Đồng nghĩa của wait

Alternative for wait

waits, waited, waiting

Đồng nghĩa: defer, delay, linger, postpone, procrastinate, put off, shelve, stay, table, tarry,


To physically remain or stay at a given place for a period of time
remain stay stop linger rest dally loiter tarry bide delay hover pause hang around stay put stick around kick about kick around sit tight hang about abide hang on hang out dwell reside lodge hang round hold on dawdle live wait around lag stall idle hang endure continue dillydally procrastinate poke drag waste time shilly-shally stay behind hold the fort stay on drag your feet loaf hesitate hold temporize inhabit diddle creep mope lollygag crawl lallygag persist temporise kill time dilly-dally put off take your time stay over drag one's feet kick your heels hang fire await sojourn laze lounge potter squat perch nest bunk roost prevail dither vacillate filibuster trail while away time haunt cling keep on be left goof off stay out plod pass time lie around take one's time warm a chair be slow get no place fast put off doing something use delaying tactics potter round potter around mark time play for time play a waiting game potter about be indecisive hum and haw stay still last bivouac lie be be present are hang back skulk make camp hold over footle loll bum chill drone lazy stay on the line shlep along sit around fritter away fool around trifle toddle diddle-daddle saunter scrounge around sit on one's butt bum around fritter time away hack around veg out kick back roam frequent adjourn waver retard defer prolong postpone protract haver spend time mooch about mooch around stay close wait about stay nearby wait nearby swither goldbrick cool kick the can down the road postpone action defer action take a raincheck be undecided suspend action let slide drag one's heels hold off be dilatory straggle stonewall amble stagger totter putter horse around let the grass grow under one's feet hold back not keep pace lag behind fall behind buy time cling on clutch grasp stick it out latch on see it through hold fast hold out carry on grip persevere keep it up keep a hold on be tough go on stand stick settle tail tool halt outstay goof around stop over lose time hold the phone sweat it out establish yourself establish oneself remain behind put down roots be there attend make a night of it stop out keep out be in attendance turn up be out exist board park room locate put up live in have your home take up residence be domiciled in be housed dwell in be located keep going perdure be situated hold up run on keep up occur crash holiday vacation visit vacay have rooms be billeted be quartered happen lie in wait watch for hang in sweat it be found be in existence be existent be the case be latent be real be met with occupy inhere people tenant house be settled in hang out in be a resident of hang one's hat in lodge in stay in have taken up residence in have established oneself in bide in sojourn in have one's home in keep house take up residence in be settled have one's residence be established in reside in have your home in put down roots in be an inhabitant of set up home be domiciled emigrate to hang up one's hat go to live in make one's home in become domiciled in go to live set up housekeeping in move to take root set up house have one's home make your home in have as your home set up home in


To wait in anticipation for the occurrence of something


To delay movement or action until the arrival or occurrence of
delay defer postpone hold off put off hold back hang back pause sit tight take no action play a waiting game be patient hang fire refrain from put something off avoid doing something keep from doing something bide one's time hold one's horses waver vacillate dither falter stall fluctuate teeter haver stagger swither wobble oscillate halt scruple dawdle equivocate temporize dally wabble linger hedge alternate shillyshally tergiversate demur dillydally hover seesaw pussyfoot stumble deliberate doubt stop balk boggle flounder ponder debate weigh hang mammer baulk temporise hesitate shilly-shally be indecisive dilly-dally hum and haw be unsure be uncertain think twice be doubtful hem and haw be hesitant shy away be reluctant be unwilling pull back sit on fence think about procrastinate prevaricate blow hot and cold tarry pussyfoot around sway gain time be irresolute be undecided yo-yo play for time use delaying tactics run hot and cold beat about the bush stonewall filibuster vary balance change waffle swing palter sit on the fence chop and change be unable to decide be unable to make up your mind kick the can down the road reel fence-straddle rock whiffle straddle change mind keep changing your mind be evasive flip-flop see-saw go from one extreme to the other flicker tremble avoid committing oneself quiver use Fabian tactics stall for time avoid making a decision take your time trim shudder get cold feet whiffle waffle divert distract buy time drag one's feet take one's time avoid the issue beat around the bush hold over


