Đồng nghĩa của eaten up

Động từ

Past participle for to accept

Động từ

Past participle for to consume food hungrily or in a gluttonous manner
devoured eaten ingested bolted finished gobbled down gulped partaken of wolfed bolted down champed chewed chewn chomped crammed down finished off gobbled up gulped down munched noshed swallowed wolfed down demolished packed away put away tucked into disposed of polished off scarfed scoffed down shifted shoveled down sunk sunken tucked away consumed downed got stuck into gobbled guzzled ingurgitated inhaled scarfed down scarfed up scoffed snarfed got outside of made short work of pigged out on snarfed down snarfed up feasted on put down chowed down gorged gorged oneself on fed on taken pigged oneself on swilled snacked on tucked in tossed down grazed on hoovered dispatched used up eaten heartily lapped up crammed in dined crammed eaten greedily eaten hungrily ravened gormandized glutted slopped gorged on nibbled partaken manducated taken in mowed down knocked back dug in finished up swilled down reduced made inroads into chowed necked lapped supped killed swallowed hurriedly murdered eaten quickly gorged oneself gourmandized sucked up gluttonized horked pigged oneself guzzled down mealed on stuffed your face fed feed snacked Hoovered had supper lunched lunched on had tea breakfasted on had breakfast picked at had dinner had lunch eaten between meals bibbed bevvied munched on dined on tasted breakfasted exhausted cleaned out drunk in delighted in pigged out absorbed absorpt swigged eaten into assimilated dropped belted swallowed up tost taken over engulfed destroyed tossed washed down disposed chugalugged got down believed accepted fallen for stuffed ate greedily ate hungrily ate up ate overindulged englutted partook of sank engorged sloshed binged satiated overeaten overate took made a pig of oneself feasted upon fed one's face filled packed put sated surfeited blimped out hocked borked hawked eaten like a horse ate like a horse stuffed oneself ate heartily partook chugged took in devoured greedily banqueted banquetted quaffed gorged oneself with imbibed cloyed congested jaded jammed regaled indulged choked junketted junketed ruminated had digested bit masticated pigged choked down attacked feasted loaded up on scarfed out porked out dived in swallowed whole indulged in wined and dined porked out on pecked at gourmandized on crammed oneself with eaten to excess ate to excess made a pig of oneself on tossed off shovelled it in shoveled it in fared sumptuously overindulged in binged on ate quickly putten ate voraciously eaten voraciously drank in bitten took over eaten your fill ate sumptuously eaten sumptuously ate your fill eaten to your heart's content ate to your heart's content

