Đồng nghĩa của shelve

Alternative for shelve

shelves, shelved, shelving

Đồng nghĩa: defer, hold over, postpone, prorogue, put off, put over, remit, set back, table,


To postpone or assign to a later time or date
postpone defer delay suspend adjourn remit table reschedule prorogue mothball stay pigeonhole respite continue hold prolong dismiss sideline freeze put off hold over put back hold up put over hold off put on ice hold in abeyance lay over put aside hold off on put on hold carry over lay on the table stand over lay aside put in cold storage set aside slow up keep in abeyance take a rain check on put on back burner put on the back burner do later hang up tie up put to one side put off the evil day put off the evil hour stall interrupt discontinue break off terminate procrastinate retard bring to an end intermit dissolve stop halt protract cut short hang fire cease detain give rain check end call a halt to extend hold back arrest withhold put a stop to disband recess check prorogate put on the shelf file pause waive slow finish hinder impede break up put in abeyance give a rain check call a halt park reserve put something on hold hold something in abeyance reprieve forestay hold something over put something off retain suppress cool it temporise temporize dally hang cool put on one side contain save take offline leave to another time abort cut break keep block lengthen obstruct neglect leave renounce avoid put on the bank burner cancel sever take a raincheck set back slow down leave off curtail cut off slow pedal suspend proceedings curb knock off take a break restrain let up come to an end take a recess take five take a breather bring to a halt bring to a close bring to a standstill stop dead stop short take a rain check take a breather from bar quit pink-slip omit inactivate can call it a day put on a back burner rule out stave off push back lay off count out shut up put out of commission pack away decommission put into storage put an end to desist wind up conclude drop rest close lapse elapse expire pass determine die take ten dead-end wink out rise hesitate wait waver shake take a breath tarry complete call time linger take time out go finish off ease off ease up close out wrap up round out round off shut down pull the plug on have a breather wind down be suspended be put on hold refrain drop it axe do less nip in the bud bring to a stop have a break come to a standstill take time off rearrange belay immobilize stem turn back scratch ax eliminate run out wrap extinguish ultimate scrub abolish bring to a conclusion annul bring to an untimely end deactivate immobilise put the kibosh on relax slacken release abate relent keep from consummate culminate cap change the date clear falter deliberate be over cut loose sew up fold up button up call off button down be put to bed put a lid on draw to a close relax one's efforts reflect mark time pull up hang back disrupt stop briefly dawdle desist from shut off cut out pack in give over pack up dither vacillate haver think twice swither goldbrick lag poke stop what you're doing come to standstill catch one's breath break it up drag loiter dilly-dally kick the can down the road put off doing something use delaying tactics postpone action drag your feet defer action drag one's feet be undecided play for time play a waiting game suspend action let slide shilly-shally drag one's heels be dilatory be indecisive hum and haw


