Đồng nghĩa của bearish

Alternative for bearish

bearish /'beəriʃ/
  • tính từ
    • xấu tính, hay gắt, hay cau có; thô lỗ, cục cằn

Tính từ

Deeply pessimistic about the future or future events
despairing pessimistic defeatist hopeless downbeat despondent gloomy negative bleak dejected depressed fatalistic cynical melancholy resigned demoralized gloom-ridden demoralised dark glum sad morose black lugubrious downhearted discouraged foreboding suspicious distrustful doubting alarmist given to looking on the black side spineless unfavorable unfavourable dispirited unhappy unhopeful depressing cheerless looking on the dark side looking on the black side desperate forlorn wretched disconsolate melancholic oppressed miserable helpless distressed anguished woebegone heartbroken dolorous abject desolate dismal disheartened upset pained tragic downcast brokenhearted discouraging weary blue doomed sunk unmitigable unfortunate in despair grief-stricken without hope broken-hearted up the creek inconsolable in pain long-suffering sullen morbid troubled unenthusiastic misanthropic worried doubtful sorrowful woeful down crestfallen doleful down in the dumps joyless mournful low-spirited sorry low saddened cast down down in the mouth heartsick heartsore heavyhearted droopy hangdog devastated as sick as a parrot choked bad disappointed suicidal shot down in low spirits in the pits sombre sorrowing somber dreary grieving dismayed solemn mourning depressive comfortless drear elegiacal chapfallen saturnine pitiful long-faced pitiable pathetic sick as a parrot piteous grim funereal atrocious oppressive dispiriting spiritless godforsaken gray grey at the end of your tether weighed down lonesome lonely dreich elegiac cold sepulchral Eeyorish gutted in the dumps hurting unsatisfied chap-fallen cut up unconfident defeated doomy full of despair fraught distraught overcome unoptimistic sinister dire crushed horrible ominous distressing frantic anxious daunted at wits' end murky darkening sulky heavy-hearted down-in-the-mouth moody dragged mopey listless brooding dull moping tenebrific tenebrous stark outcast fed up poor worthless no-win strabilious chill sunless Cimmerian plutonian cloudy doom-laden bummed out rueful can't win awful degrading lamentable appalling deplorable torn-up brassed off destroyed unconsolable cheesed off discontent in the doldrums ripped singing the blues in the soup not a prayer heartrending heartbreaking at end of one's rope afflicted powerless calamitous bummed mirthless downtrodden sour hapless down-and-out grave disillusioned discontented drab dissatisfied disgruntled disenchanted disconcerted disheartening worrying frustrated discomfited dim harsh bitter hurt displeased chagrined miffed horrid griefstricken damp beaten disturbed perturbed bothered aghast irked austere chilly worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked bummed-out in a blue funk cast-down all torn up let down taken down

