Đồng nghĩa của untoward

Alternative for untoward

Tính từ

Inappropriate for a given purpose, situation or occasion
inappropriate unseemly improper indecorous unbecoming unsuitable unfitting amiss graceless inapposite inapt incongruous incorrect inept infelicitous malapropos perverse unapt unfit unhappy wrong immodest improprietous indecent indelicate malodorous rough uncouth ungodly out of place unbefitting unsuited ill-advised unacceptable out of keeping ill-suited inopportune untimely undue ill-timed tactless inexpedient awkward inapplicable injudicious undesirable ill-considered tasteless misplaced unseasonable unwarranted inadvisable discordant ill-judged unladylike ungentlemanly irregular erroneous inharmonious incompatible undignified uncalled-for impolite lacking in propriety misguided indiscreet out of order inaccurate regrettable unprofessional uncomely imprudent discrepant unfortunate inadmissible odd ineligible out-of-place at odds in bad taste bad form discreditable false immoral vulgar clumsy illogical unworthy abnormal preposterous gauche irrelevant ludicrous out-of-season off-base inadequate in poor taste disproportionate unfitted ill-adapted beyond the pale out of the way disreputable contradictory offensive rotten coarse unmannerly shameless rude shocking unfair absurd erring maladroit extraneous crooked impolitic shameful unworthy of clashing dissonant inconsistent jarring out of line ill-fitted insensitive inapropos not designed not up to scratch ineligible for unequipped for unprepared for not proper unsuited to inadequate for ill-chosen ill-suited to unsuitable for unfitted for not good enough inappropriate to not designed for ill-adapted to unwise misconceived unrefined out-of-the-way uncalled for incautious untactful unfavorable disappointing unfavourable impertinent immaterial unqualified unconventional irrelative meaningless pointless ridiculous dishonourable illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical objectionable funny off-balance detrimental poor crass tawdry ruffian raffish inelegant crude cheap rowdy unscrupulous not done disgraceful deplorable dreadful unmatched disparate dissident disagreeable interfering senseless dishonorable not up to snuff not qualified faulty defective misdirected not pertinent not germane inconsonant off out of character against the rules not cricket irrational wrong-headed unreasonable suggestive unvirtuous loose wanton ill-bred not suitable awry left-field foot-in-mouth way off boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous risqué distasteful bold smutty outrageous scandalous forward unwholesome mistaken confused unhandsome tacky unlovely salacious unorthodox uncivil stupid slow incompetent dull bad imperfect unsatisfactory astray adrift flawed fresh cheeky brazen off-colour inexpert fallacious inexperienced unhandy unfacile flat jejune inadept unmeet undexterous unproficient insipid banal disobliging disobedient miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant delinquent uncontrollable ornery troublesome obstructive unhealthy fractious rebellious unhelpful mean unlawful haywire sick foul inefficient uncool useless ineffective glitched up not equal to not good enough for no good conflicting naughty contrary disconsonant strange bizarre irreconcilable off-key incoherent ironic paradoxical not in harmony divergent unrelated uncoordinated shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided jumbled unavailing uneven rambling in opposition unconnected alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful fantastic standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile unwelcome inconvenient premature disadvantageous early mistimed hasty misjudged intrusive unnecessary unallowable unjustified unjustifiable badly timed undeserved unmerited invalid unjust needless fulsome superfluous unneeded impermissible forbidden prohibited precluded disallowed underhanded sinister unwarrantable illegal unadmittable not allowable exceptionable censored unadmissible ill-favored excluded barred not acceptable banned unwanted non-essential ill-favoured not required beside the point not appropriate

