Đồng nghĩa của made a fuss

Động từ

(colloquial) To have made a fuss or complained
created complained cried moaned whined whinged fretted fussed griped groaned grope grumbled grumped kicked up a fuss kicked up a rumpus nagged protested remonstrated sniveled snivelled sounded off wailed whimpered yammered carped groused muttered beefed bellyached growled grouched bleated kvetched keened lamented chuntered chirped cribbed nattered found fault put the boot in gripen objected grizzled screamed murmured inveighed caterwauled repined squealed hollered crabbed squawked yowled croaked maundered kicked yawped yauped mithered bewailed bemoaned grieved cavilled caviled opposed railed at kicked up a stink made a song and dance made a scene objected to cut up made a complaint carried on plained over lodged a complaint gone on went on gurned raged deplored reproached niggled charged denounced nitpicked wittered demurred criticized dissented mewled puled deprecated refuted twined ascribed contravened knocked laid accused imputed disapproved disagreed differed defied indicted expostulated attacked grunted raised Cain spoken out against spoke out against run down went on about sighed over gone on about made a mountain out of a molehill grieved over found fault with mumbled rampaged sorrowed about cried out looked askance inveighed against criticised picked holes in sorrowed for gainsaid taken exception to ran down nit-picked took exception to howled bawled yelped screeched yelled shrieked shright bayed shouted roared bellowed squalled ululated sobbed barked yapped called out whooped wept weeped clamoured clamored called mourned thundered shrilled vociferated cheered hallooed holloed hooted blubbered scolded yipped put up a fight condemned sighed whispered woofed mewed meowed miaowed greeted wauled decried censured upbraided disparaged berated boomed plained sniffled grieved for sorrowed regretted trashed rumbled outcried exclaimed raised objections expressed disapproval snarled picked on hurt called at the top of your voice shed tears for raised your voice picked at complained about wailed about blared wept over raised voice cast aspersions on made a stand wailed for let have it split hairs taken exception took exception sung out sang out purred harassed quibbled badgered harried hounded declaimed chivvied henpecked hassled vituperated lambasted lashed reviled admonished impugned ranted railed castigated rued bullied persecuted pestered quested worried trumpeted hailed rubbished maligned blasted slandered recriminated vilified sniped fulminated roasted dogged vexed needled kept on at vext pecked at plagued repented hurrahed huzzahed announced blubbed badmouthed blamed abused stormed scorched denigrated kept after screaked wept for carped at hypercriticized cooeed proclaimed belled pulled to pieces moaned on at blustered grouched about bellyached about slurred breathed down someone's neck shuddered jumped down one's throat raised a ruckus made screeching importuned worked over sang sounded off about prodded disturbed taken a stand swallowed lowed bickered expressed woe for moaned and groaned spoke loudly bellered nudged kicked up a fuss about curst wailed over excepted sulked hectored urged ripped into tongue-lashed cried over cried for complained vehemently about objurgated droned took a stand harped on at cursed squeaked anathematized pined for slagged off worked on teased grumbled at heckled bled skidded expressed sorrow cried loudly expressed regret about sorrowed over laid out brayed gabbled kicked up a storm quarreled pecked beat one's breast beefed about quarrelled sputtered picked holes cried softly kicked up a stink about voiced egged goaded bothered cried the blues careered laid into baited keened over moaned at had at bad-mouthed bent someone's ear rained provoked spoken loudly distressed execrated cracked down on burbled kept complaining to juddered sungen panned talked under your breath kicked self pleaded sung pled muddled expressed sorrow for jowled routed moaned about rid rode ridden yoo-hooed went after lay out gone after went on at gone on at sung the blues sang the blues blown off took on blew off taken on took it out on taken it out on given a hard time gave a hard time ate eaten spoken ill of did a hatchet job on taken apart done a hatchet job on took apart spoke ill of gave tongue given tongue eaten one's heart out beaten one's breast taken it hard took it hard ate one's heart out

Động từ

Past tense for to express one's opposition to or disagreement with something
objected protested remonstrated demurred opposed raised objections argued complained disapproved expressed objections protested against took exception taken exception condemned expressed disagreement expressed disapproval expressed objections to groused lodged a protest minded took exception to taken exception to argued against cavilled caviled expressed disagreement with expressed disapproval of griped grope gripen grumbled lodged a protest against moaned quibbled raised objections to remonstrated against took issue taken issue beefed disapproved of excepted expostulated had a problem kicked quarreled with spurned took issue with taken issue with cavilled at complained about drew the line drawn the line groused about grumbled about had a problem with kvetched moaned about took a stand against taken a stand against baulked balked beefed about challenged crabbed criticised criticized crossed deprecated disagreed disavowed discommended discountenanced disesteemed disputed dissented drew the line at drawn the line at griped about inveighed made a fuss about quibbled about ranted about begged to differ frowned on kvetched about kicked up a fuss kicked up a stink railed against raised objection sounded off took on taken on kicked up a fuss about kicked up a stink about made an objection made a stink tangled with went-one-on-one gone-one-on-one mixed it up with put up a fight railed fulminated denounced revolted resisted fought squawked rebelled combated hollered blasted howled combatted expressed opposition cried out made a protest made a stand said no voiced disapproval kicked against inveighed against said no to foughten spoken out spoke out taken a stand took a stand taken up the cudgels back-talked took up the cudgels disagreed with objected to argued with deplored differed quibbled over refused to support declined to support nonconcurred wrangled discorded disaccorded squabbled bickered failed to agree with put up an argument resent resented demurred at raised an objection bemoaned rued regretted diverged repudiated rejected bewailed repented renounced stickled abjured refused clashed quarreled quarrelled bucked pettifogged contradicted varied divided shied declined come out against opposed strongly conflicted debated altercated spat contended scrapped spatted censured spoken out against bumped heads spoke out against rained discepted expressed objection complained vociferously about warred objected strongly to railed at blamed found fault frowned upon said no way argy-bargied picked at withheld assent disparaged said not a chance nagged fulminated against animadverted recriminated lamented locked horns failed to agree said nothing doing decried crossed swords jarred parted company with withstood took umbrage at taken umbrage at took offence at taken offence at broke with broken with flown in the face of flew in the face of fallen out went at it gone at it fell out taken offence taken umbrage taken offense took umbrage took offense took offence came out against taken a dim view took a dim view

Động từ

(British, informal) Past tense for to become very upset, especially needlessly

Trái nghĩa của made a fuss

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