Tính từ

Showing anger easily or customarily
cantankerous surly disagreeable bilious ornery dyspeptic splenetic acid ill-tempered ill-natured bad-tempered ill-humoured ill-humored bloody-minded irritable crabby testy grouchy fractious grumpy crabbed tetchy prickly cross crotchety irascible peevish waspish touchy pettish cranky choleric snappish crusty curmudgeonly snappy chippy petulant ratty peppery short-tempered liverish narky shrewish perverse eggy stroppy sulky soreheaded cross-grained miffy snaky quick-tempered hot-tempered sour shirty querulous like a bear with a sore head peckish snippy waxy sullen moody huffy on a short fuse fiery short-fused as cross as two sticks difficult churlish quarrelsome scratchy stuffy in a bad mood out of sorts snarky morose snippety raspy in a mood thin-skinned brusque mean nasty curt gruff obstinate spiteful uptight contrary impatient edgy captious angry fussy unfriendly unpleasant bitter truculent vicious critical argumentative volatile uncooperative grumbling temperamental ungracious awkward dissatisfied cussed out of humor vinegary ugly out of temper rude fretful acrimonious disobliging snarling feisty impolite complaining discontented iracund iracundulous sharp sensitive whiny annoyed disputatious short dour passionate waspy obstreperous having got out of bed on the wrong side having got out of bed the wrong side resentful glum tense bristly discourteous disgruntled malicious malignant pouty abrupt ireful atrabilious boorish whining miserable oversensitive whingy carping contentious unhelpful pouting tough exasperated hotheaded pertinacious hard-nosed whingeing hard to please hypercritical saturnine blunt hasty griping sorehead grousing on edge trying mardy grumbly fault-finding out of humour hot under the collar negative hot-blooded tooshie catty scowling uncivil impulsive vinegarish arsey tempersome snarly zowerswopped humourless disrespectful humorless excitable inflammable bad-humored got up on wrong side of bed like a bear perversely irritable murmuring plaintive easily upset hot-headed wrathful moping unsmiling mopey censorious ill-mannered rancorous huffy irascible salty moaning crying deploring scrappy lamenting bemoaning whimpering wailing malevolent hostile envenomed malign mean-spirited cruel unlikable eristic bellicose huffish unsociable misanthropic cynical harsh displeased crybaby gloomy brooding acrid mumpish growling venomous fretting childish cavilling tart vindictive caviling sore filthy chuffy nasty-tempered foul-tempered out-of-sorts easily offended stubborn demanding contemptible ignoble rotten uncompromising overbearing unaccommodating intractable unrelenting unreasonable grim recalcitrant unamenable hardheaded picky rigid inflexible obdurate pigheaded fastidious finicky tyrannical importunate strong-minded pitiless strict single-minded set in one's ways thrawn hard-line stiff finical froward tiresome opinionated vexed unpredictable hard to handle stiff-necked unmanageable invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish refractory delicate dogmatic intransigent oppressive hard to satisfy irritating indomitable unflinching contrarious overcritical uppity wrong-headed inexorable troublesome unyielding opinionative unbending obstructive headstrong perfectionist balky particular resolute over-particular dictatorial bolshie immovable disputative oafish antagonistic aggressive belligerent pugnacious violent combative fierce confrontational militant threatening impetuous emotional furious warlike agonistic jumpy highly strung irritated discordant assaultive piqued vehement neurotic gladiatorial explosive high-strung restless twitchy nervous defiant uneasy irate tempestuous restive upset fidgety vitriolic on the warpath brawly indignant wild anxious hypersensitive impassioned irked agitated unsettled skittish enraged unkind jittery warring fuming ticklish ill at ease inflamed excited raving ferocious hot intense inhospitable up in arms worried stormy mercurial rough peeved livid outraged infuriated unstable riled mad litigious apoplectic incensed ardent sarcastic provoked melodramatic hysterical heated hateful nervy raging rabid overstrung battling unruly wired aerated fighting antsy hurtful unquiet wroth perturbed savage incandescent poisonous steamed up aggers stressy frenzied het up teed off destructive ranting keyed up hopping mad bent out of shape foaming at the mouth caustic adversarial fit to be tied in a temper abusive offensive spoiling for a fight inimical loudmouthed terse galled brief uncomfortable factious fervent virulent overwrought aggrieved stressed unhappy fervid scathing animated maleficent wicked bad uncongenial lively put out faultfinding wrangling ropeable brittle troubled ballistic angered rankled spirited dark bickering flighty hyperexcitable hyperkinetic apprehensive steamed overemotional acerbic crook burning ticked seething malefic aggravated worked up pernicious adrenalized brawling agitable frantic feverish turbulent demonstrative foaming boiling roiled hawkish insecure quick militaristic steaming enflamed infuriate rebellious volcanic shaken oppugnant hopping riley biffo warmongering hinky goosey dithery atwitter queasy queazy aflutter wound up ticked off choked storming spare passional hacked off sabre-rattling wilful willful ready for a fight evil-intentioned hung up hate-filled in a lather cheesed off beside oneself in a paddy in a bate easily provoked going crook easily agitated easily frightened sharp-tongued seeing red horn-mad ready to fight in a huff in a fume have a bone to pick blue in the face in bad mood beside yourself with rage in a pet have chip on shoulder in high dudgeon with all guns blazing prima donna-ish in a frenzy distraught embittered wrought up distressed foul eccentric menacing uncontrollable offended inconsiderate uncharitable unsympathetic wreck rattled frowning mopish erratic spunky acute forceful naysaying scornful joyless broody dejected grudging indocile uncompliant evil provocative jaundiced blue wounded mopy kittle baleful viperous mighty antipathetic narked ungenerous glowering louring toey unindulgent black wriggly pushy perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe flip squirmy jingoistic battleful having short fuse hot under collar sharp-tempered antagonized wiggly apt to fly off the handle maddened hacked very angry miffed bloodthirsty tilting wrestling martial skirmishing controversial polemical polemic dissentious angerful cheerless psyched up disapproving cold convulsed evil-minded on the outs at loggerheads looking for trouble have it in for wired up roused nettled rousted dramatic ructious arguesome under arms bugged frustrated bundle of nerves over-emotional a bundle of nerves all wound up keen glowing dogged scandalized buffaloed war steamed-up hottempered antagonised shocked scandalised self-assertive itching to fight having a chip on one's shoulder disturbed mordant skittery fluttery spooky spasmodic fed up browned off torrid charged amorous blazing trenchant tumultuous boiling mad hyperactive hyper sardonic cutting all steamed up raging mad peed off overcome with anger at boiling point discomposed uncontrolled alarmable rash intolerant reckless galvanic enthusiastic overzealous susceptible in a rage beside yourself rubbed the wrong way blown a gasket off the air burned up bummed out at end of one's rope hot and bothered pushed too far in a filthy temper barbed paroxysmal cyclonic convulsive effusive vigorous zealous abrasive crude alarmed fearful all shook up withering biting pointed unceremonious knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts aroused hammer and tongs bang-bang distracted short fused self-conscious fraught unrestful embarrassed discomfited mordacious brusk vex stinging vitriolous blowing hot and cold hoha undiplomatic offhand flaming warm perfervid nutty dismayed harassed tormented shaky anguished perplexed bothered wrung disquieted suspicious in turmoil palpitant afraid all nerves like a fish out of water on the qui vive cavalier bluff astringent corrosive fiddle-footed searing wounding acidulous brisk slashing red-hot warm-blooded gung-ho not best pleased razor-edged rapier-like breviloquent thoughtless unmannerly dripping with malice squint-eyed direct graceless bad-mannered short-spoken no-nonsense matter-of-fact to the point on tenterhooks on pins and needles like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks

