize curtail devitalize knock for six knock the stuffing out of freeze daze ail perturb lull bother ebb slake turn down bum out abase desensitise drop downscale desolate kill dumb mellow minimise slow throw absorb quash buffer dim wind down take the sting out ease off get down put an end to give someone the blues chill out trouble subjugate depreciate cut degrade darken contain bridle hebetate erode deflate taper humble weary wane retard burden shrink subside incapacitate dent torpefy drug placate beat down bolster enfeeble control afflict disappoint compose buttress cripple aggrieve take the bite out render insensitive make dejected disincline make downhearted knock down calm down peter out try gentle put damper on put the lid on lenify hold back keep in check tail off bug bring low faze disparage disturb dampen down knock out cut off choke off bring down tongue-tie drown out get rid of dummy up clam up make someone fed up strike dumb hush one's mouth weigh heavily on quiet down hold one's tongue hush-hush put a lid on detract from defuse shock modulate play down cumber immobilize pillow settle down rein contract decrement take the edge off sth shade sober deepen sedate petrify cast a shadow stultify narcotize cut back wear away roll back cut down wear down gruntle bottle up immobilise dullen squash keep back make dispirited make crestfallen humiliate indispose thin narrow wreck mar ruin sate modify help satisfy deprive of sensation soak up clam overawe pacify water down throw a pall over put down dry up cut short close up say nothing cool it sit on make smaller make less fill surfeit sweeten spoil disable tame discount prune make inaudible fade dial down truncate abridge slash make nice decline recede harsh stop dispel banish put a stop to pour oil on grieve slacken relent fall rise above pare down insulate pad seclude guard sink mess up knock the wind out of harsh one's mellow overwhelm break drain haunt mortify torment harrow exhaust etherize chloroform KO injure gas deprive destroy consume tire dope remit pall disconcert rattle drop away let up die down die out phase down die away rachet down taper off fall away drop off grow less ratchet down drain away disempower reduce the effect of drag beat bring tears to someone's eyes run down make gloomy bear down harsh someone's mellow turn off make someone's heart bleed make sad dampen spirits reduce to tears bring tears to your eyes cause suffering to make despondent keep under make desolate make unhappy make your heart bleed dash hopes hang over break someone's spirit cast a gloom upon break someone's heart lay out send up disarrange disorganize snarl blow out psych out discountenance unglue take steam out get to jumble blow up abash muddle unzip disorder nonplus take apart embarrass unsettle defeat chagrin overpower put out of order put to sleep bear down on cast a pall over throttle make less intense make quiet trim slim down mark down scale down restrict qualify extenuate make cutbacks in downgrade retrench devaluate pare axe shorten ax whittle down devalue cheapen ameliorate cut back on salami-slice clip shave comfort step down write off smooth hinder regulate stay adjust loosen rationalize write down salve let up on minify remove constrict slack rationalise slow down loose deduct take down arrest take off waste cure halt make reductions in ease up on dam stem subtract empty block release couch staunch adulterate economize on stanch vitiate dissipate delay crumble eliminate heal debase detain untighten handicap trim back trim down devour undervalue decelerate commute revise tighten impede devalorize dock make weaker obstruct disintegrate take disburden facilitate free rebate knock off improve cut down on stall nurse deteriorate succor vary cool out hold up set back resolve change shift hamper prevent decay postpone take away transmogrify switch revamp keep down round down doctor interrupt aid assist succour console solace scale back mire retardate whittle away phase out break up loiter choke waste away tune down interfere with eat away take a load off balm bog down rein in ration scale something down diffuse spare address satiate whittle euphemize etiolate slenderize blur dip excuse restraint make fewer rarefy offset gratify becalm lullaby reduce the force of dulcify subvert foreshorten demote downplay abbreviate extend lace sophisticate nose dive prostrate reduce punishment withstand oppose resist treat muddy up admix retrench on fix up reduce greatly dismiss slim invalidate take pressure off mince make less strict make less formal take the heat off stabilize keep to a minimum