Tính từ

Resistant to control or authority
recalcitrant intractable refractory wilful disobedient wayward unruly rebellious willful insubordinate ungovernable contumacious contrary defiant balky obstreperous froward restive rebel recusant incompliant unmanageable uncontrollable headstrong perverse mutinous obstinate fractious difficult disorderly incontrollable stubborn undisciplined uncooperative wild bolshie obdurate awkward turbulent unyielding out of control riotous stroppy insurgent incorrigible disaffected ornery non-compliant troublesome lawless noncompliant self-willed seditious intransigent pigheaded rowdy resistant disruptive delinquent mulish indocile irrepressible violent quarrelsome bloody-minded unrestrained uncompliant out of hand inflexible factious revolutionary unbiddable boisterous insubmissive naughty insurrectionary errant nonconformist bull-headed chaotic dissident dissentient cantankerous reckless indomitable impetuous opinionated unbridled badly behaved alienated adverse mischievous malcontent anarchic stiff-necked subversive truculent insurrectionist dissenting unbending unaccommodating dissentious unpredictable loud noisy resisting contentious cussed impish unmalleable antagonistic hostile iconoclastic heedless nonconforming thrawn uncontrolled argumentative impossible pugnacious bellicose rascally roguish renitent impulsive impervious drunken rash intemperate bawdy imprudent forward inexorable assertive mean pervicacious rumbustious treacherous contrarious unrestrainable resistive radical insoluble undisciplinable negative immovable out of line cross-grained estranged haughty irreconcilable peevish unfavorable unfavourable petulant cross renegade nonobservant persistent maleficent resolved malicious malign determined malevolent spiteful up in arms heretical maverick unpersuadable impotent rampant stubborn as a mule disputatious unorthodox mutinying apostate schismatic traitorous ill-disciplined complex burdensome demanding disobliging attention-seeking troublemaking unresponsive bullheaded unwilling without law and order obstructive unhelpful lawbreaking lively rollicking romping anarchical nuts outrageous madcap crazy insurmountable hysterical berserk uncomplying obstinately disobedient vexatious tiresome annoying unreasonable erratic fickle disloyal capricious aggressive challenging excited strong freaked overwhelming badly-behaved abandoned overpowering intense insuppressible impossible to cope with uncompromising incurable rough tempestuous uproarious raucous vociferous contrariant discordant arsey disagreeing paradoxical opposing withstanding unadaptable clamorous rampaging antipathetic converse inimical wrongheaded threatening warring armed restless sabotaging militant individualistic treasonable anarchistic attacking daring provocative bold audacious rambunctious rock-ribbed like a loose cannon beside oneself loath reluctant indisposed hesitant negativistic averse roisterous rackety tumultuous belligerent insolent confrontational intolerable unbearable undependable pig-headed rip-roaring combative rampageous roistering hard-line pat thorny unpliable tough tenacious locked resolute knotty pertinacious problematic immoral aberrant arbitrary feisty screaming booming strepitous piercing blusterous scrappy raising Cain hang tough locked in raising the roof tough nut self-indulgent strong-willed disregardful cheeky sassy gutsy dareful ready for a fight spoiling for a fight strident clangorous robustious resounding stentorian rude ear-piercing knockabout hell-raising blaring thunderous harsh misbehaving thundering deafening sonorous ringing blasting reverberating cacophonous vehement ear-splitting earsplitting deep plangent termagant lusty powerful fiendish full-throated forceful vociferant exuberant irritable clattering unamenable dogged adamant bad robust roughhouse inconsiderate roaring agitated stormy reverberant head-splitting vibrant trying out-of-line rugged fiery exasperating playful out-of-order carrying passionate unrelenting resonant emphatic impolite slam-bang fierce tricksy brattish scampish puckish prankish clearly audible vocal stentorious clattery gallus wanton wrong importunate hardheaded in turmoil rich full hard-nosed forte rotund fortissimo ear-popping full of mischief ill-natured blatant wrong-headed loud-voiced grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky loutish untrained limit unsettling disturbing upsetting unsteady unschooled loudmouthed narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric swaggering swashbuckling cavalier unsupportive implacable distracting antisocial chattering inconsistent ungoverned divisive unlawful gleeful active animated wild and woolly sticky lacking self-control overexcited bouncy rioting indisciplined confused disrupting off-base adamantine inconvincible hardened hard ossified brash talkative as stubborn as a mule ebullient spirited frisky high-spirited self-opinionated drunk blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying misbehaved with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way uninhibited out-of-control raging shrieking bawling shouting causing trouble on-a-tear not cooperative unconstructive hindering full-on wicked raunchy artful kiddish impudent infantile sly frolicsome foxy bothersome ill-behaved ruffianly thoughtless immature childish disrespectful devilish sinful frenzied unstable in high spirits frustrating making difficulties teasing worthless explosive roller-coaster unsettled disturbed irregular rowdydowdy evil effervescent energetic over-the-top brawling fulminating crashing blustering big heavy pealing wakes the dead high-sounding turned up full-mouthed pulsating storming shaking perturbed demonstrative stern untamed bitter destructive throbbing bad-mannered reverberatory orotund heightened pulsing throaty echoing reverberative sonorant intensified clear full of ups and downs full of conflict full of confusion full of upheavals grating jarring insistent oscillating harmonious melodious consonant canorous fruity palpitating baritone round rasping full-bodied ear-shattering aquiver very loud enhanced deep-toned mellow full-voiced plummy golden low electrifying dinning screeching shrill urgent stridulous unmusical overbearing hard to please fussy grim fervent impassioned stridulant clashing boorish rigid tyrannical picky fastidious finicky angry fervid heated inflamed unmelodious jangling dissonant unharmonious grumbly strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways finical vexed testy hard to handle invidious steadfast choosy captious snappy sensitive temperamental crotchety uppity touchy uptight chippy disputative sour oafish discontented hypercritical prickly dissatisfied querulous bearish crabby stiff huffy delicate dogmatic oppressive hard to satisfy irritating unflinching overcritical opinionative irascible perfectionist particular over-particular dictatorial critical ungracious vigorous zealous rabid stridulatory hoarse stertorous persuasive squawky baying squeaky

