Đồng nghĩa của demoniacal

Alternative for demoniacal

demoniacal /di'mouniæk/
  • tính từ+ (demoniacal)/di'mouniækəl/
    • bị ma ám, bị quỷ ám
    • ma quỷ, quỷ quái
    • điên cuồng
    • mãnh liệt
    • danh từ
      • người bị ma ám, người bị quỷ ám

    Tính từ

    Evil, fiendish, devilish or diabolical
    satanic demonic black demoniac devilish fiendish Mephistophelian abominable foul loathsome monstrous nefarious sinful unspeakable vile accursed appalling atrocious awful diabolic diabolical dreadful evil heinous hellish hideous horrible horrifying infernal iniquitous odious shocking wicked abhorrent cacodemonic damnable dark depraved despicable ghastly inhuman malevolent malignant perverted terrible ungodly villainous amoral barbaric bestial black-hearted brutish cruel demonian demonical immoral Luciferian savage vicious barbarous crazed egregious facinorous flagitious frenetic mad maniacal possessed unhallowed serpentine unholy Hadean execrable malicious impious demonlike detestable demonish demonly bad ghoulish nightmarish Stygian implacable from hell hellacious nasty mephistophelean unpleasant cursed cloven-footed hellborn reprobate satanical LaVeyan deathly deathlike corpselike ghostlike ghostly cadaverous skeletal corpse-like macabre beastly sadistic brutal base ruthless merciless heartless murderous grim horrid pitiless truculent ferocious inhumane hateful disgusting frightful brute butcherly revolting repellent obscene fierce horrendous repugnant contemptible wanton low-down remorseless gruesome offensive horrific grisly repulsive bloodthirsty obnoxious outrageous low sickening nauseating lurid gross scandalous harsh loathly frightening fearsome callous dastardly rotten stinking disagreeable ugly wrong severe morbid violent distasteful degenerate corrupt dishonourable shameful infamous sick grewsome terrific nightmare unrighteous vulgar scurvy wretched disgustful fell noxious noisome coarse dirty reprehensible lousy fearful sanguinary unmerciful God-awful grotesque unsavoury unrestrained unlawful unsavory unethical dishonorable wrongful harrowing eerie mean spooky disgraceful blasted bloody ogreish intolerable unfeeling shadowy stern curst freaking cussed darned cotton-picking danged doggoned durn durned dang doggone goddamned confounded darn deuced ignoble forbidding terrifying dour morally wrong intimidating sick-making flinty austere gruff ungentle nauseous annoying sordid crude tigerish sinister cold-blooded louring wolfish rancid irritating rough bogging yucky fiery stark dissolute threatening lowering yucko repellant fulsome desperate godawful hairy grody unruly hard warped bent crooked ominous miserable shady rugged steely cutthroat sleazy peccable ogry ogrish venomous irreligious sacrilegious profane blasphemous godless accurst discreditable uncouth anathematized ignorant ravening homicidal disturbing unrefined uncultured unlettered aberrant culpable blamed blessed dratted under a curse underworld nether lower abysmal chronic revulsive creepy wild dishonest unscrupulous unrelenting destructive unprincipled objectionable insufferable bitter Plutonian unearthly Kafkaesque bleak pernicious malfeasant grotty catty dangerous relentless maleficent criminal aggressive menacing furious harmful injurious no good rebarbative sombre gory somber untamed feral spine-chilling scary alarming hair-raising subterranean Tartarean Plutonic Styxian off-putting invidious abusive impertinent insolent biting embarrassing cutting discourteous debased rabid pesky infuriating pestilential exasperating spookish sullen funereal twisted lupine voracious ravenous sorry deplorable shabby unnerving traumatic petrifying dire disquieting nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal direful chilling impetuous raging convulsive baleful delirious incessive raving uncontrollable enraged undomesticated blimming humiliating debauched chthonian of hell chthonic helly Acherontic Avernal gut-churning icky degrading abject worthless animalistic angry frantic infuriated primitive rapacious biffo aggers morose sepulchral vomitous snide ignominious currish low-minded paltry abnormal unnatural impure degraded abandoned filthy sickly rancorous wrathful spiteful sulphurous sulfurous misshapen malformed freakish vomit-inducing bad-hearted unsympathetic unhandsome unbeautiful distorted ill-favored unsightly homely teratoid unpretty mutant unappealing miscreated unattractive shapeless deformed unlovely unpleasing uncomely hard-hearted unkind hard-boiled unpitying stone-hearted unforgiving ill-favoured uncharitable thick-skinned uncaring hard-nosed obdurate compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney unkindly stony affectless unsparing slash-and-burn inconsiderate take-no-prisoners ironhearted uncompassionate cold-hearted desensitised with a heart of stone flagrant unforgivable grievous beyond the pale