Tính từ

Falling or declining

Tính từ

Lacking good manners, refinement, or grace
uncouth coarse crude gross rough uncultivated unrefined boorish rude loutish rustic uncivilised uncivilized unpolished barbaric common low uncultured vulgar oafish plebeian unsophisticated churlish crass hooligan philistine provincial uncivil discourteous impolite primitive savage awkward clownish clumsy disgracious disrespectful impertinent indecorous ungainly ungallant ungenteel ungentlemanly unmannerly unseemly backwoods barbarian barbarous classless cloddish gawky graceless hick hillbilly illiberal incult indelicate insensible lowbred lowbrow offensive raffish roughneck rugged tasteless unladylike yobbish clodhopping improper slobbish inelegant loud Neanderthal raunchy raw bad-mannered ill-mannered foul-mouthed ill-bred rough-hewn loud-mouthed heavy-handed uncalled-for gruff brutish swinish ungracious thuggish lumpen lubberly brusque curt stolid blunt lumpish inconsiderate uneducated ornery cantankerous unsavoury ignorant ocker plebby unsavory bungling rowdy bullying doltish wild dense hoonish insensitive unfeeling callous undiscriminating imperceptive lumbering loudmouthed dorky gawkish blockish surly insulting dozy impudent unchivalrous tart sullen sharp offhand short unhandsome off thoughtless unmannered countrified inurbane unpoised base tough flip offish fresh obscene foul lewd dour profane severe indecent ribald hard brutal bluff ape-like abrupt unfriendly mannerless fierce bawdy dirty stiff roughcast grim forbidding vulgarian austere filthy stern badly behaved untutored intimidating inhuman harsh cruel louring steely grievous stark mean flinty hardhanded oppressive artless ungentle heavy onerous unceremonious bitter out-of-line murderous lowering smutty tactless impure blue nasty inappropriate ungraceful abusive insolent cheap immodest gauche earthy X-rated wanton off colour naughty saucy heathen suggestive indiscreet lascivious unpleasant Neandertal off-color heathenish natural racy vile gutter near the knuckle salacious unprintable blasphemous trashy sordid pornographic shameless fruity locker-room audacious benighted cheeky tacky in bad taste unworldly unbecoming sleazy brash scatological risqué inept underbred spicy stag scurrilous scatologic porny adult gamy untoward low-minded simple undiplomatic unacceptable disagreeable illiterate vicious disgusting presumptuous immoral stupid unsuitable stilted unwholesome distasteful derogatory unfitting low-down wooden wicked uncomfortable uneasy incorrect inapposite inapt wrong unfit perverse incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos tawdry ungodly licentious rustical contumelious malapert low-bred outlandish out of place socially unsure socially awkward obnoxious lacking in social graces close to the bone crabbed parochial unkind disreputable misbehaved revolting undignified repulsive despicable unscrupulous gaudy dishonourable debased uncharitable cavalier ignoble merciless villainous irritable dishonorable foolish sickening truculent ill-humored crusty ill-humoured explicit bad steamy unvirtuous disparaging lippy porn porno colourful outrageous backward beyond the pale colorful poor uncomplimentary corrupt unclean low-down-and-dirty malodorous Rabelaisian out of keeping smart-alecky shocking inaffable untactful nudge-nudge unchaste in poor taste out of the way near the bone socially inept unfinished basic obtuse unlettered non-U agrestic naive guileless ingenuous lowdown and dirty nescient rank ill-behaved terse hostile lusty trailer-park sketchy subhuman baseborn troglodytic uncoordinated untamed uncourteous unbefitting common as muck rough-and-ready foulmouthed rough and ready pert brassy Philistine low-born inhospitable unfortunate sassy shoddy immature unworthy bourgeois nauseating ill-tempered morose bad-tempered dull improprietous unrestrained embarrassing ill-advised discreditable bizarre mannish manlike tomboyish unfeminine unwomanly hoydenish moody unaccomplished salty broad charmless lustful concupiscent carnal shameful ruffian unenlightened materialist unread commercial Fescennine Cyprian off-colour irreverent sick gruesome corporeal voluptuous fleshly sensual sexual barro colloquial profanatory mean-spirited arrogant uncourtly strong sacrilegious unconscionable uncontrolled unholy unblushing callow unsubtle maladroit degrading unsettling affronting vilifying vituperative derisive unutterable execrable wretched snide ignominious currish contemptible detestable paltry cocky repellent seamy objectionable seedy in the gutter grody anti-intellectual inartistic flashy garish mouthy smart alecky brazen overbearing insubordinate disdainful intrusive peremptory dishonest degenerate blundering careless yokelish bounderish base-minded abject groveling uninformed snippy grumpy ill-natured touchy cussed cross-grained polite miserly unsociable grouchy unneighborly ugly nervous ostentatious flash showy rash straightforward precipitate hasty dubious suspicious notorious rascally suspect unprincipled meretricious naff tatty splay shy gangly bashful gangling nervy in a state of nature kitsch grovelling crooked shady ornate useless hideous pretentious unsightly unclassy trivial artificial unlovely makeshift cheap and nasty noisome dodgy funny iffy repugnant ruthless loose like a bull in a china shop undesirable fiendish heartless remorseless bestial ferocious monstrous nefarious heinous infernal inhumane atrocious bloodthirsty black-hearted butcherly black brute sadistic dark pitiless hellish ghastly diabolical horrible taboo hard-core lecherous profligate questionable scandalous malicious rakish libidinous randy odious mucky grubby grimy

