Đồng nghĩa của leisurely

Alternative for leisurely

Đồng nghĩa: at leisure, easy, easygoing,

Tính từ

Acting or done at leisure
unhurried slow easy relaxed comfortable gentle languid lazy restful easy-going laid-back sedate unrushed crawling creeping dallying dawdling dilatory dillydallying dragging effortless lackadaisical laggard lagging languorous lingering pokey poking poky sluggish snaillike snail-paced tardy undemanding measured steady casual delayed deliberate free lax relaxing slack slackened slow-moving unhasty plodding lethargic torpid listless inert indolent leaden slothful apathetic idle ponderous inactive phlegmatic loitering dreamy slow-going supine heavy passive delaying impassive procrastinating indifferent sleepy moderate unconcerned tortoiselike postponing drowsy uninterested limp enervated remiss spiritless slow-paced languishing calm dull late stagnant energyless unenthusiastic feeble moony flagging offhand negligent careless leisured gradual pococurante easygoing slow-footed nonchalant slow and steady snail-like sluggardly tortoise-like weary laboured blah weak lollygagging behindhand dopey comatose uncaring shiftless labored snoozy nebbish lymphatic faint blahs pining sickly infirm wimpy sleepyhead insouciant inattentive slapdash slap-happy disinterested neglectful fainéant faineant laid back otiose workshy regardless moving slowly do-nothing peaceful patient at your own pace in your own time chilled unexciting lumbering cumbersome recreational even regular still tired backward laborious stupid undeveloped dense underprivileged imbecile checked moronic behind arrested underdeveloped feeble-minded subnormal time-wasting unpunctual on hands and knees putting off tarrying amusing frivolous entertaining moratory problem loafing fun leaden-footed work-shy good-for-nothing bone idle non-job related non-work related derelict laggy inefficient slipshod imperceptible procrastinative incompetent disregardful delinquent disorganized neglecting sloppy disorderly asleep at the wheel disorganised slovenly quiescent asleep on the job unprofessional permissive dormant slithering shuffling quailing inching sneaking grovelling worming skulking writhing slinking wriggling squirming shambling groveling hobbling cavalier artless detached unstudied blasé loose cursory flippant superficial complacent light carefree cool disimpassioned breezy simple informal abstracted half-hearted lukewarm on all fours barely moving happy-go-lucky devil-may-care free and easy passionless bloodless aimless incurious sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted Laodicean daydreaming easy going spring fever heedless perfunctory lifeless irresponsible unresponsive unenergetic lacklustre lackluster unheeding blithe improvident unmoved reckless incautious tepid feckless emotionless subdued unexcited unmindful debilitated draggy unthinking droopy somnolent irresolute unenthused flat untrustworthy dispassionate unimpressed insensible neutral bored fatigued slumberous blithely unconcerned without care insipid thoughtless desultory vigourless forgetful cold uncurious untroubled tame exhausted effete uninvolved uncircumspect undependable unobservant unaccountable unreliable unworried stolid having spring fever lacking energy without energy unambitious reluctant unmotivated uneager hasty unemotional hebetudinous unfeeling unwilling uninspiring non-committal vigorless indecisive numb wooden airy spineless uninspired submissive vapid dispirited characterless spent damp callous motionless narcotic lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair wishy-washy neb out of it sedentary being lazy inconsiderate taking your time lacking in energy unconvincing sleeping vacant stupefied lame weakly yielding mopish not enthusiastic lacking vitality soporous soporose unlively acquiescent servile pliant docile meager paltry stretchy unmoving barratrous absent benumbed unceremonious light-hearted burned out unproductive somnific clinical haphazard stoic stoical stuporous static paralyzed sodden latent paralysed meagre blameworthy culpable defaultant inconsistent oscitant reprehensible woolgathering take-it-or-leave-it couldn't-care-less sketchy shoddy quiet unoccupied unthorough unthoughtful untidy unsystematic unmeticulous withdrawn remote just watching the clock not giving a damn optimistic content carefree and untroubled free-minded cheerful negative living the life of Riley cold-blooded undemonstrative impassible affectless hurried mechanical fleeting brief summary passing token quick lumpish inept untouched drony resting at fault unenterprising dismissive rapid asleep at switch asleep on job any which way any old way could care less don't give a damn what the hell couldn't care less worthless foolhardy unperturbed rash daredevil deceitful unindustrious dubious dishonest suspicious directionless devious unruffled precipitous overhasty precipitate phoning it in walking through it serene impulsive impetuous imprudent over-venturesome headlong hot-headed over-adventurous harum-scarum wild going through the motions audacious death-or-glory madcap unwise hare-brained meek colourless distant unanxious hell-for-leather kamikaze swaggering melancholic dejected unimpassioned dry melancholy despondent depressed mopy desiccated low anaemic unsympathetic aloof oblivious tearaway temerarious blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless inanimate pathetic broken boring downhearted sad drippy downcast nonplussed unflappable colorless anemic reserved deaf unbothered not bothered without a care in the world at ease hardened hard-hearted not giving a toss self-centered insensitive undisturbed blind stony cool, calm and collected undaunted self-centred drained wearied worn laodicean undecided chilly uncertain uncommitted hesitant unresolved down in the mouth down in the dumps flat tire cast down lacking in vitality pooped knackered beat dead aweary bushed prostrate done loggy jaded logy beaten bleary weakened wiped out played out burned-out washed-out worn out tuckered out burnt-out worn-out all in tapped out

