Đồng nghĩa của not nice


Having an unkind or spiteful character or nature
mean unkind nasty spiteful foul malicious malevolent despicable contemptible obnoxious vile odious loathsome disagreeable unpleasant unfriendly uncharitable insensitive shabby unfair callous cruel inconsiderate vicious base low horrible horrid thoughtless hateful hurtful heartless rotten low-down vindictive wicked bad beastly hostile coldhearted uncaring unfeeling unsympathetic catty harsh malignant gross ill-natured inhuman inhumane barbarous brutal cold-blooded hard-hearted sadistic savage snide despiteful malign virulent currish deplorable detestable dirty dishonourable dishonorable execrable ignominious low-minded scummy mean-spirited pitiless ruthless compassionless wounding merciless cold-hearted upsetting unkindly ungenerous inhospitable unamiable uncivil hardhearted unchristian ill hard bitter rancorous venomous poisonous maleficent evil malefic vitriolic pernicious baleful evil-intentioned acrimonious cutting severe biting vengeful sarcastic caustic cold antagonistic barbed unsparing unmerciful fierce wretched acid stony resentful grim remorseless scathing ornery aggressive unforgiving stern unrelenting ignoble acerbic obdurate sharp snarky evil-minded implacable unpitying tough barbaric splenetic critical mordacious acrid mordant defamatory affectless ironhearted stoney stonyhearted truculent relentless desensitized hard-boiled murderous take-no-prisoners antipathetic abusive viperous destructive waspish acidulous soulless desensitised indurate astringent angry inflexible pachydermatous insensate illiberal tart stony-hearted surly rude harmful case-hardened thick-skinned slash-and-burn sordid sinister trenchant sardonic stinging injurious uncompassionate pugnacious scornful ferocious wrathful bad-natured paltry corrosive rough selfish satirical belligerent grudging inimical disapproving vituperative searing ill-disposed shrewish uncongenial revengeful detrimental deleterious unworthy shameful bellicose withering cheap dastardly indifferent cantankerous menacing satiric fiendish pungent disparaging negative scalding inexorable unmoved acerb unemotional acidic cussed smart-mouthed scurvy disgusting authoritarian inclement adverse oppressive slanderous stingy immoral intolerant smart-aleck tyrannical petty heinous smart-alecky damaging sour offensive repellent wanton intimidating brutish cynical churlish belittling lousy derogatory apathetic narrow-minded cool pointed disrespectful unwelcoming nefarious small-minded bilious unresponsive heavy-handed incisive insular cut-throat sarky dictatorial mischievous unconcerned censorious baneful noxious militant envenomed contemptuous confrontational combative lacking compassion monstrous draconian despotic ill-humored depraved violent frigid atrocious provincial cross uncompromising dangerous tyrannous parochial hate-filled unbending Lilliputian sectarian small disdainful wolfish unsociable squint-eyed reprehensible disinterested disreputable backbiting abject devastating terrible rigid flinty scrappy denigratory deprecatory untouched butcherly brute unjust bad-tempered cutthroat dog-eat-dog ill-humoured dour razor-edged unprincipled ill-tempered lamentable hard-nosed unappeasable exacting treacherous discreditable contrary iron-fisted wrong insulting bloodthirsty with a heart of stone lukewarm halfhearted aversive repugnant demeaning prejudicial diabolical ghastly hellish deprecating disgraceful unwarranted unacceptable taunting off poison murder picayune annoying filthy mocking narrow autocratic arbitrary little derisive blistering irascible domineering distressing unremitting crabbed bestial repressive steely contentious joyless petty-minded abhorrent aloof overbearing cowardly servile austere furious feral piercing warlike alien adversary adversarial imperious unyielding sanguinary undemocratic awful onerous forbidding rapier-like uncalled for dirty rotten prejudiced unpropitious jaundiced unreceptive out of order high-handed anti-democratic crabby hardhanded below the belt fell ironfisted peremptory coercive troublesome strict unreasonable somber argumentative accidentally on purpose bullying overweening unstirred icy full of spleen dark bigoted sombre ironhanded no-nonsense demanding doggish underhand heedless stinking sinful ugly shoddy self-centred hating sorry ungracious ungentlemanly painful grudge-bearing spleenful self-centered unsympathizing unapproachable penetrating ireful revolting brusque embittered sneering uncommiserating scathy avenging poignant choleric shady beggarly natty despisable miserly mercenary inglorious chilly frosty adamant stabbing unattractive stone-hearted uncool envious keen polemic wreakful out for revenge retaliatory jealous unlikable impolite offended begruding sore insulted tactless inappropriate unlovable killer mortal marble-hearted insidious green-eyed satanic insensible hatchetjob coldblooded intense cranky testy indignant irate peevish flagitious egregious full of hate threatening nocuous tormenting torturous corrupting xenophobic off-putting cannibalistic unbearable frightful insufferable irritating browbeating gruff of evil intent artful perilous corruptive without pity dripping venom full of gall viperish toxicant corrupt scoffing ridiculing jeering unloveable hypercritical carping censuring condemning cursing hazardous bothersome killer instinct wilful set vulgar ill-intentioned aspersive timid weak wild insinuating undignified suppressive needless deliberate unjustified senseless obscene unbecoming absolute ramrod degraded menial abrasive unprovoked inelegant crisp sharp-tongued gratuitous groundless motiveless slighting unsafe homicidal depreciative pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory fascistic totalitarian unjustifiable intimidatory untamed frightening dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous devilish hard-shell autocratical dominating unflattering detracting abominable willed unmotivated desperate uncivilised minatory deadly minacious villainous rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned uncontrollable hideous monocratic tsarist magisterial czarist authoritative bossy masterful iron-handed diminishing deflating dishonouring unfavourable off-color vitriolous Neronian aimless mean-minded serious discrediting personal vilifying calumnious undisciplined perverse unruly insolent wayward double-crossing humourless humorless burning slashing degrading derogative contumelious scurrilous libellous traducing detractive calumniatory decrying derisory libelous mud-slinging denigrative bloodless frowning fiery cast-iron boot-faced unsmiling ungentle brooding sullen mortified morose glum moody stark solemn cheerless dripping with malice reproachful maligning minimising fault-finding dishonoring aspersing humiliating minimizing unfavorable opprobrious slaughterous roughshod heavy blinkered myopic unflinching unimaginative limited overwhelming burdensome crushing conservative hidebound mean machine having a killer instinct uncalled-for biased dogmatic partisan diehard trying excruciating grievous stiff punitive rugged localist reactionary conventional entrenched opinionated restricted claustral set in one's ways short-sighted parish-pump jerkwater close-minded small-town inward-looking dyed-in-the-wool blimpish disheartening gloomy discouraging weighty dispiriting rough going worrying stressful backbreaking hefty dismal depressive troubling superincumbent bleak exigent taxing depressing confining headache

Trái nghĩa của not nice

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