Đồng nghĩa của grieved

Alternative for grieved

grieves, grieved, grieving

Đồng nghĩa: hurt, lament, mourn, sorrow,

Trái nghĩa: delight, please,

Động từ

Past tense for to feel intense sorrow or anguish
mourned lamented agonised agonized bemoaned suffered sorrowed hurt anguished regretted ached oke aken sobbed wailed wept weeped bewailed bled cried rued keened bore beared borne shed tears felt sad carried on sang the blues sung the blues weeped and wailed cried a river ate one's heart out eaten one's heart out took it hard taken it hard moaned pined deplored repined groaned complained grieved over wept over howled fretted sighed grieved for shed tears for languished despaired yearned repented felt wretched wailed for complained about wailed about grumbled cried over whined soughed eaten your heart out ate your heart out plained sulked brooded ululated wept for blubbered missed pouted rained bawled roared pined for mooned idled grumped cried for kicked self pained wrung hands longed for felt pain beat one's breast moped desponded chafed endured agony went through the mill gone through the mill hung around wailed over keened over felt apologetic about kicked oneself felt sorry reproached oneself for felt remorse sighed over expressed sorrow expressed regret about felt remorseful about kicked oneself for apologized sorrowed over stewed over apologised had a bad time experienced hardship sweated over repented of pined away expressed sorrow for felt remorse for plained over had a long face felt sorry about expressed woe for lost heart moaned about sorrowed for wasted time sungen sung sang wore black worn black beaten one's breast went through a lot gone through a lot sunken sunk sank ate heart out eaten heart out worn a long face wore a long face went about like a half-shut knife gone about like a half-shut knife

