Đồng nghĩa của pined

Alternative for pined

pines, pined, pining

Đồng nghĩa: ache, languish, pine tree, true pine, yearn, yen,

Động từ

Past tense for to suffer a mental and physical decline
faded declined weakened withered wilted sank sunk sunken drooped dwindled flagged decayed sickened languished wasted peaked wasted away went into a decline gone into a decline lost strength pined away failed deteriorated diminished ebbed sagged lagged emaciated longed yearned fainted prayed abated waned rotted lessened slumped decreased mouldered went gone receded eroded tuckered hungered hankered desponded teetered brooded ailed moldered petered out tapered off went downhill gone downhill withered away died on vine wearied melted away fizzled out succumbed knocked out died away hoped against hope faded away palled fagged out died conked out died down died out died off fell off fallen off grown weak grew weak gone to pieces went to pieces went soft gone soft willed dropped felled let up subsided degenerated tired lowered collapsed shrunk regressed crumbled hanged hung dropped off atrophied fell fallen tapered debilitated eased shrivelled shriveled hit the skids slipped drained moderated lolled flopped relent relented depreciated reduced slackened nosedived disappeared exhausted de-escalated worsened swagged retrograded disintegrated broke down enervated remitted slid plummeted plummetted devolved faltered tailed off crashed trailed lapsed ratcheted down phased down perished shrank shrunken evaporated degraded retrogressed fatigued contracted disimproved dipped jaded overtired pooped bushed descended hung down drained away eased off shriveled up become worse dissolved vanished tired out let down pooped out tuckered out spoiled spoilt dangled plunged melted stagnated attenuated wizened prostrated tumbled dived become limp thinned impaired folded trailed off depleted tottered shattered knackered wore out worn out fell away fallen away frazzled whacked lopped slacked off fizzled busted skidded killed broken down dimmed caved in slowed down dried gone down went down vitiated debased worn down wore down evanesced flapped bowed bent bended relaxed sapped settled devitalized leaned leant depressed draped grown faint grew faint grown less grew less relapsed become flaccid slung lost taxed eased up bored wound down beat disabled cratered dried up overtaxed broke broken brake backslid aged got worse gotten worse got less became worse lost quality bedraggled come to an end cut washed out fell to pieces hung loosely took a nosedive taken a nosedive went down the toilet gone down the toilet hit the dirt hit the floor cut back shagged out let droop drained of energy cut out hit the wall molten grew dim grown dim given way gave way worn wore dove became limp gone backwards went backwards fallen apart fell apart wore away worn away went bad gone bad did in done in nose-dived took it out of taken it out of gone down the tubes went down the tubes worn to a frazzle wore to a frazzle dispersed dilapidated putrefied stooped dematerialized fled tempered become debilitated etiolated deliquesced hushed cleared rarefied evanished retired quieted lightened slaked mitigated become weak inclined become emaciated trembled slouched suspended mummified minimized limped crippled impoverished halted minimised stalled become unimportant became flaccid softened slacked slang bore lost courage turned down depended passed off flowed away become less loud faded out whipped fluttered flailed desiccated desisted dropped away quietened downturned grew worse grown worse devalued grown weaker grew weaker broke up broken up fallen down fell down yielded burdened come down dragged cheapened buckled weathered backslided backslidden vanished into thin air constricted blasted deflated blighted lost spirit thinned out worn off wore off harassed outwore outworn came to an end went to pot gone to pot nodded overwrought strained overworked incapacitated beetled plagued become moribund soft-pedalled clipped soft-pedaled cropped blurred amputated closed abridged minified bowed out gave out given out suffered become marcescent bonked made sleepy made weary enfeebled drowsed gone to rack and ruin caused ennui become smaller come to a halt rolled back appeared in a poor light run out alloyed caused weariness staggered adulterated glutted undermined decreased in value had one foot in the grave lost value become stale folded up injured pained declined in price wiggled snapped come to nothing hung limply marred corroded oppressed made tired tost waved weighed packed in toppled become less intense quivered lost it jerked tipped over bent downward lost interest went to rack and ruin floundered slacked up become lower tossed slackened off dropped down flown flew withdrawn withdrew became emaciated grown feeble grew feeble grown smaller grew smaller became unimportant became debilitated beaten given in became weak gave in became less loud became moribund sloped came down became marcescent got smaller fallen short fell short gotten smaller became less intense yolden yold bent forward grown tired grew tired became stale fell limply fallen limply became lower taken a header gone into a tailspin went through the floor took a header gone through the floor went into a tailspin took the bite out took the sting out taken the bite out taken the sting out became smaller gave given came to a halt came to nothing ran out went to the pack gone to the pack went to the dogs gone to the dogs drawn to a close drew to a close worn on did up took wore on taken done up went into decline gone into decline fallen apart at the seams fell apart at the seams

Động từ

Past tense for to anticipate, expect, or wait for, especially with a feeling of approval or pleasure

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