Đồng nghĩa của expired

Alternative for expired

expires, expired, expiring

Đồng nghĩa: cease, die, disappear, end, pass away, perish, vanish,

Trái nghĩa: inspire,

Tính từ

No longer alive, dead
deceased dead departed gone late defunct lifeless lost fallen asleep lamented demised extinct inanimate killed murdered passed on perished slain slaughtered breathless cold exanimate inert insensate insentient low no more passed away not breathing at peace finished former pushing up daisies six feet under under the sod with God at rest dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail bit the dust kicked the bucket gave up the ghost bygone nonextant done vanished bypast nonexistent done for no longer extant casualty disintegrated retired buried stiff turned to dust having breathed one's last outdated invalid out-of-date redundant kaput bought the farm in the grave laid to rest dear departed much lamented late lamented no longer living out cold had it down the drain out of commission extinguished inactive obsolete exterminated destroyed passé abolished void quenched doused out died out terminated wiped out dead and gone outmoded disappeared no longer known inexistent vanquished no longer existing archaic unknown snuffed out ended superseded spiritless unanimated bereft of life resting in peace motionless checked out unresponsive no longer with us dead as a dodo bitten the dust stone-dead unconscious comatose insensible unmoving desert faint waste brute limp ruined still in a faint not living out for the count wasted cadaverous down mortified erased effaced eradicated obliterated wrecked annihilated extirpated demolished dead to the world offed silent reposing liquidated not existing out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward lapsed devastated frittered crushed pushing up the daisies inorganic mineral non-organic soulless quiescent abiotic listless nonvegetable vacant impassive azoic without life lethargic apathetic nonanimal not alive inoperative idle nonliving dull

Tính từ

Finished, having reached an end or conclusion
complete finished completed done accomplished achieved fulfilled concluded through attained compassed discharged effectuated finalised finalized settled consummated dead defunct extinct kaput kaputt obsolete over over with performed produced up consummate down effected ended executed in the can realised realized terminated all-embracing all-inclusive all over all over but the shouting brought about carried out done with fini finished off full-fledged home free polished off sewn up sorted out sweeping that's it wrapped up at an end over and done with closed wound up out of the way resolved in the bag past wrapped-up decided clinched buttoned up gone out of hand determined final perfected lapsed ancient history established made no more brought to pass elapsed out-of-the-way built bygone exhausted depleted spent full discontinued handled run out rendered set prepared effete wrought organized organised taken care of in the past dispatched a wrap used up ceased entire satisfied a thing of the past finished with dispensed with knocked off tied up worked out over and done come to an end forgotten actualized bypast gone by dead and buried former departed ancient earlier olden happy ripe vanished content contented pleased nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore gratified comfortable obtained crowned matured out of date at ease brought to a close made good materialized substantiated caused materialised run invalid perf relaxed unrenewed void dead and gone passed all up left removed voided induced developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled serene placid quenched smothered suppressed past recall delighted reached untroubled rewarded in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane put into effect at peace in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