keep at a minimum refresh relaxed take sting out patch things up delete confine omit worsen lay off drive away chase away put to rest square drive off chop crop compress attend protect against cause to fall condense lower in price simmer down hold in reconcile dispose ease up make up demilitarise save neutralise rescue recover stabilise neutralize demilitarize thin out fine tune make reasonable lessen the impact of soften the impact of reduce the impact of reduce something lop off lop bring to a standstill rob from make lighter lower in value remedy nourish balance attune sugarcoat defend against shield against brighten monkey around with withdraw play up to concentrate shear economize soften up counteract economise safeguard against constrain corrode amortise harmonize punctuate take the bite out of take the sting out of rehabilitate make better prettify amortize liss take from disencumber levitate upraise uplight jettison eradicate unload unburden master set tone tune govern expend smooth out clear the air take the heat make light of bring respite to debit abstract clog brake strike off eat gnaw spend bring an end to bring aid to make bearable make something bearable bring aid take load off inflect encumber abrade evacuate use up withhold minus allow bate lick defer reduce weight put off throw out pour out budget cut roll down trim away milk slow up hamstring amend fine-tune alter adapt harmonise tweak reduce by take out decrease by dissolve weather quieten down keep a lid on clamp down on crack down on keep the lid on hold in check get under control nip in the bud slap down snuff out cheer forward disengage simplify meliorate promote speed expedite lift further put back draw back nibble rot fret trammel burn bleed scrape away hang up close off down hesitate loaf back off falter crimp throw a monkey wrench in the works of baulk bog balk baffle bring to screeching halt shut off shut down dawdle put a brake on throw a spanner in the works of flag poke fetter stunt suck dry impoverish bankrupt run interference for clear the way speed up make easier attend to open the door scour grind down eat away at bite bite at finish draw down draw squander play out lag chip away at eat into gnaw away at procrastinate embog reef wash up eat up dig into back-water hit the brakes lose speed put the brakes on lose steam let down flaps get in the way of keep waiting anchor it


To deprive of emotional or intellectual life, energy or vitality


To limit or restrict
restrain control check contain curb bridle restrict suppress hold limit subdue regulate repress constrain govern muzzle confine cork hamper handicap inhibit moderate prevent rein bit curtail harness hinder hold back keep keep in check leash measure rule smother stifle tame bottle up choke back debar hold in check rein in straiten circumscribe cool delimit detain deter direct gag guide hogtie impound imprison gaol jail keep within bounds kill pull in rein back retard stay stem keep in put a brake on box up crack down hem in hold down keep down keep under control lock up pin down pull back put away sit on tie down bring under control keep in line keep the lid on have on a tight leash stop impede keep back hold in block reduce trammel obstruct fight back arrest halt swallow muffle temper diminish lessen withhold thwart strangle frustrate fetter baulk decrease keep a tight rein on silence balk hold up bite back tone down master cramp interfere with quell soften calm quash delay mitigate sink modulate shut in slow foil still overcome cork up stall enclose bar cap keep a lid on submerge squash slow down button up forestall nip in the bud squelch damp down prohibit deaden quench interrupt discipline pocket conceal bind stymie put an end to shackle stamp out encumber hamstring quiet avert choke hog-tie crack down on counteract tie up put a stop to damp stave off compose overpower ward off hobble clog bound soothe terminate counter lower conquer fix allay cut back adjust simmer down put the brakes on clamp down on lick defeat head off extinguish mellow settle play down hide resist preclude freeze constrict entrammel discourage oppose monitor gulp back interdict shut up lock in close in pacify cage ease obviate manage ward dull forfend slacken get the better of keep lid on rule out modify fend off tranquilize put a lid on mute shut down collect deny set coop up demarcate ruin shorten peg staunch circumvent quieten shush tranquillize dam soft-pedal tie end postpone define chill mollify qualify intercept abate set back avoid catch demark delimitate spoil impose limits on set limits on relax forbid