Đồng nghĩa của motionless

Alternative for motionless

Đồng nghĩa: inactive, static, still,

Tính từ

Free from physical disturbance
still calm peaceful serene tranquil placid smooth stilly undisturbed halcyon pacific restful unruffled untroubled arcadian becalmed quiescent quiet quieted whist waveless unagitated like a millpond flat sleepy glassy dormant inactive stagnant even silent level unbroken hushed noiseless static stable stationary mirror-like settled uninterrupted mirrorlike at peace without waves unperturbed no longer fizzy dead calm poised nonchalant calming relaxing comfortable soothing relaxed unhurried sluggish latent inert chilled reposeful languid easy-going tranquillizing leisurely torpid resting lethargic soporific unexcited unanxious retired contented sedate deactivated asleep slumbering fallow inoperative idle immobile passive in abeyance dull tranquilizing unmoving gentle lifeless free from interference free from disturbance free from interruption at rest mild comforting sedative stress-free easygoing pleasant lulling balmy pacifying somnolent narcotic pacifist laid-back carefree dreamy idyllic amicable amiable temperate agreeable lown conciliatory pacifistic easy quieting reassuring peace-loving irenic neighborly complacent pacificatory harmonious composed neighbourly pacifical collected casual coolheaded unshaken unworried nonviolent unflustered self-possessed self-composed even-tempered free from strife mellow at ease lazy indulgent paradisiacal pleasing calmative cool civil equable tame unfazed unbothered steady clement peaceable unmoved measured together recollected possessed cool-headed equal windless cool, calm and collected tension-free worry-free stressless without problems pastoral isolated ataractic quietening palliative appeasing breezy limpid untouched soundless benign light undistracted fun tender muted somniferous not moved hypnotic opiate bright unwarlike friendly breathless storm-free breezeless stormless clear warming consolatory softening mollifying relieving consoling easing remedying deathly deathlike slumberous cushy slumbrous warm sunshiny sunny innocent countrified country rural provincial rustic bucolic simple deathly still cozy cautious sympathetic careful non-aggressive non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish non-violent unexcitable summerish summerlike hot unclouded cloudless summery sober controlled unflappable somnific meek good-natured easeful tractable deliberate leisured obliging comfy stoical unemotional nonplussed imperturbable dispassionate cooperative genial affable anti-war dovelike soft aestival estival dry reasonable unburdensome docile lax unoppressive cosy nonbelligerent good sleep-inducing drowsy diplomatic ordered compliant willing to please amenable complaisant patient without a cloud in the sky tolerant insouciant assured confident levelheaded lackadaisical unaffected stolid unconcerned unshakable level-headed happy-go-lucky self-controlled mild-mannered self-assured cool as a cucumber

Tính từ

Sluggish or dull
torpid inactive sluggish dull inert lethargic slow languid lazy passive slow-moving apathetic indolent listless stagnant languorous sleepy slothful somnolent idle heavy lifeless numb shiftless comatose drowsy fainéant fatigued lymphatic quiescent supine tired benumbed lackadaisical narcotic dopey dormant dreamy faineant hebetudinous indifferent latent leaden paralysed paralyzed slumberous sodden static stupid stuporous unhurried weak negligent spineless yielding careless enervated docile uninterested acquiescent servile spiritless pliant submissive effete heedless peaceful sedentary unoccupied do-nothing slack quiet lax unresponsive flat depressed unenergetic dead weary laid-back unproductive otiose snoozy phlegmatic work-shy loafing limp laggard lacking in energy lumpish blah yawny dozy logy neurasthenic asthenic stagnating declining bone idle dilatory moribund dying debilitated slow-going fallow not busy weakened tardy devitalized impaired good-for-nothing heavy-eyed inattentive lagging procrastinating dallying insensitive insensible sluggardly bovine workshy remiss plodding half asleep easygoing drony resting mooney draggy sleepyheaded stiff sullen off sluggard down drippy drowsing immobile unfruitful relaxed exhausted impassive uncreative barren lacklustre without energy slow-paced somnific burned out lackluster flagging spent unenthusiastic languishing Laodicean pococurante unconcerned easy blahs pining nebbish droopy energyless laid back moony sleepyhead backwoods backwater boring one-horse

