Đồng nghĩa của dotty

Alternative for dotty

dotty /'dɔti/
  • tính từ
    • có chấm, lấm chấm
    • (thực vật học) lảo đảo
      • to be dotty on one's legs: lảo đảo, đứng không vững
    • (thông tục) gàn gàn, ngớ ngẩn

Tính từ

Displaying a lack of sensibleness or good judgment
crazy daft mad nutty insane silly lunatic foolish cuckoo wacky loony stupid crackpot kooky senseless dippy daffy absurd whacky kookie looney fatuous nonsensical witless preposterous brainless asinine balmy demented unhinged unwise deranged unbalanced crazed batty zany screwy harebrained nuts psychotic barmy bonkers simpleminded wacko cracked bubbleheaded mental certifiable lunkheaded crackers cockeyed loopy screwball featherheaded loco gaga touched jerky disturbed tomfool sappy inept unstable bats fool ridiculous frenzied distraught meshuga psychopathic distracted bizarre sectionable raving bananas delirious eccentric frantic manic barking hysterical nutso buggy odd squirrelly nutsy schizoid peculiar weird queer illogical bushed porangi goofy strange yarra unconventional impractical idiosyncratic twisted half-witted half-baked mentally ill non compos mentis weak-minded of unsound mind raving mad sick in the head mad as a hatter not together stark mad not all there stark raving mad away with the fairies round the bend nutty as a fruitcake barking mad off the wall foaming at the mouth mad as a March hare round the twist stark staring mad up the pole not the full shilling not right in the head not quite right in the head not right upstairs as daft as a brush have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock mentally unbalanced out of one's head idiotic irrational scatty crackbrained maniacal cranky psycho unsound whacko haywire fruity maniac moonstruck brainsick meshugge bughouse slang wud bedlam ludicrous potty looney tunes loony tunes out to lunch inane hare-brained dopey moronic imbecilic wild unreasonable unintelligent giddy empty-headed mindless birdbrained imprudent pointless puerile flighty dumb fantastic scatterbrained out of one's mind gormless irresponsible laughable oddball pea-brained glaikit disordered ill-considered thoughtless off one's rocker flaky around the bend frivolous flakey risible outlandish off one's head ill-advised damfool foolhardy feather-brained injudicious dizzy chowderheaded dotish dim-witted off-the-wall madcap funny simple dim erratic doltish gonzo thickheaded whimsical off one's gourd crazy as a loon reckless kinky freaky incautious light-minded indiscreet wooden-headed out there neurotic ditzy quirky unusual cockamamy featherbrained farcical ditsy feebleminded frothy yeasty light-headed dappy rash off one's trolley cockamamie off the air capricious offbeat vacuous fanciful lightheaded doolally skittish freakish quaint curious futile unglued cretinous halfwitted comical berserk dunderheaded fantastical off-centre divvy rabid far-out off unsettled imbecile raging with a screw loose troubled way out careless impolitic cock-eyed off one's nut clownish derisible heedless childish mixed up dull incongruous flippant amusing screwed up thick rum lamebrained bizarro meaningless softheaded way-out unthinkable unreal off your trolley remarkable funky queerish weirdo a bit lacking boneheaded slow-witted sick schizophrenic off-kilter spaced-out out-of-the-way dof derailed paranoid far out wrong daft as a brush flipped out have bats in one's belfry have kangaroos in one's top paddock waggish infantile impetuous singular playful light-hearted abnormal outrageous changeable comic droll incredible impulsive confused vapid immature slow nerdy unearthly weak airheaded unrealistic dozy aberrant simple-minded chuckleheaded muttonheaded braindead inconsistent feeble-minded unbelievable hilarious shocking inconstant irregular impracticable uncommon monstrous outré unscrewed implausible ill-conceived moonstricken short-sighted bedlamite derisive derisory carefree fat-headed brain-dead astonishing pathetic off beam blockheaded dazed dreamy grotesque dilly fried quizzical bemused humorous witty unsafe soft in the head touched in the head a few cards shy of a full deck in left field having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits one card shy of a full deck out in left field non compos a few sandwiches short of a picnic not in one's right mind not of sound mind in another world out of one's gourd having a screw loose in a daze in the ozone thick-witted off-center having kangaroos in the top paddock clueless bathetic clock derpy rattlebrained unsteady dull-witted dunce-like mentally incompetent bugged out unworkable bovine pig-ignorant pinheaded excitable mischievous dense avant-garde incomprehensible off the beam baked fickle insouciant goofy loony berko untenable maddened ape schizzo idiotish forgetful