Đồng nghĩa của depleting

Alternative for depleting

depletes, depleted, depleting

Đồng nghĩa: consume, eat, eat up, exhaust, run through, use up, wipe out,

Động từ

Expending or consuming by employing
using exhausting consuming burning expending getting through gobbling guzzling running through spending using up wasting wearing out dissipating draining finishing up frittering away frivolling away going through squandering bleeding drying up finishing milking sucking dry burning up emptying devouring absorbing drawing down sapping playing out impoverishing eating up bleeding dry bankrupting diminishing utilizing utilising depriving reducing drawing cleaning out running out swallowing up emptying out washing up running down ruining fleecing employing blowing wiping out finishing off tapping siphoning squeezing weakening frittering dispatching pauperizing breaking busting syphoning straining wrecking attenuating bringing to ruin bringing down slashing drying exploiting burning through digging into taking up throwing away running out of making use of eating running up taking last of disposing of blowing through drawing off occupying enervating paying out trashing fraying losing voiding spending like water eating through dispelling dispersing liquidating throwing freeing from catheterizing filtering off getting rid of pumping out getting last drop diverting having recourse to availing oneself of putting to use decimating ruinating crushing making destitute destroying frivoling frivolling wantoning annihilating engulfing demolishing ravaging trifling fiddling going enveloping devastating pillaging beggaring disfiguring wasting away having no more lapsing petering out bringing to its knees sucking the life out of reducing to beggary crippling financially razing gutting extracting laying waste pumping drafting evacuating decreasing lessening lowering undermining paring down cutting back slimming down

Động từ

Present participle for to decrease in size, amount, value, or degree
reducing lessening decreasing diminishing lowering abating easing downscaling downsizing dwindling dropping denting de-escalating knocking down moderating weakening tempering curtailing cutting minimizing toning down shrinking attenuating minimising mitigating tapering alleviating diluting depressing impairing cutting back cutting down relaxing paring down waning quelling contracting ebbing dampening declining allaying slashing assuaging axing sinking mollifying slackening blunting scaling down making less winding down tapering off taking the edge off dropping off petering out tailing off limiting phasing down dulling relieving curbing eroding subsiding softening falling pruning narrowing relenting sapping receding devaluating checking slowing slaking undermining rolling back stepping down slimming down ratcheting down dying down dying away letting up falling away growing less dying out lightening deadening thinning paring trimming dialing down decrementing making smaller degrading calming palliating marking down downgrading fading clipping bringing down depreciating easing off slowing down appeasing soothing retrenching remitting abridging truncating watering down disempowering palling turning down scaling back draining away slackening off restricting constricting shortening releasing draining slumping plummetting plunging plummeting disengaging quietening containing settling numbing making weaker becoming weaker coming to an end defusing making fewer cutting down on cutting back on breaking devaluing cheapening subduing discounting taming deflating shaving undervaluing demoting running low wearing down wearing away falling off becoming smaller growing smaller becoming less cooling damping down taking the heat off causing to fall easing up on writing down muffling cauterizing damping benumbing sating rationalizing economizing deducting calming down dropping away rationalising economising desensitising crippling disabling cauterising obtunding hebetating debilitating desensitizing enfeebling putting a damper on adulterating lacing sophisticating extending trimming away phasing out rolling down tuning down budget cutting debasing invalidating thinning out softening up couching restraining casting down drying up minifying amortising making cutbacks in trimming down extenuating trimming back taking down tightening amortizing qualifying running down quieting cushioning stilling pacifying modifying tranquilizing lulling helping taking the sting out stifling placating smothering suppressing composing taking the bite out sweetening lenifying comforting smoothing pouring oil on soft-pedalling soft-pedaling muting letting up on quenching ameliorating anaesthetizing anesthetizing salving making nice wasting decaying drooping degenerating loosening dissipating evaporating deteriorating shrivelling withering shriveling crumbling slacking off narrowing down losing edge dispelling adjusting killing commuting improving mellowing squaring satisfying gentling cooling out playing up to buffering curing becalming lullabying blurring dulcifying putting an end to aiding assisting whittling down untroubling cooling off balming unburdening patching things up smoothing down taking the sting out of rebating tailing away paralysing silencing masking controlling petering addressing paralyzing rationing banishing dismissing repressing destroying eliminating getting rid of driving off driving away putting to rest chasing away docking taking it easy fixing up reducing something putting damper on making less intense rounding down taking sting out putting the lid on reducing punishment easing up modulating filling surfeiting gruntling hushing putting a stop to going easy admixing vitiating enervating offsetting rarefying making less strict making less formal revamping switching transmogrifying making reductions in overcoming conciliating retrenching on excusing extinguishing propitiating fine tuning making reasonable chilling out taking the bite out of monkeying around with lessening the impact of reducing the impact of softening the impact of winning over making peace with making up buttering up stroking settling down quietening down stabilizing reducing the force of allying healing taking pressure off laying off slacking stabilising rescuing resolving demilitarizing saving recovering neutralizing demilitarising padding neutralising loosing taking the heat smoothing out clearing the air brightening disburdening promoting meliorating simplifying attending to speeding doctoring forwarding cheering lifting opening the door facilitating untightening running interference for furthering nursing speeding up clearing the way making easier expediting freeing counteracting getting less varying succouring consoling succoring solacing punctuating desisting flagging dying off stopping lissing interrupting wasting away going down nosediving coming down preventing breaking up bringing respite to cropping slacking up closing amputating bringing an end to bringing aid to bringing aid taking load off making bearable taking a load off making something bearable

