Đồng nghĩa của cushioning

Alternative for cushioning

cushions, cushioned, cushioning

Đồng nghĩa: pillow, soften, support,


The action of making something less extreme, intense, or violent
moderation abatement diminishing diminution easing lessening reduction relaxation slackening weakening alleviation contraction decline decrease ebb lightening modulation subsidence waning allaying appeasement assuagement attenuation damping deadening easing off mitigation modification palliation calming dulling pacification placation quelling relief softening soothing stilling tailing off tempering extenuation let-up mollification remission easement vindication cure justification improvement qualification absorption soaking up comfort ease balm remedy solace reprieve release allayment support palliative amelioration succor succour rest respite consolation refreshment comforting cheer assistance relieving help satisfaction deliverance cutback blunting quenching lowering sustenance slaking restfulness extrication curtailment letup alleviating mitigating assuaging restorative healing restriction salving aid care repose loosening dilution slowing minimizing minimization allowance medication rescue refuge well-being minimising letting up medicine anodyne curative salve conciliation tranquilizer soother tranquillizer medicament corrective concession propitiation accommodation acceding something soothing reconciliation quieting drop fall peace-mongering peacemaking acquiescence dovishness lulling compromise diminishment slash peace offering tranquillization sweetening loss retrenchment downsize restoration settlement amends reparation adjustment accession tranquilization grant rollback decrement shrinkage cut attrition falloff drop-off step down fix lift hand break contentment breather diversion happiness maintenance quick fix load off one's mind


Present participle for soften the effect of an impact on
softening deadening lessening mitigating muffling diminishing stifling allaying alleviating blunting buffering dampening decreasing dulling gentling tempering absorbing suppressing bolstering buttressing guarding insulating moderating padding secluding reducing the effect of taking the edge off reducing easing relieving abating toning down assuaging lightening palliating soothing mollifying subduing quelling checking weakening calming smothering damping curbing lulling quieting mellowing lenifying tranquilizing restraining cooling damping down helping placating modifying lowering attenuating stilling sweetening pacifying depressing diluting repressing muting soft-pedalling soft-pedaling taking the bite out taking the sting out numbing relaxing appeasing paralysing quietening composing benumbing curtailing depreciating cutting anaesthetizing qualifying impairing minimizing destroying paralyzing anesthetizing ebbing de-escalating minimising getting rid of cooling out easing off winding down putting an end to pillowing blanketing silencing masking remitting extenuating killing soaking up commuting containing bridling excusing protecting against breaking degrading reducing the force of obtunding gruntling defending against shielding against tapering modulating safeguarding against subsiding decrementing eroding waning contracting shrinking smoothing lessening the impact of reducing the impact of dispelling admixing dwindling downsizing putting a lid on keeping in check holding back comforting dulcifying ameliorating satisfying banishing dissipating dismissing embroidering embellishing eliminating revamping switching adjusting transmogrifying softening the impact of cutting down wearing down cutting back petering out wearing away tailing off rolling back driving off squaring driving away putting to rest chasing away fine tuning making reasonable chilling out taking the bite out of monkeying around with taking the sting out of making agreeable fixing up making nice reducing something taking sting out patching things up dressing up pouring oil on playing up to making less painful cauterizing drowning stunning retarding etherizing slowing gassing stupefying incapacitating doping injuring unnerving frustrating depriving cauterising consuming exhausting dimming tiring KO'ing freezing chloroforming knocking out laying out putting to sleep putting out of order putting damper on making less intense putting the lid on putting a damper on controlling dropping slackening regulating depleting downscaling limiting inhibiting settling restricting playing down tapering off letting up discounting dropping off slaking taming watering down declining slashing denting reining in knocking down constraining making less receding thinning relenting falling sinking narrowing devaluating minifying calming down sapping slowing down paring down ratcheting down dying down phasing down overcoming quenching fading undermining salving paring scaling down dialing down making smaller throwing cold water on marking down shortening easing up settling down bringing down stepping down pouring cold water on slackening off dying away falling off falling away dying out clouding governing holding extinguishing measuring hushing revising ruling disempowering keeping adulterating downplaying cheapening quashing lullabying undervaluing becalming trimming varying enfeebling rationing confining plummetting slumping plummeting conciliating stopping plunging crippling disabling debilitating propitiating palling devaluing hampering shifting changing abridging truncating holding in couching clipping pulling in axing making light of reining taking it easy constricting disarming keeping under control consoling solacing balming stroking trimming down trimming back making cutbacks in taking down letting up on turning down draining away cooling off laying back whittling down taking a load off growing smaller growing less cutting down on becoming smaller dampening down sobering darkening shading deepening diffusing loosening addressing improving chillin chilling shaving piping down pruning discouraging making weaker deterring trammelling trammeling interning dashing surfeiting filling phasing out vitiating enervating rarefying deflating offsetting stamping out rounding down mincing dropping away sating running low becoming less temperating going easy cutting back on making fewer slimming down making up simmering down reconciling tuning down disposing resolving putting a stop to easing up on keeping down desensitising desensitizing hebetating contenting ceasing reassuring making less strict making less formal meeting halfway crushing quieting down taking the edge rocking to sleep attuning balancing making lighter chastening harmonizing making peace with pacificating restoring harmony to smoothing over burying the hatchet making peace conning greasing clearing the air with imposing peace upon putting down buttering up smoothing someone's ruffled feathers kissing and making up cutting in price lowering in price sophisticating extending lacing brightening setting toning tuning deducting making cheaper lowering the price of underselling putting on sale writing down debasing invalidating counteracting curing uplighting disburdening emptying jettisoning taking removing upraising freeing unburdening levitating unloading facilitating disencumbering eradicating succouring punctuating succoring disgrading demeriting offering at a giveaway price driving down subtracting rendering worthless reducing the price of lissing interrupting inflecting preventing breaking up assisting aiding squelching thinning out delaying bringing an end to bringing aid to bringing aid taking load off making bearable making something bearable bringing respite to subjugating tweaking amending altering fine-tuning harmonising adapting reducing weight pouring out throwing out putting off detaining hindering flagging amortising casting down drying up downgrading rising above softening up draining choking off cutting off conquering handicapping tightening amortizing sagging abbreviating trailing blurring retrenching shriveling closing shrivelling running down underrating impeding decelerating stunting licking slacking understating disciplining obstructing holding up stalling setting back trivializing underestimating whitewashing going through the floor going downhill fizzling out fading out hitting the floor trailing off coming to an end fading away staying keeping back lagging miring retardating humbling underplaying misprizing circumscribing cowing deemphasizing reclaiming busting deprecating embogging reefing postponing loitering procrastinating choking bounding capping fixing interfering with specifying demarcating getting the better of minimalizing getting less trivialising getting a grip on bottling up encircling slacking off putting away delimitating chaining putting a ceiling on prelimiting clipping someone's wings delimiting hemming in tethering defining inclosing putting on ice cooling down hanging up becoming less intense keeping within limits enclosing demarking holding down pinning down coming down on keeping within bounds shutting in setting limits on binding surrounding sending up imposing limits on keeping a tight rein on de-emphasizing bogging down keeping waiting losing steam anchoring it losing speed putting the brakes on brushing aside brushing off talking down glossing over holding cheap shrugging off selling short making little of detracting from pooh-poohing making light letting down flaps hitting the brakes getting in the way of