Động từ

Past tense for to upset or distress someone
distressed upset saddened pained hurt wounded wound afflicted depressed harrowed stung aggrieved agonised agonized crushed galled injured devastated caused suffering to made your heart bleed hit hard broke the heart of broken the heart of troubled bothered tormented disturbed vexed vext worried perturbed cut to the quick oppressed cast down harassed plagued annoyed irked irritated beset mortified dismayed tortured fretted ailed offended burdened weighed down displeased stressed agitated made miserable gnawed at concerned pestered disconcerted disheartened disquieted perplexed affronted bugged fazed peeved dejected cut got to dispirited anguished discomposed riled alarmed strained discouraged tried nagged desolated outraged fussed racked bummed out exasperated made unhappy seared angered ruffled made wretched miffed caused anguish to discomforted shocked hassled put into a funk put a damper on sweat haunted rattled piqued cut up ticked off made sad bedevilled bedeviled put down curst cursed affected cast a gloom upon hurt one's feelings harried excruciated slighted hurt someone's feelings moved crucified daunted discommoded unsettled needled flustered dashed unnerved pressed prest discombobulated distracted confounded unhinged frazzled derailed gotten to distempered alarumed flurried discomfited hagrid got down stirred up hung over freaked out weirded out insulted made gloomy made despondent got someone down persecuted shaken shook knocked for six burned up burnt up besieged brought down dissed narked taxed dampened spirits discountenanced made blue dragged down struck disgruntled martyred brought one down touched stewed spooked disgusted psyched hacked off inconvenienced feared sweated excited traumatized nettled chafed demoralized indisposed frightened dogged floored pothered provoked sickened puzzled obsessed made waves made anxious debilitated flipped out beat exercised pricked preyed on got at picked on chagrined got traumatised caused trouble to roused bewildered hurt the feelings of demoralised upset oneself made uneasy cast a gloom on dumped on turned one off bled caused anguish brought tears to your eyes weighed heavily on knocked the stuffing out of hurt somebody's feelings poured cold water on knocked sideways upset yourself deeply upset made someone fed up hagridden hagrode undone undid eaten at ate at given a hard time gave a hard time shook up shaken up damaged harmed scarred chastened niggled rended rent slapped disrespected blighted wrung pursued gripped grinded ground stricken hounded teared broke one's heart broken one's heart chilled lied heavy on pressed down on visited thrown threw downed deplored gutted buffeted buffetted stirred interrupted excoriated goaded abraded panicked horrified disappointed confused shattered brooded strapped pushed tantalised tantalized drained wearied caused discomfort to caused concern to bruised thrilled repelled repulsed nauseated disobliged jarred caused agony to dampened weighed made uncomfortable crazed turned incapacitated cramped flipped pierced stabbed overwhelmed given offence to gave offence to dragged darkened abased enervated cowed damped dulled drug caused anxiety gotten at incommoded fired up wound up egged on moped hacked you off gotten gat given someone grief gave someone grief lambasted caused sorrow caused offense turned off nagged at mourned caused suffering run down reduced to tears startled pushed buttons keyed up layed up turned on got across laid up caused to panic rankled with complained overcharged sighed pined sorrowed did in done in rocked the boat made a scene weighed on aroused anxiety in pushed the buttons of beat down felt uneasy felt unhappy concerned oneself whined grumbled deranged dazed thrown off balance threw off balance made it tough for kept under made desolate threw cold water on thrown cold water on gave someone the blues given someone the blues dished out complicated broke someone's heart felt peeved interfered astounded caused someone distress carried a heavy load made a fuss lost sleep over harshed someone's mellow inflicted trauma distressed yourself dished it out badgered stuck it to sweated it out lost sleep distressed oneself carped intruded broken someone's heart aroused thumbed nose at scared fumed tired amazed caused pain smote smit smited smitten wringed wrang torn tore took taken nit-picked broke broken brake gotten across got someone gotten someone beaten gave a bad time driven up the wall drove up the wall given a bad time ran down torn to pieces tore to pieces taken over took over gotten in the way got in the way eaten away at ate away at given it to gave it to gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick beaten down got on nerves gotten on nerves done a number on did a number on eaten one's heart out got into a dither gotten into a dither took on taken on ate one's heart out taken control of took control of bore down borne down beleaguered mistreated molested aggravated maltreated victimized abused assailed ill-treated caused pain to punished lacerated inflicted anguish on victimised hurt deeply teased faced attacked taunted confronted wronged put the squeeze on devilled deviled hectored infested appalled hit where one lives put through wringer consumed frustrated hunted inflicted convulsed violated spited exploited manipulated humiliated rocked wreaked imposed wrecked wrought ridiculed lampooned browbeat suffered swamped overcome engulfed embarrassed belittled antagonized mocked scourged importuned baited entangled hampered labored laboured mused tyrannized aggressed bullied scorned ribbed chaffed suffered from misused derided buttonholed squirmed chivvied devoured rode ridden discriminated against tyrannised jumped on one's case dishonored mithered started in on avenged ragged possessed kept after bent someone's ear swallowed up heckled boned ill-used dishonoured gnawed antagonised martyrized imposed on inflicted pain on inflicted suffering on recurred rubbed salt in wound maddened descended on got in your hair preoccupied leaded someone a merry dance come back to stayed with forced upon brought down on laid a bad trip on stepped on the toes of played cat and mouse descended upon teared at tore at browbeaten befell befallen overcame ate up eaten up gnawn given one the business gave one the business came back to taken advantage of did an injustice to took advantage of done an injustice to fell upon fallen on fell on fallen upon driven bananas drove bananas got on your nerves driven round the bend drove round the bend gotten on your nerves given the needle gave the needle gave no quarter went for jugular gone for jugular given no quarter torn to shreds tore to shreds

