Đồng nghĩa của cheerless

Alternative for cheerless

Trái nghĩa: cheerful,


Having a somber or dismal atmosphere or nature
dismal bleak miserable dark dreary depressing desolate dull gloomy grim sombre comfortless drab funereal solemn somber austere forlorn unhappy woeful drearisome joyless morose uninviting dejected depressive doleful glum sorrowful spiritless sullen unwelcoming woebegone wretched abject bare cold depressed despondent dim dingy dire disconsolate disheartening dispiriting dolorous dour drear godforsaken gray inhospitable melancholic melancholy morbid mournful sad stark black bland chill clinical crestfallen darkening distressed grey lugubrious murky oppressive plutonian rueful saturnine sepulchral tenebrific tenebrous blue cloudy dejecting draggy dreich elegiac elegiacal impersonal lonely lonesome mopey pathetic sorry sunless uncomfortable afflicted Cimmerian heartbreaking heartrending institutional jarring mourning piteous saddening tearful teary wintery wintry in the dumps cast down down-and-out downcast down downhearted hopeless down in the dumps dispirited inconsolable low down in the mouth heartbroken low-spirited saddened heartsick distressing heavyhearted bad grave brokenhearted despairing discouraging heartsore pessimistic broken-hearted troubled anguished droopy grief-stricken moody hangdog humourless heavy-hearted humorless tragic mirthless grieving pitiful discouraged severe upset lamentable forbidding disheartened long-faced grievous hurting disappointed bitter pitiable unfortunate demoralized harrowing foreboding unpleasant upsetting demoralised deplorable poor in low spirits sulky sorrowing dreadful serious unfavorable unfavourable harsh sober stern awful fed up hurt devastated in pain chap-fallen disappointing dragged surly disagreeable unpromising sour terrible ominous bereaved painful heart-rending distressful suffering pained bummed out grumpy brooding unsmiling sedate moving poignant cut up crushed downbeat inauspicious stony-faced plaintive choked gutted mean off-putting moping aggrieved agonized oppressed chapfallen earnest in the pits agonised tormented gut-wrenching no-nonsense destroyed out of sorts traumatic staid touching worthless glowering horrid defeatist scurvy horrible negative horrific regrettable grieved angry displeasing sobersided hostile appalling pensive regretful agonizing heavy frowning mopish emotional broken lachrymose subdued troublesome tristful tortured spartan weepy tear-jerking calamitous disturbing down-hearted agonising poker-faced shadowy in the doldrums lamenting dirgelike displeased crabby distraught macabre abandoned solitary in a blue funk down and out shot down unamused disgruntled hard sickening cynical affecting scowling foul dirge-like perturbed bothered paltry colorless unpropitious vile colourless discontented ghastly Eeyorish shocking base rotten tragical difficult bereft monotonous lousy destitute wistful repugnant sinister worrying weeping threatening broody unlucky frightening ruthful in grief in doldrums all torn up in tears po-faced deserted cheesed off demoralizing weighed down listless adverse sterile crushing deadpan undesirable stony despicable contemptible disillusioned gruesome repellent threnodic gloom-ridden cross squalid disconcerting concerned repulsive intense demoralising compassionate stirring arousing shabby beggarly commiserative fatalistic offensive daunting sordid overwhelmed revolting dolesome disenchanted clouded frightful horrendous weighty uptight discombobulated shameful disconcerted horrifying vexed objectionable distasteful unpalatable bugged shook excruciating unhumorous traumatized churlish grouchy helpless disturbed execrable inferior antsy atrocious unnerving taciturn plangent bad-tempered angst-ridden impoverished detestable indigent scungy sourpuss muted lurid forsaken irked overcast suspicious crabbed weary ugly dismayed wounded hapless alarmist distrustful doubting shook up sick ill-tempered lackluster lacklustre deep heavy with grief mortified overcome with sorrow nightmarish traumatised menacing straight-faced afflictive acheronian heart-wrenching derisible daunted racked disgraceful dolent God-awful sunk in gloom loathsome down-in-the-mouth irritable sick at heart boring lifeless fiery unwelcome bleeding chilling blue funk strained down in dumps parlous brassed off intimidating crummy unfriendly with a long face uninspiring let down taken down given to looking on the black side bowed down cast-down languorous triste as sick as a parrot unexciting blah uninteresting languid singing the blues sick as a parrot on a downer humdrum uncaring unimpassioned unmoved desperate ruined disadvantageous merciful formal portentous waste worried maudlin nostalgic disenchanting funebrial exequial deathlike threnodial routine uniform empty