Tính từ

Unfavourable, adverse, or disadvantageous
adverse unfavourable unfavorable hostile disadvantageous negative inimical prejudicial unfriendly counter unsympathetic unfortunate unpropitious bad unlucky inopportune calamitous damaging inauspicious destructive harmful detrimental disastrous untimely dire infelicitous threatening regrettable ill-fated ruinous ill injurious unhappy inexpedient ominous catastrophic unpromising ill-starred wretched inconvenient cataclysmic terrible dangerous antagonistic unsuitable poor hapless fateful inappropriate devastating opposed objectionable hurtful troublesome lamentable deleterious unseasonable fatal black menacing baleful luckless sinister inhospitable harsh unsuited improper unseemly gloomy dreadful deplorable ill-advised pernicious awful unfit disparaging baneful star-crossed disagreeable tragic doomed evil jinxed unsuccessful noxious undesirable malapropos discommodious wrong grievous contrary cataclysmal inadvisable miserable deadly direful critical inapt crippling unpleasant bleak tough foreboding perilous prejudicious ill-suited cursed counterproductive unwelcome ruined nocuous inconducive maleficent malefic disapproving out of luck ill-omened mischievous afflicted awkward unbecoming unadvantageous distressing undermining wicked woeful repugnant hazardous damning appalling ill-boding hard frightful blighted very bad low subversive forbidding ill-chosen pitiful grim lethal virulent malignant unhealthy toxic horrible snakebitten snakebit ill-timed corrosive cancerous malicious painful parlous corroding unwholesome unwelcoming hard luck corrupting dark uncomplimentary dicey annihilative wounding incendiary poisonous venomous eradicative extirpative nocent suicidal uncongenial alien unsatisfactory tardy late desperate inept broken forsaken in a bad way destitute hopeless unprosperous pained stricken shattered troubled burdened unkind jaundiced mortal adversary adversarial worrying nasty ravaging obstructive disavowing shocking accident-prone corruptive annihilatory devastative condemned tough luck down on luck behind eight ball bad break naysaying recusant antipathetic abortive impeding hindering trying challenging prohibitive testing difficult bothersome destroyed misfortunate discouraging anti ill-disposed derogatory detracting pejorative debit-side dyslogistic depreciative slighting depreciatory unprofitable downside unhelpful inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected at odds oppugnant tragical heartrending heartbreaking distressful unpopular undesired rough disheartening bodeful minatory doomy portentous catastrophal on the debit side horrendous severe austere horrifying sinistrous unchancy impending unacceptable shattering dour dismal uncomfortable fearsome daunting ghastly fierce intimidating rugged distasteful offensive unpalatable displeasing frightening stark disturbing terrifying disquieting jarring ferocious blameworthy intolerable upsetting disappointing reprehensible too bad ignominious sad hair-raising depressing disgraceful shameful unsought unwanted harrowing pathetic mournful sorry sorrowful pitiable lousy melancholy atrocious heart-rending cheerless doleful saddening agonizing rotten afflictive grave agonising desolate piteous bitter traumatic egregious sombre somber execrable joyless dispiriting poignant gut-wrenching comfortless abysmal morose malign diabolical crushing horrific mean dreary crummy moving gruesome monstrous alarming forlorn abominable affecting abhorrent glum abject vile tear-jerking horrid inferior plaintive heinous environmentally unfriendly vexatious unbearable annoying hideous depressive sickening godawful excruciating rueful irksome drear anguished melancholic disconsolate funereal solemn nightmarish galling cruel scandalous distressed dishonourable inadequate drab dishonorable dolorous scurvy opprobrious despondent paltry contemptible outrageous shoddy dismaying tormenting stressful disconcerting troubling detestable chronic dejected iniquitous