Đồng nghĩa của heavyset


Having a large, solid, imposing bodily appearance
chunky thickset stout plump stocky dumpy stubby fat squat beefy corpulent bulky stumpy burly solid hefty sturdy squatty thick brawny compact blocky stodgy well-built fubsy heavy pudgy chubby portly roly-poly fleshy paunchy meaty rotund overweight tubby podgy obese porky well upholstered weighty husky blubbery broad in the beam broad well padded zaftig round nuggety large pursy pyknic buxom gross flabby heavily built poddy corn-fed well covered big short well rounded lardy hulking mesomorphic abdominous of ample proportions ample full elephantine pot-bellied replete Falstaffian fattish cobby bull-necked beer-bellied sturdily built strong thick-bodied porcine strapping rounded muscular well-padded squabby gargantuan potbellied substantial solidly built powerfully built diminutive well-covered huge adipose enormous full-figured wide muscly cavernous heavyweight blimp hunky morbidly obese whalelike bloated oversize bulging well fed plumpish big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered stunted splay undersized dwarfish matronly well-rounded mature homely sarcous scrub lubberly thewy stark upholstered plenitudinous squab well-endowed on the large curved embonpoint lusty overblown boxy blockish boxlike sonsy baby elephant bull sizable ponderous inflated bulbous lard butterball jelly-belly distended lard-arsed swollen bovine having a bay window having a spare tire big-boned massive of ample build cumbersome overfed clinically obese overstuffed overnourished overheavy outsize well-upholstered colossal rugged robust hulky fatty curvy voluminous immense avoirdupois powerful mammoth filled buff jacked outsized well muscled bruising great Herculean ripped unwieldy stalwart very large girthy bearish well-fed on the plump side short and fat pleasingly plump lumpish dense eurysome full-fleshed vigorous athletic shredded muscled hearty imposing able-bodied gorillalike beefcake hunk sinewy lumbering manly towering obdurate tall formidable pumped up tough mighty herculean gigantic unhandy long awkward unmanageable cumbrous high sizeable biggish largish grand goodly oversized boxcar handsome considerable tidy extensive large-scale tremendous major

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