    Tính từ

    Showing wild, apparently deranged, excitement and energy
    manic deranged insane mad crazed demented hysterical lunatic maniacal raving wild crazy demonic neurotic unbalanced sectionable unhinged agitated berserk busy excited flipped frantic freaky high nutty overexcited psychotic rabid up flipped out freaked out hopped up turned out frenzied nuts mental batty bonkers delirious crackers barmy certifiable cuckoo loony disturbed bats screwy loco distraught gaga wacko daft bananas meshuga psychopathic loopy maniac cracked distracted non compos mentis porangi unstable wacky touched whacky crackpot kooky daffy kookie looney balmy buggy barking nutso bushed nutsy squirrelly dippy not together stark mad of unsound mind psycho raving mad whacko schizoid unsound crackbrained cranky haywire fruity mad as a hatter meshugge brainsick bughouse moonstruck away with the fairies foaming at the mouth mentally ill round the bend scatty barking mad nutty as a fruitcake off the wall wud not all there up the pole mad as a March hare not right in the head round the twist not quite right in the head not right upstairs not the full shilling dotty as daft as a brush stark raving mad stark staring mad bedlam slang looney tunes loony tunes sick in the head yarra irrational have kangaroos in the top paddock furious have a screw loose have bats in the belfry off one's head violent around the bend out to lunch eccentric out of one's mind off one's gourd feverish uncontrollable off one's nut off one's trolley uncontrolled frenetic berko raging stupid foolish hyper confused psychopathological sociopathic potty beside oneself off one's rocker severely mentally ill have kangaroos in one's top paddock have bats in one's belfry out of one's head with a screw loose silly senseless fatuous irrepressible preposterous bizarre odd schizophrenic out of control peculiar queer rampant sick panic-stricken swivel-eyed unreasonable aberrant carried away disordered unsettled off the deep end in a frenzy beside yourself like one possessed having bats in the belfry not of sound mind mentally deranged deprived of one's wits having a screw loose manic-depressive having kangaroos in the top paddock over the edge flipped-out non compos hectic mindless flakey baked flaky fried psyched out unsafe invalid fantastic yampy idiotic schitzy doolally aroused unglued moonstricken oddball derailed paranoid gonzo bemused overcome demoniac dazed off wrong dreamy irresistible fired up overwhelmed bedlamite absurd ungovernable nonsensical stunned struck incredulous overawed affected witless brainless off-the-wall asinine unwise touched in the head as mad as a hatter strong unstoppable unmanageable forceful uncontainable unquenchable zany harebrained out there a few cards shy of a full deck one sandwich short of a picnic a few sandwiches short of a picnic out of one's tree as mad as a March hare in another world out of one's gourd one card shy of a full deck in a daze in the ozone crazy as a loon incoherent simpleminded bubbleheaded lunkheaded cockeyed fervid unruly screwball overpowered featherheaded babbling jerky tomfool sappy inept fool ridiculous ape fierce ferocious perfervid passional amok devastated spare barro crook postal weird illogical goofy strange destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself unconventional impractical idiosyncratic lightheaded hot hallucinating restless deviant light-headed fevered rambling bewildered wandering hallucinatory out of one's skull disarranged deviate twisted half-witted half-baked on the rampage up the wall through the roof weak-minded off the air off your rocker mentally unbalanced overwrought emotional unrestrained unrestrainable distrait convulsive fiery in a panic impetuous impassioned maddened turbulent vehement driven to distraction nervous blazing tempestuous incensed fuming spasmodic seething intense hysteric unnerved possessed passionate worked up in a state very upset in a fit out of one's wits phrenetic gibbering ranting not in one's right mind ludicrous imbecilic unintelligent moronic inane imprudent injudicious dumb dopey laughable hare-brained