Đồng nghĩa của punctuated

Alternative for punctuated

punctuates, punctuated, punctuating

Đồng nghĩa: accent, accentuate, emphasise, emphasize, mark, stress,

Động từ

Past tense for to emphasize, stress, or indicate the importance of
emphasised emphasized stressed accentuated accented foregrounded featured highlighted illuminated pressed prest marked underlined played up pointed up broke brake broken disrupted divided interjected interposed intersected laced littered separated speckled laid stress on underscored spotlighted spotlit headlined called attention to focused attention on brought to the fore italicized italicised impressed put emphasis on put the accent on hit home brought attention to asserted repeated enunciated limelighted limelit drawn attention to drew attention to pointed out made clear put accent on pressed home labored the point put stress on set off affirmed reiterated indicated heightened dwelled on brought out insisted on harped on rubbed in made a point of made emphatic given prominence to gave prominence to placed emphasis on laid emphasis on weighted hit articulated flagged charged dramatized pronounced pinpointed maintained enlarged dramatised belaboured called intensified flagged up brought home betoned belabored made more prominent made more noticeable hit on made a point made much of made a feature of let people know about gave emphasis to given emphasis to promoted denoted insisted showed up embellished magnified exaggerated prioritized deepened strengthened advertized advertised blazed focused on prioritised spotted bore down borne down zeroed in on showed off made conspicuous gave an emphasis to given an emphasis to harped on the fact made a production of gave weight to made a big thing of made a song and dance about brought to light rubbed it in turned spotlight on turned the spotlight on brought home to one impressed on someone given weight to placed emphasis made a show of hat hitten given priority to gave priority to given the full works gave the full works shown off revealed focussed demonstrated showed focused put on center stage rammed home floodlit floodlighted publicised publicized threw into relief thrown into relief shown driven home drove home drawn attention gave prominence given prominence drew attention

Động từ

Past tense for to add punctuation to

Động từ

Past tense for to diversify (a thing or things) with other things at intervals

Tính từ

Occurring at intervals
intermittent irregular sporadic broken discontinuous fitful occasional periodic spasmodic recurrent recurring disconnected fragmentary aperiodic casual catchy choppy continual cyclic episodic episodical erratic isolated odd on-and-off patchy periodical random scattered spastic spotty unsteady stop-go alternate alternating arrested checked cyclical discontinuing epochal hit-or-miss infrequent interrupted isochronal isochronous iterant iterative metrical on and off rhythmic rhythmical seasonal serial shifting stop-and-go every other in fits and starts here and there now and then on again and off again by bits and pieces on-again, off-again uneven regular frequent repeated inconsistent inconstant habitual desultory variable fluctuating repetitive unstable unsystematic disrupted varying unsettled changeable haphazard capricious uncertain constant continued disturbed wavering changing unreliable rolling reoccurring chain jerky disjointed unmethodical persistent perennial on-again-off-again continuing steady volatile scattershot unequal rambling aimless shaky like clockwork bitty reiterative unpredictable entropic indiscriminate chronic intervallic impulsive fractal routine flickering disorganized non-stop disorganised non-linear perpetual off and on daily every so often numerous at fixed intervals every once in a while occurring often incomplete troubled broken up wandering convulsive restless repeating spurtive twitching happening at intervals gaping inchoate unorganized disordered unconnected incohesive muddled incoherent oft-repeated herky-jerky unorganised impermanent freelance outsourced outside in bits and pieces oft repeated part-time incidental chaotic loose sketchy orbital annual weekly yearly monthly hourly centennial catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash arbitrary offhand unfocused orderless nonuniform on certain occasions at various times mutable customary commonplace helter-skelter without purpose fickle temperamental changeful mercurial eccentric partial designless quotidian everyday unpunctual unconsidered purposeless wayward ever-changing fluid flickery unfixed labile skittish vacillating up and down off-and-on non-periodic vagarious irresolute variational fluctuant flighty undependable partially fractional gradual intermittently fitfully waffling peaky not constant blowing hot and cold piecemeal incessant many familiar endless common countless profuse reiterated manifold eternal several by degrees at intervals successive lots of millions of loads of a good many heaps of a great many masses of quite a lot of thick very many iterated dozens of hundreds of thousands of quite a few various by fits and starts stage by stage little by little step by step

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