Đồng nghĩa của driven to distraction

Tính từ

Affected by or deriving from wildly uncontrolled emotion
hysterical frenzied frantic mad uncontrollable agitated overwrought berserk crazed delirious emotional uncontrolled unrestrained distracted distraught feverish neurotic raving unrestrainable wild manic beside oneself deranged distrait maniac maniacal out of control unhinged berko convulsive swivel-eyed blazing crazy fiery frenetic fuming furious hyper hysteric impassioned impetuous in a frenzy in a panic incensed intense irrepressible maddened nervous overexcited panic-stricken passionate possessed rabid raging rampant seething spasmodic tempestuous turbulent unnerved vehement violent carried away in a state very upset worked up beside yourself in a fit out of one's wits excited fierce hectic ferocious distressed fraught upset anxious desperate nuts unglued tumultuous insane shook up unruly rough unscrewed unzipped corybantic keyed up undisciplined angry in a tizzy at wits' end overcome disturbed unbridled enthusiastic ungovernable unchecked boisterous stormy heated unconstrained explosive wired riotous weird zonkers abandoned unbounded uninhibited unmanageable hot forceful ungoverned flipped out wigged out hot under the collar chaotic weirded out hot and bothered volcanic freaked out spazzed out in a stew worried like one possessed headstrong hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts hyperactive confused bothered fevered intemperate restless rattled demented panicky unstoppable uncontainable unquenchable disorderly panic-struck fanatical ardent devastated rowdy energetic aggressive fervid full-on brutal impatient spirited vicious noisy cyclonic perfervid passional savage lively worked-up volatile paroxysmal at the end of your tether wound up obstreperous bloodthirsty uproarious out of one's mind madcap harsh lawless high-strung flaming hotheaded full-blooded hot-tempered hot-headed drag-out knock-down potent not knowing what to do with oneself bang-bang independent unsuppressed madding twitchy panicked confusing consumed worried sick unbalanced animated disconcerted fast and furious overwhelmed stunned struck incredulous overawed affected zealous troubled aroused demonic out of one's wit perturbed irresistible overactive flustered discomposed overpowered obsessive concerned exciting fired up busy tormented strong muddled shattered thrown harassed destroyed verklempt pained rumbustious nonplussed addled rugged vociferous excessive clamorous wrought-up intractable difficult out of your mind uncurbed wanton runaway rowdydowdy irregular rambunctious raucous termagant in turmoil disruptive refractory like a chicken with its head cut off eager uptight wayward recalcitrant fractious unrestricted cataclysmal cataclysmic impossible incorrigible incontrollable willful untoward wilful stroppy froward ill-disciplined troublesome unhampered raw unhindered fervent bullying avid agog enthused keen murderous excitable contumacious out of hand cruel ruthless temperamental pumped raring antsy exhilarated vivacious stoked desirous licentious unconcealed self-indulgent immoderate disobedient outrageous insurmountable threatening callous terrorizing pugnacious in a flap het up in a tizz rash incandescent athirst thirsty having kittens pitiless thuggish sadistic merciless destructive barbaric barbarous torrid charged overzealous demonstrative homicidal heartless inhuman geeked hungry juiced voracious solicitous in a cold sweat last-minute assertive in a flat spin superheated impulsive agitable religious warm dithyrambic burning daft untrammeled untrammelled potty demoniac terrorising cut-throat forcible radge mercurial gung ho on fire very excited hepped up jumping up and down hopped-up short-fuse red-hot highly strung hot-blooded warm-blooded loud rollicking roisterous rebellious powerful vigorous robustious mutinous rip-roaring insubordinate exuberant rackety strenuous anarchic rampageous knockabout resounding contrary defiant hell-raising emphatic dynamic recusant badly behaved debauched extreme troublemaking orgiastic ebullient inordinate roistering attention-seeking restive rebel incompliant balky lawbreaking tough saturnalian hard romping intensive deep hard-hitting hearty pulling no punches active bacchanalian depraved blustery Dionysian frisky truculent mettlesome rampaging resolute determined sprightly Bacchic great overpowering high-spirited concentrated anarchical uncooperative terrible bolshie clangorous effervescent errant muscular blunt acute robust jovial profound overwhelming perverse bacchic reckless full swashbuckling punchy cheerful gay all out dreadful in-your-face glad noncompliant drunken mischievous without law and order mighty plucky shocking clattering clattery impotent loutish unrepressed gleeful loudmouthed rude roughhouse dissipated torrential tremendous blind harmful towering roaring foul howling gusting gusty squally windy unsettling disturbing upsetting dissolute side-splitting nasty dirty filthy belligerent arduous taxing relentless rapid naughty delinquent hurtful blustering intensified boozy revelling carousing distracting swaggering cavalier two-fisted all-out rigorous exhausting brisk untrained divisive misbehaving unsteady capricious unschooled wild and woolly bibulous dionysian sottish crapulous heedless ugly injurious fast rushing fast-flowing impervious out-of-line ornery imprudent forward quarrelsome disrupting out-of-order out of line opinionated bawdy inexorable causing trouble off-base unyielding mean Dionysiac wassailing Saturnalian inconsistent lacking self-control obsessed ready abusive piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous devout psyched effusive generous affable unreserved primal frolicsome joyous visceral vivid jaunty reveling undisguised playful carefree merry complete raising Cain high game deepest backslapping cavorting raising the roof insurgent responsive nutty amped stirred up high as a kite amiable devil-may-care sportive honest frank abiding jolly profuse cheery welcoming gushing deep-rooted back-slapping good natured deep-felt warm-hearted rollicksome fun-loving lighthearted thumping ripping joyful happy full of beans uncompromising thoroughgoing thorough seditious revolutionary stirred insurrectionary steamed up wigged-out committed wholehearted total sweeping revolting mutinying terrorist bouncy all-embracing exhaustive excruciating devastating consuming bad uncivilised tyrannous unorthodox despotic heterodox nonconformist warlike evil anarchistic untamed unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered uncultivated infringing piratical traitorous storming severe exquisite fearsome ghastly heavy sharp unfettered frightful inflamed biting blistering almighty fearful vibrant agonizing urgent peppery hellacious painful enraged ruinous out-and-out virile hardy unmixed vital out and out sound heavy-duty coercive gale force agonising full of force in high spirits strident vociferant over-the-top brawling