Động từ

Past tense for to complain or protest about something, typically in a weak or pathetic manner
bleated complained moaned whined grumbled groused griped grope gripen whinged carped beefed grouched bellyached wailed muttered grizzled whimpered fussed screamed growled keened nagged murmured kvetched inveighed grumped caterwauled squealed repined crabbed hollered yowled squawked croaked maundered yammered kicked yawped yauped groaned lamented snivelled sniveled mithered chuntered created bewailed bemoaned mewled puled chirped cribbed nattered sounded off found fault kicked up a fuss made a fuss went on gone on put the boot in deplored mourned sobbed cried howled wept weeped squalled screeched bawled ululated greeted wauled yelped blubbered yelled roared shrieked shright sighed cavilled caviled sorrowed kicked up a stink carried on plained protested objected whispered remonstrated reproached scolded sulked charged denounced nitpicked demurred criticized fretted dissented opposed deprecated refuted twined ascribed contravened knocked laid accused imputed disapproved disagreed differed defied indicted expostulated attacked bayed criticised jowled run down railed at languished cried loudly found fault with raised a ruckus objected to kicked up a storm looked askance inveighed against made a complaint plained over picked holes in cried the blues lodged a complaint gainsaid nit-picked spoken out against taken exception to spoke out against ran down went on about gone on about took exception to condemned quibbled split hairs put up a fight censured decried niggled raised objections expressed disapproval mumbled disparaged hypercriticized upbraided berated picked on quibbled about excepted taken exception took exception made a stand trashed yapped picked at kvetched about beefed about cast aspersions on kicked up a stink about kicked up a fuss about let have it gurned harassed harried badgered pleaded pled pettifogged niggled about hounded pecked bothered objurgated panned declaimed rumbled chivvied henpecked hassled argued protested against expressed objections picked holes curst execrated cursed anathematized vituperated impugned lambasted lashed ranted railed reviled admonished castigated grieved over sorrowed about sighed over sorrowed for lodged a protest expressed objections to minded expressed disagreement pestered worried bullied persecuted sniffled rubbished vilified sniped maligned blasted slandered recriminated fulminated roasted expressed disagreement with remonstrated against expressed disapproval of lodged a protest against raised objections to snarled slurred gabbled sputtered swallowed wittered droned burbled muddled taken a stand took a stand dogged vexed needled kept on at pecked at vext plagued blubbed spurned quarreled with had a problem disapproved of badmouthed blamed abused raged miaowed stormed denigrated scorched kept after carped at groused about grumbled about cavilled at complained about had a problem with moaned about quarreled quarrelled bickered grumbled at heckled importuned prodded disturbed egged goaded nudged grunted baited moaned at hectored urged provoked distressed harped on at teased taken on took on ranted about griped about disesteemed disputed baulked crossed discommended made a fuss about challenged balked discountenanced disavowed pulled to pieces grouched about laid out laid into bad-mouthed ripped into tongue-lashed slagged off moaned on at kept complaining to raised Cain frowned on talked under your breath tangled with bellyached about breathed down someone's neck jumped down one's throat made screeching worked over sounded off about cried softly made a stink moaned and groaned raised objection had at bent someone's ear mixed it up with complained vehemently about made an objection cracked down on railed against cried out worked on blown off blew off rid rode ridden taken issue took issue argued against gone on at went on at took issue with taken issue with lay out drawn the line took a stand against drew the line taken a stand against ate eaten drawn the line at drew the line at went after gone after spoken ill of spoke ill of taken apart took apart begged to differ did a hatchet job on done a hatchet job on took it out on gave a hard time taken it out on given a hard time went-one-on-one gone-one-on-one

Tính từ

Suffering from overwhelming distress
heartbroken dejected miserable crushed disconsolate inconsolable desolate despondent downcast sad sorrowful anguished brokenhearted choked crestfallen devastated disheartened dispirited grief-stricken heartsick broken-hearted despairing grieving heavy-hearted shattered suffering dismal distressed upset bad blue depressed disappointed doleful down downhearted droopy forlorn gloomy glum hangdog heartsore heavyhearted joyless low low-spirited melancholic melancholy mournful saddened sorry unhappy woebegone woeful wretched chap-fallen dolorous gutted cast down cut up discouraged distraught down in the mouth in low spirits sick as a parrot down in the dumps hurt troubled bereaved cheerless tormented sullen aggrieved tearful sombre somber demoralized emotional wistful teary tristful demoralised weepy afflicted down-hearted in doldrums in grief in the dumps in tears pained perturbed bothered plagued concerned rueful discombobulated uptight bugged shook morose bitter antsy broken shook up all torn up prostrated heart-sick lovesick stricken displeased impaired cursed worried pessimistic sick at heart down in dumps pensive lugubrious moody down in mouth out of sorts morbid hapless listless bowed down regretful disturbed spiritless triste crabby languished languid gray black comfortless dysphoric sulky saturnine negative fed up languorous grey burned sore contused anxious shaken ruffled disconcerted traumatized tortured disquieted unnerved vexed agitated discomposed harassed flustered weeping irked aflutter wrecked overwhelmed hurting discountenanced agonized mourning haunted harrowed dolesome wounded spooked jumpy unglued sorrowing bewailing persecuted traumatised bemoaning aching wailing agonised strung out bummed out in pain angst-ridden heavy with grief racked with pain in a tizzy in a stew racked with suffering overcome with sorrow long-faced oppressed chapfallen in the pits dragged abject hopeless brassed off cheesed off mirthless destroyed in the doldrums down and out defeatist bleak plaintive dreary funereal piteous grim in despair shot down weighed down plangent lamentable pitiful dismayed painful tragic lachrymose weary cast-down in a blue funk as sick as a parrot singing the blues funeral desperate deploring dour depressing daunted depressive dull helpless elegiac solemn bleeding downbeat mopey ripped crummy dolent sunk taken down torn up on a downer pathetic defeated abashed shamefaced pitiable lamenting sheepish enervated distressing unconsolable sapped flat lonesome lonely subdued sepulchral heavy sour grumpy bummed-out calamitous bereft crabbed heartrending surly Eeyorish mopish broody elegiacal adust down-in-the-mouth resigned ruthful cynical low-down sunk in gloom let down in the toilet in sorrow in mourning low in spirits full of sorrow long-suffering in a state of shock reeling very sad sorry for oneself undermined apathetic humourless humorless prostrate with grief cringing browbeaten guilty cowed suicidal mortified remorseful dirgeful unsatisfied torn-up discontent brooding troubling tear-jerking affecting guilty-looking furtive unable to be comforted unable to be consoled emo without energy griefstricken damp saddening depressant godforsaken disillusioned taken aback deflated lowered bowed sorry for yourself overcome pining luckless ashamed intimidated embarrassed uncomfortable sneaking off sluggish beside oneself with grief afflicting let-down not happy moping ugly discontented strained churlish lost frantic harrowing threnodic deplorable grievous dirge-like bearish uneasy racked ailing ill-humoured huffy forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned have the blahs cowering humiliated conscience-stricken feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off discouraging doomed ill-humored heart-rending friendless destitute uncared-for atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging unmitigable unfortunate in a funk no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope strabilious at the end of your tether in the soup up the creek without hope dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone poor worthless drear heartbreaking bummed powerless downtrodden dark down-and-out nostalgic

