Đồng nghĩa của ebb

Alternative for ebb

ebbs, ebbed, ebbing

Đồng nghĩa: decline, decrease, diminish, lessen, recede, retreat, subside, withdraw,

Trái nghĩa: flood, flow,


A change to a lower or inferior state or level
decline decadence declension declination degeneracy degeneration degradation descent deterioration devolution downfall downgrade eclipse fall regression drop decrease decay reduction lapse lessening diminution downturn slump collapse waning weakening abatement plunge worsening slide loss lowering cut tumble dwindling crash debasement falloff nosedive decrement diminishment ebbing decaying retrogression depreciation downswing sinking dive recession atrophy drop-off failure withering comedown plummet dip devaluation shrinkage enfeeblement debilitation downtrend depletion falling off contraction slip cutback failing wane abasement down slipping depression dent downslide diminishing downtick disintegration declivity relapse dissolution disrepair adulteration ruin corrosion falling-off impairment fall-off dropping off step down downgrading decadency depravation declining demotion dissipation slackening sag falling sharp fall cutting curtailment falling apart let-up dereliction dégringolade stagnation vitiation dying down corruption tainting minimizing deduction minimization spoiling perversion dislocation rotting degringolade downhill trend nose dive falling away discount markdown dilution minimising crumbling shrinking fading spoilation putridness dilapidation wasting extinction ruination senescence dying mold blight decrepitude rust gangrene mortification consumption mould demise flameout wasting away breaking down cadence downcome downward spiral backsliding breakdown defeat skid overthrow downer loss of status rot end destruction undoing spoliation disgrace recidivism break-up death reverse blow comeuppance vanquishing letdown aggravation Götterdämmerung foundering reversion termination putrefaction decomposition perishing undermining destabilisation damage destabilization dropoff ruining destroying harm backslide precipitation retreat landslide loss of success recidivation retrogradation return fall from grace falling down falling to pieces meltdown humbling belittlement humiliation steep fall trough wreck discomfiture flop cropper pratfall blue funk the skids rut bad times blue devils funk dumps low rainy days bad period bottom nose-dive loss of face reality check unseating conquest annihilation toppling ousting Waterloo deposition elimination nemesis labefaction bane debacle doom loss of power rack and ruin road to ruin loss of prosperity


A large amount of money, liquid, or people that moves or is transferred out of a place
outflow outpouring discharge gush deluge flow stream cascade jet rush drainage issue spurt torrent efflux outflowing effluence effusion flood leakage outrush drain effluent emanation emergence escape exodus flux outburst outflux outpour spate spout welling debouchment outfall depletion effluvium effluxion gushing haemorrhage hemorrhage loss seepage streaming surge emission leak exudation secretion storm oozing trickle drip eruption burst explosion outbreak paroxysm current spasm exhalation issuance fit run attack ooze gale blaze upsurge course ebullition diffusion access flare-up boutade percolation hurricane tide splurt ejaculation dribble welling up excretion bleeding expression flurry radiation blast flash flush blow-up gust flare shedding motion leaking venting fountain ejection drift seeping sweep waste inundation squirt drop flowing river exuding disgorgement egress emerging issuing springing tideway agony flicker flutter seeping away overflow rapid loss spill voidance spring movement pouring exudate trickling fury flowing out proceeding break succession string wave slip leaching filtration sweating passage arising origination derivation roll swirl circulation sewage well up progression infiltration transudation extravasation beginning origin progress continuance continuation continuity spritz trail wind undertow release pollutant blowup bursting detonation transmission pollution scene upheaval rapture blow frenzy bout utterance runoff onset liquid waste giving off case seizure turn spell bilge water production siege advance passing transit process transfer moving onrush charge draught draft swell onslaught rash march procession trend direction avalanche series epidemic advancement tendency eddy breeze dart chain heave sequence crossing spray shift blood loss upwelling dash leaning puff flow of blood traverse headway going barrage influx undercurrent uprush inrush emptying billow push volley relocation battery shower transition travelling duration journey period span round term groundswell rise transferral zephyr time waft breath traversal tenor uprising upswing traveling interval train furtherance life path patch migration transference stretch bleed escalation prolongation swing hæmatorrhœa hæmorrhœa bubble ebb and flow nosebleed current of air hail fluidity quiver tail pull stampede blitz way dripping travel streak air mobility riptide vortex whirlpool commotion increase tingle locomotion move transporting squeeze shot stint airflow pass line array traversing season cycle while ambulation splash transmittance transmittal traject trajection breath of wind whiff persistence field transportation session snap undulation suppuration sending out moving on lapping race drag conveyance tour of duty bit spree breakout voiding disemboguing transferal transplanting start building up build-up wash swishing murmur surging gravitation plague rush of air rotation circling vent elimination recrudescence inflammation sally shifting cluster sudden appearance vomiting welter stab length journeying displacement repositioning airstream circumvolution gyre revolution circuit whirl twirl gyration wheel rise and fall lapse flight withdrawal voyaging extent lifetime thermal fullness backdraught backdraft updraft updraught elapsing timeline perpetuation full length life span slipstream steady flow time span length of time time frame


