Đồng nghĩa của silent

Alternative for silent


Đồng nghĩa: noiseless, quiet, soundless, still,

Trái nghĩa: noisy, talkative,

Tính từ

Failing to speak or communicate, especially when expected
uncommunicative dumb speechless taciturn wordless mute quiet unspeaking reticent voiceless mom mum closemouthed laconic muted reserved unforthcoming untalkative nonvocal hushed inarticulate inhibited restrained shy silentious unheard zipped saying nothing struck dumb tight-lipped tongue-tied buttoned up clammed up closed up close-mouthed dummied up not talkative at a loss for words bereft of speech lost for words not saying boo unable to get a word out secretive withdrawn close distant private introverted aloof unsociable retiring close-lipped media-shy unresponsive soundless guarded still cold antisocial stand-offish standoffish diffident dark unexpressive tightlipped discreet detached sententious incommunicable muffled noiseless reclusive inaudible bashful incommunicative cool mumchance sparing uncommunicable retired dumbstruck modest undemonstrative remote unfriendly gentle curt unapproachable low soft solitary introvert self-contained offish brooding secret tight-mouthed on the QT shrinking demure clamlike dour self-effacing evasive indistinct timid cautious dumbfounded whispered faint dried-up soft-spoken non-communicative hush-hush aphonic feline serene mousy unhearable self-restrained unemotional constrained backward unassuming calm coy chilly enigmatic mild peaceful uncompanionable deep murmured frigid sedate cagey stifled misanthropic snobbish unsocial shocked dried up astounded of few words nongregarious aghast dazed amazed low-pitched obmutescent dumbstricken unable to speak playing one's cards close to one's chest subdued sullen brusque tranquil silenced not forthcoming tongueless formal unconversational timorous inward-looking low-keyed hushful short independent stammering awkward embarrassed garbled mimed nonverbal telepathic gestured isolated meek sheepish recessive ungregarious insular socially inhibited hermit-like hermitic hermitical surd stealthy catty zipped one's lips have tight chops choked up unrevealing eremetic out of earshot mumbled mumbling imperceptible unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious retreated thoughtful recluse uncurious casual uninterested indifferent temperate prim cryptic not heard muttered unclear unassertive Olympian undercover furtive backstairs covert sly mysterious thunderstruck self-sufficient all alone icy ceremonious noncommittal collected composed placid eremitic conventional secluded off-air buttoning up hidden mum's the word zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip clamming up tight chops gobsmacked flabbergasted unaffable unamiable shell-shocked in chambers in privacy in private hard to hear hard to make out unneighbourly uncongenial in the background playing your cards close to your chest in the dark astonished unflappable inhospitable hit for six knocked for six rude uncivil haughty mopey frosty asocial unclubbable mopish unneighborly hostile uptight unwilling cool as cucumber distrustful inaccessible inapproachable scowling unbending dry standoff catlike suspicious antagonistic uppity wouldn't say boo to a goose cold-eyed stuck-up buttoned-up softened quieted stilly dull lowered suppressed hush weak small low-toned sotto voce stiff stolid passionless emotionless unmoved dispassionate cold-blooded impassive stoical apathetic phlegmatic unfeeling impassible stoic affectless numb controlled self-controlled stuffy forbidding austere keeping people at arm's length terse unloving wooden unaffectionate contained sober nontalkative callous inscrutable unfazed insolent unenthusiastic annoyed offended chill impudent impertinent unwelcoming lukewarm procacious glacial offhand exact precise staid unruffled insensible imperturbable poker-faced correct proper unimpressible unexcitable insusceptible inflexible unsympathetic stilted starched affected starchy seemly official serious indurated matter-of-fact hardened heartless nonchalant inexcitable spiritless polite straight arrow strait-laced stiff-necked by the numbers proud insociable arrogant mean-looking laid back put on airs

Tính từ

(pronunciation) Not pronounced or sounded

Tính từ

Spoken rather than written

Tính từ

Behaving or done in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard
sneaking sneaky underhand furtive surreptitious clandestine covert hush-hush private secret sneak undercover backstairs behind-the-scenes hole-and-corner hugger-mugger mean privy sly stealth stealthy underground underhanded catlike catty contemptible crafty cunning enigmatic feline noiseless skulking slinking slinky sub-rosa two-faced wily under wraps secretive hidden shady shifty slippery black conspiratorial cloaked cautious quiet concealed under the table cloak-and-dagger closet under-the-table veiled on the QT shrouded back-alley backstair indirect devious artful foxy hole-in-the-corner confidential disguised masked dark top-secret behind someone's back incognito guileful tricky scheming evasive under-the-counter fraudulent surprise on the sly buried obscured dissembled backdoor unseen on the quiet in secret unauthorized unauthorised intelligence subversive shorthanded dirty unethical unscrupulous unfair quick oblique sideways sidelong unbowed spy illicit illegitimate illegal insidious circumspect cloak and dagger calculating elusive creepy underneath creep hole and corner murky unsuspected in holes and corners QT camouflaged ulterior incog low-down sub rosa duplicitous designing clever subtle ambiguous enigmatical clouded mystic occult unintelligible out-of-the-way strange obscure covered unenlightened deep mystical shonky snide fly slim in ambush carny cowardly yellow unofficial protected classified closed inside discreet privileged esoteric unknown hushed intimate undisclosed nonpublic backstage restricted offstage inconspicuous not open behind the scenes unpublished close to one's chest under one's hat tête-à-tête non-public not for circulation not for publication off the record in camera one-on-one untold not to be disclosed strictly confidential not to be made public censored top secret unrevealed not in the public domain