Tính từ

Feeling angry, distressed or unhappy
upset troubled worried distressed disturbed dismayed bothered hurt shaken agitated disconcerted disquieted perturbed ruffled anxious confused discomposed distraught unsettled choked discountenanced gutted sad alarmed flustered frightened inconvenienced irked irritated saddened unhappy unnerved uptight vexed aflutter angered annoyed antsy atwitter disappointed dithery edgy frantic fretted insecure nervous nervy offended queasy queazy rattled tense uneasy hassled jittery jumpy low muddled overwrought shocked thrown unglued unquiet apprehensive blue goosey hinky unzipped verklempt wounded amazed cut up hung up ill at ease in disorder put out broken up bummed out come apart psyched out shook up all torn up at sixes and sevens het up in a tizzy overwhelmed devastated traumatized affected heartbroken traumatised miserable excited overemotional angry hysterical irrational emotional histrionic dispirited in a state falling apart crushed in a bad way afflicted horrified shattered injured damaged impaired broken-hearted shell-shocked emotionally defeated restless fearful concerned uncomfortable fidgety fretful twitchy wired on edge restive overcome fazed shaky stressy flurried discombobulated scared terrified fraught harassed anguished perplexed afraid tormented provoked keyed up unrestful choked up impatient unsteady self-conscious embarrassed discomfited depressed disheartened irritable palpitant suspicious wrung peevish irascible turbulent all nerves in turmoil disorderly asea unpeaceful unbalanced wavering riled pestered harried exacerbated beset puzzled harrowed displeased chagrined miffed aggravated pained tortured mortified plagued on the qui vive like a fish out of water worried stiff stressed hectic desperate flushed startled intense skittish in a panic daunted aquiver high-strung adrenalized frenzied unreluctant distracted flighty wrought-up overactive overexcited febrile hot under the collar hyped-up afire hyper atingle heated hyperexcited wound up worked up zipped up hot juiced up hot and bothered

