Đồng nghĩa của cast iron

Alternative for cast iron

cast iron /'kɑ:st'aiən/
  • danh từ
    • gang

Tính từ

Strict or exacting in standards
rigid rigorous inflexible uncompromising stringent strict exacting brassbound hard-line firm stern severe tough harsh set hard unwavering fixed unyielding unbending invariable draconian undeviating unadaptable intransigent unpermissive unalterable unchangeable oppressive adamant immutable unvarying resolute unshakeable unsparing steadfast authoritarian demanding iron-fisted heavy-handed hard and fast intractable indurate tight ironclad binding solid confining picky extreme determined bullheaded stiff hard-and-fast obdurate relentless single-minded inexorable hard-nosed immovable unrelenting unchanging changeless dead set austere set in stone ramrod imperious established entrenched incommutable inalterable hard to please rooted locked flinty despotic ironhanded onerous spartan cruel savage regimented unmoving locked in unswerving exact writ in stone strait-laced irreversible static definite incompliant tough nut to crack cut-and-dried concrete decided upon bound disciplined controlled rough forceful drawing convincing by the numbers by the book valid dead set on powerful dyed-in-the-wool brick-wall acrimonious compelling closely controlled strictly controlled rigidly enforced remove procrustean dour forbidding disciplinary illiberal grim uptight adamantine headstrong hardline obstinate pertinacious puritanical stubborn stuffy unpersuadable no-nonsense immoderate diehard militant staunch hard-core hard-boiled ungiving stand pat not giving an inch hardened hardheaded dogged stiff-necked implacable tenacious perverse mulish pigheaded wilful willful opinionated self-willed ossified pat unmalleable inconvincible self-opinionated bloody-minded unflinching settled unaccommodating bull-headed refractory difficult merciless pitiless deep-dyed long-standing uncooperative indomitable inveterate committed iron-willed ruthless explicit balky callous die-hard unshakable unsympathetic fierce fractious unmanageable hard-hearted tyrannical unforgiving dedicated unappeasable remorseless deep intrenched deep-rooted bred-in-the-bone deep-seated confirmed contrary unfaltering awkward recalcitrant unswayable resolved unsentimental cynical faithful devoted narrow-minded incurable seasoned stalwart determinate drastic true decided cantankerous obstreperous dogmatic insistent uncharitable stony hard-bitten hard-hitting overbearing unreasonable unamenable fussy froward formidable persistent inexpugnable domineering trying perfectionist importunate hard as nails hard-shelled tiresome troublesome hypercritical querulous hang tough hard to satisfy over-particular dictatorial critical winner-take-all zero-sum high-stake win-or-lose unbudgeable all-or-nothing final strong rugged categorical set-on one-sided challenging fast complicated reactionary traditionalist conservative unbreakable brutal cold cool crisp doctrinaire unflexible ultra-conservative unprogressive desperate uncaring stony-hearted two-fisted pugnacious ferocious mortal grave dug in standing pat do or die sticking to one's guns hold your ground standing one's ground hold the line hold the fort out-and-out sworn deadly bitter disciplinarian dire ascetical absolute hardhearted browbeating ascetic pressing astringent autocratic radical blimpish irreconcilable unruly wayward obscene pornographic X-rated wild demeaning over-rigorous clamorous quibbling over-strict overexacting disparaging serious judgmental needy possessive hairsplitting caviling over-exacting disapproving fault-finding sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous carping censorious censuring judgemental cavillous cavilling nagging over-censorious high-maintenance exigent disobedient ungovernable uncontrollable fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist undisciplined unwaivering contumacious rebellious restive untoward defiant rock-ribbed rebel recusant insubordinate case-hardened assertive whole-hearted emphatic chronic habitual constant insoluble thorny unpliable tough nut problematic knotty indocile in earnest decisive dominant purposeful stable certain intent prevailing sure unshaken persevering unqualified perennial lifelong thorough devout going bent positive consistent fiery through and through torrid enduring loyal proved sicker fervent irredeemable earnest vehement unreformable fanatical compulsive well established indelible ineradicable deep-set red-hot thoroughgoing zealous complete hard-shell staid wholehearted impenitent incorrigible ingrained obsessive ardent all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying longtime long-established supreme well-established accustomed unapologetic inured unashamed habituated unfeeling thick-skinned inhumane heartless compassionless desensitized soulless cold-blooded pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney affectless slash-and-burn inhuman take-no-prisoners hard-headed unmerciful ironhearted world-weary do-or-die never-failing hell-bent on strong-willed hell-bent upon bent on bent upon through-and-through indurated boorish argumentative fastidious finicky lacking sentiment hard-edged as tough as old boots toughened by experience desensitised as hard as nails grumbly disobliging strong-minded irritable set in one's ways finical vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured temperamental crotchety ornery uppity touchy chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative sour oafish discontented cussed prickly dissatisfied rude bearish crabby thrawn huffy stroppy negative delicate irritating contrarious overcritical wrong-headed impolite opinionative disputatious irascible obstructive particular bolshie ungracious stiffened renitent immalleable unmovable durable uncompliant