A period or state of obscurity, ambiguity, or gradual decline


To diminish in intensity or severity, especially gradually
decline diminish decrease dwindle lessen deteriorate flag wane weaken shrink decay degenerate drop subside abate disappear let up remit sink de-escalate die down dissolve ease fall lower moderate pall recede relent taper die away die out fade away melt away peter out slacken drain away drop off fade fail fall away languish melt phase down ratchet down retire taper off trail withdraw come to an end ease off flow away tail off reduce fall off slump contract attenuate vanish evaporate wither plummet droop relax plunge grow less quell soften depreciate shrivel mitigate alleviate wilt trail off slack off dip waste away descend go down wind down curb nosedive lighten crumble stop restrain curtail ease up fizzle out grow smaller temper minimize die off slow down decrement slacken off cease drop away go go downhill die minimise become smaller drain wear away tumble crash grow faint dive end waste terminate calm down sag cut close check tone down come to nothing dry up downsize downscale settle dull wear off run out subdue grow dim depress trail away lapse get smaller disperse go away quieten devaluate nose-dive evanesce cut down lag take a nosedive rachet down wear down emaciate deplete collapse erode halt run low slow blur regress get less quiet minify slash cut back roll back cool off dim clear dissipate calm narrow down bate pass finish disintegrate allay dampen rebate slack assuage crater skid dent impair become weaker clip come to a halt become less fade out break up take the bite out take the sting out go into a tailspin take the edge off lose edge fall through lull blow over quieten down fold flop falter give out desist blunt perish elapse deaden atrophy expire still discontinue give way slope conclude condense tire dematerialize fly flee determine quit faint narrow shorten thin out relieve degrade slide slake cool limit damp relapse decelerate settle down evanish mollify dilute totter lose retrograde thin dilapidate stifle dispel deflate downturn trim run dry extenuate pass off cushion fall short fall steeply come to a stop scale down pare soft-pedal mute break down level off draw to a close fall sharply grow feeble tighten get lower couch pass away dial down knock down cease to exist make smaller bring down break off dead-end take a dive make cutbacks in go through the floor pare down drop rapidly hit the floor take down trim back step down wind up trim down leave off wink out mark down make less become lower damp down modify tail away peter wither away flatline fizzle lose strength lose intensity rescind shape elongate clear up release come to grief incline downwards slant down slope down tilt downwards modulate retrocede palliate muffle disengage pine weary succumb grow decompose slim wrinkle phase out thin down soothe depart become less intense close out diffuse scatter disassemble axe turn down go downwards lose its effect lose its effectiveness drop down smother telescope be gone be no more suppress slip grind to a halt abbreviate retrench run down ax amortise downgrade qualify amortize cast down become unproductive grow barren grow sterile ration devalue constrict compress come down be destroyed unmake impoverish cripple debase vitiate tremble limp drag backslide cheapen buckle unlax coast run its course amputate crop abridge die away or out die away or down fall down etiolate compact bow out fall back be used up cease to yield end gradually tranquilize give in become weak squeeze hush deliquesce rarefy slack up chill out cool it shave numb placate break into pieces fold up hit the dirt tip over be precipitated take a header lose value decrease in value cave in decline in price constringe capsule capsulize lose spirit grow weaker become unimportant come to a halt end come to a an end be on the way out tranquillize scrimp become shadowy become indistinct become vague become confused make faint flow back become blurred put the lid on make less intense put a damper on put damper on worsen poop out fag out tucker out become less loud take in lose ground die on vine vanish into thin air rot devolve round down whittle down grow weak disimprove molder moulder spoil be giving up the ghost be about to die become moribund have one foot in the grave be breathing one's last be approaching death be on one's deathbed be slipping away be in extremis be at death's door be on one's last legs go dead pack in become extinct cease to be shut down close down be over be forgotten pause come to a standstill become obsolete break pack up abort cut out pass into oblivion disappear from the face of the earth gutter exit sink into oblivion disappear slowly give up go south be done for cease to be known leave no trace come to naught vaporize be abandoned be neglected be disregarded concentrate vaporise parch miss the mark end in defeat be a fiasco miscarry misfire end in disappointment can desist from lay off cut off knock off shut off give over bring to an end complete come to a close stop dead culminate finish off wrap up draw to a halt come to rest get done cut short pack it in end up stop in one's tracks reach a standstill be exhausted be out of exhaust be cleaned out have no more be fresh out finish up be finished wear out pass on become rarer become less common hold stand cease to function conk out stop working founder go kaput tank flounder stall yield go belly-up flame out fall flat bite the dust bomb lose power seize up go phut run aground give come unstuck stop functioning crumple flunk give up the ghost