To stop or cause to stop making progress
stall check halt stop impede hinder arrest obstruct curb hamper block inhibit restrain thwart restrict stay retard frustrate still interrupt catch trammel stymie fetter limit forestall encumber slow shackle balk baulk hamstring derail brake pause stonewall bridle suspend freeze bork sabotage fence stand hold back hold up interfere with slow down draw up put off bring up pull up put a brake on fetch up shut down stand in the way of stand still come to a standstill not move peter out stand off foil cramp hobble cripple clog handcuff prevent crimp hog-tie choke off throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of snooker defeat handicap puzzle confound stump mystify spoil nonplus manacle embarrass scotch short-circuit scupper flummox corner dead-end baffle pigeonhole upset tie up crab postpone put paid to detain retardate withhold defer protract repress hang up hold off cut off put the kibosh on hang fire remit prorogue deter cumber put on hold cramp one's style intermit bar choke delay prolong throw a monkey wrench into confine hold give the run around throw a spanner in the works put on back burner slow up set back bog down take down stave off shut off keep back hold off on bring to screeching halt close off make late hold over put back get in the way of back off constrain dash circumvent ruin beat put a stop to counter prohibit oppose disrupt foul up do for nullify quash outwit nix put an end to louse up disappoint curtail screw up smash stifle discomfit mess up shut out wreck nip in the bud interdict counteract dish queer confuse faze suppress checkmate crush nobble put the lid on get in the way neutralize shatter undo forbid put the stopper on debar banjax neutralise put the mockers on evade upset the applecart sidestep skirt mar perplex tie destroy bilk quell devastate bewilder blight throw entangle fox bind bamboozle wilder gravel discombobulate maze euchre floor rattle buffalo cruel disconcert bypass obfuscate put a spoke in someone's wheel blow a hole in be all Greek to dodge cross circumnavigate avoid end root outlaw preclude disallow bemuse veto demolish burden intercept interfere take wind out of contravene avert head off disadvantage elude enjoin befuddle vex obviate do in crool cancel make a mess of annul give the slip addle disorient muddle fuddle spike taboo play havoc with befog make a hash of bring up short stagger pose muddy bring to an end give a hard time blow one's mind bring to naught get go to one's head circumscribe constrict ban escape proscribe contain unsettle snafu overturn get out of control ward off shortcut traverse defend against disturb damage inconvenience dam negate duck ditch juke stupefy steer clear of exclude injure impair straiten play off cook someone's goose keep lid on dumbfound rule out muzzle spike someone's guns chain leash outmanoeuvre queer someone's pitch criminalize overcome deny make illegal embargo hold down stopper jam up stun distract fog flabbergast weigh down outmaneuver shake forfend bother put at a disadvantage kill drag one's feet criminalise box in place at a disadvantage throw off cause to be at a stand throw monkey wrench in throw off balance lock up make someone scratch their head disorientate pour cold water on take aback set someone thinking saddle with make someone's head spin put a damper on throw cold water on cheat cap dissuade from inc extinguish stultify discontinue delimit offset buck blast deflect blow finish something finish off entrammel tie-up poison torpedo crash clobber cut short abort anticipate discourage prevent from making progress overload debilitate enmesh net ensnare capture obscure attack hit scuttle invalidate snag incommode wreak havoc on repel squash cease put a crimp in fluster entrap charge discommode oppress tie down bottleneck repulse parry put the brakes on pick off take out of play sideline tie one's hands stem hem in tether be the end of dissuade smother bring to a close make an end of daze blank counterplot bury confront put straitjacket on hold captive clip someone's wings cramp someone's style resist snow surprise rein in not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of make difficult intoxicate mix up inebriate mess with one's head make punchy ball up ruffle put the damper on bit reduce sandbag ward give disadvantage take out scar skip bollix promote regulate lick conquer put out of commission disfigure stain annihilate take wind out of sails cause setback get the better of put end to beat down moderate put on brakes put an stop to hold in stem the flow of keep in afflict taint trash decay disarrange disorganize disorder shake off shuffle off staunch halt in its tracks pass on place an embargo on run circles around put down put a lock on put a stopper in give the run-around zing run rings around bottle up put half nelson on gridlock put chill on throw a monkey wrench in the works cool cork convulse dash one's hope take the wind out of someone's sails wrong be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of render null and void glitch up plug turn upside-down derange set limits on impose limits on barricade seal caulk cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to treat harshly be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on dismiss clog up blockade close up fill close out jam block out fill up deprive censor overthrow reject close stop up choke up stanch pack block up stuff bung up outflank declare taboo outvote block off bung occlude give the thumbs down to put the chill on give the red light to say no declare illegal shirk bottle congest plug up gag rebuff spurn get round find a way around get past get around end-run go around find a way round skin blackball knock back give the thumbs down throw out turn down stick be too much for put at a loss


To treat as unworthy of serious consideration
dismiss disregard discount reject spurn forget ignore minimise minimize overlook repudiate discard dispel banish abandon deny flout despise drop relegate scout shrug off play down set aside brush off lay aside pass over pay no attention to gloss over take no notice of think no more of write off kiss off pay no heed to put away have done with laugh away put out of your mind put out of one's mind eliminate quell remove eradicate dissipate dislodge disperse scatter shut out get rid of shake off brush aside pooh-pooh neglect overpass make light of turn a deaf ear to wave aside whitewash omit paper over wink at blink at belittle rebuff slight scoff at treat with contempt sweep aside miss skip bypass gloze over avoid evade turn a blind eye to shut eyes to turn your back on take no account of turn back on slur over push aside laugh off put aside tune out look the other way remit excuse pardon condone forgive throw cold water on pour cold water on treat lightly disbelieve close one's mind to override trample on ride roughshod over undersell scorn doubt deride take with a pinch of salt give no credence to disdain ridicule sneer at mock slam-dunk wipe make little of undermine sniff at break free from trivialize trivialise put down express contempt put on the back burner turn up your nose at misheed unheed let it go take no notice close your eyes to be oblivious to pay no mind to leave be turn deaf ear not take into account fail to notice unmind connive exclude turn a blind eye look through bury one's head in sand dispense with never mind turn blind eye hold up to scorn cock a snook at refuse to acknowledge forget about have no time for shirk forsake pretermit desert defer contemn scant underestimate elide depreciate overleap postpone procrastinate trifle with let go fail to care for fail to remember be irresponsible not remember keep one's distance leave undone not care for be remiss lose sight of let slide not care let pass have nothing to do with fail to look after keep at arm's length think little of pay no mind be derelict procrastinate over be lax about leave alone be indifferent be negligent not attend to throw to the winds pass up pay little attention to be careless skimp on live with be remiss about fail to provide for not trouble oneself be remiss in


