Đồng nghĩa của achieved

Alternative for achieved

achieves, achieved, achieving

Đồng nghĩa: accomplish, carry out, complete, do, finish, fulfill, perform, realize,

Trái nghĩa: abandon, fail, give up, resign,


To have attained or achieved
found attained acquired got gained obtained understood had knew realized won felt landed reached wangled bagged earned hit secured sensed met came by came to have got hold of got one's hands on laid hold of fell to the lot got a hold of met with realised fulfilled accomplished scored procured racked up made consummated netted pulled off logged walked off with notched up carried off walked away with chalked up established performed executed engineered concluded completed finished clinched seized wrested snagged hooked swung struck effectuated reified wrapped up brought about clocked up polished off carried out carried through rang up arrived at brought off brought to fruition fand founden gotten gat rung up hat hitten stricken swungen swang grasped got hands on garnered made it to managed notched received accepted collected grabbed assumed adopted reaped picked up reapt scooped took copped brought in came away with had conferred on one captured pulled down knocked down carried gathered drew drawn derived effected annexed nabbed produced gleaned amassed accessed gotten hold of recorded come to have come into collared followed through with taken appropriated compassed come to snapped up perpetrated inherited purchased succeeded in got to come into possession of pulled in perfected latched onto put together put through pocketed got one's mitts on bought finalized discharged accumulated touched negotiated nailed took possession of finalised registered fetched made it did done taken possession of cleared pulled cleaned up hustled prosecuted snared possessed oneself of succeeded came into put the final touches to conquered come away with put into practice made good on delivered on put into effect corralled got there worked out got possession of put the finishing touches to laid one's hands on gotten one's hands on profited came to retrieved come in for committed gotten to took home came into possession of built up recovered actualized arrived turned in satisfied knocked up scared up followed through on lived up to brought to completion got at brought home laid hands on locked up boughten grossed taken home taken receipt of took receipt of got into one's hands harvested gotten hands on prehended gathered up hauled in elicited enacted implemented covered applied brought administered extracted raked in tallied caught enforced returned located accrued claimed potted cost culled fixed fixt cut crowned snatched come across come upon took in put finishing touch on won possession of put over hammered out set up pulled something off hit up put on gotten your hands on scraped together ended up at put it over sewed up got done nailed it setted foot on fetched up at thrashed out come through got up to put the tin lid on put into action blagged cut the mustard landed up at rounded off determined gotten done kept faith with climbed to made the grade fit the bill latched on to got your hands on wound up at traced put into operation topped off sewn up came in for got paid got one's fingers on gotten at rose to totalled showed up taken in totaled risen to turned up contracted observed extricated deserved justified merited profited with kept discovered felt for warranted manoeuvred wrought worked maneuvered yielded obeyed reasoned extrapolated decided deduced held captivated inferred judged actioned upheld respected refined pierced polished extraught succeeded in making cinched beared gotten paid contrived served filled affected accommodated joined retained owned enjoyed possessed settled rendered staged payed paid catalysed catalyzed gotten one's fingers on capped sanctioned ratified costed banked insured guaranteed guarantied ensured iced assured honoured conducted redeemed answered honored acknowledged presented sold recouped ingathered saved brought home the groceries evolved acted upon drawn up came through decided on made a profit of made a profit endorsed brought home the bacon sanctified sorted out stumbled on sailed through run against came across developt made short work of gobbled up blundered on conformed to gotten as far as developed played out administrated did the trick plummeted to squared with done justice to glommed onto acceded goose-stepped to went through with arranged sourced made attain reached the summit of layed up tracked down got as far as laid claim to checked with called advanced run across cornered run to held out for signed realized a profit of gained fulfillment made fast buck paid one's dues turned acquitted oneself of dealt with paid regard to scraped up made good tied up fulfilled one's potential acted according to found by chance prevailed upon acted in accordance with cooperated with hacked measured up to excogitated eked out coped with wound up fulfilled your potential agreed to receive stumbled upon occupied idealized passed muster socked followed formulated hoarded made sure came upon yielded to had a right to responded to gained access earned wings submitted to followed up on taken care of lit on drummed up made to happen bought up ascended to glommed harmonized with taken over brought around happened on walked away come at fixed up chanced on brought to perfection done the trick settled on gotten up to trapped gone through with bought out managed to get enlisted actionized clocked complied with moved to drew up made use of soared to ameliorated dived to matched up to educed took care of catered to did justice to finished off tallied with made happen made a haul made sure of acted out searched out come cohered with stood by ascertained marked up knocked off tracked performed according to elaborated gained on encountered made hay bumped into wrangled commanded hashed out salvageed come up with entered upon idealised chorded with made out succeeded to filled the bill accommodated to cashed in on took over contacted salvaged transacted accepted delivery of induced happened upon made it big turned to coincided with solicited laid up run into known stole stolen holden gone went yolden yold upholden own bore borne came up with acceded to gave security given security gotten a hold of fallen to the lot got out of the way gotten out of the way taken into one's possession took into one's possession took delivery of taken delivery of schlentered begged borrow or steal came at did proud bore out done proud borne out got something done gotten something done fallen in with fell in with assented to went along with adhered to agreed to gone along with acted on gotten as a result gotten in got as a result got in took care of business done to a T did the job done the job did to a T taken care of business fell upon fallen upon lucked into comen went to ran against gone to came ran into ran across did one proud gotten someplace got someplace done a bang-up job done one proud did a bang-up job amounted to ran to overtaken overtook written to wrote to spoken to spoke to sank to got down to gotten down to sunk to