Động từ

Past participle for to make (someone) feel annoyed or resentful
given someone the hump angered irritated made angry made cross vexed vext antagonised antagonized displeased exasperated galled irked piqued put out enraged infuriated maddened ruffled aggravated got gotten goaded hassled miffed needled nettled peeved provoked riled bugged driven crazy driven mad got to gotten to rubbed up the wrong way got across gotten across narked teed off ticked off wound up bummed out burnt up driven round the bend driven round the twist driven up the wall gravelled graveled made someone see red rankled ridden exacerbated given someone the pip humped rasped upset annoyed bothered hacked off persecuted grated spited chafed frosted eaten put your back up incensed disturbed roiled gripen griped got your goat hacked you off inflamed harassed agitated pestered itched rubbed the wrong way gotten on your nerves frustrated plagued burnt got in your hair burned got your dander up raised your hackles got on your wick gotten your back up gotten under your skin nagged worried troubled bedevilled harried badgered bedeviled outraged sent into a rage rankled with got at made somebody's hackles rise gotten at put someone's nose out of joint made waves made your blood boil gotten your hackles up gotten on one's nerves hit where one lives disgruntled abraded gotten on someone baited hacked bummed steamed roused distempered tried your patience tried rattled driven bananas eaten away at rubbed you up the wrong way offended driven you up the wall fretted soured affronted teased embittered molested incommoded perturbed gnawed distressed broken gnawn henpecked nudged beleaguered gotten up someone's nose heated up cheesed off rattled someone's cage fired up het up turned off worked on ruffled one's feathers given someone grief egged on asked for it worked up setted one's teeth on edge excited worn on sticked in one's craw tried the patience of unhinged crazed madded enflamed ired driven you crazy made livid made you see red driven out of mind driven you off your head made somebody's blood boil possessed umbraged steamed up shattered driven you round the twist driven you out of your mind driven you to distraction distracted driven you round the bend chided chid tormented drove crazy ate gat grope rode rid burned up drove to distraction drove mad wore on got on your nerves gave someone the hump got on one's nerves drove round the bend drove up the wall got under your skin hurt disgusted discomposed insulted got your back up niggled pained dissatisfied taunted afflicted chagrined mortified hounded disquieted perplexed gnew fussed grated on stewed heckled hazed cut to the quick gnawed at gave a hard time given a hard time sweat gave someone grief drove round the twist gave someone the pip prodded pricked dismayed wearied bored scandalized stung flustered disaffected discontented depressed embarrassed festered discountenanced curdled disobliged repelled disappointed sounded revolted winged cooled capped mispleased zinged mithered petted tiffed huffed spurred bit sickened nauseated scandalised grieved browned off acerbated played dirty discommoded inconvenienced caused resentment to caused annoyance to examined tweaked hectored quizzed questioned guyed got across someone tired ragged obsessed mocked ribbed mixed up concerned drove bananas ridiculed ate away at got your hackles up riled up tortured saddened agonized alarmed gave a bad time given a bad time gibed chaffed run up the wrong way feared oppressed disconcerted sweated fazed stressed burdened made someone fed up picked on strained puzzled weighed down spooked caused concern to made uncomfortable got in the hair of psyched caused discomfort to stirred up made anxious aroused hostility in razzed got on the nerves of flipped out got up someone's nose preyed on your mind ailed grinded interrupted ground agonised made uneasy bore bitten broke brake eaten at ate at drove you crazy drove you up the wall ran up the wrong way drove you to distraction ate up eaten up drove you round the bend drove you round the twist drove you off your head took the piss out of taken the mickey taken the piss out of took the mickey drove you out of your mind drove out of mind

Trái nghĩa của driven to distraction

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