Tính từ

Strong and durable, physically or figuratively
strong sturdy tough toughened hardened hardy stout rugged hard robust vigorous impervious inured bulletproof iron hard-bitten solid firm durable substantial resilient resistant indestructible hard as nails hard-wearing well-built lusty seasoned sound stalwart brawny mighty strongly made cynical case-hardened hearty unsentimental hard-boiled indurate fit healthy muscular acclimatized indurated callous impenetrable hard-edged strapping acclimatised able-bodied rigid stiff inflexible stable tenacious steeled unbreakable heavy-duty staunch built to last long-lasting like granite stark imperishable fast well-made bombproof serviceable leathery tough as nails cohesive tight withstanding dense moulded made to last molded conditioned rock-hard athletic reinforced forceful husky heavy beefy hulking fortified galvanized galvanised strengthened tempered thick thickset invincible indomitable accustomed habituated desensitized deadened experienced coarsened used desensitised unfeeling heartless uncaring irreverent benumbed inaccessible hardhearted prepared coldhearted contemptuous cruel hard-as-nails unrepenting disdainful impious unsubmissive unashamed obtuse uncompassionate unemotional hale unflagging fighting fit enduring powerful able indefatigable hefty capable burly well fresh hale and hearty in good health in good condition in rude health fit as a fiddle in fine fettle physically fit in good shape hard-nosed hard-headed shrewd realistic practical down-to-earth matter-of-fact world-weary uncompromising consolidated stubborn adamantine set compressed compact concentrated compacted rocky hard-handed packed stony lacking sentiment toughened by experience as hard as nails as tough as old boots buff ripped shredded jacked energetic sinewy hunky muscly Herculean active thewy in good trim powerfully built virile lively potent in tip-top condition vital manly resolute reliable well-conditioned whole red-blooded fine lasting in the pink big bouncing flourishing peppy blooming dynamic thriving trim dependable powerhouse solidly built full of life bursting with health manful right as rain meaty wear-resistant rough as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea as strong as an ox spirited flush in shape gingery wholesome in trim bulky redoubtable perdurable functional steady forcible wiry secure sensible plain unadorned heavyweight well muscled masculine utilitarian muscled macho studly aerobicized loyal faithful buoyant jock beefcake stocky constant efficient infrangible healthful animated well-developed vivacious sprightly steadfast feisty perky zippy jaunty formidable devoted effective spanking committed dedicated trusty snappy brisk chipper muscle-bound true in good kilter unwavering alive and kicking spry tireless unswerving unfaltering hard-working strenuous true-blue enterprising steamroller driving broad-shouldered in good physical shape mesomorphic unhesitating well-knit in top form unyielding ball of fire well knit unshakable tried and true obdurate in fine feather ropy tried and tested pumped up bruising hulky herculean fearsome ferocious young flexible sporty physical butch knockabout agile nimble lithe A1 weatherproof full-bodied built bursting with good health safe inexpugnable influential fleshy great important supple foolproof infallible overpowering significant abled non-decorative perduring long-continued diuturnal well-constructed slim toned irrepressible toned up as right as rain fixed error-tolerant gritty sure sound in body and limb in excellent shape vitalized energized energised invigorated puissant restored rosy-cheeked unimpaired safe and sound normal OK plucky intrepid headstrong valiant well-founded good pious down-the-line trustworthy devout full-blooded stouthearted lumbering sturdily built tall heavily built mammoth imposing towering huge gargantuan massive colossal gigantic immovable bright-eyed up to snuff all right bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health fit as a flea tried-and-true allegiant ardent liege difficult to keep down airy pizazzy mettlesome springy animate frisky jazzy pert racy gay sparky pizzazzy stringy tiger musclebound swole quick to bounce back shatterproof non-breakable quick to recover rude everlasting nonbreakable armoured indissoluble invulnerable armored brass-bound permanent incorruptible rolling with punches wrinkled roaring pragmatic useful unpretentious moving aggressive demoniac motive mobile untiring kinematic kinetic breezy high-powered dynamical locomotive motile industrious coarse handy neat workaday utility ordinary soulless working as strong as a horse as strong as a ox coriaceous sparkling high-spirited undecorative bristly chunky effervescent playful weather-beaten lined furrowed wrinkly wizened strong as an lion intense strong as an ox vibrant strong as an horse zestful hardheaded pragmatical commonsensical to the purpose no-frills unromantic unidealistic upbeat go-getting bouncy daring wick spunky curly wavy persuasive take-over exuberant take-charge dashing hard-driving leathern leather-like gnarled leatherlike thickened bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim raring to go audacious bound unafraid hanging tough bound and determined determined dead set on nervy full of beans kinky fibrous scratchy full of energy nuts and bolts suited to the purpose

