Đồng nghĩa của soundless

Alternative for soundless

soundless /'saundlis/
  • tính từ
    • không kêu, câm


Without sound
quiet silent hushed still noiseless muted mute inaudible stilly quieted speechless mum mom muffled voiceless calm indistinct low soft tranquil hushful whispered wordless faint peaceful nonvocal serene murmured stifled gentle unheard unhearable uncommunicative subdued close-mouthed deathly quiet closemouthed clammed up not talkative silentious deathly still completely quiet sleepy so quiet you could hear a pin drop sound-free mumbling out of earshot imperceptible mumbled dumb all quiet muttered unclear not heard placid restful halcyon secretive tight-lipped untroubled hard to make out hard to hear unforthcoming arcadian lown reticent mumchance bashful taciturn buttoned up reserved tongue-tied shy unspeaking zipped unsociable not forthcoming softened dull lowered suppressed small hush weak low-toned sotto voce low-pitched undisturbed unruffled pacific smooth chilled soothing relaxed sedate relaxing composed cool collected unperturbed motionless unworried together unflappable coolheaded possessed unshaken level recollected mild equal limpid self-possessed nonplussed self-composed cool, calm and collected pleasant idyllic reposeful steady unfazed unflustered temperate unanxious somnolent laid-back at ease nonchalant casual carefree unagitated whist insouciant unconcerned comfortable imperturbable unbothered easy-going blithe equable even-tempered quiescent poised pastoral undismayed unexcitable uninterrupted unbroken bucolic balmy unstirred blasé phlegmatic at peace windless stormless easygoing free from interference free from disturbance happy-go-lucky devil-may-care free from interruption trouble-free without a care in the world cool as a cucumber dormant static stable waveless becalmed unmoved even peaceable like a millpond unhurried calming cool-headed level-headed unemotional bovine stolid at rest deathly deathlike equanimous prelapsarian heavenly harmonious sunny good-natured detached docile irenic leisurely languid tranquillizing free from strife soporific retired inactive unexcited contented agreeable pacifical breathless storm-free breezeless clement clear centered tranquilizing paradisiacal pellucid reconciled easy centred stoical content resting fair dispassionate satisfied patient as cool as a cucumber comforting tame sedative pleasing innocent countrified country rural provincial rustic simple inhibited close mousy inarticulate inconversable iced laconic checked curbed incoherent closed up dummied up


Having a depth that is impossible to determine
depthless bottomless fathomless unfathomable immeasurable unplumbed deep unsounded measureless infinite unfathomed endless horizonless indefinite illimitable limitless unbounded boundless unlimited immensurable unmeasured unplumbable profound abysmal unending eternal vast never-ending inestimable incalculable inexhaustible interminable immense untold everlasting great no end of no end to without end cosmic countless perpetual numberless incomprehensible extensive indeterminate constant without limit ceaseless undying incessant enduring amaranthine abundant huge unceasing cavernous innumerable yawning continual immortal continuous unbroken uninterrupted monotonous undivided deathless overlong indeterminable abyssal myriad unrestricted enormous tremendous unfailing very deep self-perpetuating unsurpassable multitudinous no strings chasmic undefined gaping unexplored mysterious enigmatic unknowable unnumberable innumerous complete utter unflagging large abounding unconfined beyond measure unfading extreme no holds barred wide open priceless invaluable thorough impenetrable unspecified unknown precious uncertain unresolved undetermined unsettled undecided unfixed valuable prodigious chasmal unconstrained uncontrolled unchecked unrestrained unconditional absolute unbridled plumbless sunken unbottomed far down nonstop total lavish lasting plummetless deep-set stellar permanent beyond price jillion umpteen massive colossal unmeasurable zillion unreckonable considerable uncountable full persistent no catch round-the-clock not stopping having no end non-stop uncounted million all-embracing supertemporal sempiternal perdurable stupendous wide all-encompassing full-blown full-out full-scale all-out totalitarian universal crawling with alive with no strings attached with no holds barred without number extending far down on tap ad nauseam without limits uncalculable wide-open

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