Present participle for to soften the effect of an impact on
cocooning sheltering shielding protecting screening isolating defending safeguarding insulating cloistering keeping safe keeping from harm looking after caring for taking care of separating sequestering segregating saving secluding cutting off excluding detaching inlaying taping coating wadding islanding filling lining treating closing off keeping apart setting apart wrapping up in cotton wool quarantining cordoning off blocking off confining divorcing removing disconnecting severing shutting away dividing dissociating sealing off closeting alienating distancing withdrawing disengaging splitting up sundering parting fencing off partitioning off screening off curtaining off shutting off marooning cordoning restricting stranding barricading closing partitioning barring roping sorting out choosing ghettoizing selecting marking ghettoising singling out discriminating against shutting up locking up dividing off sectioning off sundering out setting aside separating out freeing decoupling avoiding disaffiliating disassociating retiring moving away placing far off withdrawing from breaking away putting at a distance breaking with keeping at arm's length breaking from walking away hiding isolating oneself enisling secluding oneself secreting segregating oneself shutting oneself off removing oneself shutting oneself away setting oneself apart withdrawing oneself hiding oneself away cutting oneself off closeting oneself setting off drawing back disuniting breaking up estranging keeping out roping off abstracting taping off keeping in solitude forming a ring around putting a cordon sanitaire around


Present participle for to keep from harm, or to ensure the safety of
protecting defending guarding keeping safeguarding securing shielding harbouring preserving saving screening sheltering averting fortifying preventing bulwarking caring for chaperoning covering fencing fending forfending fostering hedging housing inoculating insulating looking after minding supporting tending warding watching over assuring conserving harboring keeping from harm sentineling sentinelling shading watching covering up for escorting immunising immunizing keeping safe mounting guard on standing guard on sticking up for affording protection to covering up giving refuge giving sanctuary standing guard standing up for taking care of covering all bases riding shotgun saving from harm taking under wing going to bat for taking someone under your wing wrapping concealing havening providing protection for keeping from enclosing hiding surrounding chambering roofing stonewalling shotgunning warding off giving shelter giving cover insuring covering for providing safety taking under one's wing taking out insurance taking out insurance cover upholding maintaining ensuring sustaining overseeing policing overlooking resisting opposing making invulnerable garrisoning barricading nannying mothering guiding ruling withstanding holding being responsible for presiding over attending to having charge of staving off persevering with ministering to fending off keeping an eye on beating off championing guarding against taking in repelling danger providing sanctuary holding at bay standing guard over


Present participle for to prevent or reduce the transfer of electricity, heat, or sound by surrounding or lining with a nonconducting material


Present participle for to lie half-hidden or in shelter

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