Đồng nghĩa của flickering

Alternative for flickering

flickers, flickered, flickering

Đồng nghĩa: flutter, waver, woodpecker,

Tính từ

unsteady wavering guttering twinkling quivering shaking shaky trembling wobbling indecisive uncertain uncommitted irresolute undecided hesitating of two minds waffling fluctuating vacillating variable fickle unsure unstable irresoluteoscillating hesitant doubtful tentative unresolved ambivalent iffy dithering in two minds unsettled undetermined faltering in a dilemma torn in doubt shilly-shallying in a quandary blowing hot and cold divided dubious indefinite equivocating equivocal sceptical on the fence skeptical halting diffident unconvinced teetering unclear sitting on the fence wishy-washy split reluctant doubting timid noncommittal not sure vague hemming and hawing distrustful mistrustful oscillating trustless backward disinclined suspicious delaying on the horns of a dilemma dawdling hinky loath shy unwilling vacillant ambiguous unpredictable afraid averse betwixt and between running hot and cold floating hazy confused leery weak neutral pendulous weak-minded debatable indeterminate unconfident half-hearted slow uneager lazy vacillatory hanging back on-the-fence lacking confidence up in the air reticent nervous cautious dilly-dallying changeable indisposed infirm perplexed pussyfooting wobbly volatile agnostic faithless unconfirmed pending impartial weak-kneed speculative open humming and hawing incalculable hot-and-cold hedging your bets in the middle unknown hot and cold borderline shilly-shally touch and go unable to decide like doubting Thomas in the balance without belief reserved vexed shillyshallying unassertive inconstant uneventful astraddle insecure contradictory inconclusive conflicting mixed fluctuant independent unaffiliated unascertained clashing warring opposing conflicted muddled opposed unattached non-aligned non-partisan not definite unestablished undeclared rolling vibrating cagey yet to be decided loth cagy swithering unsavoury fly-by-night unsavory questioning unassured chancy untrusty unfinished pendent changing halfhearted fearful unidentified unspecified unheard of abeyant unproven undiscovered unfamiliar stalling havering cunctatory having misgivings having qualms wavy full of doubt obscure indistinct inexplicit imprecise unforeseeable inexact indistinguishable perplexing abstruse undefined mysterious cryptic puzzling arcane confusing muffled dicey intangible indiscernible dodgy shadowy elusive open to question ill-defined

Tính từ

Giving off or reflecting light
bright shining light brilliant vivid blazing dazzling beaming intense glaring sparkling flashing glittering scintillating gleaming glowing aglow twinkling glistening shimmering luminous luminescent radiant incandescent phosphorescent fluorescent shiny lustrous glossy sheeny polished varnished irradiant lucent effulgent refulgent fulgent lucid glistering coruscating lambent fulgurant fulgurating fulgurous glimmering glittery iridescent bedazzling candescent splendid glinting clear scintillant opalescent luculent dancing shimmery ablaze lighted illuminated starry ardent rutilant scintillescent coruscant moonlit twinkly glimmery winking lit nitid resplendent fiery vibrant starlit chatoyant glazed splendorous sleek splendent noticeable conspicuous relucent agleam soft shinning fervid rich fervent smouldering glowy sunny suffused smoldering lit up spangled mantling sparkly impassioned gaseous dynamic vigorous entertaining spirited touching full of life shot opaline fluttering licking nacreous prismatic pearly rainbow-coloured kaleidoscopic pearlescent rainbow-like colourful psychedelic many-hued polychromatic multicoloured variegated rainbow-colored holographic irised rainbowlike rainbow many-colored colorful multicolored burnished smooth glassy satiny buffed rubbed satin silky flaming silken slick alight burning illumined crystal unclouded flashy glorious warm Day-Glo reflecting translucent brightened lightsome sunshiny fair fine radiating rainless undarkened clarion strong rosy transparent limpid lacquered waxed japanned slippery pellucid crystalline shellacked astral star pleasant aflame patinated halcyon clinquant see-through beady blinding undimmed cloudless golden on fire sunlit stellar crystal clear lurid deep striking gaudy flamboyant bold garish splashy jazzy gay showy deep-coloured eye-catching loud bright-coloured highly-coloured celestial highly colored razzle-dazzle glitzy red-hot transcendent white-hot luminiferous cheery healthy beamful hot white glacé stunning sharp powerful concentrated beautiful waxy level intensely hot reflective convey neon fierce overpowering enamelled furbished ground sanded velvety flaring gold small round auroral argent beamy fulgid irradiated silvery mirrorlike sericeous satinlike full enameled well-groomed ruddy extremely bright visual dramatic tanned blushing blooming silver brightening illuminative summery well brushed reflecting light brightly illuminated clement balmy without a cloud in the sky oily greasy Brylcreemed oiled plastered down afire kindled ignited inflamed conflagrant enflamed combusting scorching uncloudy healthy-looking bespangled radiated sidereal stellary stelliform roaring baking blistering searing liquid leading cosmic outstanding principal chief