Động từ

Past participle for take pleasure from
delighted in admired adored appreciated cherished indulged in relished reveled in revelled in savored savoured taken pleasure in dug enjoyed feasted on gotten a kick out of gotten high on gotten off on got off on gloried in grooved on liked lived a little lived it up loved luxuriated in taken delight in taken great delight in fancied treasured had fun valued taken joy in prized favoured derived pleasure from taken satisfaction in held dear stuck on cottoned to delighted favored gotten a thrill out of embraced found appealing had a good time jubilated taken an interest in rejoiced in lapped up had a ball taken a thrill to hankered for taken to thoroughly enjoyed immersed yourself in gone for had a proclivity for found irresistible found pleasure in had a taste for got a buzz from of had affection for gone a bundle on exulted in had a passion for cared for got a kick from of doted on really enjoyed had a great liking for had a predilection for had a thing for drunk in gone in for had a soft spot for taken a fancy to liked to indulge in enjoyed greatly had a thing about really liked had a weakness for had a penchant for gotten a charge out of taken great pleasure in found satisfaction in got a buzz out of wallowed in madded about got a kick out of got high on took joy in amused oneself ate up got a thrill out of took an interest in took a thrill to took delight in took great delight in took pleasure in took satisfaction in took to basked in drank in went for took a fancy to took great pleasure in got a charge out of went a bundle on went in for preferred reveled revelled gloated over put on pedestal esteemed adulated read compulsively longed for had a liking for thought the world of rated highly rejoiced exulted crowed hit it off with triumphed gloried set one's heart on drooled felt self-satisfied about tasted to the full enjoyed to the full absorbed absorpt fell for fallen for doted venerated felt deep affection for imbibed held very dear had a pash on cared very much for felt affection for carried a torch for felt affection overindulged desired devoured developed a crush on passionated about wilded about pottied about thrived with had it bad wilded for liked very much become smitten with lost one's heart to become infatuated with derived great pleasure from devoted to wanted regarded highly craved wuvd wuved minded desiderated got a bang out of gotten a bang out of derived satisfaction from thought well of respected found attractive held in esteem had a preference for had regard for found agreeable had a fondness for found enjoyable rated got a thrill from got a buzz from warmed to coveted luved luvd took a shine to taken a shine to crew exuberated endorsed sanctioned wished for approved of boasted got a charge from of revered had an affection for taken a liking to took a liking to dreamt of yearned for felt like kvelled joyed wallowed celebrated gloated sighed for itched for whooped hungered for boasted about felt affection toward rubbed it in had a high regard for greatly enjoyed bragged about preened oneself about hankered after crowed over smirked had a yen for vaunted had a craving for thirsted for leant toward piqued oneself on crowed about developed a liking for patted oneself on the back about pined for had a yearning for triumphed over rubbed your hands congratulated oneself on leaned toward chosen chose became infatuated with gave one's heart to fallen head over heels in love with fell head over heels in love with thriven with gone on given one's heart to became smitten with throve with gone through went through been through gotten pleasure from got pleasure from took in taken in partaken of partook of crew over crown over taken delight took delight

Động từ

Past participle for to use, empty or drain completely
expended exhausted consumed depleted drained absorbed absorpt burned burnt devoured employed sapped spent used used up utilised utilized dissipated emptied burnt up drawn down finished frittered frittered away played out finished off gotten through made use of gone through been through run through run out run down wasted squandered milked sucked dry bled run up impoverished drawn washed up bled dry swallowed up diminished bankrupted attenuated slashed cut back dug into dried up frivolled away taken last of finished up put to use emptied out blown through voided dried strained blown eaten dispersed dispelled occupied worn out thrown away had recourse to reduced evacuated decreased burned through lessened taken up lowered pared down weakened slimmed down undermined drew drew down ate up ran down went through deprived got through ran through cleaned out fleeced wore out ruined squeezed wiped out tapped siphoned ran out syphoned dispatched exploited busted disposed of wrecked pauperized run out of brought to ruin brought down extracted pumped destroyed enervated drafted annihilated eroded ravaged engulfed demolished draughted devastated enveloped ate broke broken brake gutted razed drew off drawn off catheterized diverted overcome payed out paid out laid waste disfigured pillaged beggared burned up lapsed liquidated given out gave out worn down wore down gobbled guzzled took last of ran out of ran up filtered off chipped away at took up blew through petered out crippled financially reduced to beggary made destitute sucked the life out of brought to its knees decimated freed from had no more pumped out ruinated slowly lessened slowly diminished wasted away slowly reduced crushed gradually overcome extraught blew went gone overcame wore away worn away threw away availed oneself of gradually overcame gotten rid of gotten last drop got rid of got last drop

