Đồng nghĩa của epic

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Trái nghĩa: lyric,

Tính từ

Impressive or grand in size, appearance, or manner
grand great heroic grandiose ambitious extraordinary impressive monumental gallant glorious long magnificent noble classic elevated extended heroical Homeric imperial imposing magnific massive prodigious regal royal stately arduous august baronial exalted Herculean huge lofty majestic splendid vast marathon larger-than-life very great very large very long proud superb resplendent palatial awe-inspiring dignified distinguished opulent striking kingly sumptuous luxurious princely marvellous marvelous fine sublime splendiferous elegant excellent lavish pompous spectacular awesome eminent commanding illustrious gorgeous beautiful stunning solemn queenly swanky towering renowned remarkable outstanding extravagant lordly terrific divine arresting statuesque celebrated rich supreme acclaimed dazzling superior honoured large ostentatious brilliant plush pretentious posh venerable ritzy splendacious magnolious portly tremendous honored splendorous formidable stirring ominous famous legendary famed unforgettable showy high-flown breathtaking honourable honorable flamboyant aristocratic memorable radiant imperious deluxe esteemed big first-class bombastic staid magisterial ceremonious smashing fab first-rate immortal sovereign dramatic staggering eye-catching splashy overwhelming powerful mind-blowing well-known something else sensational heavenly fabulous palatine amazing exquisite stupendous colossal celestial sightly wondrous considerable large-scale mythological classical high wonderful high-ranking respected fit for a prince worthy fantastic prestigious hallowed fit for a queen fit for a princess costly tall in the saddle authoritative important ornate expensive elaborate overambitious bold high-sounding highly regarded fit for a king maestoso resounding sonorous Olympian classy of repute of distinction noted bright triumphant handsome dynamite unreal haughty admirable super OTT eloquent portentous formal flash flashy splendrous swank swish brave plushy fancy ample high-minded highfalutin' well thought of of high standing shining effective cool palatian enduring perennial evergreen time-honoured abiding traditional ageless timeless unfathomable complex cosmic impenetrable purple theatrical fustian egotistic high-falutin' high-flying forcible effulgent magnifico baroque out of this world moving mega exciting overblown solid gold notable preeminent gratifying adored time-honored remembered very good something to write home about one for the book transcendent over the top commemorated glittering paragon genius laureate storied

