Đồng nghĩa của at wits' end

Tính từ

Overcome or consumed by an emotion
madding agitated angry berserk beside oneself corybantic crazy delirious deranged distraught excited flipped out fraught freaked out frenetic frenzied furious hectic hot and bothered hot under the collar hyper hysterical in a stew in a tizzy insane keyed up mad out of control overwrought panic-stricken rabid raging raving shook up spazzed out unglued unscrewed unzipped violent weird weirded out wigged out wild wired worked up zonkers distressed anxious frantic demented unhinged wound up overcome distracted upset desperate crazed consumed emotional bothered in a frenzy out of one's mind worked-up feverish fierce maniacal uncontrolled worried ferocious distrait uptight fevered hysteric panicky berko panic-struck swivel-eyed in a state last-minute in a tizz in a flat spin in a flap beside yourself in a cold sweat at the end of your tether het up having kittens unbalanced rattled carried away out of one's wit not knowing what to do with oneself nervous tense troubled unnerved edgy jumpy jittery uneasy nervy perturbed restless neurotic fidgety twitchy manic disturbed stressed on edge apprehensive highly strung nuts stressy high-strung adrenalized antsy insecure unquiet overexcited queazy queasy aflutter hinky dithery goosey uncontrollable atwitter excitable restive overwhelmed wrought-up hung up concerned ill at ease strung out affected devastated overstrung under a strain strung up nervous wreck overanxious out of your mind in a panic up the wall very upset on tenterhooks bundle of nerves undone stunned struck incredulous overawed overpowered destroyed tearing one's hair out emotive emotionally charged strung-up hag-ridden hassled unrestrained flustered discomposed intense strained passionate fiery fretful turbulent confused impetuous squirrelly a bundle of nerves toey stressed out white-knuckled fluttery shot to pieces on pins and needles white knuckled in a state of agitation wrought up in a state of nerves pressured unrelaxed shaky spooky choked windy clutched under stress under pressure impassioned tempestuous convulsive tormented irrepressible muddled vehement rampant shattered thrown spasmodic maddened blazing harassed fuming verklempt unrestrainable pained driven to distraction incensed maniac in a fit seething possessed out of one's wits nonplussed like a chicken with its head cut off addled unsettled unstable sensitive mental brittle skittish nerve-racking feeling anxious stressful nail-biting in suspense nutty nerves on edge ape amok bananas bonkers spare batty bats barmy barro crook off the air off your rocker porangi off your head crackers on the rampage out to lunch around the bend off the deep end through the roof postal overactive hyperactive heated tooshie stirred weary strung-out freaked-out wound-up worn unstrung touchy tired high keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered spent throwing a wobbly in a twitter steamed up all shook up hot under collar

Tính từ

Perplexed, at a loss
stumped baffled floored flummoxed nonplussed perplexed stymied befuddled bemused bewildered confused dumbfounded lost puzzled uncertain at sea at a loss brought to a standstill uncertain which way to turn beaten muddled confounded bamboozled clueless fazed stuck mystified up against a brick wall without an answer at a complete loss stupefied dazed stunned discombobulated bushed disconcerted addled distracted taken aback thrown fuddled dopey staggered bedeviled befogged wildered mazed surprised bedevilled addlepated muddleheaded fogged astounded dopy dizzy shell-shocked mixed-up flabbergasted at sixes and sevens thrown off balance disoriented speechless muzzy zonked silly astonished slaphappy spacy spacey raddled startled spaced discomposed dumbstruck punch-drunk spaced-out pixillated pixilated punchy flustered overwhelmed unnerved shaken dismayed uncomprehending addle aghast all at sea troubled overcome zonked-out foxed shocked gobsmacked shaken up disorientated rattled thunderstruck awed breathless bowled over discomfited mixed up blown away blank amazed hard-pressed awestruck nonplused doubtful beat hard put agape dumb in a dither spaced out vexed awestricken buffaloed gravelled wonderstruck dazzled graveled lost at sea openmouthed foggy fuzzy gaga upset open-mouthed wide-eyed benumbed goggle-eyed lost for words disorganized at a loss for words knocked for six absent-minded awe-struck disorganised numb not with it out to lunch embarrassed without ideas discountenanced defeated frustrated had their heads messed with besotted agog worried disturbed confusticated got caused to be at a stand thrown off giddy hazy made to scratch their head confusional maladjusted distraught groggy frozen intoxicated put to it muddle-headed come apart woozy off-balance off balance dazed and confused incredulous bollixed vague woolly shook unglued wooly numbed dumfounded frightened alarmed jolted woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going taken by surprise filled with wonder caught on the hop in amazement filled with astonishment filled with amazement unable to believe your eyes filled with awe caught on the wrong foot unable to believe one's ears mind-blown without a clue shook up in a fog marveling marvelling wondering licked knocked knocked out knocked sideways