To have carried out an action to the end
completed finished concluded finalized fulfilled consummated nailed accomplished did effectuated executed performed settled realized capped perfected actualized crowned ended polished terminated carried off carried out complemented did thoroughly finalised finished off got through polished off realised rounded off rounded out sewed up sorted out topped off went through with wound up wrapped up added the final touch to added the finishing touch to brought to a conclusion brought to an end brought to fruition brought to maturity called it a day made good on made perfect made up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed ultimated produced enacted pulled off initiated made effected practised acted practiced committed brought off engaged in acted out quit let up stopped discontinued closed halted ceased quitted lapsed passed put a stop to left off expired elapsed determined put an end to shut down dead-ended winked out come to an end cut off died closed out brought to a close cut short cut out broke off broken off closed down shut off dropped broke up broken up knocked off packed in dissolved desisted put the kibosh on run down suspended came to an end culminated laid off desisted from gone went axed put the lid on called a halt to setted the seal on packed up clinched brought to a halt ended up adjourned wound down petered out sewn up run out pulled the plug on put a period to disappeared drawn to a close drew to a close vanished interrupted brought to a stop put paid to put a lid on nipped in the bud belayed belaid come to a halt come to a close come to a standstill wrapped wrapt faded away called a halt put the finishing touches to ran down lay off aborted faded discharged eased off dwindled canceled cancelled abolished canned paused come to a stop annulled stayed brought to a standstill tied up gave up given up recessed given over gave over melted away died away liquidated packed it in died out died down ran its course done broke broken brake phased out ran out secured confirmed cut shut established abandoned ebbed arrested evaporated scrapped curbed resolved relinquished deactivated refrained from finished up waned abated negotiated sealed made good evanished intermitted stemmed refrained called off immobilized become invalid came to a halt came to a standstill came to a close come to rest put the stopper on put the icing on the cake put lid on ceased to exist put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to scratched passed away cleaned up forlet fizzled out folded up called it quits quit cold turkey become void carried through sold out put into effect cut loose put the tin lid on prorogued cut it out put into liquidation become obsolete put away immobilised buttoned down disposed of pulled the plug knocked something on the head held up put a cork in scrubbed put through surceased came to a stop gotten through bitten the dust got done bit the dust gotten done replaced gradually eliminated gradually removed gradually stopped using dispensed with suppressed quashed quelled subdued checked decided blocked impeded declined reached disbanded come in obstructed come out withered wilted subsided frustrated guaranteed stalled barred stifled failed ensured hampered implemented wrought worked climaxed weakened moderated stilled decreased lessened diminished decayed receded perpetrated dispatched satisfied conducted observed prosecuted compassed assured caught brokered agreed worked out hobbled degenerated slackened evanesced staunched resulted went whole hog gone whole hog gone through with done thoroughly went the limit gone the limit hesitated cinched gave something the chop given something the chop renounced stopped dead faltered wavered sundered drooped retrograded crumbled deteriorated bated stamped shuttered became invalid turned back came to rest balanced staggered dithered vacillated scrupled teetered wabbled wobbled limped disrupted whiffled stumbled acted upon dilapidated brought about led up to brought to an untimely end folded built up to cooled it reached a finale brought to standstill tied up loose ends run with the ball made certain run low got shut of turned out cleared reached a standstill reached an agreement had a break departed extinguished placed called a day followed through with hammered out became obsolete ticked winded something up pulled out of come to a conclusion acquitted oneself of switched off pulled up bankrupted shaken hands on stopped trying closed the books wiggle-waggled delivered the goods eased up fetched up met stood shook hands on brought to a end hung up had a breather eliminated nipped something in the bud thrashed out closed the door on collapsed backed off turned out to be carried to completion come to the end terminated the account abstained mopped up come to terms on prorogated held at bay buttoned up laid off of mouldered stemmed the flow topped it off firmed up come to a head blew over held moldered hung back tailed off blown over rested brought down curtain trailed off reached terms on rounded up stopped in one's tracks got rid of by stages got off held back became void transpired shilly-shallied transacted slipped away completed the arrangements for enforced faded out brought up withdrawn gradually withdrew gradually gotten rid of did away with got rid of done away with done for did for sank sunken sunk withdrawn withdrew frozen froze came to a conclusion drawn to close drew to close taken care of took care of came to a head gone by went by got shot of gotten shot of drawn up blown the whistle on blew the whistle on drew to a stand drew up drawn to a stand drew to a halt drawn to a halt been came out flew by were flown by was came in shaken hands shook hands came to terms on agreed on holden forsook forsaken forwent forgone came to the end took care of business done justice to went that route did to a turn done to a turn ran with the ball did justice to gone that route taken care of business gone dead grown less gone down grew less went dead fell away wore away gone downhill ran low went down went downhill worn away fallen away threw in the towel gotten off thrown in the sponge threw in the sponge gotten out of thrown in the towel got out of abstained from took time out taken time off taken a break took a break taken a breather took time off took a breather took ten taken ten taken time out