Tính từ

Of an unwieldily great size
bulky large big massive great huge hefty substantial gigantic enormous immense colossal hulking vast considerable mammoth monumental sizeable oversized giant tremendous sizable prodigious grand gargantuan monstrous humongous titanic heavy elephantine voluminous mountainous jumbo whopping weighty cumbersome monster mighty stupendous oversize handsome astronomical mega ginormous unwieldy goodly husky ponderous awkward largish thumping Brobdingnagian tidy outsize whacking biggish gross outsized unhandy ungainly cumbrous major overgrown inordinate boxcar unmanageable unlimited high long unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy king-size king-sized king size very large thumping great whopping great whacking great man-size man-sized of considerable size giant-sized giant-size dirty great bumper astronomic towering cosmic supersize super walloping cyclopean pharaonic supersized herculean heroic Himalayan humungous super-duper leviathan gigantesque cosmical galactic oceanic vasty planetary heroical Herculean extensive very big stellar grandiose almighty excessive immeasurable boundless imposing extravagant exorbitant magnificent extreme generous infinite limitless lavish very great princely wide ample expansive immoderate broad behemothic impressive extraordinary terrific fantastic mondo brobdingnagian serious Homeric significant abundant profuse comprehensive disproportionate magnific blimp formidable titan super-colossal tall unreasonable great big majestic glorious copious stately imperial booming noble solid ambitious splendid substantive measureless gallant sweeping plenteous august regal exaggerated proud lordly superabundant deep royal baronial heavyweight extremely large extremely big thundering overwhelming kingly capacious staggering mahoosive cracking intemperate outrageous lofty barn door Cyclopean far-reaching Gargantuan unbounded megalithic larger-than-life awful spacious commodious insane good-size good-sized severe a whale of a super colossal full-size sky-high whale of a whopper daunting whaling incalculable astounding spectacular marked eternal resounding deafening roaring ear-piercing ear-splitting thunderous endless behemoth statuesque Moby appalling dreadful Bunyanesque swelled massy fair-size socking great roomy economy-size life-size fair-sized economy-sized mastodonic family-sized family-size crashing rip-roaring terrible fearful frightful superb striking illimitable widespread extra-large jumbo-sized very loud through the ceiling abnormal increased heightened unusual above average healthy jacked up intensified escalated interminable awesome expanded palatial eminent fine prolific mundo detailed desperate loud resplendent elevated gorgeous superior all-inclusive far-flung spread-out stretched-out never-ending sublime dignified populous exalted haughty splendiferous illustrious overflowing numerous teeming opulent global plentiful good full wholesale bountiful sufficient galore unreal rich awe-inspiring something else exhaustive wide-reaching wide-ranging large-scale generously proportioned ostentatious bold immodest audacious undue commanding elaborate showy unrestricted unbridled unwarranted superfluous unrestrained gratuitous needless unconscionable overmuch extortionate surplus plethoric uncontrolled profligate wanton prodigal improvident imperious dissipated indulgent overdue overweening overabundant uncurbed intolerable redundant imprudent steep dizzying unmeasurable wasteful unhampered uncalled for out of all proportion self-indulgent too much silly ridiculous recrementitious too many stratospheric unchecked overindulgent a bit much ludicrous overboard OTT O.T.T. over the odds overextravagant more supernatural overkill devilish unfettered over the top overgenerous extra way out preposterous unnecessary uninhibited ballsy fanciful adventurous zealous wild supreme phenomenal remarkable pythonic outstanding complete appreciable cavernous exceptional maximum utmost uttermost paramount intense beefy extended memorable greatest notable top maximal highest unqualified stout ultimate thorough pronounced marvellous burly superlative open marvelous fat decisive profitable conclusive emphatic mortal airy greatest possible noticeable most thick out-and-out whole unmistakable noteworthy max consummate fleshy chunky surpassing paunchy flabby heavyset respectable prosperous hulky brawny monolithic thickset strapping advantageous meaty transcendent Falstaffian lucrative entire roly-poly well upholstered broad in the beam uncrowded comfortable utter nth pre-eminent wonderful amazing incredible powerful fabulous strong much lumbering bull mind-blowing reasonable miraculous breathtaking overweight sturdy stunning greatest amount of mind-boggling clumsy yawning rotund excellent acute plump portly not to be sneezed at stiff hunky unfathomable liberal important obese chubby total buxom fubsy absolute corpulent permanent powerfully built solidly built superhuman cavelike tubby maxi consequential gaping podgy well padded chasmal blubbery exceeding rambling porky bounteous pudgy topmost poddy extra large mastodontic porcine pursy potbellied morbidly obese whalelike worthwhile adequate rewarding unmitigated laborious lasting classic paying enduring historic unforgettable thrashing Brobdignagian OS immortal Olympian prominent elephantic remunerative gainful fathomless startling shattering moving renowned irresistible dynamic catastrophic indefensible egregious unforgivable astonishing wicked pleasing distinguished epoch-making devastating sensational flabbergasting dramatic unbelievable rare muscular muscly horrific fierce harsh abiding protracted fantabulous grave well-built interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical wondrous spanking outspread prolonged last outside high-ceilinged agonizing dire ominous lank abysmal larger greater zaftig featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable crushing paralysing lengthy decided fair vital crucial macro decent oafish lumpish unbearable measurable overcoming paralyzing not inconsiderable big and strong muscle-bound broad-shouldered corn-fed well fed consistent wide open tolerable loutish heavily built clodhopping well built mesomorphic clunky deadly indescribable raging sovereign pretty prime momentous agonising streets ahead soaring worth taking into account exciting eye-opening unco thewy stark material urgent fundamental critical unreserved dumpy mother of all mass unconditional sheer essential central pressing beer-bellied pot-bellied spread out biggest undiminished bloated universal nationwide stocky multistorey sky-scraping lardy replete round of ample proportions sonsy abdominous leading heavy-duty packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash all-encompassing worldwide brimming crowded baroque fancy unmerciful altitudinous all-out real plumpish bulbous lard-arsed bovine inflated distended bulging lard butterball jelly-belly well covered swollen transcendental uncanny preternatural godlike unearthly supernormal magical hollow earth-shattering ultra earthshaking of ample build sepulchral all-embracing unending preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable towery skyscraping omnipotent bionic dark gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal beyond human chambered deep-set alveolate socketed well-padded overfed adipose overstuffed overnourished overheavy clinically obese no end of curved inward more than human most extreme

