Đồng nghĩa của truculent

Alternative for truculent

truculent /'trʌkjulənt/
  • tính từ
    • tàn bạo, tàn nhẫn
    • hùng hổ, hung hăng

Tính từ

Defiantly aggressive or bad-tempered
belligerent aggressive combative bellicose contentious defiant pugnacious hostile antagonistic bad-tempered argumentative confrontational cross quarrelsome scrappy ill-tempered obstreperous sullen feisty fierce rude surly uncooperative violent agonistic assaultive brawly chippy discordant discourteous disputatious gladiatorial ill-natured militant stroppy unpleasant warlike aggers arsey bolshie itching browbeating bullying caustic cowing cussed deadly destructive ferocious fractious frightening harsh hateful insolent intimidating mean mordacious mordant ornery scathing sharp terrifying terrorising terrorizing trenchant vituperous ready for a fight spoiling for a fight cantankerous contrary threatening on the warpath unfriendly rebellious hot-tempered irascible inimical difficult adversarial fiery captious irritable oppugnant refractory warring nasty recalcitrant fighting choleric malevolent inhospitable contumacious litigious petulant touchy unruly angry quick-tempered antipathetic battling adverse unkind disobedient rancorous unsympathetic offensive negative malicious disputative spiteful militaristic vitriolic disruptive provocative perverse dissenting challenging froward balky polemical factious disorderly cavilling hawkish loudmouthed bitter controversial polemic restive turbulent rowdy insubordinate grumpy warmongering undisciplined wrangling sabre-rattling wayward unmanageable uncontrollable bickering wrathful biffo martial disapproving virulent narky willful uncongenial rough caviling catty jaundiced unsociable unreceptive awkward have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick testy grouchy pettish mutinous snappy jingoistic wild vicious riotous crabby huffy snarly troublesome prickly active wilful unwelcoming resistant ungovernable spirited courageous spunky gutsy noisy unrestrained bloodthirsty intractable untoward rebel recusant incompliant dissentious bold venomous alien adversary excitable raucous querulous tempestuous enthusiastic hot-blooded pushy unpropitious maleficent biting malefic malignant ructious hot flip ardent out of hand salty brawling contending war thin-skinned military out of control dour viperous sour cold errant misbehaving peevish badly behaved at loggerheads on the outs have it in for ill-disposed ready to fight having a chip on one's shoulder up in arms sulky bloody-minded pigheaded thrawn ratty shirty unhelpful acrimonious plucky determined contrarious obstructive soldierly gung-ho naysaying disagreeable battleful sanguinary attacking dissentient poisonous spiky opinionated splenetic abusive miffy exasperated cruel hurtful resentful vindictive nonconforming wrestling tilting skirmishing opposing self-assertive itching to fight assertive snappish cranky fretful mighty peppery soreheaded vigorous ill troublemaking under arms irregular hotheaded opposed oppositional short-tempered radical unsettling disturbing upsetting arguesome ultra-active two-fisted forceful extremist extreme combating impassioned passionate churlish attention-seeking dissident conflicting fanatical zealous embattled distracting declinatory refusing divergent impatient objecting declining warrish revolutionary assertory unwilling adversative accusatorial allergic opposite reluctant at odds oppugning divisive in arms out-of-line disrupting out-of-order off-base looking for trouble noncompliant dysfunctional loud delinquent boisterous uncontrolled tough obstinate foul sensitive naughty ill-disciplined mischievous causing trouble non-compliant vociferous uproarious socially impaired bad trying self-willed impudent tiresome erratic disturbed badly-behaved whiny pesky roguish undisciplinable ill-behaved problematic demanding troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable stubborn irksome uncompliant rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile clamorous rampaging daring resisting audacious lawless rambunctious mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty intransigent irrepressible roisterous unbridled rackety tumultuous rip-roaring rumbustious full-blooded go-getting high-strung full of pep rampageous roistering subversive piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous raising Cain disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive raising the roof malign evil pernicious baleful wicked critical injurious cutting unfavourable evil-intentioned unfavorable harmful acid damaging prejudicial wounding waspish savage despiteful detrimental acerbic corrosive deleterious menacing vengeful counter sarcastic dangerous disadvantageous mortal disparaging dirty barbed tart stinging sardonic sinister noxious astringent bilious low devastating acrid pungent dark acidulous brutal snide evil-minded inconsiderate baneful hate-filled grim severe derisive calamitous cynical uncharitable snarky satirical inauspicious scalding defamatory discouraging scornful tetchy acidic satiric incisive poor forbidding acerb withering