Get rid of or give up
ditch discard scrap chuck dump jettison junk shed throw out abandon drop throw away ax axe cashier deep-six dispose of eighty-six exorcise exorcize lose pitch reject scrub toss unload get rid of trash cast off chuck away chuck out do away with lay by shuck off slough off get shut of fling away fling off get shot of throw on the scrapheap throw overboard knock on the head pull the plug on give someone the boot bin dispense with cast aside toss out eject eliminate relinquish forsake expel remove cast dismiss see the back of throw clear out write off set aside have done with cast away can desert slough dispose fling root out weed out destroy part with shuck give up offload cull yield disburden put out to pasture throw aside dispatch shrug off throw off shake off toss aside thrust aside cast out sluff off disown leave do without manage without cope without bung out bung away make away with cut heave release hurl abdicate maroon exclude dispossess repudiate doff banish auction nix 86 adios chase refuse slip evict extrude unburden clear unhand forgo away negative sweep away fling out let go surrender turn down discharge wash your hands of rid oneself of free oneself of loosen one's hold on loose one's hold on fob off divest yourself of file in circular file relieve yourself of kiss goodbye kiss off make over deep six demolish recycle decommission annihilate obliterate wreck retire pour out empty out tip out throw over the side consign to scrap heap break up empty rid turn out clean out put aside shift foist palm off off-load exhaust sort let go of cede hand over renounce deliver up sacrifice give away clean up tidy up run off kick out show out let out demobilize allow to go turf out disband force out send home send away send off disperse boot out boot deport oust bounce liberate out bundle demobilise lock out push aside rout drive out drum out scour shake out liquidate eradicate purge rout out exterminate expunge wipe out lift gut cleanse erase strip void rid of


To remove from employment or office
pink-slip dismiss sack fire discharge release cashier axe retire remove terminate ax can bounce oust boot displace depose unseat drop bump defrock depone deselect disemploy disfrock disqualify furlough impeach pension recall suspend unfrock boot out kick out lay off muster out let go turn off send packing show the door give the heave-ho give walking papers give warning let out shut out turn away wash out give notice to put away give the ax give the gate give someone the pink slip give someone his or her walking papers expel defenestrate get rid of give someone their notice pay off give notice give someone the big E give someone the sack throw out kiss off give someone their cards give the old heave-ho give someone the push bin off give someone the air give someone his turf out make redundant give someone the boot give someone the bullet give someone their marching orders give the elbow eject drum out dethrone evict out dislodge topple discard uncrown unthrone supplant deprive unmake demote turf remove from office turn out force out overthrow chuck out overturn give the bum's rush exclude ship bring down drive out banish cut eliminate usurp discrown excommunicate cast out throw out on your ear relegate purge throw someone out on their ear downgrade break degrade reject omit chuck disbar disregard shed replace freeze out give marching orders chase out pink slip declare redundant send away give a pink slip leave out hand walking papers run out of town deprive of office run off ride out on rail put out give the chop show the door to push out remove from power heave throw debar sever connections unsettle court martial move on vote someone out triumph overwhelm defeat disthrone disenthrone give the boot to give the bullet to dehire unhire yeet rout eighty-six sideline give the push to take over dispatch take off sail excuse give the sack to nix supersede bust toss out give one's cards give pink slip terminate employment step into shoes of sling out give their cards give the axe retire early give bum's rush unhorse upset subvert strip of rank fling out give heave-ho waive relieve of duty lock out move tomahawk downsize reduce hatchet poll decimate cleaver cancel transfer delete reposition abolish send home hand someone his hat chase off ignore slur elide erase forget shift evacuate pull relocate expunge detach budge abstract dislocate rule out ship out leave off scale down cut back put an end to slim down take down see the back of cross out set aside give something a miss take out miss out cut out shut the door on