To be patient with
bear with endure suffer tolerate accept bear forbear stand be patient be patient with make allowance put up with show forbearance show forbearance towards make allowance for make allowances for take brook stomach live with support hack countenance swallow sustain abide sweat out submit to stick out wear absorb bide undergo handle thole allow permit pocket stick withstand weather meet go stand for go along with condone sanction indulge admit go through cope with grin and bear it sit still for consent to tough out agree to yield to acknowledge be doing with face brave approve concede allow for authorize favour favor resign oneself to let acquiesce see humour receive concede to green-light wait out admit of grin and bear hang tough stick it out authorise stay the course give the green light to sweat take kindly to humor bow to bite the bullet meet with bear the brunt of have approve of live through sit and take it sit through resign oneself reconcile oneself reconcile maintain keep up with abide by stand up to bear up under pass through digest consent defer sit tight hang in hang in there be big about give permission to hear of be subject to allow to give the go-ahead to permit to grant grant permission to engage in feel pass licence license persist see through persevere excuse laugh off accept apology for forgive understand pardon confront take one's lumps don't rock the boat take it face the music agree play the game don't make waves capitulate take one's medicine shoulder assume experience encounter endorse encourage recognize ignore recognise string along wink at turn a blind eye to blink at hear accede to put John Hancock on give the nod give the go ahead to confirm invite be in favour of stomach something go for advocate smile on give the okay to abet back sign off on applaud commend give stamp of approval get behind give green light aid champion give the thumbs up to cope nod at help thumbs up hold with uphold approbate be gentle take it easy go easy come to grips with submit oneself to carry ride out subject oneself to be forced to contend with be faced with come up against take on face up to acclimatize oneself to reconcile oneself to sit and take become accustomed to acquiesce to capitulate to become resigned to become reconciled to surrender to get used to withtake onfang adjust to make the best of learn to live with accommodate oneself to warrant legalize okay taste legalise witness know OK assent to make legal submit lump it resist decriminalize survive deal with acquiesce in legitimize stick with consider be subjected to give permission give leave decriminalise enable empower entitle yield legitimise leave cause manage concur accede accredit take something lying down be big buy respect legitimatize observe give the go-ahead give something the nod clear legitimatise come in for bless take patiently give the green light say the word shake on give the OK to let pass come into contact with come across participate in have experience of run into comply with conform to give one's consent to give one's assent to toe the line conceive defy fall for lump regulate hold out against stand firm against undertake be reconciled to share bow sit out tough out it see out declare lawful see through to the bitter end enjoy ratify get on with realise realize take part in find fall on partake in bear up qualify give permission for validate give someone leave legitimate give someone authorization homologate charter franchise sign facilitate boost grant someone the right privilege sanctify finalise vouch for affirm rubber-stamp formalize give the green light for formalise give the go-ahead for give authority for give a blank cheque to finalize cut your coat according to your cloth make do say yes give carte blanche give your blessing obey follow fulfill appease honor fulfil honour heed partake become familiar with assimilate make eat adhere to take it lying down stoop to play it by the book play by the rules be governed by be regulated by keep in step appreciate sample come into contact live apprehend try comprehend watch run the gauntlet get behold perceive set aside provide live out give leave to greenlight comply commission certify give grant the right to keep in mind take into account bear in mind take into consideration surrender conform give assent to assent succumb free up give okay give the O.K. never say die in the face of say the magic word subscribe adjust bend accommodate adapt jibe yes ditto give in cave in concur with give one's blessing to give one's approval to hoist the white flag roll over and play dead cooperate with cry uncle accept tacitly say yes to cut a deal come round say uncle go along stand by give the nod to give in to play ball


A period of waiting
delay break interval pause cessation halt hold holdup interlude intermission lapse lull check detention hiatus interruption moratorium recess respite stoppage suspension discontinuation gap holdback postponement rest stay downtime interim entr'acte hold-up period of waiting holding pattern time lag time wasted detainment stop lag interregnum breathing space discontinuity interstice spell letup breather parenthesis surcease hiccup hiccough lacuna layoff setback hindrance obstruction stall time out retardation retardment problem gridlock logjam let-up holding period tie-up pausation time-out latency impediment discontinuance hangup snag jam hitch deadlock adjournment end bind prorogation obstacle filibuster hesitation showstopper ado standstill term caesura stand abeyance break-off span comma time block meanwhile meantime stopping intermezzo smoko cooling-off period breathing spell episode curb encumbrance inhibition idyll snafu difficulty glitch trouble bottleneck retard blockage fetter interference slowness trammel intervening period intervening time pause in the action limbo stack-up pausing season waiting period passage stretch space half-time dormancy suspense quiescence quiescency abeyancy doldrums course traffic jam playtime ten five while breaking off waiting path passing finish ending stalemate impasse standoff halting stopover checkmate closing breath beat ceasing hole freeze hush silence lapse of time stillness cutoff arrest inaction break off happy hour rest period awkward moment coffee break desisting remaining terminating deterring dead stop full stop dead end Mexican standoff communication breakdown slowdown deceleration braking downshift procrastination impedance demurral dawdling loitering lingering reprieve cunctation remission tarrying putting off deferment deferral termination shelving rescheduling tabling disruption time off relief closure conclusion put-off close layover putting back shutdown vacation expiration arrestment continuation closedown holiday shutoff relaxation lessening stop-off slackening cease leave leisure repose offset peace slack abatement truce breach grinding halt screaming halt breathing room tranquillity tranquility spare time free time dissolution armistice sabbatical disconnection day off pigeonholing blow grace rift mothballing tea break break in your journey protraction split freedom cut-off liberty desistance ease deferring vacay release draw screeching halt sojourn visit deep freeze cold storage suspended animation stand-off catch-22 rain check virgule finishing abandonment short respite recovery time breathing time breakdown breakoff time warp lagging time gap interspace disturbance winter winding up cutting short furlough leave of absence sick leave embargo instant second moment tie ban prohibition extension intrusion severance quiet calm short break hols disbandment dissolving withdrawal time away schoolie rupture division disuniting blackout separation calmness spell of inactivity carrying over sit-down temporary closure take ten between-time shore leave mental health day quietness grace period dead heat lunch break let up temporary cessation temporary cessation of business cessation of business deliverance discharge exculpation pardon acquittal forgiveness immunity occlusion completion culmination finale wrap-up winding-up wind-up end of the line disjointedness disconnectedness taking five knocking off suspension of proceedings brick wall roadblock peacefulness time to burn time to kill incoherence time on one's hands end of the road wall reduction continuance disunion rearrangement easing decrease inactivity unemployment retirement lack of unity cutout lack of coherence diminution moderation scope convenience requiescence range ceasefire treaty dwindling waning decompression détente time to spare R & R R and R spare moment ebb ebbing cease-fire alleviation amelioration wind-down agreement reconciliation accord de-escalation amnesty terms detente dying down cutback cessation of hostilities opening olive branch temporary peace peace treaty white flag peaceful solution suspension of hostilities aperture gulf cavity crack cranny fissure breadth void crevasse compass slot headway amplitude flaw

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