rival searing ill-humored ill-humoured uncomplimentary ruinous murderous smart-alecky contemptuous bad-natured mocking vile jeering scorching disavowing furious indignant taunting smart-mouthed moody implacable vexatious ominous snarling nocuous hard dire blistering barbarous unlucky stern inopportune mean-spirited untimely awful smart-aleck revengeful unflattering invasive obnoxious ironical combatant black lousy sneering competing derogatory at war wretched envenomed crabbed objectionable shrewish grudging vituperative undermining unfeeling crotchety dyspeptic grievous unfortunate disrespectful frowning contumelious ruthless joyless distressing keen liverish backhanded horrid scoffing brusque needling scurrilous saucy carping beastly bothersome hazardous repugnant twitting chaffing arrogant austere dodgy disillusioned morose perilous quarrelling clashing weisenheiming regrettable cheerless belittling inimic annoyed hellish censorious disobliging backbiting poison murder unpromising expansionist disaffected irate displeased unadvantageous rotten insensitive tricky infelicitous despicable merciless cataclysmic embittered slanderous pitiless disagreeing offended contemptible damning unforgiving aggrieved enemy inexpedient callous disastrous louring shabby uncaring quarreling intimidatory woeful inconvenient deplorable filthy tight glowering catastrophic brooding sticky minatory heartless ireful terrible pejorative inhuman minacious base relentless thoughtless glum hard-hearted thorny delicate bleak curmudgeonly unappeasable eggy annoying unsafe insidious gross enraged foreboding boot-faced full of hate hairy worrying onerous arduous knotty taxing ungenerous peckish stark coldhearted crippling waxy execrable ignominious dishonorable detestable currish accidentally on purpose inhumane cold-blooded sadistic dishonourable low-down problematical ticklish punishing precarious chancy worrisome concerning iffy not nice low-minded dubious questionable spartan suspect unsparing prejudicious counterproductive spleenful squint-eyed stabbing razor-edged smouldering bearish of evil intent coruscating burning scowling artful grumbling bodeful scathy strident viperish toxicant ignoble paltry sordid divided split invading compassionless corrupting atrabilious peeved aspersive corruptive sulphurous sulfurous cold-hearted ill-timed corrupt colonialistic imperialistic insulted begruding sore treacherous complaining scratchy dripping venom wrought up prepared for war in the midst of battle at swords' points uncool envious petty unkindly unamiable uncivil ill-intentioned vexed irked piqued irritated carnivorous discontented crusty full of spleen full of gall gloomy temperamental aggravated short-fused on a short fuse incursive hardhearted unchristian galled provoked smoldering avenging sorehead whingy whingeing extremely critical invalidating trigger-happy outraged not conducive inimicable pointed snaky disharmonious insurrectionary seditious sectarian schismatic lamentable dyslogistic depreciative unprofitable depreciatory slighting downside detracting debit-side sparring striking unhappy sharp-tongued on edge unaccommodating uptight discrediting irreconcilable anti assaulting assailing fire-eating headstrong at daggers drawn paramilitary soldierlike battle-hardened lethal incendiary imperilling unhealthy unwholesome imperiling afflictive toxic undesirable feral punitive grudge-bearing unwelcome tragic fuming malcontent estranged insurgent alienated partisan unrelenting unreasonable abrasive serious steely somber unsocial distasteful unacceptable asocial obdurate mulish capricious against on the debit side untamed brutish ill-boding barbaric retaliatory fatal cataclysmal angerful ranting bristly raving psyched up frenzied tense in a temper gruff convulsed arch odious renitent full of dislike loathsome intrusive rapacious humourless humorless desperate nefarious villainous serpentine monstrous depraved uncivilised fiendish abhorrent uncivilized abandoned thirsting for revenge out for revenge tragical heartbreaking distressful heartrending miserable contrariant nonconformist paradoxical pervicacious uncompromising inflexible hardline remorseless inexorable at variance macho sociopathic on the attack wrongheaded converse sombre solemn unfair reproachful condemnatory deprecatory catastrophal dreadful bull-headed pig-headed cross-grained unmerciful unpitying blunt hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to unyielding unsmiling flinty cast-iron ungentle no-nonsense mortified stony criticizing reproving fateful shattering frightful horrible antisocial sworn honest candid unenthusiastic about disapprobatory denunciatory denouncing dissatisfied condemning at each other's throats straightforward realistic beyond the pale disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against ill-fated outspoken judgmental slating knocking scummy unsatisfactory tardy late malapropos wrong improper unseemly unfit discommodious inadvisable unseasonable unsuited faultfinding unappealing insulting criticising full of reproof ill-advised warts and all straight from the shoulder