barren desolating cheap inadequate insignificant regimented discomforting disquieting remorseful deathly Stygian hollow obscure isolated intolerable lorn discomposing vexatious uncommunicative sorry for oneself burned sore contused companionless overcome pining uninhabitable suicidal unresponsive phlegmatic acherontic lame expressionless impassive mortifying afflicting annoyed gaunt dirgeful luckless depressant bearish in despair inimical shamefaced adust down in mouth uneasy sunk atrabilious dampened drooping dashed sagging remote derelict sequestered ailing have the blahs blank dissatisfied looking on the black side full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny feeling down heart-breaking unhopeful small meagre to be pitied meager let-down not happy languished dysphoric contemplative in sorrow in mourning frustrated discomfited emo ripped disowned full of sorrow torn up low in spirits in the toilet low-down fierce steely chagrined miffed having blue devils having the blahs tough lost unappealing unappetizing unattractive untempting troubling dismaying grisly hideous forgotten homeless aghast unsatisfied beaten friendless uncared-for trashy shoddy filthy aggressive indignant temperamental cantankerous aggravated vanquished baulked worsted objecting balked testing alarming unearthly resolved ruminative resolute thoughtful reflective introspective composed derisory catastrophic cruel disastrous feeble injurious perilous enraged ferocious implacable unappeasable critical flinty cast-iron boot-faced ungentle disapproving furious dragging defenseless alone defenceless fruitless mephitical unkind repellant galling perplexing aggravating unpleasing hellish bewildering vexing annoying abhorrent perturbing revulsive frustrating unamusing uncongenial irritating irksome chilly unenthusiastic eerie exacting exigent nauseating ghostly terrifying gory grotesque ill-fated hard-pressed harmful doubtful treacherous pressing precarious jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad straitened discommodious dangerous full of hardship ill-omened direful ill-boding messy poverty-stricken monstrous fearsome quiet unplayful bookish deep in thought bound and determined bummed powerless downtrodden nasty unenticing disgusting terrific pitiless grewsome nightmare weird shady spooky spookish scary unhealthy anxious louring hazy leaden overclouded shaken agitated ruffled disquieted unnerved discomposed darkened death-obsessed harassed wrecked flustered discountenanced aflutter plagued huffy spooked harrowed haunted beclouded lowering misty dirty hazed foggy clouded over resentful pouting piqued petulant persecuted wailing aching jumpy bewailing bemoaning unglued promising rain nebulous put out ill-humoured fractious strung out not fair not clear peeved perverse chippy aloof mumpish pouty racked with suffering in a tizzy racked with pain in a stew withdrawn uncooperative obstinate sourpussed querulous stroppy mardy out of humour fretful ornery sulking unsociable gruff ill-humored in a bad mood in a huff in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop having a fit of the sulks doomy abominable stressful hair-raising baleful rough rugged torturous fearful dread tormenting bodeful egregious gross redoubtable formidable spine-chilling hurtful minatory taxing unproductive infertile dry worrisome arid bony boney dead desert unfertile hardscrabble crepuscular unsettling wild ill ruinous straight tedious agitating sheepish enervated stinking cataclysmic mean-looking deploring funeral brutal flat dusky shattered hairy fraught troublous outrageous unspeakable caliginous diabolical heinous uncomic outcast devastating crying hellacious darkish fateful unlit unbearable godawful abysmal extreme vicious unilluminated doomed ruthless merciless resigned beastly obscured odious opaque pitchy stygian lightless rayless trying dusk long-suffering serious-minded heavy-going pitch-black pitch-dark unlikely unencouraging full of despair apathetic unoptimistic uncultivated degrading without energy abashed sapped skeptical sable beseeching imploring commiserable entreating supplicating savage defeated dolorific bowed lowered torn-up discontent unconsolable untoward dimmed taken aback deflated off sluggish repentant contrite dampening hateful evil-looking sceptical glaring bummed-out griefstricken damp darksome apologetic penitent creepy sorry for yourself insufferable dreaded fatal darkling frantic uninhabited unfruitful unmitigable deadly doom-laden life-threatening suggestive of evil nefarious iniquitous flagrant petrifying excessive inconvenient punk unforgiving soppy sentimental mawkish void unpopulated without hope up the creek flagitious self-reproachful compunctious conscience-stricken crucial repressing hindering deterring dissuading inopportune