Tính từ

Relating to, based on, or appearing in myths or mythology
mythic allegorical fanciful fictional illusory imaginary legendary mythical storybook whimsical chimerical created fabled fabricated fabulous fairy-tale false fantasy fictitious fictive folkloric invented made-up mythologic mythological nonexistent pretended storied supposititious traditional unreal untrue visionary larger-than-life heroic imagined symbolic parabolic symbolical proverbial hypothetical apocryphal fantastic famed famous magic wonderful important remarkable made up make-believe outstanding impressive extraordinary magical enchanted pretend fantastical chimeric phantasmal fantasied phantasmic imaginal phantom ideal notional fake sham delusive hallucinatory fancied phoney dreamlike suppositious phony mock imitation artificial romantic concocted pseudo dreamed-up bogus counterfeit simulated synthetic faux phantasmagoric imaginative quixotic delusory fraudulent figmental feigned ersatz spurious dummy incredible theoretical illusive unsubstantial factitious non-existent ostensible unbelievable imitative wild utopian idealized dreamy substitute forged extravagant mimic assumed seeming deceptive unnatural misleading idealised shadowy man-made devised trumped up affected fantasized dream impractical contrived abstract absurd unworkable insubstantial unrealistic high-flown reproduction replica manufactured poetic plastic phantasmagorical virtual improvised play-play unlikely ivory-towered unauthentic pseudonymous inauthentic imagal cod mistaken fallacious spectral apparent queer semblant apparitional put-on thought up hyped up product of someone's imagination fantasised fool's paradise aerial blue-sky out of this world all in one's head highly colored surreal vain unfounded ethereal acted supposed so-called fishy chimeral conceived dreamt up figment of someone's imagination in your head deceitful unheard of make believe idealistic faked specious unattainable engineered estimated academic all in the mind adopted counterfeited pinchbeck not genuine trumped-up adulterine strained forced pseud mechanical optimistic exaggerated idealist hopeful idyllic unachievable unfeasible impracticable Utopian phoney-baloney phony-baloney intangible immaterial nebulous unpractical quixotical impalpable insincere mercurial weird reachy improbable starry created out of thin air transcendental in the clouds pie-in-the-sky unearthly out-of-reach ivory-tower mental transcendent far-fetched preposterous starry-eyed out of touch with reality head-in-the-clouds Panglossian Micawberish ridiculous curious tall capricious crackpot offbeat flakey kinky cock and bull hard to swallow blue sky flaky hard to take pipe dream far out pie in the sky castles in the air fairy tale floating on cloud nine

Tính từ

Pompous or extravagant in language, style, or manner, especially in a way that is intended to impress
grandiloquent high-flown rhetorical bombastic high-sounding pompous flowery pretentious fustian magniloquent orotund florid purple aureate highfalutin ostentatious overblown labored laboured overripe overwrought rhetoric strained flatulent gaseous gassy hifalutin Homeric inflated magnific Miltonian oratorical ornate overdone periphrastic pleonastic tumid windy wordy euphuistic hyperventilated big-talking declamatory euphistic haughty histrionic lofty sonorous swollen tall-talking verbose windbag turgid grandiose affected extravagant elaborate flamboyant eloquent Ossianic convoluted stilted over-elaborate articulate hyperbolic arty-farty silver-tongued complicated big mouthy effusive baroque formal exaggerated pedantic showy fancy long-winded erudite scholarly theatrical fulsome prolix ornamented la-di-da bombast Ciceronian rotund epideictic imposing fussy Demosthenic Demosthenean exalted fluent heroic rococo grand boastful snobbish braggart bragging long Falstaffian ranting dramatic busy figurative embellished contrived excessive ponderous portentous puffed gingerbread self-important grand-sounding stagy blathering voluble sesquipedalian persuasive ornamental tedious elocutionary diffuse tumescent overelaborate overwritten glib discursive involved redundant puffed-up majestic impressive vast monumental mannered actorly elevated curlicued bold lexiphanic oratorial over-the-top blustering high-falutin boasting wedding-cake high euphemistic tiresome high-minded solemn overinflated very elaborate elegant rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash stodgy pontifical verbal linguistic decorative garnished rich luscious overheated flashy egotistic booming melodramatic arresting stylistic splendid yellow brilliant golden tall stuffy stuffed shirt prim arty high-wrought learned shallow superficial breezy effervescent fizzy carbonated sparkling bubbly over the top fervid impassioned gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian vocal full of hot air over-embellished over-ornate highly decorated serious arrogant grave overworked gingerbreaded bedizened overdecorated gingerbready overornate excessively ornate overembellished complex detailed decorated flattering rhapsodical overestimated well-spoken smooth-talking circumlocutory garrulous circuitous prattling expansive prating jabbering babbling lengthy gushing protracted tautological rambling indirect digressive wandering meandering talkative yakking multiloquent big-mouthed repetitious loquacious gabby tortuous multiloquous gobby logorrheic wittering talky palaverous tautologous repeating ambagious logorrhoeic yacking repetitive full of air with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney stone chatty vaunting long-drawn-out prolonged overlong large self-righteous superfluous roundabout swaggering iterative fine sententious ambitious boring wearisome maundering sublime interminable circumlocutionary waffly overambitious full of verbiage OTT reiterating padded empty crass flaunted jaunty vain brazen garish gossiping chattering gossipy conversational chattery communicative forthcoming motormouthed blabby magnificent tonguey able to talk the hind legs off a donkey flap jaw loose-tongued blabbermouth having kissed the Blarney Stone loose-lipped motormouth yakkity running on at the mouth prosy wind-bag yakky stately glorious resplendent awe-inspiring superb lavish striking palatial august opulent plush imperial heroical classy massive royal gallant proud baronial regal luxurious flash swanky unfathomable cosmic impenetrable splashy overwhelming high-falutin' high-flying lordly