Động từ

Present participle for to use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose
dissipating squandering wasting misspending consuming expending lavishing blowing throwing away exhausting frittering frittering away losing spending burning draining running through burning up spending freely spending recklessly splurging using up bluing scattering dumping fiddling away going through making poor use of misusing spending like water trifling away throwing around like confetti indulging oneself kissing goodbye pouring down the drain throwing down the drain spending money as if it grows on trees spending money as if there were no tomorrow spending money as if it were going out of fashion spending money as if it were going out of style gambling away wasting away idling away spending foolishly fribbling away diddling away sapping outlaying misapplying ebbing misemploying diverting emptying dispensing with shelling out suffering the loss of laying out frivolling away running dry burning through discharging stopping having coughing up sacrificing dispossessing disinheriting divesting passing whiling away occupying killing filling beguiling devoting using splashing out spending unwisely playing ducks and drakes with spending too much overspending paying out spending as if there were no tomorrow spending as if it grows on trees spending as if it were going out of style taking up employing allocating filling up filling in trifling frivoling frivolling pouring money down the drain prodigalizing spending money like water putting out springing for throwing money down the drain throwing money around investing liquidating casting away idling paying forking up giving forking over forking out disbursing stumping up dropping outing ponying up anteing up

Động từ

Present participle for to make feeble
enfeebling debilitating devitalizing sapping weakening immobilising immobilizing indisposing prostrating tiring crippling disabling draining enervating etiolating exhausting fatiguing handicapping incapacitating paralyzing paralysing softening wasting attenuating blunting diminishing emasculating knackering laying low making feeble making weak shattering torpefying undermining unhinging unnerving knocking out doing in wearing out wearying pooping frazzling vitiating washing out jading fagging out putting out of action sapping your strength taking it out of wearing to a frazzle atrophying withering shrivelling emaciating shriveling shrinking consuming gnawing corroding eating away sapping the strength of impairing unstrengthening hamstringing eviscerating rendering infirm laming maiming marring hurting harming injuring mutilating damaging mangling making powerless rendering powerless extenuating hampering encumbering hindering taking it out of one numbing overtaxing taxing overtiring confining to a wheelchair confining to bed whacking tiring out bushing reducing disempowering disfiguring obtunding deadening dulling benumbing disembowelling exenterating destroying disemboweling dismembering stifling making lame disarming palsying defacing dislimbing sidelining making unfit ruining inactivating pinioning kiboshing spoiling hocking totaling unbracing unfitting hogtying restricting hogtieing sabotaging totalling spiking wrecking muzzling battering shooting down rendering incapable taking out throwing monkey wrench in