Tính từ

Irregular and unsteady, characterized by fits
fitful irregular broken spasmodic intermittent sporadic disturbed erratic disrupted choppy unsteady discontinuous impulsive inconstant disconnected episodic episodical haphazard interrupted patchy restless uneven aperiodic casual desultory fluctuating occasional spastic spotty unsettled unstable catchy periodic random shifting variable capricious herky-jerky hit-or-miss off and on on-again-off-again on and off inconsistent changeable uncertain mutable volatile fickle changeful temperamental unreliable mercurial varying wayward changing wavering unfixed vacillating fluid labile unpredictable skittish flickery variational vagarious irresolute flighty fluctuant undependable waffling peaky not constant blowing hot and cold protean ever-changing whimsical kaleidoscopic quicksilver mobile up and down flakey flaky moody up in the air movable excitable chameleonic up-and-down chameleon-like giddy bipolar irrepressible yo-yo turbulent unequal active elastic unsystematic full of ups and downs scattershot oscillating moving flexible unmethodical untrustworthy iffy dynamic faithless alterable versatile fragmentary adaptable floating arbitrary indefinite swaying impermanent rambling everchanging wild reckless adjustable freakish eccentric aimless nonuniform untrue disreputable jerky indiscriminate dubious shifty entropic wandering roving doubtful indecisive on-and-off fractal alternating deviating not conscientious non-linear unbalanced fluky always changing tempestuous varied quirky evolving inexact chancy polymorphous many-sided multiform stayless progressive ever-shifting ungovernable faddish irrational unequable contradictory chance adaptive explosive knife-edge slippery altering crotchety meandering directionless unsteadfast ambiguous unsound suspect weaving ephemeral transitory subject to change likely to change developing growing dicey undirected incalculable nomadic paradoxical incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory frivolous ever-moving discordant incongruous irreconcilable incoherent not fixed vicissitudinous momentary transient fleeting discrepant transitional variant irresponsible vagrant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible warring lubricious illogical dissonant incongruent in a state of change periodical cyclical at odds freelance outsourced seasonal outside in conflict short-lived at variance out of step incidental chaotic loose sketchy on again and off again part-time in fits and starts catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash scattered offhand unfocused orderless amenable accommodating easy open compromising obliging helter-skelter without purpose forgiving modifiable multipurpose discretionary open-ended open to change rolling with punches hesitant dithering tentative shaky infrequent designless teetering undecided ambivalent unresolved unsure unpunctual unconsidered purposeless faltering undetermined divided off-and-on dilly-dallying vacillant shillyshallying shilly-shallying non-periodic hesitating equivocal in two minds of two minds

Danh từ

A glittering flash of light
sparkle glitter flash flicker glint twinkle gleam blinking brilliance coruscation dancing dazzle flashing shimmer shine spark twinkling winking effulgence fulguration glow radiance brightness lustre luster sheen glimmer glare luminosity light lambency illumination scintillation refulgence beam luminance blaze luminousness resplendence lightness gloss splendor incandescence luminescence glister splendour glisten brilliancy flare phosphorescence lustrousness candor glaze blink candour vividness burnish intensity fluorescence patina wink polish glance shininess finish moonlight glimmering glittering glistening reflection ray glitz starlight veneer shining iridescence gilt richness glim trace resplendency radiation twink beams rays clarity wax lucency irradiance varnish smoothness spangle glossiness unsteady light nictation nictitation flutter glowing opalescence afterglow candescence diffused light sleekness appearance silkiness slickness bat squint nictitate squinch nictate dancing of light lighting beam of light gleaming lumination ray of light display shaft of light firelight lamplight fulgor electric light sunlight flash of light irradiation gaslight brightening flame lights strength vibrancy warmth fire burst limpidness streak illumining heat translucence lucidness lucidity blossom burning lighting up dazzling light strong light photometric brightness blinding light liveliness originality flamboyance gaudiness ingeniousness creativity colorfulness inventiveness seriousness magnitude vividity darkness extremity intenseness deepness keenness severity power depth apparent magnitude absolute magnitude

Động từ

Present participle for to make small, quick movements
fluttering quivering flapping twitching spasming trembling vibrating wobbling jerking shivering shuddering wavering shaking oscillating waving fluctuating quavering faltering undulating rippling winking blinking wabbling quaking reeling agitating batting tottering swinging twittering stirring ruffling swaying whipping tremoring moving up and down trilling warbling thrilling pulsating see-sawing weaving teetering seesawing jiggling juddering twinkling glimmering rocking convulsing noting vacillating flinching quailing joggling whiffling bucketing jouncing jolting rolling bumping doddering jarring moving palpitating putting in motion setting in motion flitting shimmying jogging flaunting stirring up churning flittering dithering staggering commoving succussing wagging flailing wiggling waggling beating flopping thrashing threshing blowing flying swishing drifting waving rapidly dangling floating wafting twirling heaving streaming moving to and fro swirling flowing twisting brandishing sweeping flicking flourishing rising and falling wigwagging rustling moving from side to side writhing swelling surging hanging billowing curling wielding whirling hovering pulsing raising bobbling tossing throbbing ebbing and flowing jittering toppling snapping having the shakes waving to and fro gliding bustling displaying wriggling squirming vaunting swinging backwards and forwards swinging back and forth tingling moving slightly moving back and forth moving backwards and forwards windmilling quaking in your boots shaking in your boots clapping wincing gyrating having the quivers switching fidgeting fiddling fidgetting jigging squiggling moving side to side flailing about changing shifting worming zigzagging lurching varying coiling motioning alternating stumbling veering altering beating about flapping about moving erratically thrashing about waddling toddling careening balancing clicking catching the wind mutating pitching pivoting stotting cracking walking unsteadily trembling precariously differing dropping drooping sagging crackling coming and going going up and down yo-yoing lolling popping hanging loosely floundering slackening lopping hanging down wilting flagging hanging limply falling limply falling down

Động từ

Present participle for to become dark or dim, typically of a source of light

Trái nghĩa của flickering

flickering Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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