get a grip on shut out gain mastery over weaken put an stop to put a damper on stem the flow of mark off cut down throw cold water on hold off pull up pour cold water on put off bring to a standstill contract hang up bring to an end let up corner cloud crush humble ban disallow immure beat incarcerate lull cow dock corral balance deflate chill out adapt suffocate cover up reconcile subjugate blunt vanquish decelerate intern tether keep an eye on keep secret handcuff let stanch recover truncate enjoin withstand abbreviate abridge manacle estop chain chasten help quelch abase embarrass throttle brake defer best elide syncopate cripple fence in immobilize surmount bork hush cool off cut short mortify dispatch pause immobilise box in cumber dominate relieve interfere derail discontinue girdle retrench specify inclose retardate mire neutralize put a limit on triumph over narrow assuage bring to a halt put back short-circuit turn aside surround revise shrink wall in put half nelson on put down loiter anticipate save alter draw up stonewall cool down break off encircle neutralise repulse dispose fetch up get under control crimp slash prelimit prevail over take down remit baffle keep within limits bite one's lip stand in the way of cut off bog down gain control of win against bring to screeching halt defend against placate come down on resolve take the edge off knock off put on ice throw a spanner in the works of put a ceiling on put the kibosh on proscribe keep something in check come down hard on dim dilute destroy gulp seal up seal in censor straitjacket fight choke something back cushion drown hold something in garrote garrotte keep control of gain control over re-collect secure shade sober darken deepen keep a rein on entrap left out keep feeling inside oneself trap bring to naught collar constipate stultify keep on a string fasten disrupt idle rally inspect overturn benumb blanket numb cauterize dash act against cross bottle something up forbid to snuff sabotage ration tongue-tie ice keep at bay stave keep off becalm salve lullaby prevent from making progress restraint heap shower oppress shroud cramp someone's style not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of sidetrack scrub drop brace bring up can cut down on clip someone's wings send up cauterise evade put out bring into line exclude prescribe bottleneck hush up nullify circumnavigate mark down economize economise set a limit on calm down lay down the law to someone pipe down settle down dampen down bring to a screeching halt tie one's hands overmatch hegemonize palliate rebuff checkmate keep from sidestep skirt mince break punish dummy up dry up overbear upend get command slow up hitch up temperate scupper disqualify deprive necessitate concuss shotgun wreck depress mar keep tight rein on place a limit on slacken pace bring an end to gird get over skunk worst steer clear of put the lid on administer delineate get around remove eliminate put paid to bring to a stop methodize overlook pen solace make up appease comfort console tune down balm ease up draw the line on alleviate quit cease do down hesitate dawdle down loaf falter bog flag poke play for time put a spoke in someone's wheel stunt systematize organize put the stopper on do for encompass environ concentrate clobber mew allocate put a leash on put a lead on make it impossible for make impossible make it impracticable for police administrate legislate meet halfway cool out foreclose interpose intervene attune lighten outline dissuade harsh gentle close off back off throw a monkey wrench in the works of shut off choke off lag make impracticable coordinate standardize snuff out harmonize reclaim bust humiliate faze sandbag taboo outlaw procrastinate reef embog encase house encage envelop closet include hedge supervise stabilize smooth decide determine get round make unnecessary mess up superintend mark out nail down tone vary tune tighten slap down pre-empt pound push back defend repel reply beat off defend yourself retaliate fight off put up a fight riposte oversee steward quieten down sway water down pad clear the air stabilise demilitarize demilitarise smooth out rescue defuse take the heat put on brakes disadvise scare divert back-water lose speed keep waiting lose steam wind down anchor it condition dictate influence form preside over isolate inflect do away with get rid of take away hem mew up shape affect mould hit the brakes let down flaps get in the way of keep tabs on bottle internalize fence internalise dishonor shame debase disgrace flatten foul cheapen discredit smirch demean degrade cut touch