Tính từ

Savagely violent
brutal harsh cruel savage vicious callous heartless violent barbarous ferocious inhuman merciless sadistic atrocious barbaric bloodthirsty ruthless remorseless pitiless grim inhumane murderous unfeeling wicked brutish coarse crude rough severe tough abominable bestial brute butcherly fiendish gruff heinous indifferent infernal insensitive monstrous tactless truculent uncaring unconcerned vile wanton fierce unkind unmerciful cold-blooded hard-hearted hard unsympathetic nasty uncharitable unsparing unrelenting stern unpleasant beastly compassionless homicidal sanguinary bitter soulless insensate unforgiving relentless affectless cold-hearted obdurate stony stoney ironhearted grievous oppressive desensitized stonyhearted mean fell indurate wild bloody pachydermatous hard-boiled take-no-prisoners cold desensitised austere diabolical case-hardened bad slash-and-burn thick-skinned heavy rugged implacable unpitying stony-hearted cut-throat hellish evil aggressive excruciating malevolent hardhearted awful horrible malicious base inconsiderate strict dangerous rigorous cutthroat onerous terrible hardhanded stiff uncompassionate destructive with a heart of stone searing disagreeable extreme villainous draconian ghastly trying depraved uncompromising nefarious feral hostile sanguineous hurtful dreadful inflexible burdensome hateful foul deadly hard-nosed inexorable unfriendly malignant bloody-minded devilish slaughterous inclement sanguine murdering tyrannical wolfish forbidding untamed spiteful intense criminal unemotional vindictive rotten intemperate painful unbending low dark forceful rigid threatening punishing excessive unrestrained flinty heavy-handed harrowing lethal exacting sharp immoral bleak dastardly abusive unmoved uncivilized steely rude torturous killing intolerant unyielding menacing perverse primitive hardened mortal lacking compassion dire grave dog-eat-dog obscene vulgar tormenting appalling corrupt serious black-hearted wretched unruly thuggish degraded uncultured furious perverted dirty punitive degenerate maniacal lewd devastating uncivilised sinful agonizing abandoned offensive indecent uncivil loathsome profligate debased mean-spirited reprobate licentious maleficent ruinous destroying coldhearted authoritarian distressing unfair domineering strong gross horrid galling strenuous arduous ferine frightening uncouth upsetting stringent drastic unrefined death-dealing low-down impetuous shocking tigerish hideous flagitious agonising killer uncultivated unkindly debauched intolerable unappeasable demoniac rowdy unremitting biting rabid fiery odious boorish curt illiberal insensible dour objectionable voracious dissolute intimidating disgusting uncomfortable brusque unprincipled demoralized despotic distasteful acute delirious mad repressive ugly headstrong horrendous abhorrent revolting prurient sick demoralised frantic gruesome unclean filthy sapping exhausting thoughtless corrupted stark demonic despicable iniquitous virulent contemptible rancorous unwholesome libertine grisly detestable marble-hearted decadent miserable pugnacious black warlike lousy distressful difficult execrable intractable maddened baleful undisciplined boisterous autocratic ignorant satanic worrying bloodless radge riotous apathetic stone-hearted egregious discomforting lawless inhospitable gory firm swingeing raging churlish unloving loutish bullying arbitrary red in tooth and claw undomesticated frenzied cutting explosive stormy unbearable crazed impure obnoxious heathen tyrannous macabre libidinous exorbitant caustic pernicious shabby abrasive competitive surly unceremonious comfortless wounding louring infamous oafish unamiable dispassionate frenetic unjust ungentle miscreant tempestuous antagonistic hard as nails repulsive lascivious ill-bred taxing wrathful suppressive unpolished agitated uneducated disquieting iron-fisted hotheaded impassioned feverish heathenish natural desperate insufferable ill-mannered ungodly frightful critical warped unnatural imperturbable without sentiment unconscionable malign reprehensible hysterical potent sinister shameless vengeful snide lecherous horrific lowering ironfisted yucky convulsive accursed troublesome traumatic unpalatable disturbing loose rakish dissipated barbarian ill-natured sickening turbulent sordid uncontrollable improper Neanderthal raffish matter-of-fact annoying jackleg rakehell tragic ramrod lowbrow great no-nonsense God-awful catty venomous woeful horrifying unsettling rakehelly afflicting wayward defiled racking dodgy vitiated without mercy sleazy knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts knock-down drag-out hammer and tongs Neandertal hard-bitten