Đồng nghĩa của unthinking

Alternative for unthinking

Trái nghĩa: thinking,

Tính từ

Expressed, done, or acting without proper consideration of the consequences
thoughtless inconsiderate insensitive tactless blundering heedless uncaring undiplomatic unmindful careless indiscreet injudicious regardless rude uncharitable unkind impolite selfish discourteous ungracious ungiving indelicate intolerant apathetic unthoughtful unconcerned unsympathetic disrespectful mean miserly callous impertinent unmannerly unhandsome uncivil unmannered grasping greedy ignorant heartless brash unceremonious boorish reckless unfair sharp incautious hasty short mercenary egomaniacal egotistic self-loving egotistical introverted egocentric acquisitive opportunistic self-seeking self-serving self-regarding self-obsessed self-absorbed self-centred money-grubbing inward-looking ill-bred wrapped up in oneself looking after number one out for what one can get on the make self-centered ill-mannered uncalled-for bad-mannered impudent insolent loutish uncouth unrefined ungentlemanly churlish crude insulting unladylike blunt coarse mannerless oafish offensive rough ungallant cheeky vulgar curt brusque unchivalrous audacious fresh abusive offhand graceless crass gruff surly presumptuous unfeeling abrupt sullen unconsiderate flip misbehaved indecorous derogatory disparaging unpleasant gross disgracious smart-alecky malapert contumelious underbred antisocial asocial disagreeable badly behaved cavalier untactful uncivilized bold sassy unfriendly insubordinate disdainful brazen low-bred uncivilised lippy out-of-line loud-mouthed uncultured uncomplimentary arrogant ungenteel loud inaffable cocky disregardful unperceptive tart uncultivated bearish off ill-behaved ill-humored offish uncourteous gauche unpolished rustic inurbane crusty ill-humoured hostile terse exclusive unaware prejudiced inappropriate smart alecky mouthy overbearing yokelish peremptory intrusive crabbed bounderish tacky raunchy raw cheap roughneck common self-assertive self-confident vivacious inhospitable unfortunate contemptuous un-PC irreverent indecent ungentlemanlike pert brassy flippant scornful derisive irritable moody politically incorrect sacrilegious aweless saucy snippy profane unfilial blasphemous nervy impious profanatory frank hurtful outspoken impolitic cruel bluff plain-spoken uncalled for speaking as one finds calling a spade a spade