underlie systematise pace standardise organise focus center centre localise pinpoint localize turn off suspend amend fine-tune shift revamp tweak transmogrify change switch harmonise predispose mold incline work on shepherd directionalize act on afflict cinch talk out of impact on exert influence on prorogue recess act like a wet blanket dishonour bring down bring low have an effect on be a factor in clamp down take severe measures against take stern measures against tighten up on get tough get tough on come down on like a ton of bricks come down heavily on have an impact on put out of action pare down lop trim chop shelve palisade pigeonhole dissolve cut down to size put in your place put someone in their place take down a peg or two minify tighten up crop clip slim down downsize hold over keep under wraps keep inside black out jam up stop from spreading mothball prorogate table picket continue respite put over break up suspend proceedings hold in abeyance lay on the table finish take a rain check on put on the back burner come to an end call a halt to take five adjourn call a halt take a breather call it a day take a rain check take a break put in cold storage take a recess boil down get to meat put in nutshell roll back put a restriction on rail in pen in hedge in


To frustrate or foil, especially the hopes or expectations of someone
dash thwart foil frustrate check baulk baffle scotch circumvent balk scupper disappoint confound overturn bilk undo dish queer blight chill cloud put the kibosh on wreak havoc with burst bubble obstruct defeat hinder block prevent stymie impede stop derail forestall hamper snooker beat discomfit ruin checkmate put a stop to counter cramp do for put paid to curb bar upset the applecart nobble crimp outwit halt smash foul up put the mockers on spoil restrain nullify upset stand in the way of put the stopper on oppose nip in the bud put a spoke in someone's wheel cripple quash neutralize crab root cross neutralise screw up hold up louse up mess up give the slip trammel fetter stifle hamstring inhibit hobble negate stump cancel arrest annul traverse snafu obviate counteract rattle put an end to disconcert hang up take down put the lid on cramp one's style cook someone's goose play off take wind out of queer someone's pitch spike someone's guns throw monkey wrench in finish something finish off offset buck stall make an end of bring to a close deflect divert head off throw a curve clobber contravene debar scuttle invalidate attack spike hit suppress repel squash deter repress elude repulse parry counterplot blank bury faze skip promote dodge shake ditch duck juke buffalo bollix interfere with cause setback get the better of put end to beat down take wind out of sails put the damper on put a damper on throw cold water on pour cold water on shake off shuffle off give the run-around run rings around run circles around halt in its tracks throw a spanner in the works throw a monkey wrench in the works crush confront crool banjax overcome prohibit lick forbid preclude conquer put a brake on dash one's hope give the run around render null and void confuse skin hold back handicap cumber encumber clog delay shackle retard manacle embarrass hog-tie short-circuit handcuff tie up get in the way throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of restrict slow down set back entangle avoid constrain interrupt interfere bork be a hindrance to get in the way of bind sidestep escape shun evade brake eschew disrupt corner skirt slow curtail inconvenience dam stonewall choke steer clear of close off give a hard time shut off shut down drag one's feet choke off shut out chain hold off cut off countermove worst throw inc triumph gain vanquish bridle freeze puzzle saddle with weigh down leash tie tie one's hands debilitate mystify nonplus flummox avert put on hold dead-end pigeonhole throw a monkey wrench into put on back burner shelve hang fire bottleneck muzzle burden resist box in throw a spoke in the wheel of rule out keep lid on defend against turn aside stave ward fend off stave off ward off keep off intercept forfend interdict cool keep at bay cork limit anticipate decelerate detain bypass postpone defer miss slow up put back keep back slacken stay affect disturb remit suspend tamper influence lessen bring to screeching halt down decrease hesitate let up loaf back off falter bog down mire reduce dawdle flag cheat loiter poke bog retardate intermit jam incommode conflict trouble discommode lose shirk finesse scape shuck body-swerve slip through the net of stay away from lead on a merry chase fly sneak away weasel out of get around escape the clutches of get away from end-run slip out give a wide berth shy keep your distance leave behind escape from run away from shuffle out of give the runaround break away from flee