Tính từ

Extremely offensive, harsh and insulting
abusive vituperative vitriolic scurrilous opprobrious contumelious invective scurril scurrile vituperatory insulting offensive derisive disparaging insolent derogatory rude contemptuous scornful defamatory pejorative denigratory critical slanderous libellous censorious reproachful reviling maligning vulgar libelous disrespectful disdainful humiliating scandalous deprecatory denunciatory scolding scathing belittling venomous castigating calumniatory vilifying upbraiding malign calumniating traducing foul obloquious sarcastic offending injurious sharp-tongued satirical harsh virulent withering sardonic malicious ranting degrading affronting uncomplimentary blasphemous slighting reproving castigatory obscene low infamous coarse salacious gross indecent ribald scabrous groundless obnoxious violent berating rough unmannerly raunchy lewd dirty vituperous nasty smutty filthy outrageous shameless saucy impertinent cheeky brazen forward malapert sassy impudent brash pert pushy Rabelaisian foul-mouthed damaging hateful aspersive calumnious libeling defaming malevolent libelling dishonoring vile shaming denigrating malignant depreciative despiteful debasing derogative dismissive injuring reproaching excoriating disgracing disapproving despicable dishonouring hurting spiteful abasing detractive damning catty hurtful crude profane bitter vicious derisory wounding depreciatory demeaning discourteous denigrative unfriendly biting mean unkind bawdy cruel X-rated sharp bad indelicate cutting blue suggestive hostile sordid vindictive unpleasant decrying unprintable uncivil uncouth acerbic inconsiderate negative off colour aggressive sneering impure deprecating surly caustic uncharitable disagreeable scatological annoying scatologic unsympathetic rancorous pornographic churlish lascivious trashy stag gutter wanton inappropriate shocking porny mocking locker-room earthy impolite racy distasteful bad-tempered ill-tempered fault-finding personal colourful acrimonious mordant brusque irritating detracting curt repulsive severe snide ungracious bad-mannered improper judgmental cantankerous antagonistic poisonous acerb crass angry mud-slinging tasteless naughty colorful jeering base ill-humored indecorous unflattering discrediting objectionable mean-spirited ill-natured ill-humoured unfavourable evil-minded depraved lying backbiting gruff galling blunt acid trenchant barbed Fescennine stinging incisive unfavorable detractory hard ill-mannered detestable belligerent tart embarrassing combative minimizing disgusting inhospitable bellicose confrontational pugnacious savage wrathful blistering astringent minimising uncongenial licentious searing acidulous wretched supercilious unsociable sour scrappy debased acrid corrosive snarky smart-mouthed acidic smart-aleck smart-alecky scalding pungent satiric abhorrent joyless militant furious odious unwholesome ornery mordacious dishonorable contemptible sleazy fractious irreverent risqué porn porno splenetic devastating boorish spicy fruity steamy viperous abrasive dishonourable gamy adult tactless cheap off-color sickening near the knuckle close to the bone inelegant ironical mortifying depreciating diminishing deflating ridiculing discreditable familiar intrusive abrupt short false misrepresentative untrue resentful disappointed maledictory muckraking scandalmongering Cyprian graceless aspersing slurring maledictive profanatory choice aspersory atrocious sharp-worded peppery double-edged thoughtless admonitory condemnatory offhand strong sacrilegious dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping downgrading wicked envenomed maleficent malefic accusatory scoffing explicit stabbing fierce rotten tough tacky grody ignorant awkward unsophisticated rank irritable epithetical accusing faultfinding evil-intentioned unsavoury uncultured lowbrow defiant grating stern foulmouthed grouchy sulky haughty superior uncivilised immodest unclean tawdry uncivilized unsavory unfeeling brutal snappish grumpy snappy sullen cross tetchy irascible overbearing cynical sniffy hypercritical snotty egotistic snooty callous insensitive unchaste unrefined unsettling loutish colloquial unpolished unutterable concupiscent cranky testy narky querulous stroppy ratty shirty peevish petulant affrontive arrogant full of contempt full of reproof pitiless comfortless raw hard-core slippery villainous outlandish sneaking soft-core unworthy peckish liverish crotchety chippy soreheaded huffy miffy grumbling curmudgeonly waxy spiky argumentative displeasing rubbing the wrong way hard to take short-tempered hot-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse short-fused exasperating horrible dreadful provocative vexing provoking exceptionable awful unacceptable reprehensible censurable revolting terrible execrable ignominious ignoble currish paltry repellent appalling horrendous upsetting ruthless loathsome ghastly insufferable low-down low-minded hellish rancid repellant grotty hideous nauseating God-awful evil bogging noisome frightful abominable fulsome noxious hellacious lousy beastly repugnant ugly nauseous rebarbative yucky yucko disgustful loathly invidious horrid