Tính từ

Done or happening without careful consideration
careless heedless impulsive mechanical negligent rash unmindful instinctive thoughtless unconscious absent-minded foolish ill-advised ill-considered imprudent inadvertent injudicious unwise automatic neglectful precipitate reckless remiss senseless silly stupid unintended intuitive involuntary oblivious reflex spontaneous unintentional unpremeditated unwitting witless blunt brutish feckless indelicate napping outrageous unheeding unmeant unreasoning untactful vacant hasty incautious foolhardy unconsidered impetuous indiscreet mindless improvident irresponsible overhasty unguarded madcap unwary irrational brash inconsiderate headlong ill-judged misguided inattentive hotheaded wild impolitic temerarious devil-may-care ill-conceived spur-of-the-moment short-sighted offhand slapdash hot-headed casual harum-scarum tactless hare-brained indifferent regardless harebrained unthought-out inadvisable premature undiplomatic unobservant unreasonable unreasoned ill-thought-out impromptu precipitous graceless unconcerned idiotic hurried nonsensical inexpedient sloppy forgetful brainless sudden passionate adventurous illogical snap determined precipitant nonchalant unsound venturesome venturous lax unstudied daredevil blind unplanned wrong-headed headstrong nonrational slipshod unwatchful unprepared unsafe furious daring audacious immature cursory uncircumspect unintelligent off-the-cuff superficial crackbrained jumping to conclusions slack disregardful inept undiscerning knee-jerk crazy ad hoc trivial uncaring insouciant lackadaisical throwaway indiscriminate inappropriate extemporaneous credulous rushed blithe bold hell-for-leather wrong over-adventurous meaningless fiery frenzied insuppressible tearaway scatterbrained frivolous impractical reactive feather-brained helter-skelter passing quick flighty unalert unvigilant off-guard imbecilic kamikaze clueless moronic ignorant empty-headed shallow ad-lib playing with fire damfool uncritical lightweight myopic near-sighted derelict untroubled parenthetical lazy naive inane short-term imperceptive ludicrous delinquent unjustifiable unworried lamebrained incoherent groundless laughable improvised pointless futile idiotical simpleminded irreflective airy lamebrain extempore unscientific fruitless birdbrained neglecting overbold demented insane ridiculous unrehearsed kooky loony nutty improvisational gadarene dim-witted half-witted oscitant extemporary wacky insensitive flying behindhand unsubtle daft unperceptive careless of uncontrolled off-the-wall cavalier offhanded dozy unreflective pell-mell drive-by over-venturesome abrupt death-or-glory swift unexpected featherbrained fast and loose half-baked uncareful asleep at switch any old way down and dirty badly thought out off the cuff not thought through mistaken random cool gratuitous prejudiced wholesale unquestioning suicidal ill-timed short-range no-nonsense resolute restricted unsagacious direct astigmatic limited misjudged unthoughtful shortsighted unsuitable wanton abstracted giddy implicit undiscriminating unseemly undesirable dumb overconfident untimely infelicitous garrulous nosy unsympathetic ditsy default barbarous barbaric unduly quick spur of the moment deaf apathetic listless self-destructive asinine crackpot detached incidental unadvised badly planned confused risky cock-eyed uncreative unimaginative adventuresome overventuresome dispassionate without preparation off the hip off the top of head uncalled for unsmart breakneck carefree capricious absurd unheedful incurious slovenly relaxed off one's guard lacking foresight bull-in-a-china-shop out of control whimsical uninhibited laid-back off the top of one's head violent emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed happy-go-lucky failing to take proper care eager fierce ardent easy-going unpredictable abandoned preposterous impassioned vehement unbridled unrestrained crude gauche gruff peremptory flippant hectic unmeditated perfunctory speedy unreflecting unadvisable swaggering breezy uncautious wary fervid subitaneous restive uncivil unpolitic sharp unpolished rough harsh heedless of illegitimate invalid mad inconsequent inconsequential implausible baseless untenable fallacious unfounded weak arbitrary jumping the gun winging it inattentive to disregardful of flakey specious unstable freaky cockamamie barmy distraught raving aberrant reasonless disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed bungling vulgar clumsy crass blundering awkward maladroit paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to fast-and-loose caught napping foot-in-mouth flaky asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful asleep on the job leaving self wide open off the deep end without regard going off deep end free and easy unarranged on-the-spot improvisatory extemporized asleep at the switch out to lunch unscripted uncontrived natural flawed ad lib incorrect faulty contradictory extemporised undesigned glib simplistic trifling barratrous dilatory indolent ad libitum schematic insubstantial simple not planned blameworthy culpable slothful tardy defaultant inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible slow woolgathering uninterested fainéant facile frothy flimsy empty surface sketchy oversimplified puerile hollow off beam way out off the wall vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense at fault asleep on job any which way

Tính từ

Of, relating to, or derived from instinct
instinctual instinctive innate natural inborn spontaneous automatic inherent involuntary ingrained native intrinsic intuitive congenital mechanical impulsive gut unlearned mechanic unpremeditated robotic intuitional habitual visceral rooted unprompted animal primaeval primeval primitive unmeditated accustomed normal regular typical knee-jerk second-nature by seat of one's pants unconscious reflex subconscious unconditioned unintentional unwilled untaught unwitting inadvertent hard-wired reflexive emotional unintended subliminal unplanned inbred basic unbidden thoughtless mindless subjective uncontrolled uncalculated accidental predictable physical ingrown inbuilt expected immediate unforced perfunctory routine autogenetic built-in uncalculating unrealized off-the-cuff responsive undeliberate in-built spur-of-the-moment from the hip uncontrollable blind internal intimate inner unbewised conditioned unchosen heartfelt viscerous interior deep-seated mental psychological intellectual cerebral psychologic settled established entrenched deep-rooted spiritual engrained dyed-in-the-wool hardwired indigenous characteristic ingrain immanent hereditary natural-born psychic passionate psychical implanted fixed charged ardent fervent feeling of the mind intraphysic mindly of the heart hidden abiding firm enduring unshakeable stubborn ineradicable unfading inveterate core underlying constitutional embedded genuine inherited fundamental essential primal central organic constitutive natal inward material ordinary customary standard stock usual conventional connate inmost integral indwelling elemental base connatural autogenous personal endogenous native-born set everyday wonted bred in the bone deep-down in one's blood within driven in obvious default