Tính từ

(of a battery) Having exhausted its charge

Tính từ

No longer in fashion
out dated outdated unfashionable outmoded passé square antiquated démodé dead unhip demode finished not in old-fashioned old hat old-hat out of date out of fashion no longer in fashion out of style behind the times not with it at an end archaic obsolete outworn superannuated bygone obsolescent prehistoric antediluvian ancient out-of-date medieval old defunct out of the ark moth-eaten mossy old-fangled old-time musty mouldy anachronistic mediaeval moldy olde worlde fusty superseded vieux jeu frumpy demoded past old-world quaint old-fogeyish crusted feudal antique backward-looking creaky clunky horse-and-buggy unstylish frumpish rinky-dink square-toed kaput has-been fossilized oldfangled prehistorical extinct moribund rusty neolithic kaputt Noachian former behindhand vintage out-of-style fossilised Stone Age olden conservative corny dowdy not current passe stale unpopular of the old school old-school last year's disused odd worn-out tired dinosaur crusty retro back-number primitive rococo disapproved neglected of old not modern grown old of olden days out of it past it antwacky gone horse and buggy done to death aged faded discarded discontinued parachronistic anachronous geriatric backwards backward deprecated fallen into disuse timeworn out-of-fashion fossil obscure dusty no longer in use back number retrograde old-timey had it done for old school no longer fashionable past its sell-by date dead and gone exhausted abandoned hackneyed bent unusable out of commission out of use drained tacky tasteless cheesy styleless trashy overfamiliar empty inelegant yesterday's duff flat run out used up dud ticky-tacky ticky-tack not fashionable traditional venerable hoary immemorial of yore historic late historical age-old elderly primeval primordial dateless relic old as the hills primaeval as old as the hills previous early hoar redundant cobwebby erstwhile senescent decrepit old-style lost dull very old fogeyish unprogressive on its last legs departed passé antiquarian forgotten drab ancestral one-time remote heritage folk done established sometime long-gone quondam veteran earlier past its prime orthodox prior belated period nostalgic vanished foregone retrogressive fogyish long in the tooth past one's sell-by date button-down way back over the hill boring anachronistical yesterday overused threadbare inflexible broken-down classic long-standing well-established archaistic antediluvial hacky enduring timeless aboriginal pristine time-worn crumbling decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal once onetime original cast-off gothic barbaric dry as dust old fashioned having seen better days ageless stuck in time old as Adam clapped out no longer used withdrawn written off dropped unobtainable time-honoured classical old style waning declining primal decommissioned of yesteryear in period style old world evocative atavistic deceased earliest dying out of long ago grizzled silver-haired grey-haired white-haired silvery-haired grizzly senior doddering completed long-ago becoming obsolete ageing disappearing getting on longevous doddery bypast nonextant gone by demised on the wane on the way out undesirable on the decline of an advanced age advanced in years worn older lot of mileage oldie traditionalistic unremembered ex- unrecalled in oblivion forepassed water over the dam sunk in oblivion past recall water under the bridge down memory lane breathless cold fallen asleep low lifeless aging not long for this world past your prime not as young as one used to be not as young as one was no spring chicken nonexistent familial family deemed obsolete going out of use going out of fashion growing old way back when latter-day lost in time consigned to oblivion lost and gone gone-by back delayed preceding elapsed overdue invalid down the drain inanimate exanimate from the past ultraconservative reactionary lineal oral unwritten buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line long-established standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative handed-down ingrained ossified fixed deep-seated hard-and-fast bourgeois conventional straight stick-in-the-mud unadventurous Pooterish traditionalist fuddy-duddy conformist strait-laced diehard stuffy mumsy dreary shabby dingy daggy scruffy badly dressed blowsy homely stodgy poorly dressed badly-dressed baggy plain poky unkempt sloppy