Tính từ

Having a tendency to inflict suffering and pain on others
cruel savage brutal vicious barbarous barbaric inhuman heartless fiendish sadistic inhumane atrocious wanton brute butcherly ruthless callous merciless pitiless severe unfeeling hard cold-blooded unsympathetic harsh unkind bestial unsparing hard-hearted unforgiving unpitying hard-boiled insensitive unmerciful beastly hard-nosed remorseless diabolical violent wolfish monstrous evil wicked heinous grim unrelenting relentless mean stone-hearted affectless insensate uncharitable slash-and-burn thick-skinned uncaring inconsiderate stonyhearted compassionless desensitized stoney take-no-prisoners obdurate unkindly dastardly ironhearted indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous stony flagitious egregious sanguinary uncompassionate desensitised cold-hearted red in tooth and claw with a heart of stone depraved hellish appalling perverted perverse gloating aggressive nasty fierce malign fell cannibalistic malignant implacable hateful ferocious malicious maleficent tormenting torturous brutish draconian oppressive stern tyrannous despotic dour exacting dictatorial abusive tyrannical intolerant murderous suppressive onerous authoritarian rough austere rigid illiberal ramrod flinty critical hardhanded heavy-handed hard-shell stony-hearted cold hardhearted hardened steely unemotional unbending inflexible unfriendly surly tough inexorable unremitting dispassionate unmoved inclement cut-throat lacking compassion adamant dog-eat-dog bloodthirsty matter-of-fact premeditated imperturbable killer rancorous feral malevolent revengeful marble-hearted unyielding vindictive unappeasable mortal cutthroat ironfisted without pity apathetic anesthetized feelingless sensationless crotchety emotionless anaesthetized deadened cantankerous unempathetic icy uncordial unamiable churlish cold fish cynical unsentimental hard-headed world-weary hard-bitten indurated firm strict lacking sentiment hard-line obstinate hard-edged hard-shelled headstrong toughened by experience as hard as nails as tough as old boots hard as nails

