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Alternative for mesomorphic

  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) thể trung gian
    • có cơ bắp rắn chắc


Physically strong or muscular
brawny husky burly hefty beefy hulking sturdy thickset stout strapping stocky muscular strong solid well built chunky powerfully built powerful muscly robust stalwart dumpy ripped shredded Herculean stubby nuggety stumpy pyknic buff hunky heavyset sturdily built thewy squat bulky rugged meaty athletic squatty cobby broad-shouldered sinewy jacked well-built heavily built lusty vigorous heavy muscle-bound fubsy able-bodied stark thick well muscled short bull-necked fat mighty herculean broad thick-bodied well knit hardy plump bruising hulky squabby chubby manly well-knit solidly built tough as strong as an ox lean corpulent girthy diminutive undersized dwarfish gigantic pudgy splay hard buxom big and strong ample pursy abdominous fleshy substantial weighty rotund scrub vital muscled tiger well-developed ropy stringy musclebound wiry swole powerhouse pumped up fit healthy big hearty trim sporty active energetic aerobicized fighting fit hale and hearty two-fisted in good shape in trim well-proportioned in good trim agile in good health in fine fettle nimble in tip-top condition bursting with health physical lithe gorillalike beefcake hunk portly in rude health as strong as a horse as fit as a fiddle as strong as a lion as fit as a flea stodgy big-boned hale sound firm well fit as a fiddle forceful well-conditioned fine supple flourishing whole in good condition staunch right as rain lively in the pink potent in shape virile iron thriving gymnastic acrobatic wholesome bouncing chiseled toned full of life durable chiselled built fresh manful blooming dynamic able peppy physically fit secure forcible spunky flush capable well-made gingery chipper in good kilter red-blooded in top form tenacious stable heavy-duty alive and kicking cut sporting devoid of fat masculine young full-bodied healthful health-conscious A1 rude roaring rough formidable influential important as strong as a ox great significant well made overpowering flexible outdoorsy outdoor redoubtable abled restored safe and sound normal rosy-cheeked unimpaired sports-loving cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured OK slim obdurate full-blooded heavyweight enduring fixed steady reinforced unyielding hard-wearing enthusiastic stiff stouthearted decisive strong-arm strenuous puissant bushy-tailed in good physical condition the picture of health bright-eyed up to snuff fit as a flea in good physical shape all right hard as nails in fine feather well-founded strongly made invincible indomitable toned up built to last strong-featured sound in body and limb good at sports as right as rain spirited animated sparkling high-spirited vivacious sprightly effervescent zippy jaunty perky spry playful strong as an ox vibrant strong as an lion buoyant indefatigable strong as an horse intense zestful tireless go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking feisty wick persuasive take-over dashing enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective raring to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of vim full of beans ball of fire full of energy

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