Tính từ

Lasting or extending for a great period of time
marathon lengthy extended long great far gruelling grueling long-term long-drawn-out long-drawn long-lived long-winded prolonged protracted long-lasting enduring drawn-out overlong spun out interminable sustained lingering time-consuming dragging lasting extensive dragged out slow verbose prolix dragged-out seemingly endless stretched out drawn out long-standing strung out very long spread out spun-out lengthened tedious boring wordy rambling wearisome delayed elongated elongate enlarged outstretched permanent durable stretched continued expanded abiding continuing of considerable length broad long-running king-size increased oversized king-sized unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred unfolded king size spread secure steady stable firm solid established sound fixed never-ending longevous endless persisting persistent perennial perdurable advancing pursuing chronic maintaining persevering sustaining progressing remote stretching rangy distant far-off lofty faraway longish stringy towering high tall deep running stretch lanky gangling far-reaching old as Methuselah full of years carrying on diffusive overextended boundless tardy unending dilatory diffuse late limitless for ages without end forever and a day garrulous windy discursive circumlocutory meandering pleonastic circuitous periphrastic logorrheic digressive tiresome ambagious palaverous redundant loquacious repetitious voluble maundering laborious tautological dull ponderous tortuous talkative bombastic logorrhoeic turgid ceaseless constant wandering everlasting monotonous continual continuous sesquipedalian gabby chatty circumlocutionary talky inflated full of verbiage gradual pompous empty padded vague loose waffly boastful waffling progressive draggy conservative flatulent gassy roundabout painful verbal profuse random lavish copious exuberant flowery multiyear multiday stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unceasing incessant unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum perpetual uninterrupted infinite unlimited non-stop unbroken immeasurable unbounded unbound interminate looped eternal day-and-night timeless unabating expansive prosy remaining no end to no end of on a treadmill ingrained deep-rooted settled lifelong routine habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual inbred deep-seated incurable tenacious stubborn ineradicable confirmed obstinate unyielding recurring inveterate rooted haunting unmitigated

Danh từ

A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition
legend saga chronicle history lay romance adventure fable myth narrative tale heroic poem long poem folk tale folk story long story story yarn traditional story fairy tale urban myth urban legend account mythos folklore mythology lore tradition fantasy parable fiction mythus allegory oral history folk tradition apologue roman-fleuve phantasy anecdote old chestnut fish story old saw piece of fiction short story fairy story relation report novel record novella novelette narration soap opera conte spiel legendry cover tall tale cover story custom superstition tall story teaching doctrine belief short novel ballad wisdom legends Märchen myths experience adage erudition saying saw culture oral tradition folk history Marchen lesson exemplum moral tale Haggadah beliefs traditions moral story notion sayings sci-fi escapism horror science fiction saws stories folk-wisdom superstitions moral old wives' tale fallacy false knowledge superstitious belief false belief sword and sorcery storeys letters traditional wisdom teachings enlightenment information scholarship sketch prose reminiscence potboiler rigmarole song fabrication fables shaggy-dog story ritual song and dance sea story cock and bull story folk tales institution convention traveller's tale practice usage praxis habit traditional stories folk stories urban myths received wisdom observance routine wont ceremony rule way oral literature traditional beliefs principle old wives' tales birthright customs established practice mores ethics ethic tikanga

Danh từ

A long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time

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epic Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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