strabilious no-win ill-lit poorly lit badly lit urgent fallow villainous unsympathetic premonitory drastic lethal mortal can't win blubbering blubbery sobbing moist snivelling tear-filled wet bawling sniveling whimpering watery crippling irretrievable not hopeful not encouraging at the end of your tether not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup hard-faced stringent destructive sinistrous baneful augural malificent doomful impending precursive warning minacious presaging malign suggestive prophetic prescient malefic haunting chronic ashamed bored tired testy peevish oppressing unsavory doom and gloom unsatisfactory icky unacceptable obnoxious unendurable snappish crotchety crusty ill-starred grotty grody yucky uncool yukky awkward nauseous waspish exasperated irritated unsavoury unlovely concerning degraded tyrannical jaded wearied narked dictatorial repressive nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking ignominious debased domineering autocratic sated surfeited hacked off satiated blasé despotic unjust undemocratic inhuman draconian exposed windswept tyrannous burdensome overwhelming humble servile ignoble unworthy slavish reprehensible menial authoritarian iron-fisted not best pleased sick and tired overbearing anti-democratic punitive searing murderous onerous unfair imperious coercive relentless stiff hardhanded inexorable nubilous unclear dishonourable high-handed peremptory overweening up to here rainy subfusc ironhanded backbreaking heavy-handed confining headache rough going demanding hefty superincumbent grovelling dishonorable humiliated subservient meek groveling deferent self-effacing


Cold, unfriendly, or lacking in emotion
wintry unfriendly distant uncordial unsympathetic clammy remote antiseptic brittle cold-blooded cold-eyed hard-eyed cold cool frigid frosty icy chilly glacial wintery chill coldish frozen arctic gelid aloof hostile unwelcoming reserved inhospitable unapproachable stiff standoffish indifferent unemotional forbidding unsociable stony disdainful withdrawn haughty stern stand-offish uncongenial formal unneighbourly unresponsive offish emotionless impersonal disagreeable unpleasant cold as ice obnoxious antagonistic nasty inimical antisocial steely detached unamicable ill-natured austere unaffable fierce hard wooden unbending supercilious unsocial cross unenthusiastic severe uncommunicative passionless uncharitable unneighborly hateful cold-hearted unsavoury objectionable unattractive iced unlikeable ungenial dispassionate off-putting discouraging bad-tempered uncompanionable uninvolved unhappy solitary depressing ill-tempered unsavory unfeeling flinty inapproachable rigid unsmiling passive lukewarm repellent lifeless inaccessible seclusive contemptuous withering unloving cold-shoulder surly sour misanthropic aggressive unkind quarrelsome unforthcoming rude uncivil adversary impolite antipathetic adversarial discourteous menacing jaundiced negative mortal unmannerly ungracious Olympian ill-disposed starchy disaffected opposite competitive estranged against censorious warlike grouchy unpromising combative malignant vengeful grudging conflicting acrimonious gruff malicious contrary spiteful opposed unclubbable asocial standoff not on speaking terms dry buttoned-up reticent undemonstrative reclusive taciturn unconcerned opposing restrained introverted averse uninterested anti retiring guarded secretive incurious apathetic offhand uppity silent stuffy shy quiet private down on unamiable unfavourable off unfavorable introvert close diffident eremitic self-contained constrained annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent unreceptive agin conventional laconic snobbish media-shy closemouthed close-mouthed tight-lipped at odds retired set against malevolent dead set against cynical uncooperative abstracted phlegmatic affectless suspicious preoccupied confrontational distrustful proud snooty impassive disobliging ungregarious incompatible short demure uptight hesitant ceremonious laid back self-restrained allergic cautious stuck-up stuck up resistant prim inflexible putting on airs backward dumb muted reluctant strait-laced keeping people at arm's length eremetic stilted at variance oppugnant at odds with dissenting from in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath harsh malign avoidant ungenerous tough grim half-hearted tepid introspective stolid xenophobic unmoved unaffectionate contained abhorrent mean heartless mopey mopish unenthused brusque sober superior nongregarious brooding scowling spiritless callous hardhearted stoic numb stoical impassible stony-hearted casual removed disinterested alienated insensitive lofty belligerent discreet adverse laid-back contentious ascetic hermitlike oppositional independent hard-hearted thick-skinned hard-boiled on ice