Tính từ

Incapable of being changed or of changing
unchangeable fixed immutable invariable unalterable changeless constant invariant irreversible permanent decided deep-rooted established incommutable set abiding enduring eternal firm hard-and-fast immovable inalterable indestructible ineradicable inevitable inflexible lasting perpetual stable steadfast strong unfading unvarying consistent continuing lifelong perdurable resolute unchanged unmodifiable unmovable hard and fast set in stone rigid definite strict unchanging settled hard unbending frozen flat inexpugnable certain determinate final inveterate binding stringent rigorous clear-cut uncompromising incontestable incontrovertible entrenched concrete hardheaded ingrained deep-seated stubborn unyielding hardened solid obstinate stiff rooted hidebound jelled ironclad pigheaded bound unflappable locked in well-set solid as a rock stiff-necked agreed preset arranged allotted confirmed specified prearranged predetermined defined determined precise prescribed decreed explicit exact unwavering planned express steady unblinking resolved undeviating still sure stated unqualified definitive stipulated never-failing writ in stone not subject to change in the bag absolute uniform unfluctuating conclusive regular unfailing irrevocable clear specific decisive static persistent indelible positive indisputable unquestionable unvaried unequivocal predictable unfaltering unrelieved distinct even same ultimate stationary categorical durable emphatic ageless ceaseless imperishable outright equable continual stabile never-ending set in concrete well defined pegged straight nonnegotiable biased preconceived unadaptable adamantine quantified known limited independent level not changeable fixed as the laws of the Medes and the Persians uninterrupted sustained continuous unswerving exacting written dictated mandatory compulsory intent determining unshakeable irremovable well-established sacrosanct interminable unceasing unabated unabating incessant monolithic non-stop absolutist unremitting relentless calm everlasting telling unshakable doubtless unshaken convinced free from doubt convincing satisfied confident valid indubitable for a fact undeniable real unquestioning genuine persuaded assured authoritative never-changing well grounded fast carved in stone perennial staying put long-lived long-standing literal monotonous habitual undiversified irrefutable unending direct unambiguous close faithful true fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians undying endless indefinite forever plain non-relative non-variable standing indissoluble irreparable unappealable not changing dateless immortal deathless narrow unchallengeable unmistakable in black and white undoubting clearly defined cut-and-dried black-and-white unanswerable determinative peremptory irremediable unreversible obvious perduring accurate manifest unrectifiable finished unrepealable for keeps forever and a day in for the long haul straightforward univocal crystal clear

Tính từ

Firm, strong, or substantial
solid sound durable firm strong reliable robust stable compelling established steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible infallible toughened cogent reinforced unshakable indubitable secure unbreakable fortified impregnable inured enduring hardened steady invulnerable lasting safe stout strengthened sturdy imperishable invincible substantial long-lasting rock-solid tried-and-true well-built well-constructed well-defined well-established well fortified well-founded well-made hardy heavy impenetrable immovable hard heavy-duty armoured hard-wearing unyielding inviolable hard as nails bombproof fixed concrete impassible cohesive knockabout armored unattackable fast resistant well protected flourishing everlasting well-armed well-protected seasoned hard-bitten storm-resistant stormproof well defended steadfast rigid sure set stationary settled permanent immobile constant rooted unwavering true anchored stalwart trustworthy tight immutable trusty unchangeable nailed faithful staunch committed riveted unshakeable responsible tried good irremovable resolute tenacious calculable moored fastened unbending unfluctuating trustable certain immotile obdurate adamant stubborn unmoving stiff frozen equable hitched unfaltering hooked still attached abiding changeless long-lived long-standing locked unmovable deep-rooted made fast set in stone static loyal dedicated devoted assured nonmoving unbudging inflexible unvarying nonmotile unchanging level true-blue pious down-the-line devout stanch definite confident unswerving even uniform invariable flat set in concrete carved in stone etched in stone obstinate persevering determinate conclusive unanxious absolute undoubtful sanguine carefree able hopeful unrelenting staying put calm solid as a rock stabile well grounded hard-and-fast unalterable persistent ardent bound allegiant liege inexorable unqualified intense unquestioning wholehearted never-failing intent easy determined shoo-in tried and true nailed down tried and tested locked on quiet situated located in the bag secured taut unfailing embedded braced motionless cemented vigorous balanced snug lusty wedged forceful welded tightened mounted bolted lodged iron soldered stuck screwed jammed honourable perdurable bulletproof honorable well balanced well-balanced