Tính từ

Showing no concern or interest
indifferent dispassionate aloof detached distant cold cool callous impartial unmoved disinterested equitable objective unbiased unconcerned unconcerned about unresponsive unsympathetic apathetic about apathetic towards careless casual about heedless of impassive insouciant nonchalant about nonpartisan offhand about passionless regardless uncaring about unemotional unfeeling unimpressed uninterested in uninvolved in uninvolved with unprejudiced apathetic bored by candid careless of cavalier about dismissive of emotionless equal evenhanded fair frivolous about impervious just mindless of neutral oblivious to reckless about regardless of square uncaring unimpressed by uninterested blasé heedless inattentive lukewarm about nonaligned phlegmatic about pococurante unenthusiastic about uninvolved unmoved by unresponsive to weary of diffident haughty heartless highbrow listless phlegmatic scornful stoical supercilious superior unaroused uncommunicative unsocial not giving a monkey's nonchalant fair-minded even-handed non-partisan uncolored impersonal nondiscriminatory balanced open-minded non-discriminatory insensible uncurious casual independent straight incurious unbigoted on the fence honest uncommitted clinical perfunctory complacent upright without fear or favour relaxed reasonable undecided unaffected oblivious calm insensitive on the level honourable anti-discrimination honorable scrupulous bored middle-of-the-road inactive rational carefree on-the-fence collected disengaged easy bystanding unaligned free from discrimination poker-faced with no axe to grind on the up and up unruffled decent on sidelines ethical good hard-hearted proper uninfluenced deaf laid-back inert unmindful of removed impervious to indifferent to lukewarm weary unslanted above board nonbelligerent noncombatant immune without favor untroubled untouched neuter unperturbed nonparticipating middle-of-road pacifistic negligent unworried unimpressible unaware stony unmindful right unflappable without favouritism righteous even moderate legitimate equable trustworthy autonomous unselfish nonplussed egalitarian unallied moral unaffiliated stubborn conscientious unenthusiastic lackadaisical virtuous principled lawful unconnected outside judicial unaware of unconscious of upfront non-aligned proof against untouched by unaffected by deaf to kosher uncoloured aboveboard true nondiscriminating disconnected sincere sensible blameless fair and square sitting on the fence cavalier selfish hardhearted not interested immovable unincluded trivializing unrelated glutted jaded dismissive trivialising offhand world-weary unswayed cloyed laid back unexcited insusceptible selfless not caring unprepossessed genuine clean without distinction passive strictly business blasé straightforward legal legit without prejudice free from self-interest level-headed logical composed nonpassionate dinkum pukka blithe undesirous withdrawn remote negative uncorrupted frank civil serene on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square unimplicated on up-and-up according to the rules upstanding devil-may-care happy-go-lucky right-minded unhearing unanxious insert pure unstirred lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair conscionable noble respectable incorruptible truthful unconcerned with self-willed unwilling intractable pigheaded perverse obstinate headstrong strong-willed mulish dispassionate about pertinacious bullheaded just watching the clock not giving a damn dry-eyed undismayed floating supine reserved unbothered not bothered at ease hardened forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed blind undaunted self-centred reliable dependable stony-hearted stolid stand-up full of integrity cool, calm and collected mild midway inexpensive conservative controlled compromising cautious noncommittal disciplined modest unconscious incurious about distant from insensible to unconvinced uninspired without a care in the world not giving a toss could care less turned off detached from undeclared free undesiring to listen blind going through motions aloof from bored stiff stoic resolute impassible innocent unknowing nescient incognizant ignorant unacquainted uninformed clueless unwitting rightful unattached vacillating uncertain free-floating non-discriminating due broad-minded non-participating immune to insensate unyielding imperceptive not involved middle ground middle of the road fence-sitting cut loose restrained free-spirited don't care obdurate impercipient unperceiving proportionate not taking sides ignorant of justifiable level stable even-steven cricket fair-to-middling not excessive blind to without knowledge of unsusceptible fair shake square deal negligent of insensitive of in the dark about based free from care about what others think not caring what others think indifferent to what others think untroubled about what others think unworried about what others think

Tính từ

No longer alive
dead departed deceased late lifeless perished fallen inanimate demised lost insensate insentient slain slaughtered breathless inert killed murdered still cold exanimate lamented unanimated wasted asleep cadaverous down erased mortified spiritless stiff buried liquidated not breathing offed passed away passed on reposing at peace bereft of life no more not existing pushing up daisies resting in peace with God bought the farm checked out cut off gone to meet maker gone to reward out of one's misery six feet under pushing up the daisies under the sod as dead as a doornail dead as a doornail having breathed one's last defunct gone extinct low expired nonextant out cold mineral unconscious inorganic motionless comatose at rest bygone vanished dead to the world bypast done unresponsive insensible inactive soulless not living quiescent nonvegetable azoic nonanimal inoperative idle dull out for the count no longer with us casualty assassinated bitten the dust disintegrated retired former finished senseless kicked the bucket bit the dust in the grave laid to rest turned to dust gave up the ghost man-made dear departed much lamented late lamented unmoving desert faint waste brute limp no longer extant no longer living numb chemical manmade artificial desensitized anaesthetized stupefied in a faint knocked out out not natural anesthetized desensitised out of it passed out lacking physical sensation numbed spark out blacked out not organic non-organic abiotic listless vacant impassive without life lethargic apathetic nonliving not alive

Danh từ

(technology) A sound setting that has been turned off

Trái nghĩa của silent

silent Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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