Tính từ

Not designed, not intended
undesigned accidental chance unplanned unpremeditated unintended inadvertent unwitting fortuitous casual involuntary unmeant unconscious undevised unthought unexpected unforeseen aimless erratic extemporaneous haphazard purposeless random unintentional fluky incidental flukey coincidental serendipitous adventitious aleatory unanticipated unlooked-for uncalculated subconscious occurring by chance occurring by accident unforeseeable unknowing unpurposeful not planned unpredicted spontaneous circumstantial lucky fortunate at random odd unlooked for offhand misguided mistaken contingent occasional happening unexpectedly thoughtless careless negligent innocent heedless unheeding unconcerned feckless irreflective uncaring unmindful reckless not on purpose unpredictable arbitrary uncertain out of the blue incalculable chancy surprise undreamed-of capricious providential fluke irregular by chance unhoped-for opportune propitious auspicious sporadic felicitous timely unknowable happy without warning variable not bargained for hit-or-miss ad hoc stray impromptu possible related accompanying spot by-the-way attendant concomitant contributory lucky-dog from left field changeable concurrent by accident luck out luck in well timed depending liable provisional likely probable probably subject reliant hitty-missy naive abrupt unsought sudden surprising heaven-sent trial and error expedient convenient simple isolated apt periodic jammy rare uninvited astonishing unprompted undreamed of unsolicited unthought-of startling prosperous privileged successful honest natural naïve well-intentioned seasonal infrequent intermittent healthy scattered without notice wholesome well-off profitable at the mercy of events unsure golden promising bright fragmentary part-time iffy fair favorable enviable nice meet advantageous favored efficacious proper just fitting dubious dicey favoured favourable well-timed doubtful undivinable touchy hit and miss touch and go in the balance up in the air hit-and-miss

Tính từ

Without care or making distinctions
indiscriminate thoughtless random confused uncritical undiscriminating unsystematic unmethodical unselective aimless desultory unconsidered careless chaotic casual haphazard hit-or-miss scattershot arbitrary designless purposeless undifferentiating undiscerning blind unplanned hit or miss higgledy-piggledy erratic irregular orderless scattered helter-skelter disorganized heedless undirected unfocused offhand disorganised capricious without purpose slipshod slapdash directionless catch-as-catch-can stray incidental loose wayward unguided lost wanton unpredictable unsettled without goal without direction irresponsible without a goal slovenly indifferent unfastidious uncontrolled disorderly promiscuous accidental chance hit-and-miss fluky unconcerned spontaneous unorganised sudden uncoordinated unpremeditated messy jumbled unexpected unorganized reckless fluke willy-nilly unconscious devil-may-care any old way any which way all over the map all over the place unperceptive mindless unreasoned unexacting perfunctory unfussy imprudent uninformed injudicious cursory imperceptive superficial shallow indiscriminating easily pleased rambling inconsistent sketchy disconnected fitful spasmodic inconstant intermittent occasional sporadic unstable off and on unsteady uneven choppy discontinuous episodic patchy episodical aperiodic spotty spastic catchy variable uncertain fluctuating changeable infrequent odd isolated periodic muddled volatile fragmentary shifting on and off wavering varying unreliable changing whimsical wandering illogical disordered entropic ever-changing fractal scrambled jerky non-linear on-again-off-again sloppy broken lackadaisical remiss nonuniform flighty interrupted rare impulsive disrupted eccentric unconnected disjointed wild unequal uncommon slap-happy seldom fluid mutable protean periodical shaky scarce unfrequent few undependable mixed up changeful all over the shop incalculable inchoate labile up and down flakey incohesive incoherent flaky blowing hot and cold disturbed systemless freak unsystematized lone single restless hit and miss indeterminate semioccasional goalless pointless vagrant drifting flickering recklessly carelessly hurry-scurry hastily frenzied stochastic aleatory convulsive recurrent recurring herky-jerky bits and pieces fits and starts fickle hasty gaping alternate in bits and pieces spurtive twitching in fits and starts driftless objectless hurried negligent chancy quicksilver untidy last-minute in disorder vacillating clumsy irrepressible excitable mercurial unintelligible temperamental thrown-together lax kaleidoscopic flickery moody skittish turbulent slack neglectful shambolic giddy active movable elastic incomprehensible thrown together up in the air mobile up-and-down bipolar yo-yo inarticulate unclear garbled fluctuant sometime shoddy nonchalant improvident meandering mumbled muttered exclusive unusual especial special exceptional particular specific undisciplined dicey vagarious iffy dubious roving nomadic slurred stammering stuttering stuttered discursive stammered discretionary unreasonable not habitual full of ups and downs faltering hard to follow breathless discordant incongruous puzzling dumb maundering subjective trial and error few and far between optional personal irrational motiveless unmotivated unjustifiable unsupported groundless unjustified fanciful wilful discretional approximate unaccountable supercilious frivolous unscientific unpunctual on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic

Tính từ

Forgetful or careless due to distraction
absent-minded absent absorbed abstracted careless distracted forgetful inattentive preoccupied vague bemused dreamy engrossed faraway musing oblivious unaware unheeding heedless neglectful unmindful distrait ditzy scatterbrained brooding pensive thoughtful wool-gathering airheaded daydreaming dreaming idle inconscient lost mooning moony remote removed scatty spacey surroundings unconscious unobservant withdrawn woolgathering apt to forget in a brown study goofing off lost in thought miles away pipe dreaming space cadet out to lunch unaware of events head in the clouds with a memory like a sieve with a mind like a sieve vacant blank empty vacuous thoughtless negligent absentminded inadvertent far away hollow somewhere else omitted minus deficient bare devoid unsystematic unreliable disorganized undependable not with us giddy feather-headed dizzy empty-headed birdbrained erratic feather-brained in short supply dippy dappy baffled distant bewildered mystified disorganised nonplussed puzzled not with it expressionless inexpressive deadpan with one's head in the clouds impassive inscrutable poker-faced emotionless stolid inane wooden catatonic uninterested glassy numb stony incurious motionless inanimate lifeless indifferent uncomprehending foolish silly vapid unexpressive witless rapt in a world of your own confused befuddled at sea in a daze immersed intent perplexed in a dream muddled wrapped up disoriented dazed confounded not there insensible slaphappy discombobulated muddleheaded agitated delirious troubled diverted disconcerted discomposed worried inclined to forget goofy immersed in thought deep in thought flustered engaged distraught featherbrained stumped fazed unfocused ditsy addled irrational spellbound deep disorientated harebrained flighty taken up caught up woolly-headed pixillated mixed-up pixilated muzzy addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked-out dopey spaced-out punch-drunk spacy zonked dopy at a loss hung up a million miles away at sixes and sevens muddle-headed spaced out amnesic amnesiac detached frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical out in space confusional mixed up beside oneself wrapped-up fascinated anxious asleep bugged elsewhere frivolous regardless inobservant unobserving unwatchful unperceiving undiscerning unhinged unbalanced lacking concentration not concentrating unnoticing off in a world of one's own apathetic bored listless off-guard dozy ruffled demented unglued pestered harassed tormented frothy lightheaded puerile irresponsible light-headed madcap futile yeasty light-minded hassled all at sea unsound senile stupid illogical bird-brained sidetracked psychotic deranged unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint disregardful slapdash slipshod lax whacko captivated mesmerized consumed addle-brained glassy-eyed gone shot to pieces screwy not knowing if one is coming or going shook up with Alzheimer's disease fouled up unscrewed amnemonic inattentive to slack wandering negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss ignorant entranced involved hooked intrigued riveted not thinking clearly remiss in indifferent to remiss about lax about in a flap driven to distraction gripped occupied submerged enthralled speculative meditative reflective ruminative entranced by in a world of one's own preoccupied by bound-up up to here mesmerised head over heels fascinated by distracted by eat sleep and breathe riveted by taken up by captivated by all wound up enthralled by spellbound by out of it looking out window having a memory like a sieve asleep on the job not on the job like an absent-minded professor intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic stupefied chimerical phantasmagoric dreamlike phantasmagorical stunned beautiful otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical introspective marvelous superb illusory imaginary whimsical nightmarish wistful immaterial introvertive marvellous in a reverie with your head in the clouds out of this world fuddled thrown dumbfounded clueless shaken flummoxed bushed unnerved discomfited addle astonished bamboozled spaced befogged astounded raddled fogged bedeviled floored beaten shaken up mazed wildered taken aback thrown off balance bedevilled fuzzy