Tính từ

Defiant or uncompromising
inflexible stubborn uncompromising unyielding unhelpful obstructive unreasonable awkward contrary difficult unaccommodating uncooperative recalcitrant perverse disobliging obstinate bloody-minded cussed thrawn bolshie stroppy refractory tiresome disobedient troublesome wilful unbending balky pigheaded unamenable unwilling unresponsive inconsiderate stiff-necked unsupportive unadaptable rock-ribbed immovable obstreperous sticky vexatious wayward annoying obdurate capricious mulish headstrong self-willed not cooperative cantankerous peevish froward morose intractable bull-headed shrewish ill-natured contumacious pervicacious crabby contrarious renitent cross-grained trying exasperating determined strong-willed not giving an inch willful dogged intransigent adamant pertinacious implacable hardheaded opinionated ossified adamantine tenacious inconvincible hardened unrelenting hard bullheaded hard-nosed self-opinionated restive wrong-headed defiant single-minded stubborn as a mule pat pig-headed firm unmalleable relentless steadfast ornery rigid unpersuadable unmanageable persistent strong-minded incompliant deaf to reason indurate inexorable fixed persevering unruly indomitable steely rebellious unflinching unshakable ungovernable unshakeable insubordinate iron-willed untoward rebel recusant uncompliant dead set on insistent dogmatic convinced with one's toes dug in locked in remorseless resolved stiff heady opinionative unmoved unbreakable with one's feet dug in unbendable unalterable arsey nonconformist disagreeing wrongheaded contrariant antagonistic paradoxical nonconforming dissentient adverse hostile antipathetic converse negative dissident inimical discordant fickle erratic unpredictable incorrigible fractious wild resolute incontrollable immoral uncontrollable self-indulgent unbearable naughty badly behaved intolerable aberrant undisciplined delinquent errant impossible arbitrary disorderly undependable stalwart tough set in one's ways

Tính từ

Harshly sarcastic or satirical in nature
keen scathing cutting incisive searing pointed stinging trenchant acid sardonic satirical contemptuous ferocious nasty sharp unblunted virulent caustic corrosive heartless merciless piercing savage biting brutal fierce malicious penetrating satiric callous critical mocking sarcastic scornful tart venomous acerbic bitter harsh pungent salty snarky violent acidic cruel devastating edged hurtful mordacious unrelenting acute derisive pitiless vicious vitriolic acrid acrimonious grim sadistic scorching unsparing withering astringent belittling mordant ruthless scalding wanton cold-blooded extremely critical severe slashing blistering aggressive acidulous acerb waspish barbed razor-edged smart-mouthed smart-aleck smart-alecky sarky polemic spiteful poignant dry wounding rapier-like cynical unkind catty abrasive ironic telling peppery piquant snappy burning hostile rude ironical disparaging poisonous polemical forceful corroding racy emphatic tangy wry scoffing pithy spicy witty disrespectful brusque tongue-in-cheek acetose ridiculing rancorous unfriendly churlish stern sour chaffing burlesque zesty controversial alkaline zingy pert savoury savory contentious stringent mean rough snappish snippy testy short unpleasant disapproving hard argumentative disputatious offensive hateful provocative salt exciting stimulating strong vigorous destructive sneering double-edged forthright driving clear vinegary acidulated crisp explicit powerful distinct effective blunt erosive potent unequivocal edgy acetic derisory crushing acidy taunting backhanded sourish tartish smarting clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert arrogant jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious quick-witted accurate venomed pertinent irreverent with a kick briny acetous soured green razor-sharp meaty meaningful insightful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant parodying Hudibrastic Rabelaisian lampooning humorous spoofing paradoxical spoof farcical bantering in a nutshell on the nose boiled down laid on the line right to it calling a spade a spade on the button sly subtle deadpan droll laconic deprecating waggish apathetic sharp-tongued matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced

Tính từ

Having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed or angered
irritable angry cranky cross grumpy irascible sulky tense testy uptight critical fiery fractious fretful grouchy peevish petulant ratty surly temperamental touchy argumentative bristly cantankerous choleric crabby curt disgruntled feisty glum gruff huffish huffy impatient moody prickly querulous sensitive shirty snappy sullen unsociable volatile whingy bilious bitter brusque chippy contentious crabbed cynical difficult disagreeable discontented dyspeptic harsh hotheaded ireful misanthropic narky obstinate ornery oversensitive pertinacious perverse pettish pouty quarrelsome shrewish snappish sour splenetic acrimonious captious churlish contrary crotchety crusty crybaby curmudgeonly displeased eggy exasperated grumbling hypercritical miserable peckish peppery resentful snarky snarling soreheaded stroppy tetchy uncooperative ungracious whining whiny annoyed bearish brooding disputatious edgy fussy gloomy iracund iracundulous liverish mean miffy morose pouting scratchy snaky snippety snippy stuffy tough waspish waxy acid acrid awkward blunt carping caviling cavilling childish chuffy complaining cussed dissatisfied dour filthy fretting griping grousing growling hasty malicious malignant mardy mumpish nasty obstreperous on edge out of humor passionate raspy saturnine sharp short sore sorehead spiteful tart trying venomous vindictive vinegary waspy whingeing bad-tempered ill-tempered out of humour ugly hot-tempered thin-skinned having got out of bed the wrong side hot-blooded foul-tempered ill-humoured ill-natured quick-tempered short-tempered ill-humored easily offended fault-finding hot under the collar in a mood nasty-tempered out of sorts short-fused cross-grained having got out of bed on the wrong side out-of-sorts out of temper in a bad mood on a short fuse as cross as two sticks like a bear with a sore head rude impolite uncivil discourteous boorish abrupt unmannerly unpleasant ill-mannered bloody-minded crude scowling vinegarish arsey humourless disrespectful humorless moping unfriendly unsmiling mopey unhelpful no-nonsense laconic taciturn rough bluff offhand unceremonious off offish loutish boisterous uncouth vulgar oafish ungallant ill-bred ungentlemanly uncharitable inconsiderate unkind classless unchivalrous clownish cloddish mean-spirited ignorant lowbred uncivilised crass clodhopping uncultured polite unneighborly bad-mannered miserly unpolished coarse rustic uncivilized base terse brief crisp tactless indelicate short-spoken downright brusk clumsy brisk graceless undiplomatic caustic monosyllabic to the point pithy direct gross thoughtless plain-spoken unladylike unmannered concise gauche unrefined succinct impertinent insolent impudent clipped cavalier bungling abrasive frank outspoken matter-of-fact glowering breviloquent mannerless insulting loud uncommunicative indiscreet compact unsubtle abusive rash inept maladroit impetuous offensive brash blundering summary compendious pointed acerbic epigrammatic untactful elliptical straightforward sarcastic aphoristic uncalled-for unhandsome peremptory dusty insensitive uncultivated sententious thumbnail tasteless apothegmatic capsule brutal common telegraphic elliptic upfront indecorous unresponsive frowning sourpussed sulking imprudent straight from the shoulder unpolitic injudicious decisive derogatory impolitic forthright businesslike incisive uncomplimentary candid disdainful economical unsophisticated unequivocal disparaging bald flip thuggish fresh brutish contumelious swinish indignant not afraid to call a spade a spade lumpen gnomic barbaric trenchant yobbish philistine vitriolic uneducated short and sweet hostile slobbish callous compendiary lubberly vicious honest wild fed up pulling no punches cheerless joyless embittered not beating about the bush out-of-line not mincing one's words speaking one's mind sharp-tongued low-bred calling a spade a spade vigorous disobliging catty misbehaved imperious tooshie tempersome scornful presumptuous gawky stolid spunky acute snarly atrabilious zowerswopped Eeyorish careless open hearty rowdy doltish lumpish bullying perversely irritable precipitate inhospitable unfortunate hoonish dense good-natured genial approachable audacious piqued sharp-tempered friendly lowbrow with a long face heavy-handed put out mopish blustering barefaced cheery sincere obloquious foul derisive rugged like a bull in a china shop cheeky arrogant peeved vexed dark aloof roughneck incult sketchy insensible raffish low scathing degrading violent berating scurrilous reproachful obnoxious reviling denigratory belittling pejorative defamatory cocky lewd inelegant illiberal speaking as one finds withdrawn dismal depressed disgracious ungenteel mouthy smart alecky lippy smart-alecky brazen backward savage immature overbearing underbred inaffable insubordinate malapert vituperatory calumniating contemptuous vituperative intrusive yokelish bounderish psyched up angerful frenzied fuming fierce wrathful disapproving ranting in a temper raving cold pugnacious convulsed ferocious in a huff down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in the sulks in a strop unwise inadvisable rough-hewn foul-mouthed loud-mouthed point-blank cutting bare stark explicit simple unadorned biting unvarnished unembellished hard-hitting undisguised unqualified stupid unthinking unperceptive severe hard uncompromising grating cruel stern straight-talking straight-shooting unfeeling annoying irritating condensed ill-advised wounding hurtful galling neat pitiless acerb unsympathetic comfortless aggressive hateful rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take hick close cryptic taut clear-cut exact lean precise unsavoury barbarous plebby countrified ocker inurbane unpoised boiled down Neanderthal provincial unsavory in a nutshell cut to the bone