Tính từ

Feeling or showing a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with
desperate despairing hopeless forlorn wretched demoralised demoralized anguished despondent disconsolate desolate discouraged disheartened distressed downcast miserable resigned abject defeatist dejected devastated distraught dolorous downhearted fraught inconsolable pessimistic suicidal overcome sad in despair at the end of your tether gloomy dismal depressed downbeat bleak melancholy heartbroken blue melancholic brokenhearted oppressed discouraging negative unoptimistic broken-hearted upset pained grief-stricken woebegone weary morose sunk unhappy long-suffering in pain shot down down in the dumps in the pits unhopeful defeated unconfident disheartening unlikely unpropitious dark dreary unpromising unencouraging depressing inauspicious helpless tragic doomed unmitigable unfortunate without hope morbid cheerless up the creek glum anxious sorrowing frantic down crestfallen doleful sorrowful mournful low woeful dispirited joyless no-win strabilious cynical saddened heartsick sorry heavyhearted can't win weighed down heartsore droopy hangdog in the soup not a prayer in the dumps bad grieving mourning Eeyorish griefstricken damp at end of one's rope low-spirited cast down in low spirits as sick as a parrot bummed-out all torn up in a blue funk down in the mouth cast-down sick as a parrot heavy-hearted lugubrious disappointed tearful fed up sombre somber hurting moody crushed sullen troubled chap-fallen spiritless afflicted dragged bummed out in the doldrums choked long-faced weeping chapfallen rueful down and out dismayed mirthless cheesed off destroyed wistful funereal teary brassed off lachrymose out of sorts bereaved cut up grim agonized piteous hurt gutted weepy agonised pitiful black grieved tristful tormented saturnine down-hearted daunted pensive dull painful solemn bleeding suffering crummy subdued broken regretful emotional sulky dolent comfortless torn up let down taken down singing the blues sapped shaken bothered distressing plaintive ripped dysphoric aggrieved bitter fatalistic listless sick at heart ruthful bearish displeased worried on a downer pathetic in tears disillusioned pitiable discontented perturbed concerned lamenting traumatized overwhelmed gloom-ridden bereft doubtful dour flat cowed tortured grumpy heart-rending mopey traumatised grievous depressive unenthusiastic dolesome lamentable plangent heavy bewailing bemoaning wailing aching elegiac heavy with grief hapless overcome with sorrow sunk in gloom in grief in doldrums shattered low-down calamitous gray grey low in spirits in the toilet bowed down in sorrow in mourning full of sorrow suspicious with a long face distrustful disgruntled doubting foreboding alarmist enervated lorn disenchanted deterred deflated shamefaced unnerved disturbed dashed discombobulated uptight given to looking on the black side abashed moping intimidated disconcerted mopish bugged shook sepulchral broody thrown sheepish antsy down-in-the-mouth unconsolable racked crabbed lonesome lonely saddening surly adust funeral deploring harrowing dirgeful sorry for yourself irked disquieted wounded shook up unsatisfied deplorable angst-ridden sour very sad in a funk heartrending let-down not happy down in dumps elegiacal triste languid languorous unfavorable unfavourable sore burned contused apathetic undermined mopy angry annoyed cross nostalgic brooding without energy heart-sick drained emo humourless humorless churlish unmanned empty devitalized sick luckless ill-humoured huffy moving agonizing torn-up discontent affecting prostrate with grief lowered bowed poor worthless looking on the dark side looking on the black side godforsaken strained afflicting ill-humored unable to be comforted unable to be consoled stirring companionless beside oneself with grief off sluggish cringing browbeaten guilty depressant ailing threnodic dirge-like agonising dire dolorific regrettable afflictive ugly reflective feeling low guilty-looking furtive feel-bad drear down in mouth ashamed embarrassed uncomfortable sneaking uncertain heartbreaking uneasy crying taken aback shot-down bummed powerless downtrodden have the blahs cowering humiliated conscience-stricken feeling down full of gloom at ticked off teed off browned off peed off down-and-out atrabilious clouded dampened drooping sagging dissatisfied languished having the blahs crabby having blue devils sobbing vexed agitated discomposed ruffled destitute misanthropic whimpering snivelling blue funk frustrated discomfited harassed wrecked discountenanced flustered aflutter plagued close to tears looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny burdened chagrined miffed unenthused blubbering maudlin haunted spooked harrowed beat aghast beaten larmoyant sob story jumpy persecuted nervous unglued worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked sniveling on the verge of tears strung out put off worrying beat-down come-apart caved-in down-in-mouth easily moved mortified lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart pining with cold feet lost momentum in floods of tears with tears in your eyes in blue funk gone to pieces in a stew racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain

Trái nghĩa của at wits' end

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