Tính từ

Draining of energy
soul-sucking draining enervating enfeebling exhausting fatiguing sapping soul-draining tiring weakening wearying debilitating arduous strenuous taxing gruelling laborious onerous grueling tiresome back-breaking difficult exacting demanding wearing punishing uphill tough hard challenging backbreaking rigorous burdensome wearisome crushing trying hellish knackering shattering testing harsh oppressive stressful toilsome killing rough heavy exigent operose toilful moiling effortful severe herculean energy-consuming crippling murderous excruciating torturous troublesome grinding bruising bothersome brutal unbearable sweaty painful labored unsparing tough going Herculean laboured tortuous daunting painstaking ponderous formidable unforgiving tedious agonizing unremitting killer harrowing rugged intolerable galling serious tall forbidding hellacious grievous cumbersome backbreaker fierce intimidating hairy unpleasant gargantuan weighty distressing grim unyielding jarring upstream solemn vigorous thorny distressful agonising slavish ambitious difficile physical enervative busy hectic irksome insufferable dicey prohibitive awful really hard problem ominous hazardous easier said than done merciless nerve-racking high-impact titanic sticky mighty torturesome unendurable tormenting not easy hard-won staggering drudgy colossal immense no picnic extreme intense worksome vicious marathon cruel like getting blood out of a stone uncomfortable troubling unnerving very hard ferocious almighty impossible gigantic savage scabrous problematic uphill battle high-pressure discomforting stiff stringent persnickety pressing imperious time-consuming Augean pick-and-shovel tricky relentless vexatious devastating bloodthirsty weary traumatic worrying homicidal bloody frustrating pressured fraught vexing sanguinary exasperating fell wicked energetic sanguineous prostrating bloody-minded destructive deadly lethal inconvenient awkward destroying cutthroat ruinous criminal dangerous tense slaughterous anxious Sisyphean excessive drudging sanguine murdering agitating monumental immoderate steep impressive bitter hardhanded inhuman searing mean disturbing boring anxiety-ridden huge unreasonable massive exorbitant heart-pumping punitive inexorable prodigious unfair stretching ruthless worrisome unrelaxing overwhelming hefty thoroughgoing withering protracted lengthy hardworking upsetting dour mammoth courageous forceful heroic murder major pitiless aggravating a nuisance dogged slow an imposition pestilent tight wretched no piece of cake carking superincumbent exerting butcherous a stinker of a responsible grave incapacitating devitalizing austere embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache aggressive bold daring grandiose impairing paralysing frantic chaotic industrious active eventful frenzied frenetic lively grand elaborate extravagant intrepid paralyzing visionary pretentious lofty turbulent restless magnificent flustering full tumultuous animated riotous madhouse furious tireless bustling wild large-scale racking chastening full on unruly spirited action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous

Tính từ

Disastrous or destructive
ruinous disastrous calamitous catastrophic destructive devastating cataclysmic dire fatal injurious cataclysmal crippling deadly shattering annihilatory crushing damaging damning devastative fateful harmful murderous noxious pernicious unfortunate withering baleful baneful costly deleterious annihilative draining exhausting extravagant hurtful immoderate impoverishing suicidal wasteful wrackful dangerous detrimental lethal adverse bad nocuous evil inimical disadvantageous poisonous maleficent prejudicial unfavourable malignant unfavorable ill mortal malefic venomous unhealthy unwholesome undesirable wicked virulent negative toxic nocent mischievous prejudicious malign corrupting cancerous savage brutal fell wounding malicious pestilent counterproductive pestilential sinister homicidal hazardous bloody killing cruel destroying subversive menacing eradicative bloodthirsty direful undermining fierce slaughterous environmentally unfriendly violent threatening ominous pestiferous sanguinary ferocious noisome death-dealing extirpative internecine grievous deathly corroding sanguineous terminal corrosive tragic incendiary awful terrible killer cutthroat bloody-minded woeful unpleasant criminal vital hostile perilous sanguine malevolent murdering untoward parlous critical painful nasty foul abusive unsafe dicey vicious unconducive distressing harrowing hellish arduous sapping strenuous grave lamentable ravaging dreadful catastrophal unlucky unfriendly antagonistic infectious insalubrious risky lethiferous wreckful unpropitious inopportune inexpedient septic offensive ruining contaminated spiteful mephitic hard insidious afflictive corruptive severe unbeneficial diseased contaminating tainting troublesome miserable appalling mortifying annihilating desolating loss-making ruthless grim precarious miasmatic miasmic nefarious life-threatening sacrificial contagious final incurable fire-and-brimstone portentous apocalyptical apocalyptic aching hurting pitiless merciless causing death disturbing harassing sinful vindictive imperilling imperiling necrotic mortuary mortiferous frightening forbidding evil-intentioned intimidating bitter hate-filled acrimonious contrary opposed hellfire infective epidemic communicable toxicant butcherous incriminating intimidatory minatory vitriolic poison catching bodeful minacious louring damnatory condemnatory plague-like disease-ridden antipathetic unnourishing counter unsympathetic innutritious insanitary derogatory implicating condemning unwelcoming ill-disposed civil exterminating family internal exterminatory junk unhealthful tainted sickly unhygienic erosive consumptive inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant vile rotten spoiled unnutritious implicatory conclusive implicative dooming strong accusatorial decimating havoc-wreaking spoilt decayed objectionable distasteful unsound disagreeable impure pathological repulsive morbid iniquitous reprobate cantankerous barbarous mutually harmful mutually destructive inhuman barbaric cut-throat heartless harsh remorseless sadistic callous brutish fiendish monstrous inhumane unmerciful unkind truculent rough wild mean aggressive beastly bestial brute butcherly unfeeling cold-blooded atrocious diabolical abominable unrelenting hateful stern wanton rancorous hard-hearted implacable warlike gory devilish heinous maniacal thuggish uncaring unsparing horrible wolfish uncharitable cold-hearted dead flinty stony-hearted furious catty rabid fiery tigerish vengeful despiteful demoniac feral crazed impetuous delirious depraved untreatable relentless infernal unruly gruff mad uncompassionate untamed unrestrained waspish dirty unforgiving revengeful frantic lousy insensitive uncontrollable murder uncompromising tough unpitying ill-natured bad-natured evil-minded bellicose ravening heavy involving bloodshed hard-fought crude coarse treacherous lupine voracious ravenous unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent murtherous slaying cannibalistic carcinogenic irreconcilable ill-fated death dealing ill-starred serious arch unappeasable dodgy ill-boding foreboding creophagous carnivorous inflexible hardline inexorable desperate uncivilised viperous villainous abhorrent rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned dark bullying intransigent berserk frenzied intemperate sworn terrorizing pugnacious man-eating at each other's throats fearsome ungentle steely explosive maddened hotheaded forceful frenetic assertive dour raging frightful convulsive austere impassioned fuming crazy terrorising headstrong radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible incessive raving stark lowering enraged rugged undomesticated fearful angry infuriated rapacious thick-skinned obdurate hard-boiled compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney stony affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted hot-tempered hot-headed animalistic primitive biffo aggers knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts knock-down hammer and tongs out of control drag-out hardhearted marble-hearted full-blooded bang-bang hardened intolerant rigorous sour tyrannical with a heart of stone avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting desensitised indefatigable unyielding unbending uncontrite hard-bitten hideous ghastly bloodless unemotional inclement draconian dastardly immoral wrathful roughshod

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