simple dim-witted erratic ill-considered foolhardy ill-advised dim irresponsible outlandish funny doltish pea-brained incautious indiscreet kinky way out thoughtless farcical risible pointless quirky birdbrained wooden-headed weak troubled amusing off-centre comic reckless rash untenable dull implausible mixed up schizo thickheaded faulty damfool giddy dunderheaded gormless lamebrained boneheaded chowderheaded dotish glaikit screwed up madcap empty-headed unreasoning slow groundless simple-minded feeble-minded nonrational ill-conceived clownish offbeat hilarious comical humorous way-out derisible cretinous chucklesome dozy diverting curious flawed chuckleheaded muttonheaded thick unrealistic fallacious vacuous specious light-hearted witty slow-witted impracticable unjustifiable a bit lacking fat-headed off your trolley unscientific contradictory softheaded feebleminded illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential unfounded unreasoned incongruous daft as a brush imbecile soft in the head short-sighted cockamamie cock-eyed full of holes off beam avant-garde impolitic freakish dunce-like unorthodox far out far-out vapid waggish rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way bizarro unpredictable cockamamy dilly inconclusive spurious droll unworkable unthinking facetious puerile entertaining childish incorrect impossible halfwitted immature fanciful fantastical unscrewed humoristic nerdy unearthly brain-dead poor flighty false irreconcilable hollow joshing camp in left field comedic sidesplitting divvy unreal uproarious jocular priceless retarded sophistic antic riotous killing slow on the uptake blockheaded dof self-contradictory jocose screaming side-splitting rib-tickling backward gelastic without foundation without basis not making sense feather-brained half-cracked birdy dysfunctional clock psychoneurotic outrageous daggy paranoiac paranoic extravagant diseased unpractical infantile mentally incompetent bugged out left-field unzipped dingy ignorant pixilated fanatic obsessed nobody home campy off the chain pinheaded goofy loony original callow dense surreal idiotish unfamiliar schizzo scatterbrained credulous green vacant bone-headed obtuse unusual baseless arbitrary dull-witted chaotic off your chump off the rails dappy smoothbrained not right braindead grotesque addle-pated disorganized reasonless disconnected disjointed Bohemian inexperienced different wigged out nonconforming off-center two sandwiches short of a picnic very stupid bovine pig-ignorant not in your right mind out of your mind unthinkable severely mentally disordered off one's chump outré not well thought out ill-thought-out topsy-turvy dead from the neck up off your head not tightly wrapped tangled shambolic smooth-brained thick-witted wigged-out as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears mentally slow extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible nonfunctional wonky broken fuddled bad naive featherbrained risky inappropriate misguided acting crazy out in left field thick as two short planks not quite right disorganised orderless amiss defective messy not functioning properly out of order jokey whimsical out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout unconvincing tenuous questionable sportive hysterically funny a card killingly funny joking goofus boffo a caution a laugh ironic a scream fool-headed fool around a hoot gump dizzy light crazy shtick Mickey Mouse vague improbable dubious unpersuasive unbelievable unsatisfactory unlikely flimsy nebulous doubtful farfetched lame inadequate unsubstantiated far-fetched incredible suspect feeble inconsistent meaningless frivolous slapstick unsustainable unsupportable inconceivable fishy sketchy shaky indefensible obscure puzzling derisory mirthful unjustified erroneous airy reachy vain problematic pathetic thin slight unimpressive jolly slaphappy sophistical casuistic unproved won't hold water won't wash good-humored good-humoured perverse irrelevant unconnected unsubstantial beyond belief not following beyond the bounds of possibility

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