Đồng nghĩa của well muscled


Large, well-built, and muscular
brawny muscular strong powerful strapping burly hefty sinewy stalwart bulky husky robust sturdy beefy lusty rugged athletic Herculean mighty muscle-bound muscly hardy hulking meaty powerfully built thewy vigorous buff fleshy hunky jacked mesomorphic ripped shredded solid stout well-built stark thickset well knit well-knit able-bodied as strong as an ox solidly built tough vital broad-shouldered hulky big bruising muscled sturdily built manly stocky musclebound powerhouse hard well-developed herculean tall pumped up healthy fit toned lean hunk portly gorillalike beefcake well set-up built like an ox tiger wiry ropy swole stringy heavyweight heavily built hearty imposing towering obdurate huge formidable lumbering gargantuan gigantic massive heavy mammoth colossal chunky substantial fat plump large heavyset chubby corpulent dumpy ample weighty gross rotund tubby fubsy roly-poly pudgy obese overweight paunchy broad round podgy well upholstered pursy blubbery porky poddy stubby full well padded abdominous buxom sizable broad in the beam stumpy thick zaftig squat corn-fed nuggety pyknic oversize elephantine biggish well covered goodly lardy replete squatty largish considerable great hale of ample proportions tidy sizeable well rounded extensive handsome fattish cobby hale and hearty energetic ponderous rounded beer-bellied major pot-bellied flabby firm enormous wide Falstaffian grand oversized active boxcar spacious capacious outsized jumbo whopping in fine fettle squabby tremendous sound voluminous good significant fighting fit porcine in good shape in good health comprehensive respectable outsize bull-necked vast immense virile well substantive big and strong thick-bodied blimp well-padded staunch well-conditioned in good trim bursting with health overgrown potbellied in rude health as fit as a fiddle decent decent-sized as fit as a flea as strong as a horse sporty plumpish fit as a fiddle monumental sensible physical titanic short trim agile nimble lithe lively humongous prodigious monster stodgy manful walloping commodious whole cumbersome roomy aerobicized large-scale of ample build fresh bouncing wholesome red-blooded iron peppy dynamic flush capable forceful gingery not inconsiderable in trim able in tip-top condition physically fit bulging well-covered adipose in good condition filled generous in the pink as strong as a lion swollen morbidly obese whalelike bull clumsy girthy awkward ungainly fine studly oafish lumpish macho butch curvy splay blooming scrub loutish unwieldy clodhopping clunky masculine young potent full-figured sarcous overpowering overblown embonpoint unco avoirdupois redoubtable full-bodied built right as rain in shape compact curved healthful blocky baby elephant bursting with good health well-made strenuous spunky chiseled good-sized comfortable well-upholstered chiselled bloated overstuffed overfed overnourished overheavy clinically obese two-fisted A1 full of life well-proportioned full-blooded sonsy having a bay window having a spare tire bulbous lard-arsed bovine inflated distended lard butterball jelly-belly rude serious fairly large bonny strong-featured cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured giant not to be sneezed at reasonable roaring thriving rough flourishing enduring acclimatised unflagging resistant acclimatized resilient tenacious indefatigable seasoned super wide-ranging sweeping big-boned alive and kicking as strong as a ox monstrous cosmic inordinate lofty ginormous grandiose astronomical global wholesale far-reaching Bunyanesque pharaonic leviathan vasty galactic humungous stupendous brobdingnagian cosmical cyclopean extreme mountainous astronomic stellar mastodonic staggering cavernous monolithic upholstered plenitudinous liberal thumping appreciable expansive wide-reaching exhaustive mass on the large larger greater universal nationwide giant-sized man-size thumping great of considerable size king-size whopping great man-sized dirty great giant-size whacking great king-sized barn door well fed leading heavy-duty super colossal packed copious across-the-board international whopper chock-full thundering stuffed intercontinental a whale of a mondo detailed awash all-encompassing worldwide important brimming crowded king size

Trái nghĩa của well muscled

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