freaked out psyched out chucklesome diverting invalid pixilated fanatic obsessed schitzy furious uncontrollable smoothbrained surreal gibbering ranting phrenetic rampant addle-brained excited uncontrolled bird-brained donkeyish obstinate ignorant slow on the uptake thick as two short planks not quite right off your head psychopathological nobody home panic-stricken yampy very stupid smooth-brained unaware insipid insensate complacent callow dingbat dingdong extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible sociopathic unpredictable heady anomalous off your rocker not right credulous retarded green demoniac joshing camp campy unorthodox Bohemian dead from the neck up extreme impossible superficial extravagant excessive inexperienced extraordinary as mad as a March hare manic-depressive over the edge severely mentally ill one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree mentally deranged off the deep end as mad as a hatter flipped-out exorbitant crotchety chimerical nonconformist backward flipped schizo facetious daggy freak eccentrical dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain old-fashioned creative original arbitrary excentrical unnatural as thick as two short planks feather-headed wet behind the ears shallow merry acting crazy precipitate off your chump off the rails out of the question too much taking the cake flip juvenile idle non-serious daredevil hasty avant garde devil-may-care lacking seriousness nonserious precipitous hot-headed perky vain unprofound lighthearted lacking in sense tongue-in-cheek gay volatile light hell-for-leather overhasty kamikaze haphazard not serious temerarious daring romping regardless harum-scarum negligent disorderly violent frenetic hyper agitated swivel-eyed beside oneself amazing feverish overwrought out of control far-fetched dubious doubtful beside yourself carried away worked up babbling irrepressible intense consumed amok incoherent emotional wondrous unzipped possessed overexcited distrait disarranged desperate overcome distressed hysteric unlikely sensational astounding improbable fraught prodigious anxious hallucinatory spectacular stupendous unique deviant rare upset inconceivable in a panic uncanny grandiose out of this world very upset left-field in a frenzy atypical unimaginable rattled bothered surprising different worked-up in a state unfamiliar uncustomary unexpected unco unaccustomed out of your mind shook up make-believe out of sight out of the ordinary hectic paranoiac paranoic psychoneurotic dingy demonic demoniacal off the chain chaotic disorganized sublime progressive advanced topsy-turvy experimental high busy up severely mentally disordered faulty tangled shambolic dope gone two sandwiches short of a picnic not in your right mind off one's chump nonfunctional wonky broken fuddled untraditional esoteric exotic excellent irresistible spare fierce ferocious disorganised orderless amiss defective messy barro postal crook at one's wits' end not knowing what to do with oneself wound up out of one's wit ungovernable not functioning properly out of order ill up the wall through the roof on the rampage turned out hopped up strong unmanageable forceful unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable suspicious hot hallucinating restless fevered rambling wandering bewildered deviate out of commission on the fritz in pieces up the spout mysterious puzzling fishy eerie questionable fervid unruly untypical out of whack in a mess on the blink exceptional mystifying perplexing baffling unaccountable marvelous phenomenal shady perfervid passional dubitable creepy disputable disquieting debatable shaky spooky doubtable equivocal dodgy suspect very good problematical problematic outre out of the way unrestrained stunning notable striking momentous miraculous devastated unrestrainable unforgettable eye-catching arresting shattered worried out of one's skull special unwonted noteworthy conspicuous verklempt perturbed harassed pained tormented concerned thrown discomposed wrought-up nonplussed addled flustered muddled exceeding extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial eye-popping preternatural aberrated tremendous imaginary like one possessed amazeballs unconvincing illusory incredulous convulsive heavy flash gnarly forby unconceivable misleading romantic ambitious visionary uncompelling artificial off beaten path never to be forgotten unheard-of fiery impassioned turbulent vehement driven to distraction incensed fuming unnerved passionate nervous blazing tempestuous spasmodic seething awesome divine splendid breathtaking wonderful fabulous superb terrific glorious illusive suppositious like a chicken with its head cut off at the end of your tether in a fit marvellous cock-and-bull out of one's wits