adversative accusatorial argumentative isolated cold fish lone wolf insular loveless hermitic hermit-like hermitical acting in opposition unrevealing unwilling to mix with other people pompous ungainly sceptical unaccommodating non-communicative self-sufficient all alone staid exact precise mute unhelpful correct proper untalkative tongue-tied unconversational secret mum loath unwilling disinclined inhumane pessimistic affected starched uncompromising unamenable obstructive speechless tight-mouthed wordless curt dark clamlike seemly official serious mumchance unreasonable difficult unobliging selfish hating egoistic sarcastic sardonic egotistical narrow-minded misanthropical polite evasive mom hush-hush modest indisposed straight arrow by the numbers stiff-necked at a loss for words businesslike skeptical inhibited timid shrinking self-effacing on the QT dried up buttoned up clammed up unyielding uneager perverse fromward afraid disliking unsentimental mild soft-spoken peaceful sedate composed placid bashful gentle serene noncommittal collected insociable arrogant neutral matter-of-fact self-controlled hostile to antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to opposed to cussed incongruous clashing bureaucratic clinical inhuman mean-looking having no use for unfavourably disposed to put on airs bloody-minded discordant featureless uncolored strictly business straight impartial depersonalised faceless candid cold turkey unpassioned colorless careful soulless depersonalized gray colourless grey equal measured nondiscriminatory abstract anonymous poker-faced monolithic antithetical different dissimilar disparate variant polar inconsistent inharmonious contradictory dissonant irreconcilable discrepant mutually exclusive irresoluble poles apart diametrically opposed


Displaying or conveying anger
angry sullen uptight fierce fuming sulky bad-tempered crabby hostile hot-tempered irascible ireful irritable tense choleric convulsed dyspeptic ferocious frenzied ill-tempered psyched up surly touchy wrathful cantankerous cold cranky disapproving grouchy gruff grumpy morose narky peevish petulant pugnacious ranting ratty raving shirty snappish snappy splenetic stroppy testy tetchy waspish wild angerful bilious bristly hot-blooded in a temper quick-tempered short-tempered cross crotchety fiery querulous ill-humoured ill-humored crabbed prickly pettish sour spiteful chippy ornery fractious huffy moody bitter ill-natured crusty malicious churlish mean peppery malevolent snippy nasty unfriendly aggressive curt antagonistic snarky liverish soreheaded malignant vitriolic rancorous disagreeable venomous perverse belligerent unsociable impatient snippety stuffy unkind raspy curmudgeonly miffy eggy fretful bellicose combative confrontational inhospitable resentful militant vicious truculent argumentative peckish snaky catty captious dour vindictive brusque contrary quarrelsome edgy mardy out of humour waxy out of sorts scrappy hateful sharp virulent adversarial annoyed inimical piqued unsympathetic glum acrimonious bearish acid short malign contentious scratchy shrewish tooshie hurtful uncongenial like a bear with a sore head feisty peeved abusive exasperated miserable warlike in a bad mood pouting disgruntled glowering mopey antipathetic sensitive indignant frowning pouty out of humor gloomy furious passionate joyless brooding unpleasant thin-skinned viperous violent irritated short-fused temperamental vexed harsh rude displeased put out whingy huffish snarling snarly moping irked obstinate poisonous excitable waspy negative caviling cavilling volatile cruel biting mumpish grumbling oversensitive sorehead complaining acrid inconsiderate foul saturnine difficult hotheaded uncooperative adverse cussed wounding uncivil filthy scowling ungracious sourpussed jaundiced malefic unmannerly dark unreceptive maleficent sulking hot under the collar hot-headed cross-grained as cross as two sticks on a short fuse in a mood scathing threatening critical offended cutting abrupt irate envenomed mopish uncharitable barbed pertinacious sarcastic agonistic emotional atrabilious blunt sore whining riled iracund iracundulous bad unwelcoming bloody-minded acerbic tart hasty grousing growling on edge carping fretting whingeing childish narked alien adversary impetuous discontented ugly awkward unresponsive uncommunicative disputatious unpropitious intimidating foul-tempered embittered ill-disposed up in arms on the warpath easily offended having got out of bed the wrong side mean-spirited fault-finding out of temper out-of-sorts evil-minded having got out of bed on the wrong side savage destructive uncontrollable loudmouthed pernicious censorious obnoxious rotten vehement aggravated spunky acute choked defiant forceful wretched vile terse miffed offensive ticklish mighty