Đồng nghĩa của dwelled on

Động từ

(thought of/about) To have had a concern about
thought worried about agonized over dwelled upon dwelt upon stewed over contemplated pondered considered mulled over chewed over ruminated deliberated thought about meditated thought over weighed pored over cogitated reflected mused meditated on studied brooded over weighed up revolved mused on reflected on questioned ruminated on pored on wrestled with debated brooded perpended turned entertained kicked around puzzled over cerebrated eyed speculated cogitated about brooded on turned over ruminated about put on thinking cap reviewed deliberated on deliberated about excogitated cogitated on racked brains figured reasoned pondered on ruminated over given thought to gave thought to thought on speculated about turned over in one's mind brooded about wondered pondered over rolled chewed on hammered away at thought through sweated over beat one's brains out about sized up examined discussed agonized consulted evaluated brainstormed envisioned meditated over wondered about argued judged mulled minded deliberated over asked oneself about thought hard poured it on thought out noodled around talked over pored reflected upon thought of mused over agonised run up a flagpole knocked around given consideration to gave consideration to looked at beaten one's brains out about anguished over worried puzzled imagined envisaged conceived reflected about mooned appraised dwelt dwelled woolgathered chawed moped over flashed on batted about summed up cooled out anticipated given much thought to expected fretted over percolated considered the pros and cons of chewed the cud tormented oneself over asked oneself pictured tortured oneself over chewed over things chewed stewed used one's head stewed about mulled over things ruminated upon gave much thought to distressed oneself over obsessed on ran up a flagpole excruciated over kicked about batted it around chewn aspired to took in taken in taken stock of batted around took stock of

Động từ

Past tense for to emphasize, stress, or indicate the importance of
emphasised emphasized stressed highlighted foregrounded accented accentuated underlined weighted played up pointed up spotlighted spotlit underscored affirmed asserted insisted italicised italicized articulated belabored belaboured called attention to deepened featured headlined heightened illuminated impressed insisted on intensified pressed prest prioritised prioritized punctuated strengthened brought attention to charged dramatised dramatized drew attention to drawn attention to enunciated flagged up focused attention on harped on marked pinpointed pronounced betoned enlarged indicated limelighted limelit maintained reiterated repeated brought to the fore gave an emphasis to given an emphasis to hit on bore down borne down gave priority to given priority to gave prominence to given prominence to hit home laid stress on made a point of made clear made emphatic pointed out pressed home put stress on rubbed in rubbed it in labored the point made a point made much of put accent on put the accent on hit brought out spotted placed emphasis on turned the spotlight on impressed on laid emphasis on made an issue of kept going on about hat hitten put emphasis on brought home called focused on zeroed in on set off made more prominent made more noticeable gave emphasis to given emphasis to made a feature of put on center stage let people know about showed up flagged embellished magnified exaggerated focussed demonstrated focused brought home to one placed emphasis brought to light showed off gave weight to given weight to turned spotlight on made conspicuous floodlit floodlighted publicised publicized made a production of made a big thing of made a song and dance about made a show of shown off drawn attention gave prominence given prominence drew attention

Động từ

Past tense for to argue or discuss (a subject) in excessive detail
belabored belaboured labored laboured overdid overdone overdramatized overplayed discussed at length expanded on expounded on lingered over did over done over dragged out flogged to death went on about gone on about hammered away at tarried over made too much of something harped on about placed too much emphasis on blew something out of all proportion blown something out of all proportion made a big thing of overemphasized overemphasised stressed overstressed harped on exaggerated overstated attached too much importance to attached too much weight to made a federal case of accentuated elaborated underlined impressed expanded emphasized highlighted strained emphasised made a production out of laid too much emphasis on pointed up played up amplified magnified inflated hyperbolized dwelt upon dwelled upon laid too much stress on rehashed repeated overwrought pounded overworked made something out of nothing made a big thing about beat a dead horse driven home laid it on with a trowel gone on went on overpitched drove home hammered home made a mountain out of a molehill blown up out of all proportion blew up out of all proportion beaten a dead horse gone on and on about gone over the top about went on and on about went over the top about dramatized dramatised put on laid it on thick hammed it up embellished overembellished embroidered coloured overused piled on carried catastrophized overvalued overreached overtaxed stretched puffed pressured camped up overrated overloaded overestimated fatigued overburdened hyped overtired overindulged colored straught overacted acted overstated the case made a thing about pulled the longbow made a thing of strained yourself talked big run riot made a production of made federal case laid it on run into the ground made a big deal out of something expressed emotion emoted piled it on overdrew overdrawn went overboard with blown up done to death did to death blew up gone overboard with hamming up hammed up gave someone a sob story given someone a sob story drove oneself gone overboard ran riot driven oneself worn down wore down went overboard wore yourself out went too far worn yourself out gone too far ran into the ground bitten off too much bit off too much

Động từ

Past tense for to operate with a particular energy source

Trái nghĩa của dwelled on

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