dishonourable life-threatening full-blooded every person for themselves unsavoury twisted dishonorable hairy weighty chilling sour unsavory scandalous very bad not nice afflictive self-indulgent sobering godawful despiteful precarious perilous harmful bellicose spartan ravening unspeakable straitened injurious cannibalistic beastlike premeditated irreconcilable hatchetjob coldblooded frigid masterful predatory unlettered summary treacherous gloating radical Draconian ravenous lupine constant fallen Mephistophelian arch cold fish unflinching browbeating scungy killer instinct punitory unempathetic hardline uncordial unsophisticated philistine nagging cantankerous crotchety disconcerting troubling unresponsive uncalled-for intransigent mean machine carnivorous having a killer instinct caveman dictatorial wilful impassive Spartan unendurable adamant illiterate worrisome irksome unsafe volatile butcherous careless inured very severe sworn deliberate needless unjustified senseless indurated ungenerous tumultuous toughened benighted hard-fought involving bloodshed piggish gluttonous swinish animal carnal irrational unaffected revengeful alarming parlous unsusceptible stressful daunting perturbing ignominious low-minded deplorable scummy currish torpid intimidatory ill-boding foreboding ominous overbearing spiritless cyclonic animated hot unrepenting indefatigable avaricious unregenerate greedy uncontrite unprovoked unchristian piercing unmannered yobbish unimpressionable at each other's throats stubborn impenitent insentient nonliterate non-literate fearsome raw high-handed poor agitating dismal doleful morbid minatory viperous serpentine minacious grating ill gratuitous challenging groundless motiveless grueling penetrating paroxysmal volcanic intensely competitive fiercely competitive troublemaking fractious disorderly fatal worthless vitriolic raving enraged incessive fearful fraught troublous nightmarish repellent nauseating repugnant abrupt without pity unjustifiable wrenching burning blistering stinging consuming irritating acerbic complicated formidable infuriated rapacious angry ungracious inept undiplomatic bungling wintry squally as hard as nails hard-shell immoderate undue inordinate crippling belligerent lawbreaking disruptive contumacious deaf to blind to sudden tragical hellacious biffo animalistic aggers contaminated faulty putrid insubordinate impious blunt impolite deathly willed unmotivated pounding gruelling unscrupulous chilly rainy freezing OTT over the top overstrict coercive significant considerable disastrous nauseous acerb towering overweening steep terminal crass discourteous anarchic noxious grotesque amoral impoverished oppressed poverty-stricken roughshod aimless spiky argumentative noisome snowy blustery wet drizzly icy damp windy ribald indelicate profane indecorous bluff unmannerly consequential major jungli hardheaded overextravagant extravagant insane plethoric baroque overmuch overdue deceitful unlawful wrong unethical dishonest devious rancid stinking awkward inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy unmanageable contrary ornery insolent double-crossing pestilent hazardous toilsome poignant delinquent crooked shady slippery two-faced scheming disreputable unrighteous sly felonious underhanded shifty unconscientious robust weird terrifying spooky spine-chilling scary eerie ghoulish bad-mannered untutored heartbreaking hard-line hard-hitting rubbing the wrong way hard to take exploitative self-seeking conscienceless questionable crafty unexpected adverse grinding big intensive peracute heart-rending vexatious repellant fulsome solemn humourless sedate humorless staid sober sobersided tasteless lowbred foul-mouthed artless common loud vital unwelcome unhappy heartrending unlovely unpleasing sad yukky displeasing uncongenial disparaging errant evil-minded contemptuous ignoble morally wrong scoundrelly shameful scrofulous bent squalid incorrigible scornful disdainful abysmal grody damnable cursed chronic revulsive internecine startling icky sore mortifying roughneck incult unladylike ungentlemanly wintery unsmiling astringent uncomic provoking calamitous unanticipated gut-wrenching swift quick unforeseen immediate rapid unpredicted hasty berserk po-faced terrorizing unchaste hedonic deviant pervy assertive fast lustful concupiscent promiscuous crazy forcible fuming terrorising indulgent louche flagitous sybaritic unhealthy swinging unconstrained sicko kinky voluptuary hot-tempered hot-headed drunken deteriorated violated easy open out of control dirty-minded fast-living bang-bang in the fast lane night owl fast and loose lacking restraint in the gutter gone bad pleasure-seeking gone to the dogs high living