grisly oppressive irritating afflicting unspeakable discomposing loathsome depressed pestilential lugubrious serious costly uninviting odious pestiferous despairing sullen vexing shabby wrackful malevolent heart-wrenching unnerving noisome unpleasing repellent base obnoxious macabre touching dirty lurid scary tearful substandard unappealing unwished-for cheap despicable cruddy inexcusable lame elegiac unsettling disreputable pessimistic stinking mediocre God-awful indefensible fearful ignoble downbeat unsafe risky concerning unjustifiable dejecting foul sinful aggravating unsavory murderous mortifying icky disgusting godforsaken stirring rubbish revolting discreditable gross discomforting yukky sour yucky meagre ridiculous meager exceptionable unlovely perturbing blue cold lachrymose precarious god-awful nerve-racking nefarious heart-breaking defeatist lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous minacious torturous sucky exacting laughable derisible demoralized dread insufferable taxing unsavoury sepulchral frustrating exigent pressing punk morbid extreme off-putting worthless repellant ugly redoubtable messy gray grey tortured spine-chilling formidable beastly terrific demoralised ruining suffering destroying second-rate apocalyptic unenviable regretful desolating a pity squalid sordid glaring disillusioning loss-making crying crucial pestilent indigent scungy impoverished blighting earth-shattering nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing urgent teary flagrant grieving insalubrious harassing cynical worrisome bringing bad luck disenchanting drastic maddening sacrificial irritable bewildering agonized flagitious deathly irretrievable monumental humourless humorless repulsive sober agitating racked agonised feeble withering insidious miasmatic miasmic spiteful beggarly ruthful unforgivable sorrowing incriminating infuriating exasperating weighty villainous nauseating sedate hairy troublous unendurable fraught dissatisfying gloom-ridden creepy eerie senseless inglorious preposterous heavy oppressing scowling killing uncool grotty grody hellacious nauseous mephitical hellish perplexing revulsive unamusing fatalistic evil-looking spooky eldritch unpardonable unconscionable foolish damnatory condemnatory pesky sobbing wistful nostalgic hateful demoralizing demoralising compassionate commiserative arousing to be pitied small immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful absurd ludicrous derisory cantankerous reprobate insupportable immoral minatorial anticlimactic infamous unworthy third-rate foolish-looking silly dreaded mirthless dispirited dolesome nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking dim suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering vicious culpable neutralising criminal unforgiving regretting petrifying excessive degrading shady shy unrespectable louche notorious humiliating implicating condemning hard-pressed shadowy chilling suspicious alarmist distrustful doubting unenthusiastic chilly dingy plangent pensive dreich Eeyorish saturnine elegiacal straitened full of hardship doubtful strained treacherous jeopardous rocky rejected remiss unprincipled grubby scummy sneaking ratty scabby implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming excluded uninvited useless junky rubbishy beyond contempt downhearted ill-favoured inadmissible trashy duff schlocky gimcrack unsound poxy cheesy common schlock dissatisfactory coarse trumpery woebegone helpless oppressed downer overwhelming bummer faulty sleazy pants cheapjack bum unwished for hurting upset bearish heartbroken disheartened downcast violent resigned weary brokenhearted impaired amiss defective incompetent savage brutal not wanted lamenting unmitigable in pain in despair broken-hearted up the creek long-suffering grief-stricken without hope sunk inconsolable a load of pants low-grade haunting ill-favored nagging confronting erosive cutthroat consumptive cut-rate low-rent el cheapo bargain-basement fell death-dealing