Prevent the occurrence of
deter prevent stop avert check block hinder curb halt impede intercept obstruct restrain arrest balk baulk foil forestall hamper keep obviate preclude shut out stave off stay counteract damp fend off frustrate head off inhibit thwart turn aside ward off debar help let pre-empt prohibit put a stop to save chill cool disadvise divert forfend hold back nip in the bud scare rule out turn off talk out of put a damper on throw cold water on act like a wet blanket pour cold water on bar retard restrict stymie slow down hold up fetter interfere with circumvent hamstring delay constrain avoid handicap repress encumber trammel shackle deflect interrupt suppress limit cramp slow interdict cripple forbid hobble stall clog withhold handcuff cut off hog-tie put a brake on tie up throw a spanner in the works of stand in the way of bridle anticipate stonewall contravene detain derail crimp interfere preempt muzzle smother stifle oppose manacle cumber hold curtail baffle embarrass ward rein in short-circuit keep back hang up shut off get in the way of set back hold down throw a monkey wrench in the works of control contain disrupt eliminate exclude counter subdue put an end to scotch brake moderate regulate neutralize discourage scupper discomfit freeze parry govern rattle tame bork second-guess faze measure rule neutralise keep under control gag confine bit choke keep in check pick off make late slow up get ahead of get in before choke back put paid to hold in put off box in beat someone to the punch bring to screeching halt foul up close off screw up beat someone to it shut down provide against keep within bounds keep the lid on beat someone to the draw steal a march on get in the way stem the flow of louse up keep in defend against hold off forefend free spare reprieve commandeer keep waiting remove absolve postpone bottleneck retardate burden be early be one step ahead of act in advance of prepare for head off at pass keep from cause to wait cause to stay exempt dispense crab resist defer pause protract intervene interpose foreclose remit shelve prorogue discharge intermit prolong be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works dissuade quash disqualify shunt look away shove aside turn turn from veer put back back off bog down hold off on choke off take down hold over obscure estop get round make unnecessary sandbag taboo reduce outlaw enjoin make impossible make it impossible for make impracticable quit make it impracticable for discontinue cease put on brakes put an stop to get rid of do away with take away preoccupy forecast monopolize project expect foresee envision predict put the brakes on take out of play rein cork monopolise ruin leash harness dissuade from bottle up hold in check straiten scuttle overturn snooker invalidate gaol keep down sit on pull in box up jail put away pin down pull back keep in line tie down stem rein back hem in guide impound circumscribe direct imprison bring under control have on a tight leash kill crack down hogtie lock up delimit confound repel nullify upset squash repulse undo spoil nobble dash checkmate outwit blank defeat do for counterplot disappoint cross bury muffle strangle dam bind entangle chain disconcert discipline peg put the stopper on put a spoke in someone's wheel cause setback get the better of upset the applecart put end to mess up put the mockers on put the kibosh on beat down take wind out of sails entrammel discard discount dismiss cramp one's style give a hard time saddle with except put a limit on keep lid on cool down put the brakes on keep a tight rein on fight back button up keep a lid on bite back cut back cool off keep tight rein on cancel proscribe abolish revoke recant suspend reject close out ban freeze out leave out count out bate close one's doors to not consider forget about disallow veto beat embargo catch nix smash negate refuse blackball tie deny throw out make illegal rebuff still boycott bilk annul sabotage give the thumbs down to cut short stump repudiate criminalize end quell turn down pull up upset the apple cart criminalise place an embargo on attack destroy pass on ostracize confront crush wreck challenge overrule impair root ostracise inconvenience negative draw up spurn fetch up give the slip close down upset one's apple cart evade take wind out of weigh down cut out shoot down set aside say no to put down