To have come upon after searching, study, or effort
discovered learned learnt found ascertained determined saw seen detected realized found out noticed recognized spotted perceived revealed disclosed dug up acquired attained dug out exposed gained obtained rooted out unearthed descried located nosed out sighted uncovered worked out came to know caught on to come to know discerned espied ferreted out got gotten heard rumbled twigged caught conceived debunked distinguished dredged up elicited encountered explored fathomed out figured out glimpsed got on to gotten on to identified observed ran down realised recognised routed out run down scared up scouted up sensed sniffed out tracked down tumbled to turned up doped out sussed out wised up to had an aha moment hit on hit upon hunted down hunted up lit upon looked up thought of gotten wind of got wind of got wind of the fact got wise to the fact picked up on gotten wise to got wise to established verified confirmed divined sized up picked up checked unmasked came upon got to know puzzled out noted deduced became acquainted with fand fathomed figured gleaned digested grasped comprehended understood added up intuited contrived checked out witnessed read caught on diagnosed had a hunch come upon become acquainted with gotten to know double-checked became aware measured evaluated made out judged made certain made sure calculated assessed gauged appraised rated quantified gaged computed counted calibrated took checked up on estimated apprehended deciphered decoded appreciated cognized unravelled unraveled solved savvied made sense of registered cottoned on to assimilated sussed interpreted followed cracked resolved gat made head or tail of latched on to dug reckoned compassed construed got the drift of untangled cottoned to conjectured supposed made readen inferred forecast seized unfolded beheld took in taken in explained got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of got the picture gotten the picture gathered answered known knew told unriddled grokked surmised concluded pieced together got it disentangled got the message gotten the message guessed translated absorbed absorpt sorted out tallied envisaged elucidated presumed called reasoned imagined decided speculated totalled totaled predicted considered got one's head around conceived of assumed enumerated penetrated settled gotten a fix on got a fix on clarified ciphered analyzed wrought worked prophesied cleared up analysed found an answer to found a solution to prognosticated hazarded a guess found the key to totted up riddled out foretold forecasted presaged augured founden beholden vaticinated theorized become cognizant of portended presupposed deemed anticipated hypothesized straightened out auspicated guesstimated summed envisioned spaed cogitated cast soothsaid cottoned on thought adumbrated become aware of gotten it broke broken brake read into gotten the hang of summed up put a figure on called it found the solution to theorised read between lines kept up with got the point of hypothesised got the hang of derived decrypted postulated boded bode foreshadowed forewarned become aware signified thought through valued fancied clinched foreboded numbered prevised cleared illuminated toted become conscious of found the answer to doped called the turn counted up psyched out toted up got the idea of announced dared say foresaw foreseen got the idea gotten the idea were aware of been aware of was aware of saw the light unscrambled became cognizant of seen the light thought out reasoned out squared extrapolated regarded suspected esteemed fixed fixt shed light on premised reviewed sayed said divulged pinned down adjudged set put contemplated deliberated believed made certain of daresaid daresayed collected spelled dissected illustrated telegraphed approximated numerated placed audited expected projected warned of expounded totted unlocked mastered predetermined had knowledge of explicated became aware of gotten the drift got the drift cerebrated excogitated brainstormed extracted built castles in air visualized pegged stumbled on took on board got your head round cut ice kept tabs set out set forth got the message about wrapped one's mind around weighed up chewed over picked out ticked off counted heads made sense cast up read between the lines come to the conclusion counted noses visualised had set at put away beat one's brains put forward got the picture about broke down pierced put two and two together taken on board come to understand foreshowed foreshown gotten the point got the point foreknown foreknew became conscious of wised up found the answer riddled taken account of thrown light on threw light on took account of sought presented heralded promised laid bare did done narrated viewed brought to light wondered harbingered rummaged nailed related recounted mused posited indicated demystified got wise scored surveyed hazarded warned signalled denoted threatened betokened signaled hypothecated portrayed communicated reported showed recited described aggregated valuated priced inspected taken meditated defined suspicioned planned ventured opined tripped over looked for foretokened affected stumbled upon pointed to forewarned of forboded prefigured smoked out searched for or out recorded adjudicated simplified released reconciled liberated ruled pronounced