Đồng nghĩa của take a break


To relax or laze around
take it easy loosen up de-stress repose rest slack off unbend be at leisure do nothing flop idle laze loll lounge luxuriate sit back slump take time off take time out amuse oneself enjoy oneself entertain oneself play unbutton veg out kick back stay loose chill chill out hang loose laze around loaf lounge around relax take five unwind let it all hang out take a breather put your feet up take your ease let your hair down wind down ease off slow down ease up mellow out take ten let up recline cool off have a break make yourself at home decompress compose oneself feel at home calm down let yourself go lie down sit around breathe easy switch off settle back stop work collect oneself catch one's breath stand down outspan quieten down quieten quiet down take one's time knock off be calm take one's leisure unlax simmer down make less tense bask lollop lighten up breathe recuperate pause stop for a breath sit down suspend proceedings break refresh have a rest stop briefly have time out recess have a breather lazy bum goof off hang about chillax dawdle footle dillydally hang out drone hack around hang around dally kick around slow take some time off take a load off lie back slack loiter waste time lie vegetate skive fritter away kill time be inactive sprawl slouch slacken hang round goldbrick lounge about pass time fool around lie about be indolent bum around lie around sleep potter nap shirk saunter drowse slumber daydream doss be slothful be unoccupied let down stretch oneself take a chill pill loaf about loll around trifle mooch about mellow loaf around mark time stretch out drape oneself lean back fritter away time knock around mooch around stall stand around not lift a finger while away hours bob off bludge loll about cool it sit back and do nothing malinger twiddle thumbs cool down sit lean drift shirk one's duties mooch piddle stroll take things easy evade while away the time dream be idle become less formal become informal stone stop worrying turn off languish lay on one's oars molder slummock go to seed while away bat around kick your heels fanny about bat back and forth slouch about bat about lollygag degenerate fritter slouch around while moulder laze about rest on your oars stagnate doze snooze be comfortable lie still have a snooze have a nap catch some Zs have a siesta go to bed recharge one's batteries zizz lie by be at ease snatch forty winks have forty winks kip get some kip take a siesta take a nap take life easy get some shut-eye nod off refresh oneself have a kip have a spell take a rest catnap neglect flag couch dodge be lazy bunk off settle down stretch rest upon lay down settle lie upon put your head down stop catch a few 'z' s catch forty winks veg piddle around while away the hours fool away piddle about hang fritter time away

Trái nghĩa của take a break

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