Đồng nghĩa của have a break


To have a short rest period from work, study, etc.
take a break rest relax take a breather stop put your feet up take time out ease off take it easy pause break off break unwind chill kick back take ten ease up take time off take five stay halt cease repose discontinue idle wind down knock off cool off de-stress switch off let up stop work have a breather slow down chill out adjourn come to a standstill desist finish shut down wind up finish off put up tarry sojourn wait lodge recess suspend proceedings refresh have a rest stop briefly have time out laze lounge loll luxuriate play recline slack off compose oneself feel at home take one's time decompress flop take your ease let yourself go enjoy oneself mellow out amuse oneself do nothing slump be calm be at leisure loosen up lie down sit around sit back hang loose take one's leisure breathe easy entertain oneself turn off unbend make yourself at home settle back groove unlax simmer down loaf let your hair down collect oneself let it all hang out stay loose veg out make less tense bask lollop lighten up take a rest calm down settle down cool it stretch out unbutton slacken quieten down mellow cool down control oneself lie settle sprawl regain one's composure chillax quiet down outspan get hold of oneself sleep nap lie back come up for air calm yourself control yourself get your act together get a grip on yourself get a hold of yourself keep cool pull oneself together get a grip slack drowse slumber do less stand down lie about slouch couch abate spread out laze around sit down relent stop worrying go to bed become peaceful compose yourself take a chill pill become calmer steady oneself become calm hose down lounge around keep your shirt on restrain yourself become quieter go easy pull in one's horns be good behave destress dawdle vegetate bum loiter slow become less formal become informal daydream hang out take things easy quiesce calm stone sunbathe stretch be quiet be still quiet pipe down be less active slacken off take some time off breathe recuperate sun warm oneself regain your self-control keep your head recover one's composure play it cool come back down to earth lay back recover one's self-control lay down doze lessen toast yourself sun yourself catch one's breath rest upon snooze put your head down catch a few 'z' s catch forty winks lie upon swim in relax your efforts release hold back take a breath ease be supine stop for a breath stabilise stabilize retire be recumbent be prostrate stretch oneself out spread-eagle siesta lean back be prone be stretched out turn in catnap zizz kip become less restless snuggle down lie by be at ease refresh oneself be comfortable let down take a nap take life easy nod off have a snooze have a nap have forty winks get some kip take a siesta get some shut-eye have a kip lie still catch some Zs have a siesta have a spell tail off snatch forty winks die down recharge one's batteries get control of oneself

Trái nghĩa của have a break

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