Đồng nghĩa của non organic

Tính từ

Lacking the qualities of living beings
inanimate inert lifeless dead defunct extinct insensate insentient inorganic mineral motionless cold exanimate inactive soulless abiotic quiescent spiritless apathetic azoic deceased dull idle impassive inoperative lethargic listless nonanimal nonliving nonvegetable unresponsive vacant without life not alive insensible senseless unconscious comatose numb out cold dead to the world out out for the count knocked out passed out spark out numbed stupefied stunned anaesthetized anesthetized soporous soporose blacked out out of it unfeeling benumbed zonked asleep departed desensitized gone late desensitised demised low breathless fallen kayoed torpid not living laid out out like a light lacking sensation lacking feeling zonked out mechanical wooden nerveless sensationless deadened man-made dazed lacking physical sensation collapsed immobile prostrate chemical manmade artificial expired catatonic flattened unarousable entranced bombed paralyzed cataleptic KO'd paralysed drowsy not natural out on one's feet keeled over on the canvas flaked out down for the count in a trance in a coma bygone nonexistent not organic lost had it done for invalid outdated down the drain out-of-date redundant out of commission kaput stiff perished unmoving no more passed on desert faint waste passed away brute limp dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail in a faint insensitive immobilized blank deadpan inexpressive incapacitated crippled immobilised frozen expressionless empty indifferent useless frigid glazed flat paralytic stolid dispassionate emotionless unsympathetic unemotional hollow inhuman callous stony withdrawn rigid introspective lukewarm glassy insipid quadriplegic tetraplegic paraplegic still toneless monoplegic paraparetic paretic hemiplegic palsied disabled

Trái nghĩa của non organic

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