Tính từ

Light-hearted and casual
airy light-hearted gay jaunty animated cheerful lively nonchalant blithe casual flippant happy light sprightly breezy buoyant graceful merry upbeat active animate bouncing brisk cheery chirpy energetic frisky genial heedless high-spirited indifferent insouciant jazzy kinetic mettlesome peppy perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking sparky spirited springy uncaring unconsidered untroubled unworried vital vivacious zippy debonair frolicsome insubstantial unserious bouncy carefree effervescent elastic fanciful lighthearted resilient unconcerned volatile whimsical sunny mirthful jolly gladsome joyful blithesome jocund joyous beatific blissful ecstatic elated easy-going euphoric winsome chipper jocular jocose eupeptic gleeful happy-go-lucky bright jovial lightsome festive canty laughing easygoing amiable in high spirits without a care in the world bubbly glad exuberant ebullient sparkling full of beans playful optimistic positive peart jubilant in good spirits sportive zingy funny radiant good-humoured smiley good-humored convivial of good cheer hilarious smiling grinning humorous hopeful content pleasant amusing bright-eyed and bushy-tailed contented cock-a-hoop fun-loving ludic facetious exultant witty entertaining zestful full of the joys of spring full of vim and vigour full of life comic comical exhilarated rollicking pleased full of hope gamesome vigorous as merry as a grig beaming delighted zappy overjoyed jokey gratified thrilled enjoyable larking waggish joshing enthusiastic boisterous bright and breezy over the moon chucklesome laughable on top of the world uproarious fun joking excited irrepressible friendly frolic boon hearty tickled sanguine alert on cloud nine jumping grooving up cheering droll high diverting roguish jesting prankish mischievous vibrant affable confident pleasurable skittish blessed outgoing fantastic kittenish crank frivolous cordial at ease wild rosy free and easy rocking good-natured satisfied tongue-in-cheek wonderful keen flip chuffed wrapped brash thankful rapturous daffy stoked zesty enlivening beside oneself with joy amused as lively as a grig full of pep coltish dynamic warm risible impish easy puckish farcical teasing slaphappy rejoicing ludicrous camp campy peaceful bullish festal orgasmic quick blest captivated intoxicated extroverted devil-may-care unconstrained riotous bantering triumphant agreeable antic elfish larky frolicky fay sportful saturnalian heartwarming tickled pink flying high can't complain looking good walking on air delightful perk spry sociable rip-roaring Pickwickian tricksy rascally devilish nimble full of fun congenial cheerly agile on cloud seven elvish smart gregarious Panglossian clever rapt enraptured rhapsodical go-go swinging as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy dashing hyper lots of laughs sunny side up feeling one's oats floating on air without a care gladdened passionate informal benign strong striking powerful eager ardent bonny laughter-filled carnival holiday celebratory relaxed effusive sunbeamy fiery fun-filled exalted smug gloating tumultuous frothy agitated gushing easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated mellow laid-back Pollyannaish idealistic bucked storming flamboyant heartening sparkly Christmassy gala transported popping turnt arch flipping flying welcome pleasing poised composed pacific possessed commodious providential sober measured collected wick doing handsprings mad pleasure-seeking rakish naughty larkish spicy offhand youthful expansive supple invigorated roseate excitable espiègle willful bubbling unruly scintillating full of energy fairylike back-slapping good-time pixieish scampish glib pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre har-har ridiculous absurd gelastic rich scream nonsensical riot unusual derisive eccentric asinine mocking derisory inane bizarre preposterous glowing forward pushy self-assertive presuming irreverent satirical bubbling over frolicking romping wanton capering industrious rhapsodic paradisiacal well paradisal paradisaical paradisaic entranced paradisiac rousing fulfilled enchanted backslapping laid back expressive glass half full alive and kicking comfortable entertained magical clowning in fun in jest full of zip decorated carnivalesque feastly feastful game ironic wisecracking disposed to look on the bright side always expecting the best loony nutty chaffing jollying dizzy hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled vivid feel-good as pleased as Punch in a good mood in seventh heaven tickled to death starry-eyed blissed out rose-colored on a high as happy as Larry jumping for joy like a dog with two tails dry juiced up fresh flakey wacky crazy boffo silly flaky joculous good pulling one's leg not serious putting one on bombastic personable off-the-wall likable for grins gagged up at peace self-possessed social extraverted talkative likeable fabulous unreserved gassy companionable comradely hospitable matey approachable chummy hail-fellow-well-met sympathetic kind kindly bluff neighbourly buddy-buddy well disposed pally bonhomous palsy neighborly company-loving palsy-walsy collegial gracious amicable warmhearted hail-fellow extrovert clubby warm-hearted regular easy to get along with favorable favourable upper welcoming

