Đồng nghĩa của serial

Alternative for serial


Đồng nghĩa: consecutive, periodic, sequential,

Tính từ

Appearing in serialized or sequential installments
episodic episodical periodical serialised serialized in installments occasional sporadic recurrent spasmodic intermittent recurring periodic cyclical seasonal cyclic infrequent interrupted broken alternate isochronal isochronous epochal rhythmic fitful discontinuous shifting punctuated checked iterative rhythmical arrested metrical discontinuing iterant on and off by bits and pieces stop-and-go here and there hit-or-miss every other now and then continual odd on-and-off on-again, off-again sequential regular repeated constant habitual frequent steady picaresque divided segmented intervallic every once in a while on-again-off-again orbital annual continuing perennial weekly routine at fixed intervals fluctuating every so often daily on certain occasions monthly hourly yearly centennial at various times in parts in instalments in episodes in sections irregular erratic unsteady aperiodic spotty random choppy patchy disconnected fragmentary casual catchy scattered isolated alternating stop-go on again and off again in fits and starts uneven desultory variable inconstant scarce uncommon uncertain rare seldom unfrequent unstable unsettled inconsistent changeable haphazard capricious scattershot unusual exceptional disrupted volatile semioccasional few varying jerky wavering shaky changing unreliable nonuniform off and on unmethodical unpredictable unequal in bits and pieces ever-changing disturbed impulsive broken up restless convulsive spurtive twitching flickering herky-jerky sparse gaping unconnected inchoate incohesive muddled unorganized disordered incoherent disjointed impermanent unorganised freelance outsourced outside limited uncustomary unlikely aberrated aberrant unaccustomed abnormal atypical anomalous outré scant rarefied part-time scanty unconventional surprising uncharacteristic unexpected incidental unorthodox unique unwonted chance unheard of especial sometime exclusive particular specific special out of the common out of the ordinary few and far between not habitual unsystematic indiscriminate eccentric designless aimless unpunctual dynamic purposeless unconsidered temperamental turbulent up and down mutable fluid moving whimsical fickle deviating oscillating mercurial vacillating off-and-on non-periodic altering changeful irresolute roving swaying flighty undependable flakey flickery vagarious wandering fluctuant iffy developing growing skittish always changing flaky waffling rambling full of ups and downs mobile

Tính từ

Not occurring at the same time

Danh từ

A string of characters or equivalent access code that must be input into a program in order to activate it

Danh từ

An account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment
story tale narrative yarn account history anecdote chronicle recital record fiction narration report romance advices chronology commentaries commentary gen info information intelligence item legend news novel novelette novella spiel tidings version word detail relation testimony adventure allegory apologue autobiography beat biography book cliffhanger comedy conte drama epic fantasy memoir myth nonfiction parable potboiler saga sequel short story tragedy fictional account urban legend urban myth folk tale old saw long and short of it fable tradition fairy tale tall tale lore folklore journal folk story annals tall story fairy story mythos description sketch register prose diary uncos log archive annal life mythology reminiscence rigmarole work of fiction mythus traditional story ballad shaggy-dog story fish story romp piece of fiction moral study legendry bestseller explanation dramatization bio adventure story portrayal palaver fictionalisation dramatisation fictionalization blog profile portrait depiction dissertation thesis life story dossier note fictional version past song and dance manuscript short novel lengthy story vita lengthy explanation best-seller soap opera old chestnut folk tradition memorial oral history folk history communication roman-fleuve archives phantasy knowledge review notion gag episode chestnut incident calendar analysis voice-over piece hardback paperback recountal chronicon blockbuster poem written account play yellowback memoirs recapitulation firsthand account poetry old wives' tale fallacy superstition composition exposition verse prehistory cover three-decker public records lesson escapism horror sci-fi pot boiler cliff-hanger literary work superstitious belief false knowledge false belief exemplum Haggadah teaching science fiction cover story symbol emblem song fabrication metaphor symbolism analogy moral tale sword and sorcery typification figuration symbolization carry-on to-do performance moral story historical account monograph essay pantomime indirect representation extended metaphor recitation sea story cock and bull story background lengthy statement traveller's tale treatise recollection article memory discourse tractate transactions confessions paper burble burbling journey career maundering overelaboration adventures curriculum vitae life history experiences catalogue of disasters chain of events document file personal record trials and tribulations personal narrative close-up personal account confession growth tearjerker education résumé biopic documentary development documentation evidence culture existence experience weepie lyric melodrama idealization idyll transcript minutes transcripts catalogue transaction daydream sensation idealisation reality struggle sense past history sith banging on almanac instrument deed registry transcription script data memorandum list inventory memo proceedings writing entry logbook act yearbook directory certificate trace case history swindle sheet muniment written material case study catalog paper trail scroll casebook inscription procès-verbal romantic short story love story romantic fiction romantic novel sense of excitement romantic film sense of history romantic comedy light fiction tissue of lies romantic story sense of adventure sentimental fiction romantic tale tear-jerker tear jerker

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serial Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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