Tính từ

Not bendable
uncompliant intractable obdurate unbending uncompromising firm adamant perverse inflexible dogged implacable headstrong refractory willful rigid unyielding intransigent mulish relentless inexorable recalcitrant unrelenting pertinacious contumacious determined opinionated steadfast fixed adamantine bullheaded hardheaded pigheaded rebellious unmanageable balky insubordinate incompliant unbendable tenacious iron remorseless cussed unshakable persistent persevering unreasonable cantankerous tough brassbound grim ornery mule stiff-necked single-minded self-willed die-hard set in one's ways stubborn resolute immovable obstinate unwavering unshakeable hard wilful hard-nosed ossified hardened pat inconvincible self-opinionated unflinching unswerving resolved indurate set iron-willed unfaltering strict steely strong-willed indomitable staunch unflagging indefatigable decided stiff hard-line dead set on bloody-minded tireless steady set in stone untiring unmalleable unpersuadable constant sure strong-minded bull-headed rock-ribbed hard and fast stalwart dedicated rigorous hardline uncooperative insistent stern harsh bound unswayable solid locked in unhesitating stringent severe unalterable unremitting unchangeable unadaptable undeviating diehard immutable unvarying unvacillating unshaken unflappable pitiless unchanging enduring abiding unqualified never-failing unmovable dead set brick-wall committed purposeful patient demanding assiduous bolshie unaccommodating unfluctuating importunate contrary forceful sedulous true exacting unsparing merciless froward unappeasable sustained strong wholehearted dogmatic dyed-in-the-wool spunky perseverant intense hard-core meaning business standing one's ground hanging tough bound and determined purposive intent authoritarian restive established pressing unfailing diligent unbreakable cruel ruthless inalterable invariable austere gutsy cast-iron hard-and-fast difficult stroppy strenuous energetic stout even uniform consistent opinionative unforgiving unquestioning vigorous contrarious cross-grained tyrannical regular rugged sticking to one's guns tough nut to crack pig-headed not giving an inch imperious dire changeless iron-fisted deaf to reason hardhearted dug in oppressive invariant wrong-headed stubborn as a mule standing pat heavy-handed driven unswervable inveterate unbudgeable undaunted defiant earnest stiffened noncompliant renitent non-compliant resistant narrow-minded unmoved heady immalleable durable awkward hidebound convinced blinkered deliberate loyal faithful do or die crisp hard as nails hold your ground doctrinaire hold the line hold the fort unflexible with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in irreversible exact concrete self-disciplined impassive spirited stony entrenched incommutable static ramrod unpermissive brave cohesive set in your ways bold manful courageous plucky writ in stone cut-and-dried unmoving strait-laced definite decided upon unimpressible bulldog stony-hearted unimpressionable coherent unrepentant cold fish proof against persuasion uncompassionate impertinent bullhead unemotional mean devoted rooted possessive persisting sturdy unforgetful stand pat unmodifiable tough nut set in concrete quiescent permanent four-square stout-hearted inexhaustible mettlesome gritty unstoppable serious valiant compulsive full of determination reliable dependable bent on going all the way fierce draconian unwearied unwearying emphatic independent never-tiring enthusiastic dynamic dour drastic grave urgent unabated pounding mortal hard-headed weariless industrious fast good true-blue pious down-the-line trusty stanch devout uncharitable disciplinarian callous hard-hearted no-nonsense ascetical domineering by the book absolute browbeating extreme formidable rough ascetic unsympathetic astringent autocratic disciplinary active unsinkable hell-bent ironclad painstaking assertive exigent nose to grindstone stop at nothing tried-and-true allegiant trustworthy stable ardent liege immobile pushful pushy peremptory resounding reiterative imperative continuous clamant burning monotonous crying overbearing hard to please unamenable fussy boorish picky argumentative fastidious finicky categorical grumbly disobliging irritable trying finical tiresome vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured temperamental crotchety uppity touchy troublesome uptight chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative sour oafish discontented hypercritical prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby thrawn huffy negative delicate hard to satisfy irritating overcritical impolite disputatious irascible obstructive perfectionist particular over-particular dictatorial fractious critical obstreperous ungracious