Tính từ

Resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult
offended aggrieved injured pained wounded angered annoyed cross disgruntled distressed stung affronted bothered displeased galled hurt indignant irked irritated miffed needled nettled peeved resentful ruffled upset disturbed huffy miffy piqued put out riled vex aggravated agitated angry eggy exasperated insulted narked outraged rattled sore vexed fed up provoked slighted snubbed snuffy tooshie brassed off browned off cheesed off hacked off in a huff in high dudgeon peed off salty teed off ticked off troubled not best pleased unhappy reproachful undermined hassled cut to the quick furious enraged bitter rancorous dissatisfied acrimonious embittered inflamed ireful enflamed infuriated in a temper incensed rankled ticked fuming rabid foaming wrathful wroth choleric irate apoplectic hot steaming mad livid roiled infuriate ballistic hopping shirty horn-mad riley hoha steamed acrid steamed up annoying afflicted weighty hard grieving distressing hot under the collar bent out of shape hopping mad fit to be tied going crook in a fume in a pet blue in the face foaming at the mouth boiling raging seething up in arms discontented beside oneself snaky on the warpath incandescent testy choked crook maddened wild irritable ratty frenzied in a frenzy ropeable beside yourself aerated raving in a lather sullen as cross as two sticks frustrated ranting soreheaded in a bad mood worked up sulky spiteful ill-humoured off the air ill-humored crabby splenetic perturbed waxy red grumpy petulant irascible peevish sour surly scunnered ill-tempered bad-tempered impatient grouchy snappy touchy very angry seeing red wrath hot-tempered wound up short-tempered swollen fiery heated malcontent hateful churlish bloodshot flustered chafed harassed cranky antagonized frantic tetchy hostile prickly stroppy antagonised in a paddy in a bate quick-tempered out of humour out of sorts with all guns blazing grudging chagrined disgusted fractious querulous hacked nasty snappish crabbed fretful crotchety cynical waspish chippy perverse venomous spare snarky pettish snippy snippety liverish stuffy painful filthy passionate raspy bummed out out of humor boiling mad at daggers drawn raging mad sensitive disaffected worried bugged violent berserk anguished disagreeable cantankerous malignant vehement scornful vitriolic discontent disappointed unforgiving desperate demented crazed maniac bent unreasonable smoking insane corybantic irrational huffish harried malicious critical morose roused captious burned up dyspeptic uptight acid mean narky vindictive scandalized antagonistic crusty grousing out of temper griping dirty unglued shocked scandalised storming dark short ill-disposed gnashing one's teeth mardy caviling cavilling hard done by in a towering rage in a rage thin-skinned all steamed up overcome with anger ill-natured pushed too far at boiling point blown a gasket in a filthy temper beside yourself with rage sombre somber pink scalding steamy piping unimpressed airborne air-to-air flying ballistical surface-to-air goaded excited burning with excitement anxious het up blazing p.o.'d raw infected confused fretted chafing septic reddened tormented rousted snitty bloody dishonored humiliated perplexed dogged buffaloed festered itching smarting tender stinging burning itchy angry-looking black flaming umbrageous dishonoured blazing mad flaming mad wronged wry as black as thunder puffed up fevered festering at end of one's rope hot and bothered rubbed the wrong way harmed very upset out of control out of countenance blistered burnt scalded in a wax ill-used woeful saddened malcontented crabbing bellyaching uncontent kvetching kicking ungratified contemptuous disdainful raving mad revengeful begrudging malevolent persecuted oppressed victimised depressed victimized full-on all-out uncompromising energetic manic breakneck concerted bad tempered out of joint red-rimmed vengeful pernicious jaundiced up the wall severe extremely angry sardonic irreconcilable caustic baleful virulent gory disillusioned exacerbated malign alienated soured catty maleficent malefic estranged with chip on shoulder grudge-bearing jumpy faultfinding with a chip on one's shoulder antipathetic poisonous fierce bloodstained ensanguined vicious frenetic rage tense implacable begruding evil-intentioned temperamental feisty bristly glum curt moody unsociable argumentative gruff volatile whingy full of hate with a chip on your shoulder nursing a grudge shrewish brusque misanthropic hotheaded pouty oversensitive ornery obstinate quarrelsome difficult bilious contentious truculent harsh pertinacious uncooperative snarling contrary peckish whiny peppery hypercritical whining miserable grumbling curmudgeonly crybaby ungracious gloomy iracund tough brooding iracundulous edgy bearish pouting fussy disputatious scratchy waspy trying having got out of bed on the wrong side dour nasty-tempered mumpish growling tart sharp in a mood sorehead saturnine blunt cussed fault-finding on edge cross-grained carping awkward like a bear with a sore head on a short fuse complaining fretting vinegary whingeing childish foul-tempered out-of-sorts hasty hot-blooded ugly having got out of bed the wrong side obstreperous short-fused chuffy easily offended

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