Tính từ

Horrifyingly wicked
atrocious barbaric brutal cruel monstrous savage vicious wicked fiendish heinous ruthless barbarous inhuman nefarious villainous brutish diabolical infernal base ghastly horrible merciless murderous nasty vile black black-hearted dark flagrant grisly gruesome hellish horrifying low low-down nightmarish abominable contemptible despicable disgusting hateful hideous offensive outrageous abhorrent harrowing horrid loathsome odious repellent repugnant revolting scandalous beastly gross infamous intolerable nauseating sickening unforgivable unspeakable appalling awful brute butcherly disgustful dreadful egregious execrable frightful grewsome heartless horrendous horrific inhumane loathly lurid macabre nightmare sadistic scurvy shocking sick sick-making terrible terrific wanton cacodemonic facinorous flagitious grievous bad beyond the pale desperate evil fearful godawful grody hairy ferocious fierce bloodthirsty remorseless bestial pitiless violent malicious harsh callous malevolent cold-blooded homicidal devilish unfeeling grim crude sanguinary coarse spiteful malignant bloody unmerciful uncaring depraved severe mean immoral unkind unrelenting dastardly fell hard-hearted wolfish demoniac maleficent vulgar perverse cut-throat unsparing uncouth satanic unsympathetic uncharitable stony-hearted ravening cold-hearted bloodless unemotional ignorant crazed stern demonic inclement uncultured unrefined unlettered flinty draconian destructive implacable ungodly pernicious wrathful slaughterous uncompassionate roughshod virulent accursed Mephistophelian wretched tough rough insensitive unconcerned bearish indifferent gruff tactless wilful unjustified needless senseless arbitrary deliberate dangerous unprovoked gratuitous motiveless groundless unjustifiable foul corrupt unmotivated willed degraded degenerate worthless debased profligate unprincipled sinful aimless faulty abandoned licentious lewd miscreant untamed contaminated reprobate putrid insubordinate impure indecent demoralized impious reprehensible demoralised libidinous wild insolent inconsiderate ornery wayward undisciplined unruly double-crossing unfair contrary unjust diabolic unholy demoniacal iniquitous damnable demonical detestable unhallowed irreligious demonian Luciferian profane godless ghoulish serpentine wrong shameful blasphemous unrighteous satanical sacrilegious disgraceful criminal rotten sinister unlawful unsavory unethical atheistic Hadean unsavoury non-theistic dirty heathen pagan wrongful morally wrong dishonourable perverted ignoble opprobrious stinking irreverent warped bent sordid crooked shady dishonest ogreish peccable dishonorable hellacious demonlike possessed Stygian demonish demonly cursed ogry ogrish discreditable dissolute unscrupulous malfeasant knavish injurious harmful obscene no good amoral underhanded glaring treacherous disreputable frenetic mad maniacal unreasonable mephistophelean unpleasant steep unbearable unendurable immoderate exorbitant insupportable insufferable excessive deathly cloven-footed hellborn good-for-nothing exasperating impossible unwarranted OTT extravagant distressing maddening preposterous O.T.T. extortionate deathlike uncivilised depraving debasing extreme uncivilized debauching contumelious notorious scurrilous too great shaming disgracing corpselike ghostlike LaVeyan over the top very bad undecorous indecorous indelicate disrespectful improper unseemly ghostly cadaverous skeletal blithering rancorous shadowy corpse-like bad-hearted flaming abject pathetic deplorable lousy confounded non-believing unbelieving agnostic shabby useless footling cruddy measly lame sceptical heretical faithless infidel stupid miserable idolatrous religionless barbarian heathenish nonreligious unblessed culpable guilty blameful unsanctified unconsecrated irreverential secular nullifidian from hell skeptical adiamorphic undogmatic nonbelieving iconoclastic freethinking