Động từ

(archaic, obsolete) To have brought or to have come to an end
determined ended ceased halted discontinued finished terminated closed completed lapsed passed stopped wound up wrapped up ultimated quit let up concluded quitted elapsed dead-ended left off winked out died come to an end cut off broke off broken off broke up broken up shut off cut out shut down cut short put an end to gone went brought to an end closed out dropped packed in put a stop to knocked off desisted suspended dissolved axed came to an end laid off desisted from rounded out rounded off packed up culminated belayed belaid run out brought to a close disappeared vanished paused consummated come to a close wound down finished off called a halt to closed down called it a day pulled the plug on put the lid on broke broken brake faded interrupted dwindled canceled cancelled abolished adjourned recessed given up gave up given over lay off gave over settled wrapped faded away petered out melted away died down ended up died out ran its course scrubbed surceased topped off canned drawn to a close drew to a close ran out ebbed come to a stop failed evaporated finalized aborted waned stayed scrapped cut evanished come to a halt come to a standstill refrained collapsed called off annulled become invalid crowned came to a close come to rest intermitted died away cut loose ceased to exist prorogued cut it out scratched finalised passed away become obsolete put paid to nipped in the bud brought to a conclusion brought to a stop put a period to refrained from packed it in brought to a halt called it quits knocked something on the head put a cork in quit cold turkey become void put a lid on put to bed put the kibosh on gotten done sewed up got done sewn up fused checked arrested blocked abandoned curbed impeded declined obstructed withered subsided wilted frustrated stalled came to a stop barred accomplished discharged hampered crashed weakened abated moderated resolved stilled kicked decayed decreased receded lessened diminished caught stemmed hobbled laid off of degenerated slackened evanesced staunched hesitated cinched stopped dead capped came to a standstill came to a halt faltered seized jammed wavered relinquished sundered phased out dispensed with crumbled deteriorated bated drooped retrograded immobilized clinched shuttered became invalid came to rest balanced staggered scrupled teetered wabbled dithered vacillated wobbled limped disrupted whiffled stumbled stood dilapidated hung up eliminated nipped something in the bud brought to an untimely end eased off folded short-circuited carried out gave something the chop conked out backed off went down cooled it disunited come to the end brought to standstill tied up loose ends abstained run low seized up prorogated held at bay got shut of buttoned up mouldered stemmed the flow stopped working intervened cleared given something the chop liquidated reached a standstill cleaned up setted the seal on departed gone down separated killed blew over immobilised extinguished held moldered buttoned down became obsolete winded something up broke down hung back fizzled out tailed off come to a conclusion blown over folded up bitten the dust disposed of pulled the plug brought down curtain trailed off held up switched off rounded up parted stopped in one's tracks dissevered disconnected pulled up held back finished up became void wiggle-waggled ground to a halt shilly-shallied transpired carried through fetched up bit the dust slipped away interposed disjoined faded out brought to a standstill brought to fruition brought up sunken sank sunk withdrawn withdrew drew to a halt drawn to a halt got shot of gotten shot of drawn to close drew to close flown by flew by did came to the end done came to a conclusion frozen froze gone by went by gotten rid of blown off did away with bagged it got rid of blew off done away with drawn up blown the whistle on blew the whistle on drew to a stand drew up drawn to a stand gone dead went downhill grown less worn away grew less fallen away went dead fell away wore away gone downhill ran low blew blown went wrong gone kaput given up the ghost gone wrong went on the blink went kaput gave up the ghost gone on the blink broken down renounced avoided called a halt put on ice eschewed postponed put off delayed inhibited forwent forgone shelved restrained ditched withheld repealed rescinded put back quashed jacked in put on hold put on the back burner put in cold storage rejected revoked shunned discarded left abstained from run down had done with cried off steered clear of deferred forsook forsaken put aside prevented abjured suppressed removed kept resigned from refused severed forswore forsworn retired from pulled out of held off quit cold set aside put kibosh on put on back burner put on the shelf hindered swore off sworn off withholden pigeonholed called recalled disbanded nullified retarded held over junked tabled kept from destroyed deserted eradicated rested resisted annihilated withheld from vacated deleted wiped out mothballed did without done without wrapt laid aside dropped out of interfered with had nothing to do with forbore forborne forborne from forbore from dumped ran down subdued thwarted quelled handicapped withdrawn from taken a break withdrew from took a break foiled rescheduled encumbered detained hamstrung hamstringed voided vitiated averted shed invalidated excluded stamped out extirpated exited waited repressed jettisoned abrogated prohibited procrastinated overturned suspended proceedings exterminated waived put down excised repudiated stifled curtailed trammeled trammelled deactivated chucked obviated