Tính từ

Having or showing a low level of intelligence
unintelligent stupid dumb dense foolish brainless ignorant mindless obtuse idiotic imbecilic moronic unsmart daft dull half-witted silly vacuous vapid witless boneheaded cretinous dim doltish dopey fatuous lamebrained oafish simple slow thick thickheaded bonehead chuckleheaded lamebrain opaque simpleminded airheaded birdbrained dopy dorky dozy dunderheaded gormless inane knuckleheaded lunkheaded pinheaded senseless softheaded bubbleheaded imbecile soft unreasoning deficient brain-dead dim-witted dull-witted simple-minded slow-witted thick-witted fat-headed pea-brained thick-headed weak-minded dunce-like empty-headed mentally deficient mentally handicapped wooden-headed thick as two short planks not intelligent naive stolid insensate muttonheaded blockheaded nonsensical absurd laughable unreasonable pointless ridiculous barmy gullible bovine asinine dimwitted halfwitted crazy dippy pig-ignorant slow on the uptake soft in the head dotish not the full shilling dof ill-advised backward unwise stupefied hebetudinous risible impolitic numskulled not bright scatterbrained shallow daffy unintellectual feeble-minded dummy thoughtless sluggish shortsighted puerile braindead preposterous ludicrous irrational lunatic insane goofy ill-considered damfool divvy feebleminded chowderheaded clottish blockish loggerheaded cloddish out to lunch glaikit hare-brained wooden Boeotian irresponsible half-baked pie-faced dead from the neck up as thick as two short planks thick-skulled very stupid dotty batty imperceptive harebrained insensitive uncomprehending lumpish tomfool nutty cuckoo unaware injudicious mad arrested underdeveloped featherheaded crackpot subnormal lethargic wacky unmindful screwy sappy blind crass heavy inattentive scatty oblivious careless clueless imprudent neglectful unconscious crackbrained vacant torpid unperceptive fool touched delayed behind undeveloped late underprivileged checked limited weak illiterate lagging childish flaky uneducated clownish inept jerky heedless deranged addle-brained loopy unobservant crackers mental nuts cracked unschooled bonkers untaught woodenheaded kooky loony looney whacky kookie balmy hebete flakey potty myopic nitwitted undiscerning unperceiving rash indiscreet retarded nearsighted indiscriminate inconsiderate giddy unseeing purblind feather-brained boorish unresponsive slow on uptake short-sighted ill-mannered immature doolally nonliterate impercipient nerdish unlearned benighted analphabetic uninstructed unimaginative numbskulled rattlebrained unlettered unread thick-skinned slumberish comatose lifeless inert anencephalic anencephalous insentient bone-headed idiot infantile incautious foolhardy surd idiotical unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish untutored rude dark phlegmatic placid superficial log-headed addle-pated reckless fatheaded impassive screwball cockeyed zany credulous feeble inanimate somnolent duncelike stunted derisible dappy cockamamy negligent featherbrained ditzy dizzy frivolous skittish flighty without thought inactive listless forgetful foolishly stupid insipid meaningless complacent thick as mince off the air mentally slow slothful chowderhead indiscriminating underachieving pinhead dumbbell dumdum yo-yo mooning daydreaming spaced-out out moony idiotish squirrelly not with it smoothbrained know-nothing pea-brain smooth-brained out of it numbskull mentally defective defective retardo dumbo exceptional gorked held back tardy leisurely dragging dallying crawling dawdling snail-paced dilatory laggard bungling dillydallying clumsy snaillike pokey awkward languid unhurried poking poky creeping unknowing unwitting lumbering incompetent nescient inexperienced unhinged innocent incognizant insensible unacquainted uninformed green gawky ungainly elephantine ill-informed impractical in the dark unco cumbersome puddingy brainsick cranky demented crazed loco maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic slang fruity unbalanced haywire bats gaga wacko moonstruck whacko psycho meshuga certifiable not all there looney tunes bedlamite not quite right loony tunes fried non compos mentis in the ozone off the wall out of one's gourd