Tính từ

Very serious or gloomy in expression or demeanor
grim fierce stern ferocious forbidding dour severe flinty steely uninviting aloof distant formidable hard serious sullen surly unapproachable churlish crabbed glum somber sombre sour stony strict threatening austere cross fell grave gruff grumpy intimidating louring lowering menacing savage sinister solemn stark stiff ungentle unsmiling bleak harsh morose resolute scowling sulky cantankerous crusty glowering gray grey grouchy splenetic vicious bad-tempered ill-tempered mean-looking boot-faced rough rugged unfriendly cruel pitiless violent ruthless frowning cold brutal tough murderous fiendish hostile barbaric barbarous merciless inhuman brutish frightening frosty sober disapproving malevolent callous sadistic nasty heartless bloodthirsty unrelenting mean bestial beastly venomous unsympathetic implacable bitter wicked hellish remorseless abhorrent inhumane monstrous foreboding icy frigid unfeeling fiery evil aggressive disagreeable unrestrained repellent off-putting dark ugly malignant relentless malicious unpleasant brute inhospitable no-nonsense angry baleful unmerciful butcherly chilly brooding gloomy stringent rigorous wild earnest fearsome bloody unforgiving frightful rigid strait-laced cutthroat furious grim-faced horrible humourless humorless inexorable spiteful feral atrocious dangerous rancorous untamed raging tigerish ominous abominable unruly unkind obdurate astringent wanton vile sanguinary terrible diabolical uncontrollable infernal crazed hurtful hard-nosed vindictive cold-blooded offensive odious repulsive dismal dreary uncommunicative poker-faced unsparing unwelcoming overbearing cool unhospitable melancholic hard-faced dejected saturnine tight-lipped wolfish ravening homicidal devilish grum demoniac treacherous destructive lupine ravenous voracious formal moody oppressive stormy crude coarse joyless reserved insensitive unconcerned uncaring bearish heinous tactless indifferent unemotional stuffy uncompromising revengeful vengeful turbulent volatile inauspicious crabby unappeasable mortified critical cheerless exacting inflexible unsafe trying onerous excruciating sedate burdensome repressive searing staid grievous sobersided uncharitable authoritarian unyielding unbending illiberal murky tumultuous morbid intimidatory dodgy ill-boding remote solid ramrod grudge-bearing resentful ill-disposed weighty uncomic desperate depraved uncivilised minatory deadly viperous minacious nefarious serpentine uncivilized villainous abandoned rowdy hard-hearted poisonous mean-spirited acrimonious cast-iron po-faced hard-boiled heavy-handed evil-intentioned ill-natured malign avenging maleficent wreakful retaliatory grudging out for revenge catty malefic hateful rabid convulsive impetuous delirious full of spleen incessive raving enraged undomesticated fearful frantic rapacious infuriated mad animalistic primitive biffo aggers

Trái nghĩa của truculent

truculent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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