Động từ

Past participle for to cause to become angry
burnt up irritated vexed vext annoyed angered consumed obsessed eaten away at upset hurt riled infuriated irked festered galled exasperated offended provoked displeased nettled affronted inflamed enflamed miffed incensed piqued madded aggravated ired chafed enraged peeved outraged roiled maddened embittered narked caused resentment to ticked off caused annoyance to pestered mortified rankled harassed needled fretted hacked off steamed up gnawed gnawed at pained grated on got your goat gotten on your nerves hacked you off bothered gnawn tormented plagued put out bugged ruffled got gotten rasped grated persecuted eaten spited frosted gripen griped itched disturbed got to gotten to rubbed up the wrong way wound up driven up the wall gravelled graveled gotten across got across hassled worried ridden troubled made someone see red given someone the hump antagonized driven mad driven crazy distressed goaded antagonised agitated teed off bummed out humped gotten under your skin put your back up perturbed exacerbated rubbed the wrong way put someone's nose out of joint given someone the pip afflicted gotten on one's nerves made angry driven to distraction harried nagged discomposed made your blood boil gotten your back up given a hard time made cross disconcerted disquieted frustrated driven round the twist driven round the bend grieved got in your hair teased aggrieved rattled disgruntled agonized bedevilled bedeviled beset burnt burned fazed gotten at got at made somebody's hackles rise agonised got on your wick saddened depressed discomfited wound wounded niggled abraded disgusted concerned perplexed excited dogged given someone grief ruffled one's feathers made waves egged on discountenanced badgered hounded flustered molested oppressed dismayed discommoded empurpled ailed burdened discombobulated rankled with picked on fired up gotten up someone's nose tried your patience got your dander up fussed tried strained stirred up cut to the quick harrowed baited distracted unsettled unnerved flurried tortured injured alarmed insulted hacked rattled someone's cage weighed down stressed worked up eaten at made anxious distempered setted one's teeth on edge raised your hackles rubbed you up the wrong way exercised turned off gotten someone asked for it incited affected embarrassed dejected dissatisfied confounded confused incommoded jarred put off intimidated inconvenienced dispirited disheartened devilled deviled bullied nudged broken thrown cheesed off beleaguered brought down crossed mithered cast down umbraged gotten your hackles up roused thrown off balance pursued acerbated crazed aroused crushed browbeaten tantalized weirded out made uncomfortable made wretched unhinged psyched freaked out frazzled caused discomfort to stewed undone worn on given offence to bummed hurt somebody's feelings wronged spooked sweat driven bananas discomforted put into a flap hagrid put someone off their stroke pushed buttons weighed on tantalised alarumed derailed interrupted racked made miserable appalled hit where one lives made uneasy caused concern to caused anguish to put into a funk given a bad time cut up hagridden nagged at upset the applecart sent into a rage jarred on pricked put a damper on caused anxiety to sticked in one's craw beat gotten a rise out of whipped up irritated greatly haunted tried the patience of riled up wigged gotten on someone soured driven you up the wall chid chided gotten on the wrong side of made an enemy of somebody chagrined steamed bit bitten mixed up harmed petted got across someone tiffed huffed foiled thwarted weighed heavily on possessed lied heavy on niggled at chivvied henpecked shaken strapped pushed curst cursed martyred aroused anxiety in anguished indisposed done a number on made it tough for caused suffering to desolated made you angry made you see red tattered frayed eroded taunted chivied loused up crabbed begrudged grudged hung up gotten even made indignant scandalized boiled over caused offense to caused offence to scandalised scared grated upon jarred upon worn upon bristled breathed down someone's neck bored intruded upon impeded hindered bent someone's ear carped at imposed on awoken attracted absorbed motivated interested grabbed ignited given the business awaked absorpt quickened puzzled flipped out preyed on your mind feared sweated grinded ground grilled worn down scoured worked on heated up het up boiled stirred made sore lost one's temper raised hell blown up raged scraped away worn out worn away worn to shreds gnawed away at bitten into made nervous shaken up victimized blustered rattled one's cage frilled flummoxed thrown into a tizz furbelowed stumped thrown into tizzy disrupted cowed caused someone to lose their composure fuddled worn floored terrorized broken one's heart dampened spirits made blue broken the heart of discouraged chastened dragged down shocked made it hot for someone made things hot for someone expelled dragooned hectored beaten victimised singled out got the knife into exiled hunted terrorised crucified sticked the knife into browned off devastated horrified stimulated moved made flip ventilated turned on examined fermented bugged up slighted repelled repulsed nauseated excruciated disobliged sickened made unhappy lambasted pushed the buttons of caused sorrow caused offense bled caused anguish thumbed nose at mourned caused suffering driven nuts got someone's wick

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