Tính từ

Forbidding or grim in appearance
stern grim forbidding serious somber steely harsh humorless humourless bitter frowning implacable intimidating moody solemn sombre sour sullen surly angry fiery furious glum hostile inhospitable joyless morose stark stony unfriendly ungentle unsmiling brooding cheerless cold crabby critical dark disapproving mean mortified no-nonsense unappeasable flinty boot-faced severe dour austere fierce gruff grave lowering louring rough rugged sedate staid sober earnest weighty dismal uncomic gloomy bleak sobersided dreary intense mournful funereal unhumorous ferocious hard threatening forlorn drab stony-faced poker-faced po-faced glowering menacing deadpan sad gray grey dull unapproachable downbeat subdued unwelcoming frosty serious-minded miserable dry long-faced stiff aloof vicious desolate depressing uninviting comfortless tough straight boring tedious sulky unhappy scowling frightening unamusing strict wretched depressive doleful grumpy grim-faced resolute melancholy dispiriting disconsolate dire morbid drear cantankerous tenebrific sepulchral depressed plutonian lugubrious tenebrous godforsaken saturnine lonesome black blue dreich elegiac lonely elegiacal sourpuss chill down Cimmerian hurting darkening muted straight-faced quiet heavy-going gaunt unsympathetic impassive expressionless businesslike douce puritanical blank pokerfaced chilly cool disagreeable nasty contemplative pensive aggressive aggrieved indignant foreboding ominous temperamental aggravated enraged formidable distant pitiless repellent off-putting abhorrent fearsome unrestrained crabbed churlish callous fiendish frightful resolved thoughtful introspective reflective composed ruminative cutthroat beastly fell sinister savage cross horrible hellish bestial venomous splenetic grouchy truculent crusty bound and determined bookish unplayful deep in thought bad-tempered ill-tempered mean-looking icy frigid strait-laced significant profound consequential exigent substantial vital material urgent pivotal major important crucial considerable key monumental portentous appreciable acute eventful heavyweight momentous major league heavy-duty hefty big heavy underlined difficult cold sober of great import no joke of moment of great importance life and death of great consequence high-priority life-and-death no laughing matter of significance all-important matter of life and death of consequence big deal far-reaching