cumbered ignored yielded erased kept back negated nulled disannulled disestablished restrained oneself from stopped oneself from bailed stopped oneself precluded passed up squelched put over forfended remitted ruled out snuffed out got off left alone held in abeyance checked out from gotten out of got out of departed from staved off put lid on split up rolled back put to death had a break stepped aside from forlet shut out gave a wide berth to headed off taken a breather struck down finished with escaped from warded off kicked the habit cut dead laid on the table given a wide berth to moved from put a brake on put on a back burner kicked over put the stopper on cut into resisted the temptation to put out hung fire put in abeyance stopped short cast aside had a breather took a breather split with said goodbye to not done bowed out of stove off overthrown overthrew went without gone without taken away took away took a rain check on taken five took five taken a rain check on malfunctioned eliminated gradually bombed replaced gradually removed gradually stopped using dismissed restricted busted closed off crushed conquered obliterated stymied spoiled spoilt idled overpowered compromised denied constrained retained cramped debarred squashed damaged expunged defeated binned stood down from decelerated derailed shackled forgot endamaged marginalized overlooked exsected carved extracted snubbed usurped ousted held on isolated trashed handcuffed deliberated attenuated spurned intercepted vanquished held back from brought to end interdicted brought disqualified slowed threw out thrown out escaped degraded yolden yold bridled skipped shirked retracted subverted kept hold of countermanded held off on cowed quenched silenced resigned disturbed clogged seceded from stonewalled dissociated forestalled forbid estopped stepped down from scuppered crippled rooted out chopped blotted out blacked out stayed away from swept away rubbed out bypassed effaced dismantled clipped abbreviated clipt abridged shortened reneged backed out forgot about forgotten about clamped down on triumphed over cracked down on broke with broken with respited continued played up shied from restrained from backed off from reined in sidestepped dodged deracinated gotten off forfeited turned back saved shaken given a rest protracted clamped made impracticable gave a rest developed a fault ruined called a stop to marked time warded fought shy of kept off delinked from sat tight achieved rendered void surceased from ceased to work decimated eighty-sixed stopped cold hung it up exited from sat on stopped work prevented yourself from wrecked shattered eased up run along from sacrificed skipped out on assassinated trampled on dissociated oneself from lingered severed relations with succeeded retreated marginalised holden tarried caught one's breath counted out shook dominated unmade shot defended against left unfinished bagged stopped briefly loosed prevented oneself from called it quits on sat out bailed from bottled superseded made it impossible for spiked got rid of by stages spelled parted with adopted Fabian tactics fended off stood in the way of inactivated stopped doing beat down hung around held down zapped reflected kept in abeyance omitted taken the cure absented oneself from refused to pay absconded from made it impracticable for knock it off thought twice overwhelmed casted off threw up come to standstill parted from turned your back on stopped in full flow demolished turned aside setted out from disappeared from nixed kiboshed steered clear kept in slaughtered blocked out took the cure sidelined trampled resolved into stricken down laid over stopped trying slapped down come off destructed jacked something in held in shushed called time buried deterred slowed down made impossible brought to naught dropped out overcome thrown up not touched had nothing more to do with downed tools kept from happening murdered hung about walked out of disorganized walked out on backed out of slayed skirted stopped midstream brushed off took ten jilted taken ten cleared out from gone away from disaffiliated oneself from ceased to function divorced went away from filed kept inside bumped off dusted off withcalled wracked ceased to indulge in withdrawn gradually withdrew gradually done for did for carven corve extraught forgotten forgat forbidden forbade undone undid knocking it off pink-slipped came off broken into broke into taken a breather from took a breather from got in the way of gotten in the way of lain by lay by drove underground beaten down shotten overcame driven underground broke short broken short given notice gave notice threw in the sponge thrown in the towel threw in the towel thrown in the sponge forewent foregone gone on the wagon taken the pledge avoided doing went on the wagon took the pledge gotten on the wagon got on the wagon took out taken out threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a spanner in the works of broken off with ran along from took off from taken off from broke off with took time out taken time off took time off taken time out risen rose taken a breath broken it up broke it up came to standstill took a breath wrote off written off broken the habit of shrunk from shrank from broke the habit of took a recess took a rain check taken a recess taken a rain check slew blown away blew away did in slain done in broken away from took leave from broke free from taken leave from broke away from broken free from acted up given way gave way given out gave out went phut gone to pieces went to pieces gone phut went haywire gave in gone haywire fallen over given in fell over

