Đồng nghĩa của beefy

Alternative for beefy

beefier, beefiest

Đồng nghĩa: heavy, muscular, solid, stocky, strong,


Strong, heavy or muscular in physique or texture
muscular brawny strong burly sturdy strapping robust powerful husky hefty thickset solid stocky ripped shredded buff hulking hunky big bulky jacked substantial mesomorphic heavy powerfully built well-built stout rugged muscly stalwart athletic lusty chunky thewy vigorous Herculean sinewy tough meaty stark broad-shouldered able-bodied stubby dumpy healthy squat stumpy solidly built sturdily built fit heavyset thick heavily built hardy squatty hearty muscle-bound well muscled cobby pyknic nuggety mighty energetic manly fat plump hale broad fubsy bull-necked powerhouse firm hale and hearty short active hulky virile well-developed vital herculean hard well knit iron forceful as strong as an ox bursting with health portly in fine fettle large fleshy as strong as a horse beefcake sporty bruising corpulent weighty lively physical trim squabby muscled sound chubby agile nimble lithe stodgy well-knit musclebound built pumped up manful thick-bodied pudgy aerobicized big and strong red-blooded peppy dynamic flush well-conditioned in good shape gingery fighting fit in trim in good trim in good health as fit as a fiddle in rude health as fit as a flea as strong as a lion bullish gorillalike hunk tubby girthy lean gigantic studly stunted buxom well fine wide blooming macho butch splay ample masculine diminutive pursy abdominous compact tall formidable tiger wiry ropy stringy swole blocky scrub rotund spunky bullnecked toned massive swollen full-bodied young fresh potent in good condition great whole bursting with good health well-made strenuous overpowering well set-up built like an ox healthful able redoubtable two-fisted physically fit cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured chiseled well-proportioned chiselled durable hard-wearing A1 full of life rude obdurate full-blooded heavyweight in tip-top condition wholesome staunch bouncing heavy-duty strongly made invincible tenacious indomitable stable roaring rough flourishing thriving strong-featured fit as a fiddle alive and kicking as strong as a ox in the pink big-boned in shape right as rain jock influential important capable significant forcible puissant abled steamroller full of vim hard as nails as right as rain in top form finely honed fearsome ferocious unimpaired nondisabled supple slim toned up not disabled right sane in excellent shape in peak condition up to snuff fit as a flea leading doughty dominant resilient resistant authoritative prestigious controlling predominant enduring secure fixed steady reinforced unyielding rigid stiff inflexible wieldy omnipotent boss strengthy almighty unbreakable leathery seasoned indestructible well-founded in fine feather spirited cohesive dense steeled molded conditioned tight moulded strong as ox tough as nails withstanding long-lasting made to last animated sparkling high-spirited vivacious sprightly effervescent zippy jaunty perky spry playful strong as an ox vibrant strong as an lion buoyant indefatigable strong as an horse in good kilter intense zestful tireless go-getting bouncy upbeat spanking feisty wick chipper persuasive take-over dashing enterprising snappy exuberant efficient take-charge brisk hard-driving driving effective raring to go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans ball of fire full of energy


Of great size
hulky hulking big hefty husky massive colossal enormous stout immense mammoth large substantial heavy voluminous weighty gross awkward cumbersome cumbrous high long ponderous unhandy unmanageable unwieldy burly strapping brawny sturdy huge gigantic bulky well-built powerfully built gargantuan towering hunky solid overgrown great sizable grand monumental muscular strong heavyweight sizeable oversized muscly elephantine titanic mighty vast tremendous tall oversize biggish boxcar largish meaty Herculean formidable thickset outsized goodly solidly built lumbering broad-shouldered heavily built imposing thewy stark clumsy ungainly oafish lumpish mesomorphic clodhopping outsize clunky handsome considerable loutish tidy unco muscled bruising well muscled rugged buff hearty jacked extensive sinewy lusty tough sturdily built manly robust obdurate herculean ripped pumped up stocky stalwart giant humongous super monstrous cosmic lofty prodigious ginormous monster grandiose inordinate astronomical vasty walloping thick mastodonic broad Bunyanesque fleshy pharaonic galactic humungous chunky cyclopean staggering powerful stupendous brobdingnagian leviathan extreme cavernous commodious mountainous heavyset astronomic cosmical monolithic wide stellar spacious capacious thumping liberal roomy jumbo appreciable Falstaffian fubsy paunchy flabby whopping greater larger zaftig buxom whacking great giant-sized man-size king-size whopping great thumping great giant-size of considerable size king-sized blimp man-sized dirty great barn door not inconsiderable roly-poly corn-fed well upholstered big and strong broad in the beam muscle-bound well fed king size whacking mega bumper Brobdingnagian supersize supersized gigantesque oceanic super-duper heroical planetary heroic epic Himalayan very large very big immeasurable generous boundless extraordinary almighty expansive infinite excessive princely terrific limitless ample very great behemothic major significant impressive fantastic magnificent mondo exorbitant unlimited incalculable super-colossal lavish notable measureless titan kingly serious stiff great big rip-roaring thundering steep substantive endless intense eternal abundant jumbo-sized plenteous extremely large extremely big interminable extra-large illimitable extravagant conclusive outstanding roaring striking decisive emphatic overwhelming Cyclopean unbounded resounding remarkable unmistakable memorable phenomenal noteworthy complete unqualified comprehensive full-size mahoosive good-size good-sized megalithic awful awesome out-and-out thorough terrible dreadful Gargantuan cracking fearful a whale of a socking great whopper super colossal larger-than-life whale of a unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy high-cost inflated extortionate OS Moby moving august dynamic eminent majestic renowned illustrious irresistible behemoth statuesque plentiful bountiful astounding respectable healthy bounteous daunting laborious whaling appalling good full widespread frightful bonny unsparing thrashing expanded severe over the odds deep life-size horrific fierce harsh sweeping prolific mundo detailed unfathomable fathomless elephantic remunerative lucrative fat profitable massy fair-size fair-sized family-sized through the ceiling sky-high thunderous never-ending family-size not to be sneezed at swelled economy-size magnific economy-sized far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching all-inclusive empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan space intergalactic cosmogonic ecumenical large-scale paying moneymaking economic money-spinning gainful profuse pronounced consequential juicy


Resembling beef

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