Tính từ

Justifiable by argument
defensible justifiable tenable defendable sound plausible reasonable acceptable maintainable permissible sensible supportable sustainable valid arguable excusable legitimate pardonable logical rational right vindicable warrantable condonable satisfactory fit proper strong understandable rock-solid well-founded able to hold water allowable justified viable credible just workable forgivable admissible warranted venial reasoned explainable remissible good believable correct tolerable reliable fair legit minor coherent solid slight cogent informed impregnable levelheaded commonsense remittable commonsensical commonsensible lawful secure rightful conceivable imaginable passable well-grounded probable true realistic explicable trivial hard analytical okay analytic accurate firm sober proven not serious confirmed all right bearable well grounded legal licit suitable accountable convincing compelling normal grounded lucid congruent sincere appropriate trustworthy pragmatic persuasive effective practical necessary deductive pukka discerning pertinent relevant prudent bona fide veridical veracious intellectual kosher balanced consequent likely exact precise unimportant insignificant validated substantiated not too bad well-reasoned well-advised within accepted bounds assertable manageable invulnerable unassailable feasible righteous genuine authentic verifiable dinkum accepted factual vindicated real acknowledged expected trifling petty allowed permitted regular predictable inevitable natural foreseeable mild faithful sufferable endurable based on hard data based on hard facts unsurprising strict undistorted befitting respectable tolerated thinkable recognized sanctioned OK possible worthy concedable applicable fitting to be expected anticipated recognised above board par for the course on the cards within the law not unlikely not impossible exculpatory moderate reprievable vindicatory specious temperate by the book within limits objective enlightened thoughtful philosophic reflective infallible sagacious ratiocinative trustable reasoning collected faultless unquestionable cerebral thinking circumspect certain perspicacious synthetic intelligent errorless sure shrewd impeccable inerrant corroborated colorable knowing meticulous rigorous verified truthful empirical cognitive certified open definite judicious calculable explicit sharp stringent careful empiric well-thought-out dead-on spot-on clear-cut on-target letter-perfect telling substantial powerful perceptive sane perspicuous irrefutable astute conclusive weighty authoritative germane determinative forceful consistent efficacious stable uncorrupted attested tested potent well thought out well advised well reasoned down-to-earth clear-headed holding water matter-of-fact clear actual wise influential satisfying honest dependable decisive impressive effectual indubitable veritable material forcible incontestable indisputable undeniable concrete unmistakable absolute incontrovertible official evident demonstrable definitive unanswerable categorical established useful positive apt authenticated certifiable eloquent level-headed existent supported irresistible systematic sure-enough honest-to-goodness unequivocal articulate methodical straight apposite well-established significant tangible undoubted together discriminating obvious unadulterated well organized salient for real orthodox on the level efficient de facto trusty emphatic unambiguous orderly advantageous coercive sage suasive puissant meaningful organized related insightful urgent apropos pointed advisable sterling literal inferential helpful palpable cool historical deducible of use worthwhile relative organised perceptible suited verisimilar well-organized holding together appurtenant connected original correlated joined-up linked congruous applicatory creditable up front provable ad rem on the nose to the point to the purpose having direct bearing on having to do with on the button energetic learned active mighty glib compulsive conforming inducing documented artless unaffected simple moving straightforward unpretentious undesigning confirmable beyond doubt beyond question serviceable convictive physical decent discreet assuasive intelligible productive responsible corporeal aboveboard sapient demonstrated smooth-tongued echt smooth-talking swaying expedient establishable plain pucka clever documentary nonfictional felicitous fair and square substantive incisive beneficial distinct important existing politic patent farsighted unimaginary no-nonsense pure common-sense unprejudiced assured well-informed unqualified real McCoy card-carrying unbiased all there fitted intrinsic scientific colourable trenchant on the up-and-up pat becoming clear-sighted clear-eyed full of common sense opportune very within the bounds of possibility compatible well-defined requisite straight from horse's mouth pertaining to right on true-to-life presumable on target in one's right mind from the horse's mouth hard-headed extensional juridicious subtle educated comprehensible uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked knowledgeable copper-bottomed insistent unembellished savvy estimable conventional identified final tried dispassionate momentous consequential loyal formal inductive unidealistic well informed potential well balanced inarguable open and shut checked well-expressed considered well-presented prosaic unemotional syllogistic easy heartfelt frank earnest candid known unfeigned unpretended unimpeachable hearty deliberate associable violent armed availing meet well presented well-structured well expressed especial express inescapable sheer unalloyed proved upheld unimpassioned cold accredited straight-shooting upfront authorized square carrying conviction believeable hopeful apropos of formidable great crystalline with both feet on the ground aggressive drastic compulsory presumptive canny serious-minded mature endorsed showing great knowledge with great knowledge sustained intuitive decided undisputed ingenious fair-spoken pithy non-spiritual thought through attentive conversant practicable scholarly vehement vigorous assertive intense militant correspondent harmonious consonant in point accordant concerning pointful referring conformant cognate like enough supposable very likely constraining virile elemental punchy take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch gutsy electric powerhouse watertight profound flawless right as rain telling the truth authorised honest-to-God sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly preferred phenomenal visible attainable operational achievable realizable au courant de règle well considered lifelike unadorned profitable alleged right-thinking right-minded regulated having all one's marbles steady-going unmannered respected circumstantiated manifest characteristic archetypal representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical valuable doable operable usable twenty-four-carat honest-to-god checkable sure enough testable circumstantial unvarnished verbatim favorable ordered thorough mathematical true to life veristic unexaggerated non-fictitious non-fictional tried-and-true demonstrative equitable coming on strong ball of fire discernible on the up and up capable average standard unpretending direct accomplishable unconditional seemly convenient gainful favourable best suggested strategic best suited timely desirable presentable tactical recommended living current unimagined bodily appreciable holding up got it together standing up word for word telling it like it is fact-based true-life as it really happened sworn to vouched for straight-thinking attestable showable evincible functional unarguable within reach within reason dinky-di live present corporal embodied incarnate impartial holding up in wash implicit striking observable measurable percipient restrained conservative controlled competent of help constructive operative successful of assistance fruitful adequate irrefragable quantifiable detectable perceivable available unexcessive making sense standing to reason unextreme thought-out resounding evenhanded fair-minded realisable witnessed serious open to reason well defined well documented enough beyond dispute based on good sense one hundred per cent within the realms of possibility within possibility impelling stimulating inspiring touching slick alluring silky smooth enticing seductive relatable pertaining winning inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling silver-tongued not taking no for an answer most likely most correct

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