sidestep skirt steer clear of abort give the red light to seize grab confuse take blacklist terminate extinguish squelch snafu incapacitate capture shatter disable tackle traverse bring up procrastinate bollix black incommode swallow discommode banish down take on play off cook someone's goose throw queer decline disown rule against spike someone's guns queer someone's pitch bring to a standstill disclaim disavow censor disapprove disadvantage desist pass discountenance get out of put the lid on declare ineligible pass by circumnavigate pigeonhole escape bypass dodge declare illegal give the run around disacknowledge zing spike declare null and void bring to an end pass up shake juke ditch skip keep from happening sideline knock back hang fire shake off drag one's feet put on hold throw monkey wrench in play for time keep at bay stand in the way cramp someone's style put on back burner jam up forgo switch off strangle at birth straitjacket offset buck finish something finish off clobber stamp out crack down on vote down dish prevent from making progress overthrow make an end of bring to a close debilitate forbid to puzzle outvote net enmesh ensnare chock deprive mystify snag constrict inc throw a curve overload nip something in the bud nonplus declare taboo tie one's hands stave keep off entrap crash unsettle flummox sidetrack fix scrub drop brace can be the end of say no affect disturb tether suffocate vitiate staunch put a stopper in put half nelson on put chill on put a lock on gridlock influence tamper dead-end corner stopper charge oppress bother make difficult elude put the chill on tie someone's hands jam trouble conflict impose limits on set limits on reprobate put at a disadvantage stand fence knock off decelerate slacken unfit disentitle crool banjax duck buffalo promote put out of commission place at a disadvantage give disadvantage take out deselect reverse countermand slacken pace conquer overcome lick throw a monkey wrench into not grant throw over give something a miss balk at give thumbs down to abjure illegalize curse shuffle off halt in its tracks give the run-around run circles around run rings around throw a monkey wrench in the works dash one's hope stand still come to a standstill damage stand off peter out not move ice out close up officially forbid stultify eighty-six disenable disfranchise paralyze paralyse weaken adjourn undermine refrain from eradicate subvert break demolish override exile lose speed let up slam on the brakes ease up keep out omit give the thumbs down throttle contradict dispatch render null and void screen table complicate not make the cut ravage gainsay mothball continue put over oust bounce disbar ignore expel devastate conceal carry over respite threaten mar obliterate eject evict refute sink lay on the table take a rain check on put on the back burner put on ice waive reschedule extend lengthen put in cold storage lay over give rain check hold in abeyance waste time hide submerge pass over not count drive out force out disregard put an embargo on lock out put out deny access to send to Coventry refuse to admit miss out refuse admittance disclude occlude prevent from entering shut the door on leave out in the cold silence shut out of monkey with harm decimate render useless cancel out pocket withhold from stay away from make up for deny yourself break the habit of withstand skip out on kick get around steer clear shrink from abstain renounce eschew shirk shun desist from stay away forbear give up abstain from restrain from counterbalance do without shy from leave off forbear from rebut disprove overpower buy time filibuster annihilate backpedal explode retract disaffirm debunk contest discredit shush expropriate snatch break down break up bottle internalize internalise controvert disconfirm dissent from declare untrue intrude on muck up cork up keep under wraps keep inside black out employ delaying tactics ambush disagree with take back confute appropriate interlope shortstop accost hijack waylay buttonhole begrudge enjoin from doubt sacrifice kick the can down the road disbelieve shoot full of holes not buy withsay take exception to call on shoot down in flames disagree turn thumbs down censure burn cut dissent wrestle pounce on refuse permission to thumbs down throw away clutch floor grapple nail grasp fell sack collar swoop down on cut in give thumbs down not go for make off with contend with bring down knock down grapple with take hold of throw down put the freeze on have a go at face up to rugby-tackle bring to the ground skin

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