To decline or deteriorate in state
deteriorate degenerate decline decay worsen crumble atrophy regress retrograde sink rot devolve descend go downhill retrogress slump slide slip wane fall collapse get worse go down the toilet lapse go to pot hit the skids disintegrate go to the dogs go down the tubes fall off fade drop degrade fail go to rack and ruin grow worse diminish wither weaken backslide languish depreciate disimprove go backwards break down fall apart become worse stagnate flag be in decline waste away spoil go bad go to the pack fall to pieces revert dwindle perish go to pieces debilitate relapse wilt take a turn for the worse droop impair lower become dilapidated corrode wear away go to seed waste recede retreat decompose putrefy return nosedive vitiate debase become debilitated lessen corrupt break up lose quality skid deprave go from bad to worse be the worse for wear go off contract pall slacken shrink decrease fade away shrivel dissolve reduce damage depress fall down pejorate run to seed be neglected take a nosedive die on vine come apart at seams injure adulterate mar break alloy undermine make something worse fall into disrepair become emaciated suffer be damaged be handicapped be impaired appear in a poor light be at disadvantage be shown to disadvantage drop off moulder lose it reach depths dry up become shrunken shrivel up hit rock bottom come apart at the seams be worse for wear subside turn pervert molder demoralise warp debauch demoralize stain become enfeebled grow weak fall into decay wither away retrocede recidivate sink back drift back slip back fall away fall back go back lose ground lose headway turn back turn the clock back throw back roll back move back sicken sag lag go emaciate dilapidate go into decline be on your last legs fall apart at the seams