Tính từ

Having a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner, or nature
informal relaxed casual easy friendly open natural congenial easygoing comfortable breezy cozy cosy mellow cool familiar unpretentious simple intimate unstuffy unconstrained unstudied matey chummy unaffected homey pally unbuttoned easy-going laid-back low-pressure laid back non-formal free-and-easy nonchalant calm lax tranquil undemanding carefree unworried collected blithe insouciant chilled unhurried at ease serene pleasant cushy comfy restful stress-free untroubled liberal unrestrained loose untaxing liberated flexible forgiving unceremonious uninhibited composed unrestricted tolerant unconcerned hassle-free peaceful placid relaxing undisturbed snug homely reposeful happy-go-lucky free and easy satisfied contented content sedate easeful leisured at home halcyon slack mild free compromising conciliatory unrestrictive permissive freewheeling laissez-faire warm comforted non-restrictive happy protected cheerful reassured measured agreeable sympathetic careful cautious gratified obliging tractable temperate deliberate rested soothed restored fresh docile unoppressive unburdensome at peace moderate lenient accommodating safe offhand unruffled unfussy uncritical homy unperturbed unflappable imperturbable unofficial unflustered versatile equable together unexcitable unemotional secure gemütlich homelike phlegmatic affable nonplussed stoical commodious unexacting understated downbeat forbearing self-possessed level-headed self-controlled devil-may-care cool, calm and collected low-key easy-peasy live-and-let-live chilled out

Tính từ

Achieved with admirable ease
effortless flowing fluent fluid graceful smooth easy elegant natural simple straightforward painless uncomplicated quick elementary obvious untroublesome undemanding cheap light downhill a pushover easy as pie trivial a piece of cake easygoing as easy as falling off a log a doddle basic as easy as ABC duck soup trouble-free a cinch money for jam ready a snap easy-peasy a bludge money for old rope a breeze snap apparent hands-down pushover breezy picnic inconsiderable child's play no sweat royal unchallenging as easy as pie facile soft unexacting stress-free idiot-proof easy-breezy not difficult a cakewalk a picnic a gift a walk in the park plain sailing unproblematic uninvolved piece of cake no problem a snip manageable not burdensome no trouble rudimental a piece of old tackle clear comfortable no bother easily done nothing to it cinch plain clear-cut simple as ABC mindless mere a five-finger exercise untroubled little paltry cushy accessible wieldy idiotproof evident free-flowing unbroken uninterrupted continuous nothing not hard kids' stuff regular rhythmic open-and-shut a doss a snack easy as ABC self-explanatory direct unsophisticated easily learnable too easy rudimentary routine unfussy down-to-earth simplistic sinuous feline fast easy to learn parsimonious attainable efficient easeful perspicuous spontaneous instinctive intuitive weightless palpable unambiguous unmistakable workable unforced running cursive offhand unequivocal user friendly transparent user-friendly distinct slight well-ordered lax unburdensome no muss no fuss patent bed of roses relaxed uninhibited safe yielding manifest uneventful easy-going laid-back liquid articulate untaxing well ordered moderate casual bearable tolerable endurable low impact able to speak or write superficial minimal lazy cool cavalier benign tender nonabrasive mellow soothing bland balmy middle-of-the-road

Phó từ

In a leisurely manner

Trái nghĩa của leisurely

leisurely Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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