Tính từ

Not likely to happen, be done, or be true
unlikely improbable incredible remote implausible questionable unbelievable unconvincing unimaginable absurd far-fetched inconceivable labored laboured strained unrealistic doubtful fabulous fanciful fantastic preposterous ridiculous tall cock-and-bull faint slight contrary incongruous rare strange suspect unheard-of not likely cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take less likely outside chance out of the ordinary dubious flimsy unthinkable impossible fishy debatable weak thin dubitable suspicious problematic doubtable extraordinary disputable uncompelling fantastical incredulous mind-boggling unconceivable staggering farfetched uncertain beyond belief difficult to believe shaky iffy equivocal unsubstantial amazing illogical astonishing won't wash hard to believe problematical full of it ludicrous feeble mind-blowing poor shady scarcely credible unpersuasive inadequate outlandish arguable obscure unsatisfactory queer lame pathetic outrageous untrustworthy unimagined dodgy reachy unapt astounding spectacular shonky unheard of won't hold water full of holes incomprehensible breathtaking incogitable exceptional singular unreasonable nonsensical untenable false beyond the bounds of possibility undreamed of bizarre incoherent not kosher dishonest unsound unreliable puzzling undependable extravagant specious hollow inconsequential faulty far out bleak unacceptable forced transparent unimpressive ineffable stupendous odd prodigious unspeakable untold unutterable unsettled unknowable undecided unique awful stunning wonderful awesome eye-opening surprising sublime miraculous portentous wondrous overwhelming funny open too much unthought of moot remarkable half-baked phenomenal unsure for the birds undreamed-of phony unusual phoney marvelous eye-popping striking marvellous not quite right beyond one's wildest dreams beyond the realm of reason up in the air open to doubt under suspicion tenuous vague flawed irrational likely exaggerated puny unplausible unsubstantiated contradictory inconclusive nebulous speculative unconfirmed out of the question insupposable imcomprehensible awe-inspiring outstanding bewildering confounding supernatural impressive trifling insufficient spurious unsustainable unsupportable groundless invalid sketchy irreconcilable senseless indefensible misleading overblown mootable extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely shallow ponderous ineffectual long shot fat chance pseudo open to suspicion potentially dangerous thick potentially false suspected unclear faltering inefficient unpleasing unsuitable flabby ineffective sensational embellished untrue fabricated untruthful not to be thought of beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly not in the least likely nonrational airy illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty wacky fallacious vain unfounded unreasoned inconsequent on thin ice touch-and-go laughable hyperbolic farcical shifty peculiar mysterious underhand off the wall self-contradictory embroidered distorted histrionic indescribable tremendous murky crooked dark bent disreputable unreal not convincing harebrained infeasible reaching inapprehensible unordinary uncommon blown up flakey kooky scatterbrained flaky cockeyed lamebrained screwy cockamamie off immense legendary complicated amazeballs slim impracticable hundred-to-one unnatural eccentric unbelieveable recondite controversial unresolved past belief jaw-dropping rad ambiguous devious irregular not understandable contestable controvertible unprecedented out-of-this-world top drawer not expected vexed contentious negotiable disputed at issue issuable novel unknown new unfamiliar undetermined unconcluded slim and none open to debate open to question yet to be decided open to discussion offensive extreme shocking fresh unaccustomed undiscovered original unremarked disgraceful unsung ground-breaking unregarded unexampled little-known little known unrenowned nameless never before encountered

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