Give up
waive relinquish renounce abandon surrender yield cede reject give up abdicate abjure disregard drop forsake refuse resign sacrifice defer forgo postpone put aside remit spurn allow delay disclaim disown dispense with do without grant leave neglect prorogue remove renege reserve set aside stay suspend table sign away turn down hand over hold off hold up refrain from turn over put off render lay down deliver cough up turn in part with forfeit abnegate forego concede forswear transfer decline quit give away eschew pass up lose step down from deliver up go without step aside from let go of ignore repudiate let pass cease cut out stop abstain from desist give over swear off give in opt out let go bail out cast off give miss commit pass dismiss skip forbear refrain demit vacate resist desert withdraw avoid withgo quitclaim capitulate miss out on let go by pass on bequeath ditch fail to take advantage of yield up shed steer clear of withhold from leave off leave out pack in fold make over bag it give way cast aside pass by back down lay aside desist from give something a miss say goodbye to throw in the towel throw in the sponge waste squander convey deny oneself brush aside assign confer disinherit shirk disgorge deny recommend hand entrust consign trust intrust transmit repose delegate vest confide betray blow spare prostitute withdraw from stand down from wash your hands of separate oneself from sign off divorce oneself from pass something up turn back on shun relegate fork out fork up dispense fritter away expend bypass botch sacrifice something kiss goodbye leave behind pay with be deprived of be stripped of kiss goodbye to abstain disavow submit discard cast dump communicate vouchsafe abalienate accord remise halt deny yourself restrain from lay off fail to take pass over fail to grasp lose out on let slip drop the ball forget bow succumb terminate kick come across with sign over fork over not touch stay away from get off rein in forbear from shy from can commend budge blink relent retire cut loose drop out kiss good-bye stand down acquiesce knuckle under cave in concede defeat take the pledge take the oath quit cold turkey drop like hot potato keep off call a halt to skip out on antedate climb down sell out step down precede knock off resign from back out of drop out of proffer admit defeat cry uncle buckle under pull out hand in despair tender chicken out present bow out comply collapse leave holding the bag leave high and dry leave in the lurch sit out keep from leave alone antecede preexist predate close your eyes to dish out devolve hand on allot bestow allocate shell out lay out pay hand down provide pony up ante up hand out apportion pay up furnish distribute parcel out charge pay out dole out place disburse come up with deal out refer supply produce alienate mete out commission donate invest offer depute deed give out alien contribute authorize authorise prorate portion make with chip in stump up appoint spend task feed send administer dispatch share send on settle up put lay deposit foot the bill pass round pass out hand round lend direct kick in pitch in come across designate set down award defray the cost of devote impart appropriate leave with divide put into the hands of send out dispose of disseminate let someone have pay for reassign shift bestow on circulate share out mete confer on divvy give to give back turn over to sign something over put in extend volunteer shell something out release give over to divert find will gift make something over to someone stump something up confine outlay put in charge of issue throw shunt redirect put down finish with let fall channel free render up club together vest in give into the custody of give into the care of unload give into the charge of promise ordain destine engage leave to employ move send on errand hold responsible for send on mission change endow lodge set make a contribution make a donation handball escalate give custody of deposit with give custody decentralise pass to pass down decentralize offload get rid of hand to foist fob off be handed down palm off give free rein divide out partition measure give with lot return offer back pin devise demise attorn have a whip-round patronise advance allow to look after let out make trustee loan aid let store patronize put into hands of command show level apply exhibit put in the hands of pertain belong entrust to grant to invest in settle give oneself over fall victim fold up suffer defeat accept defeat be overwhelmed cry quits break show the white flag come to terms be overcome indulge resign yourself lay down arms be conquered be beaten give up the struggle buckle raise the white flag call it quits display saddle burden aim instate target ascribe expose extract broadcast let off drop off unveil repeat spread scoop dish up ladle serve spoon inflict serve up deal cut in disperse parcel lot out divvy up split break up portion out ration out ration admeasure cut measure out divide up carve up slice piece up slice up declare give and take carry relay publish make known retail stream retweet RT provide use of be generous with send forth allow use of fulfil achieve carry out make good on discharge implement live up to fulfill have deliver the goods carry through bear roll out bring forward put forward bring out draw out bring to light

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