Tính từ

Somewhat fat, and hence plump, rounded, and soft
chubby fat plump portly overweight rotund fleshy obese corpulent tubby stout podgy pudgy chunky blubbery round paunchy bulky gross porky beefy ample full fubsy dumpy flabby lardy poddy rounded buxom big replete hefty abdominous pursy zaftig plumpish fatty husky butterball roly-poly pot-bellied well padded well upholstered well covered corn-fed well rounded of ample proportions broad in the beam full-figured pleasingly plump heavy large beer-bellied burly heavyset weighty thickset fattish Falstaffian elephantine meaty stocky solid bloated broad porcine stubby massive squat adipose huge stumpy morbidly obese thick thick-bodied substantial outsize well-padded brawny gargantuan nuggety sturdy pyknic squatty short potbellied well-upholstered oversize hulking cumbersome wide overstuffed overfed overnourished overheavy clinically obese well-built curvy bulging of ample build squabby enormous filled well-covered whalelike blimp avoirdupois mesomorphic upholstered inflated heavily built lard-arsed very large strapping curved sarcous matronly well fed homely short and fat embonpoint lusty overblown squab on the plump side out of shape well-fed diminutive undersized dwarfish baby elephant full-fleshed sonsy lumpish bull sizable ponderous bulbous lard jelly-belly distended swollen bovine colossal immense outsized solidly built bull-necked cobby great dense plenitudinous on the large greasy having a bay window having a spare tire sturdily built unwieldy strong scrub oily oleaginous adipocerous sebaceous unctuous muscular muscly hunky powerfully built broad-shouldered heavyweight rugged robust stark thewy hulky stodgy cavernous voluminous powerful mammoth buff jacked well muscled bruising Herculean ripped big and strong muscle-bound stalwart girthy compact blocky lubberly stunted splay eurysome vigorous athletic shredded muscled hearty imposing able-bodied gorillalike beefcake hunk sinewy lumbering manly towering obdurate tall formidable pumped up tough mighty herculean gigantic unhandy long awkward unmanageable cumbrous high big-boned sizeable biggish largish grand goodly oversized boxcar handsome considerable tidy extensive large-scale tremendous major

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