assaultive discordant arsey unindulgent hurt stewed nettled angered provoked insulted fed up aloof snide dejected agitable broody impolite discourteous sharp-tongued misanthropic cynical withdrawn dismal depressed blue wounded neurotic kittle mopy skittish sharp-tempered whiny hypercritical crybaby evil-intentioned vengeful baleful hate-filled no-nonsense laconic taciturn rough bluff tough fussy having short fuse hot under collar trying dissatisfied griping vinegary obstreperous chuffy despiteful defamatory offhand caustic opposing unceremonious sardonic spleenful evil wicked dirty squint-eyed horrid derogatory derisory mordant in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop high-strung dissenting off offish melodramatic tempestuous hypersensitive severe trenchant easily frightened easily upset easily agitated opposed oppositional boorish boisterous crude acerb hard battling hawkish warring zowerswopped nasty-tempered accidentally on purpose resistant impulsive incensed mercurial intense stormy militaristic disputative rebellious gladiatorial warmongering perversely irritable acidulous dissident conflicting wrestling bloodthirsty tilting martial fighting skirmishing dramatic spoiling for a fight sabre-rattling ready to fight under arms corrosive abrasive smart-mouthed acidic mordacious smart-aleck smart-alecky scalding pungent satiric satirical unwilling adversative accusatorial oppugnant opposite reluctant oppugning shaken frantic infuriated steamed-up inflamed all shook up enraged highly strung hottempered allergic sharp-worded double-edged thoughtless at odds upset galled livid apoplectic mad steamed steamed up crook vex ropeable hoha wroth jumpy faultfinding aerated ticked off teed off not best pleased hopping mad bent out of shape foaming at the mouth hacked off in a lather in a paddy in a bate fit to be tied brief ill-mannered vulgar crisp uncouth tactless bad-mannered unpolished indelicate short-spoken coarse downright crass ill-bred brusk oafish loutish disrespectful clumsy brisk graceless undiplomatic monosyllabic to the point ungentlemanly pithy uncultured direct gross plain-spoken unladylike unmannered concise gauche unrefined succinct impertinent insolent impudent clipped cavalier bungling ignorant frank outspoken ungallant matter-of-fact cloddish breviloquent mannerless insulting loud indiscreet compact unsubtle rash inept maladroit brash blundering summary compendious pointed epigrammatic untactful elliptical straightforward unchivalrous aphoristic uncalled-for unhandsome peremptory dusty insensitive uncultivated sententious thumbnail tasteless apothegmatic capsule brutal clownish common telegraphic elliptic classless upfront indecorous clodhopping uncivilized lowbred rustic uncivilised imprudent straight from the shoulder unpolitic injudicious decisive impolitic forthright businesslike incisive uncomplimentary candid disdainful economical unsophisticated humourless humorless unequivocal disparaging bald unsmiling flip thuggish fresh brutish contumelious swinish not afraid to call a spade a spade lumpen gnomic barbaric yobbish philistine uneducated short and sweet slobbish callous compendiary lubberly honest pulling no punches base not beating about the bush out-of-line not mincing one's words speaking one's mind low-bred calling a spade a spade vigorous disobliging misbehaved imperious tempersome unhelpful scornful presumptuous gawky stolid Eeyorish careless open hearty rowdy doltish lumpish bullying precipitate polite miserly unneighborly unfortunate hoonish dense good-natured genial approachable audacious friendly lowbrow with a long face heavy-handed blustering barefaced cheery sincere obloquious derisive rugged like a bull in a china shop cheeky arrogant roughneck incult sketchy insensible raffish low degrading berating scurrilous reproachful reviling denigratory belittling pejorative cocky lewd inelegant illiberal speaking as one finds disgracious ungenteel mouthy smart alecky lippy brazen backward immature overbearing underbred inaffable insubordinate malapert vituperatory calumniating contemptuous vituperative intrusive yokelish bounderish unwise inadvisable rough-hewn foul-mouthed loud-mouthed point-blank bare stark explicit simple unadorned unvarnished unembellished hard-hitting undisguised unqualified stupid unthinking unperceptive uncompromising grating stern straight-talking straight-shooting unfeeling annoying irritating condensed ill-advised galling neat pitiless comfortless rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take hick close cryptic taut clear-cut exact lean precise unsavoury barbarous plebby countrified ocker inurbane unpoised boiled down Neanderthal provincial unsavory in a nutshell cut to the bone

Trái nghĩa của cheerless

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