Tính từ

Having concern for one's own welfare and interests before those of others
self-seeking self-absorbed self-interested self-serving egocentric egomaniacal egotistic egotistical selfish self-obsessed self-regarding introverted egoistic egoistical inconsiderate inward-looking narcissistic self-centred self-centered self-concerned self-infatuated self-involved self-loving self-oriented self-preoccupied solipsistic thoughtless uncaring affected aloof autocratic boastful boasting bragging conceited haughty individualistic inflated inner-directed intimate intrinsic isolated obsessive opinionated personal pompous prideful proud self-admiring self-important snobbish stuck-up subjective superior swollen vain vainglorious wrapped up in oneself puffed up looking after number one stuck on oneself uncharitable inward looking insensitive wrapped up in yourself self-indulgent mercenary unthoughtful full of yourself smug self-minded megalomaniac individualist looking out for number one egomaniac wrapped up with oneself know-it-all having a swelled head independent grandstanding on an ego trip self-sufficient in love with oneself in love with yourself self-contained ungiving heedless unmindful regardless tactless apathetic discourteous unkind mean miserly grasping greedy acquisitive opportunistic money-grubbing out for what one can get on the make overweening bigheaded swellheaded self-conceited biggety self-opinionated assured biggity important self-satisfied complacent consequential arrogant cocky swaggering snooty pretentious supercilious imperious uppity swollen-headed self-congratulatory high-and-mighty presumptuous immodest bumptious uppish lordly disdainful high-handed patronizing cavalier huffy condescending self-contented overbearing high and mighty pontifical snobby lofty hifalutin highfalutin patronising sniffy self-righteous overconfident full of oneself big-headed stuck up brash self-assured too big for your boots self-affected self-promoting self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed toffee-nosed impudent toploftical toplofty domineering scornful snotty self-assertive contemptuous chesty insolent bossy bloated hoity-toity audacious confident ostentatious hubristic holier-than-thou blustering pleased with oneself huffish self-asserting high-hat snippy elitist stiff-necked orgulous self-confident blusterous strutting smarty cold-shoulder wisenheimer forward magisterial puffed-up wise guy peremptory dismissive cocksure self-pleased assuming cool self-approving bold pleased with yourself proud of oneself mocking brazen scoffing assumptive brassy sneering fancy-pants cheeky idiosyncratic content pleased jumped up peacockish above oneself goody-goody sure think too highly of oneself have an excessively high opinion of oneself full of hot air well pleased too big for one's boots too big for one's breeches think a lot of oneself braggart bombastic saucy braggy pontificating self-complacent unreserved impertinent self-flattering masterful self-gratulatory self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery self-applauding dominating extroverted extraverted presuming uninhibited vaunting crowing self-opinioned la-di-da pushy sententious grandiose persnickety posh officious priggish swanky ingrained inborn inherent stuffy hotshot flushed think one is the cat's pyjamas think one is the cat's whiskers think one is God's gift too big for one's britches nose in the air too big for your britches too big for your breeches on one's high horse self-respecting blowing one's own horn I'm all right, Jack well-pleased flushed with success proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary like the cat that's got the cream happy gratified satisfied contented serene gloating triumphant unconcerned obsequious unique original off-centre unorthodox singular nonconformist unconventional atypical individual uncommon easy-going like the cat that got the cream self-possessed resting on your laurels liberated characteristic distinctive unconstrained bohemian eccentric untrammelled special typical groundbreaking free-spirited pioneering freethinking particular unfettered strange peculiar odd maverick self-reliant untrammeled loudmouth windbag brag boast ham phony gall conceity phoney smart-alecky snot-nosed blowing one's own trumpet big talking

Động từ

Present participle for to dismiss from the imagination

Trái nghĩa của unthinking

unthinking Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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