Fail to keep up with another or others in movement or development
lag delay linger dawdle loiter dally trail idle saunter straggle tarry hang back shilly-shally crawl creep decrease diddle dillydally dilly-dally diminish dither drag drop fail fall back fall behind flag lallygag lollygag mope poke drag behind slacken trail behind wane falter hobble inch jelly limp lounge move slowly plod procrastinate retard shuffle slouch slow stagger stay tail tool trudge bring up the rear not keep pace be behind drop back drop behind fall off inch along put off slow up drag one's feet lose strength get no place fast drag your feet pause lag behind hang about stall amble wait hesitate hang around take your time drift hang fire vacillate mark time take one's time wander meander nose snail waste time ramble ooze temporize kill time putter temporise hover halt fritter away fool around creak along hang out stay put hold back play for time remain loll loaf bide stray mosey roam toddle rove traik while away time trifle traipse go slowly waver filibuster rest stop walk slowly lodge be slow potter around potter about hang round lose ground not keep up potter round horse around warm a chair sit around drag your heels be dilatory wait around goof off put off doing something use delaying tactics hang on play a waiting game hold off be indecisive hum and haw stroll be left behind slack shirk follow schlepp along be long be tardy stonewall mooch skulk drag oneself shamble slough dabble lurk totter potter tag along drag yourself drag along tag along behind diddle-daddle buy time pass time let the grass grow under one's feet demur teeter wabble fritter time away poke along draggle boondoggle scruple wobble shlep along scrounge around bum around adjourn defer prolong postpone protract haver sit on one's butt fool with while away trifle with swither goldbrick cool limp along creep along stay back shy away shrink back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward hang heavy wear on advance slowly play games with fool about appear to pass slowly slow down go on too long go on and on kick the can down the road postpone action defer action take a raincheck be undecided suspend action let slide drag one's heels go at a snail's pace become tedious range goof around stop over lose time dangle droop sag hold the phone straddle hang down err scramble spread maunder stand abide be late be strung out poke around stick dwell settle hang reside await string out keep on perch endure remain behind nest sweat it out put down roots continue outstay squat sit tight bunk hold the fort establish yourself be left stick around stay out stay behind roost establish oneself hold on fluctuate think twice equivocate oscillate hedge gain time pussyfoot around prevaricate blow hot and cold tergiversate obstruct deliberate beat about the bush cease sit on the fence discontinue yo-yo be irresolute balk shillyshally get cold feet baulk desist balance be unsure pass the time be uncertain take a breather let up take a break stop briefly hem and haw take ten call time have a breather take five put on hold hold over hold your horses hold your fire bide one's time see-saw refuse avoid rebuff evade resist be evasive be ambivalent palter fiddle about fritter away time take one's own sweet time while away the time burn daylight piddle adopt Fabian tactics be in two minds faff about prevent block avoid committing oneself use dilatory tactics kick around kick about hinder distract divert stall for time use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision put something on the back burner employ delaying tactics tumble tremble surcease refrain take too long be leisurely proceed in a leisurely fashion not hurry refrain from lurch roll quaver sway bobble reel avoid the issue beat around the bush put something off take no action avoid doing something sojourn change one's mind break keep from doing something hold one's horses bivouac live inhabit cling interrupt break off stay over make camp stay on pull up sideline shake suspend take a breath reflect look forward lie in wait be patient lie low keep shirt on hold one's breath save it sweat it hang onto your hat cool it hold everything wait in the wings sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time alternate come to standstill catch one's breath break it up seesaw pussyfoot stumble stop what you're doing doubt boggle flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be doubtful be hesitant be reluctant be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence


To use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose
waste lavish squander blow deplete dissipate drain exhaust misspend misuse consume lose sap spend splurge divert empty misapply misemploy fritter away run through frivol away use up waste away burn up fiddle away gamble away go through throw away trifle away run dry be wasteful with spend recklessly spend like water throw around like confetti pour down the drain expend fritter use burn finish get through pass devour occupy suck dry blue absorb bleed idle away impoverish devote shell out draw down take up employ kill beguile milk lay out utilize be prodigal with while away make poor use of utilise eat up fill play out frivol splash out wash up spend money as if there were no tomorrow spend money as if it were going out of style trifle invest diminish draw disburse bankrupt spend unwisely be wasteful pay out throw down the drain pay wear out bleed dry spend money as if it grows on trees dry up swallow up give fork out diddle away abuse outlay dish out stump up ante up pony up scatter strain cough up spend freely dry eat burn through attenuate idle slash cast away fill up fill in run out play ducks and drakes with finish up take last of dig into put out spring for run down empty out spend money as if it were going out of fashion put in part with contribute spend foolishly fribble away throw donate wanton run-through fiddle while allocate laze liquidate lay something out loiter suffer the loss of dispense with void dump reduce disperse dispel make use of shirk kiss goodbye indulge oneself evacuate decrease gobble guzzle stop having discharge be deprived of lessen overspend spend as if there were no tomorrow spend as if it were going out of style spend as if it grows on trees disinherit sacrifice dispossess no longer have divest lower dally eat through fool away be wastefully extravagant with embezzle syphon siphon break bust pare down weaken cut back slim down undermine tap pour something down the drain chuck something down the drain catheterize draw off get rid of pump out free from get last drop burn out filter off let money slip through one's fingers spend money as if it grew on trees drop dole out exploit misappropriate prodigalize dispense use fraudulently foot the bill throw money at spend money like water throw money down the drain pour money down the drain throw money around put to wrong use run up put to use blow through have recourse to avail oneself of go to waste be wasted go down the drain exhaust one's supply of finish off go be finished lapse be exhausted be fresh out be out of be cleaned out be used up have no more peter out

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