Động từ

Past tense for to die or cease living
died deceased perished croaked departed passed on passed away bought it conked out demised dropped ended exited fell felled fallen flatlined went gone parted succumbed checked out kicked it pegged out bit the dust bitten the dust went belly-up gone belly-up invalidated kicked in kicked off pegged it popped off stepped out carked it crossed the great divide departed this life gave up the ghost given up the ghost kicked the bucket snuffed it went belly up gone belly up went to the great beyond gone to the great beyond met your maker passed over popped your clogs struck out breathed your last cashed in chips shuffled off this mortal coil up and died went the way of all flesh gone the way of all flesh went the way of the flesh gone the way of the flesh bought the farm cashed in one's chips met one's maker ceased living passed hopped the twig hopped the stick crossed the Styx popped one's clogs collapsed ceased gone bung went bung bought the ranch punched one's ticket farmed bought the plot gone to glory went to glory bit the big one bitten the big one dropped dead ceased to exist breathed one's last pushed up the daisies gone the way of the dinosaurs gone under went the way of the dinosaurs went under waned exterminated ruined abolished desisted declined disappeared vanished wasted kicked in [slang] caved lost your life lost life slipped away run out folded up conked fainted drowned suffocated run through wilted swooned rested in peace passed out keeled over shoved off flaked out packed it in died a death cooled off lost consciousness bought a one-way ticket blacked out pushed up daisies met your end met waterloo sucked the kumara dropped off called off all bets relinquished life went to meet your maker gone to meet your maker ran out taken your last breath took your last breath ran through gone way of all flesh went way of all flesh went to the wall went west gone to the wall gone west went to one's reward gone to one's reward given up went down gave way given way gave up gone down fell unconscious gone out sank down fallen down sunk down fell down went out fallen unconscious fell asleep fallen asleep

Động từ

Past tense for to exhale
emitted discharged released radiated issued emanated expelled vented irradiated shot cast exhaled evolved sent out gave out given out threw out thrown out shed sent forth exuded ejected let out cast out let off leaked diffused spread oozed excreted gave off given off output transmitted secreted gushed jetted spouted spewed yielded squirted erupted poured out effused disgorged sent reeked broadcast poured spewed out voided evacuated disembogued spitted spilled spat spilt ejaculated vomited breathed breathed out spewn yold yolden dispensed burst spurted distilled scattered emptied broadcasted distributed expended belched extruded beamed deposited set eructed outsent put sprinkled perspired expectorated dripped passed purged sprayed spread out put out given vent to gave vent to produced expressed voiced aired uttered projected disseminated revealed verbalized forced ventilated asserted articulated communicated gleamed glittered exited loosed birthed initiated steamed held leveled aimed headed bended bent trained directed pinpointed levelled proclaimed illumined propagated circulated afforded rambled proliferated expanded extravasated evaporated exsufflated strewn spattered verbalised escaped declared streamed delivered spoke spake spoken vaporized vaporised beamed out pointed bestowed come out with made public brought into the open threw off poured forth found expression for issued forth found an outlet for lit up churned out thrown off provided escape brast rose risen threw thrown broken out broke out putten gave voice to gave free rein to given free rein to came out with given voice to taken out on driven out gave expression to took out on given expression to drove out shotten strewed transferred dispatched flowed displayed exhibited imparted manifested conveyed posted demonstrated dispersed made known handed out published let loose purveyed spread around consigned showed promulgated passed on bruited abroad turned over put about handed down put in circulation handed over let have smelt of embodied given forth gave forth tingled thrilled handed glowed moved repeated transported located relocated announced egested forwarded shipped retailed fed feed carried shifted remitted routed fanned overflowed with drained dissipated dispelled disclosed retweeted handed on freighted addrest addressed delegated removed disposed relieved shown brought out bruited about relayed eliminated relaid reported passed around publicised expelled air puffed out propounded publicized sent to take up an appointment hand-carried printed divulged stated assigned to a post sent on packed off sent off holden bursten dumped gotten out got out given over gave over blew blown

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