freed decreed searched out disembarrassed disengaged marked extricated added divided subtracted multiplied totalized elaborated previsioned predicated implied omened pictured accounted tapped into recce'd diagnosticated assayed recced croaked drew drawn bespoke made plainer anatomized made simpler ratiocinated tipped suggested forefelt determinated offered deducted extraught evolved reflected got to the bottom formed theories adapted tidied enlightened pondered crystal balled it got a grip licked clicked with balanced become clear to psyched tumbled developt gotten to the bottom soaked in were cognizant of eyed developed crystallised taken to mean amounted been cognizant of spelled out evoked saw daylight counted off formed an opinion of puzzled looked over dare-said cataloged made heads or tails of tallyhoed made known arranged cleaned up was cognizant of had a handle on latched onto visioned planned for drew the inference inventoried got the answer to gotten a grip called the shots itemized schemed figured in worked something out made suppositions came to understand beaten one's brains discovered meaning racked up tidied up kept score told in advance become conscious looked upon picked made more intelligible removed the complexities from made more comprehensible taken for granted transposed footed declared pinpointed took for granted thought likely sized brought out latched on ruminated straightened dissolved forespelled displayed marked down patched up transliterated crystallized cooked up had a sneaking suspicion of rendered got one's mind around drawn the inference caught the drift of weighed examined saw into reflected on looked on enciphered run it up flagpole made easier to understand featured eyed up spelt out become conscious of the fact that proclaimed made an estimate of came to the conclusion boiled down made book halsened arrived at educed kenned made reasonable itemised brought to a conclusion seen daylight taled made plausible perceived the meaning of become aware of the fact that called the shot unciphered caught on to the fact reached conclusion found the key catalogued took to mean imaged picked up what someone is putting down saw through tracked figured something out demonstrated kicked around jumped to a conclusion made a guess at broken down made guesses accepted published made intelligible made clear got one's head round induced dreamt up designed studied had one's number seen through seen into putten gotten a handle on got a handle on shown bespake bespoken seen the point of saw the point of ran it up flagpole drawn a conclusion drew a conclusion seen something coming saw something coming seen it coming saw it coming gotten down cold got down cold gotten down pat got down pat got answer gotten answer sewed up sewn up wrote down written down got a load of gotten a load of gave an account of given an account of known for certain knew for certain added together taken one's measure took one's measure forespoke seen coming forespoken saw coming saw handwriting on wall seen handwriting on wall became aware of the fact that got through one's head gotten through one's head became conscious of the fact that became conscious became clear to took a shot at taken a shot at gone out on a limb took a stab took a stab at went out on a limb took a shot taken a shot taken a stab at taken a stab taken meaning took meaning took on seen the light about taken on saw the light about took it drawn inference taken it drew inference


Finished, having reached an end or conclusion
complete finished completed done accomplished fulfilled concluded through attained compassed discharged effectuated finalised finalized settled consummated dead defunct expired extinct kaput kaputt obsolete over over with performed produced up consummate down effected ended executed in the can realised realized terminated all-embracing all-inclusive all over all over but the shouting brought about carried out done with fini finished off full-fledged home free polished off sewn up sorted out sweeping that's it wrapped up resolved wound up over and done with closed perfected satisfied clinched at an end dispatched actualized wrapped-up in the bag final happy established contented pleased content decided made gratified out of the way buttoned up comfortable brought to pass obtained crowned matured brought to a close made good at ease built determined exhausted depleted spent materialized substantiated relaxed perf rendered set prepared effete wrought caused full handled a wrap used up organized organised taken care of ceased lapsed entire materialised knocked off tied up worked out over and done come to an end induced serene placid delighted reached untroubled rewarded put into effect at peace gone past no more bygone forgotten ancient history elapsed bypast gone by dead and buried out of hand a thing of the past former departed ancient earlier olden ripe vanished discontinued nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore in the past run out out of date out-of-the-way run invalid unrenewed void dead and gone passed all up left removed voided finished with dispensed with developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled quenched smothered suppressed past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go



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