Tính từ

Accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance
passive acquiescent resigned submissive compliant docile unresisting yielding unassertive tractable complaisant forbearing long-suffering non-resistant obedient patient pliant deferential lamblike lifeless malleable meek nonresistant nonviolent non-violent pliable receptive subdued tolerant tolerating unresistant non-aggressive quiescent resistless supine asleep bearing cool disinterested enduring flaccid flat idle laid-back latent moony poker-faced quiet reflexive sleepy static stolid unflappable unreceptive hands off going through motions walking through it biddable amenable accommodating manageable dutiful humble mild tame willing subservient conformable law-abiding obliging obsequious servile longanimous gentle agreeable persuadable governable controllable bootlicking persuasible obeisant easy cooperative stoical accepting timid ingratiating self-effacing stoic abject philosophical duteous ductile uncomplaining flexible peaceable slavish teachable grovelling manipulable self-abasing milky fawning cringing soft menial sycophantic groveling under one's thumb unprotesting fatalistic calm spiritless nonresisting adaptable complying lowly unassuming ready respectful toadying cowering downtrodden easily handled mean easygoing well-behaved docious subject game serene orderly lenient ignoble Uriah Heepish in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches at one's beck and call defeatist consenting assenting acceding agreeing conforming approving trusting gullible workable conformist weak-kneed mellow usable childlike complacent truckling putty in one's hands impressionable reconciled inferior snivelling convincible easily manipulated consentient assentient accordant modest suggestible acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive peaceful easily influenced adapted well-disposed genial phlegmatic renouncing cordial satisfied relinquishing adjusted accommodated dancing sniveling easily swayed unpretentious easily persuaded well-trained at one's mercy a slave to shy demure reverent retiring good observant under control disciplined down-to-earth diffident well trained well disciplined unambitious unobtrusive base craven devoted loyal honoring faithful sheeplike attentive regardful venerating reverential honouring hearsome unquestioning unctuous wishy-washy pabulum Milquetoast zero cowed nothing plain fearful oily low oleaginous understanding composed greasy toadyish wrapped around finger on a string dominated slimy brown-nosing cringey smarmy soapy forelock-tugging arse-licking excessively deferential apple-polishing sucky indulgent considerate browbeaten subjugated bullied oppressed ass-kissing imperturbable even-tempered forgiving unexcitable non-resisting intimidated repressed eating crow eating humble pie beggarly despicable persistent easy-going kind persevering nagged constrained uxorious unruffled equanimous restrained self-possessed untiring inexcitable mild-tempered tranquil henpecked impassive good-natured philosophic fortitudinous led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging ground down wife-ridden under someone's heel treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner self-controlled with the patience of Job self-restrained spineless under someone's thumb domesticated obeying bowing down comformable giving-in kowtowing subordinate surrendering amiable placable trainable disciplinable handleable susceptible responsive influenceable polite decent courteous helpful friendly civil well behaved proper supple conciliatory civilized weak happy flattering willing to please mannerly open thoughtful moldable generous go-with-the-flow transformable bendy easily led well-mannered honourable honorable righteous civilised unwarlike solid virtuous neighbourly mealy-mouthed neighborly moral ethical eager nonbelligerent keen diplomatic glad enthusiastic adjustable wimpish lawful peace-loving seemly disposed dedicated deferent prostrate unselfish weak-minded pusillanimous eager to please filial kindly wussy like putty in one's hands sympathetic eager to help supportive cheerful pleasant brownnosing parasitic favorable favourable feeble-minded adulatory decorous charitable weak-willed saponaceous affable rolls with punches putty in hands good-tempered good-humored good-humoured like putty in your hands well mannered acceptive peacekeeping mouldable compromising unformed tameable ungrudging following bendable under someone's control submitting inexperienced crawling tamable willing to compromise awed controlled plastic giving bending versatile spongy putty lithy trained untroublesome convenient amendable credulous conscientious concurring solicitous ingratiatory able to be influenced creeping onside arse-kissing universal protean resilient all-round all-around multiskilled responsible punctilious encourageable selfless ruly in accord in agreement accessible companionable useful forthcoming suckholing bowing scraping sycophant frightened boneless sequacious changeable at peace obligatory binding mindful bowing and scraping sheepish supplicatory indecisive irresolute glad to be of assistance well brought up well-brought-up fulsome timorous hesitant tentative apprehensive pacific incumbent on benevolent yellow-bellied without guts smooth honest placid amicable mim self-conscious sycophantish magnanimous pacifist glib correct sweet gracious nice infirm doubtful feeble non-combative non-belligerent inoffensive conflict-free dovish like a lamb to the slaughter bighearted breezy altruistic moderate warmhearted pacifistic high-minded worthy principled right-minded hypocritical plausible slick softie marshmallow irenic dovelike anti-war still lily-livered cowardly gutless chicken vacillating namby-pamby well disposed warm-hearted good-hearted kind-hearted favourably disposed crouching enslaved stipendiary sneaking parasitical compliable clean-living upstanding upright restful undisturbed balmy gushy hagiographical smooth-talking gushing hagiographic familial ordered pacificatory hospitable straight just respectable bland insinuating smooth-tongued cajoling coaxing suave loving above board accommodative sonly sororal family fraternal affectionate daughterly inclined handy prepared pleased user friendly on tap on deck befitting a son or daughter content willing to help set predisposed prone desirous zealous one fain minded in favour so minded so-minded of a mind in favor in the mood like-minded nothing loath in accord with

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