Tính từ

Infatuated with, or fond of
fond besotted infatuated smitten passionate ardent crazy impassioned nuts enthusiastic wild fervent keen eager fervid hooked potty fanatical mad obsessed avid fixated devoted zealous daft enthused feverish infatuated with nutso hot for devoted to hooked on in love with gone on absorbed engrossed engaged involved knee-deep hung up preoccupied occupied concerned full prepossessed distracted antsy anxious geeked excited athirst hot hungry agog great juiced stoked nutty greedy voracious impatient hopped-up thirsty desirous pumped raring solicitous smitten with enamoured of happy very keen on gung ho hepped up enamored of obsessive frenzied immoderate dedicated compulsive over-enthusiastic extreme burning frenetic visionary gung-ho rabid wackadoo wackadoodle passional bigoted overenthusiastic perfervid fiery incorrigible credulous impulsive biased partial willful stubborn raving fanatic obstinate addicted violent bugged headstrong erratic opinionated possessed monomaniacal contumacious unruly domineering turned on nuts for high on keen on enamoured enamored addicted to mad on longing yearning champing at the bit chomping at the bit itching ready lively dying energetic spirited craving psyched appetent fired up animated willing desiring intent hankering vivacious keyed up breathless delirious stirred keen as mustard thrilled restless vehement interested wholehearted ambitious gagging pining covetous manic on fire sprightly exhilarated inspired aroused high moved game crazed committed high-spirited stimulated thirsting aching intense itchy ready and willing as keen as mustard raring to go psyched up worked up fevered wishing beside oneself exuberant amped ebullient furious determined unrestrained frantic motivated pleased animate titillated hysterical insatiable charged earnest driven crazy about mad about grasping acquisitive delighted nuts about mad keen warm expectant ravenous hearty fascinated awakened rapacious in a frenzy inclined itching for pumped up dying for active assiduous diligent hot to trot rarin' to go juiced up cranked up dying to in a hurry desirous of geared up approving touched electrified elated atingle edgy inflamed desperate lusting chafing straining curious impetuous restored refreshed revitalized uproarious enthralled avaricious vigorous untrammeled tumultuous untrammelled bursting revitalised straining at the leash amenable restive habitual disposed unreluctant diehard glad cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless gotta have passionate about enthusiastic about in love very excited dynamic nutso over shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about full of enthusiasm zestful all agog on tenterhooks all a-gog consumed with desire jumping up and down rhapsodic aflame wacky forceful tantalized industrious afire unqualified obsessed by doting on besotted by in suspense tantalised zesty conscientious gaga warmblooded chafing at the bit partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust aggressive proactive bullish banzai turnt bright-eyed and bushy-tailed red-hot full of beans longing for wanting hoping for gluttonous predatious piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish unfilled edacious hoggish ravening esurient insatiate disorderly take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic with an appetite covetous of in need of lusting after with a yen in want of hankering after anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for sweet on overcome very fond of effervescent uncontrollable beguiled charmed enchanted intent on fierce overwhelmed ready for willing for avid for lovesick captivated bewitched angry stirred up high as a kite struck overawed affected stunned incredulous lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring keen for hopeful wishful spellbound love-struck taken enraptured seduced intoxicated maniacal distraught uncontrolled greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for deranged overpowered berserk steamed up wigged-out hyperactive aspiring to very keen very enthusiastic devastated destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself

Tính từ

(of a person's state of mind) Foolish, silly or simple-minded
soft foolish silly simple mindless mad crazy daft loopy fatuous obtuse thick thickheaded feeble-minded half-witted vacuous oafish dopey weak-minded unintelligent unsmart stupid brainless witless imbecilic imbecile scatterbrained scatty screwy dippy airheaded birdbrained boneheaded bubbleheaded chuckleheaded dim-witted doltish dumb dunderheaded knuckleheaded gormless lamebrained lunkheaded opaque feather-brained pinheaded giddy senseless inane slow empty-headed softheaded thick-witted dotish slow-witted soppy dof half-baked idiotic asinine dim nutty cuckoo pea-brained absurd crackpot unwise dull wacky harebrained dozy inept preposterous nonsensical simpleminded lunatic loony looney zany kooky screwball insane whacky daffy kookie tomfool cockeyed jerky featherheaded sappy cretinous dense goofy balmy fool moronic muttonheaded brain-dead dopy wooden-headed batty ignorant vapid blockheaded thoughtless damfool divvy flighty ridiculous lamebrain bonehead glaikit dorky chowderheaded dappy braindead fat-headed barmy vacant hare-brained simple-minded slow on the uptake soft in the head childish puerile immature rattlebrained halfwitted feebleminded defective illiterate ludicrous crackbrained dizzy frivolous unschooled featherbrained uneducated skittish untaught ditzy know-nothing not the full shilling pea-brain dunce-like deranged backward dead from the neck up crackers nuts potty mental cracked bone-headed bonkers addle-pated mentally slow retarded imprudent foolhardy irresponsible reckless rash erratic unstable cockamamie nitwitted impractical inconsistent sheepheaded muddle-headed pie-faced dull-witted bovine naive pig-ignorant gullible blockish sluggish thick as two short planks unreasoning stolid wooden as thick as two short planks uncomprehending unthinking deficient thick-headed thick-skulled clueless clownish ill-advised imperceptive insensitive lumpish hebetudinous crass lethargic torpid injudicious cloddish dimwitted irrational boorish not intelligent short-sighted very stupid slow on uptake mentally deficient mentally handicapped ill-mannered comatose heavy slumberish blind unperceptive unimaginative stupefied anencephalic anencephalous Boeotian loggerheaded clottish numskulled impassive fatheaded foolishly stupid dummy thick-skinned cockamamy duncelike insensate laughable shortsighted nonrational surd idiotical boobish fallacious unconsidered invalid weak unreasoned notional buffoonish negligent careless indiscreet unreasonable log-headed out to lunch neglectful forgetful not with it unresponsive limited hebete woodenheaded inattentive unmindful mooning unaware spaced-out out daydreaming moony thick as mince out of it shallow superficial without thought

Tính từ

In love, amorous
enamored captivated enchanted fascinated fond hooked in love keen on mad on sold on taken with attracted bewitched charmed devoted enraptured entranced gone infatuated loving smitten taken amorous besotted crazy about has a thing about head over heels nuts about silly about stuck on swept off one's feet twitterpated wild about spellbound crazy enamoured beguiled mesmerized enthusiastic obsessed mesmerised enamored of enthralled passionate devoted to enamoured of mad gone on engrossed keen rapt enticed gripped riveted absorbed hypnotized intoxicated infatuated with lovesick smitten with hooked on hypnotised mad about seduced in love with thrilled intent sweet on addicted to fanatical ardent wild head over heels in love excited eager zealous transfixed nuts delighted fond of potty very keen on passionate about involved bewitched by enchanted by charmed by under a spell twitterpated by captivated by beguiled by hung up avid into attentive intrigued focused dazzled tantalized titillated lured interested focussed very enthusiastic enthralled by love-struck transported affected fervid fervent besotted with tantalised struck on love-struck by addicted enrapt enthusiastic about turned on preoccupied immersed occupied sent obsessed with held ravished fascinated by engaged carried away partial to potty about very attracted to bowled over by wrapped up hot for head over heels in love with impassioned nutty daft very keen nutso afflicted overpowered very interested aroused enthused overwrought dizzy beset struck plagued hysterical extremely curious very inquisitive highly interested extremely interested very curious laid low ensorcelled by hopelessly in love with stricken very taken with rapturous beside oneself ecstatic inflamed possessed carried away with gaga over silly ensorcelled bedazzled moonstruck tempted gaga won over fixed rhapsodic giddy elevated euphoric elated exhilarated rhapsodical heady fallen for earnest steady concentrated blissful watchful lost consumed have a thing about gaga about observant intense concentrating absent joyful inattentive dreaming caught up in absent-minded overwhelmed content abstracted happy blissed out daydreaming employed wrapped busy unconscious oblivious enraptured by hopelessly in love carrying a torch for consumed with desire for swept off your feet hypnotized by swept off one's feet by turned on by far gone on under the spell of greatly enamoured of hung up on using deep steadfast studious settled alert set on deep in really into caught up locked in dialed in wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit crazed drawn agog caught predisposed curious moved inquisitive sold impressed roused inspired touched stimulated inspirited fixated by riveted by interested in attached to mesmerized by attracted to hungry for intent on eager for gripped by intrigued by

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